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COUNT THE BLESSINGS {Jaden solo} Empty Tue Nov 16, 2021 9:22 pm

Jaden makes his way down the street The only thing running through his mind of the events of the other day. The scenario of him freaking out was the only thing that ran through his mind. He could barely sleep last night It bothered him more than it should about how much he let her get to him. At least if I go and apologize to the father it would make me feel a bit better he thought to himself. Upon making it to the church Jaden noticed there seem to be more people than the other day here. After looking around for a second Jaden spotted the father darting from bed to bed.  out of the corner of his eye, the Father caught a glimpse of Jaden. Jaden Sheepishly waved to the father. Jaden at this point was sure the Father was not happy to see him. but somehow against was Jaden thought the Father happily greeted him. "Hello my child, I was hoping you would stop by today." This caught Jaden off guard "Y-you did?" The Father smiled "Of course!" this brought a bit of peace to the raging storm that was Jadens mind "More and more families are falling in every day The hospital is ill-equipped to deal with something like this. fortunately, I  have seen the sickness before and it is easily treated with A Special medicine. I have all but one of the Ingredients needed for this medicine, but i am needed here so I must humbly ask if you will go looking for the final ingredient." Jaden had planned to leave today but he couldn't very well turn down the Father Especially after he episode the other day. "Of course." The father quickly writes down the description of the flower and since a ghetto in the direction of where he thinks the might be.

"A delicate and small flower that has a red center and bloom into orange petals that grow on a  shrub. I don't think i have seen anything like that around? then again I'm not someone who would notice flowers." he thinks to himself Jaden spent the better part of the day looking around the outskirts of the city but to no avail "Geez you would think such unique-looking flowers would be easier to find. It going to be dark soon so i better get a move on i don't want the father to think i flaked on him." Jaden headed deeper into the East Forest after another 40-minute walk into the forest he noticed a shrub with orange flowers blooming from it tucked away in the shade of a large tree."Finally!" Jaden shouted  as Jaden kneed down to pick them he noticed the huge thorns growing from the flowers after carefully picking the 4 or so flowers  "There have to be more of these around here." After a quick scan of the area, Jaden didn't see any more of the flowers "Seriously?! Why are they only growing here?" after thinking about it for a few moments of looking at the srub it hit him. "The shade of the tree! Thats the biggest tree i have seen all day so they must only grow in nices shady spots like this."[/color] This Realization made the rest of Jaden's job a breeze as he quickly gathered more than enough needed to make a large batch of the Special medicine the Father spoke of.

Upon returning Jaden was met by a warm welcome from the Father. "My child  you have returned i was starting to get worried" Jaden would begrudgingly laugh and Hand him the containerJaden used to store the flowers "Oh, thank you Jaden these are more than enough to make the Medicine." Just as Jaden starts to turn and walk away the Father pushes a sack of money into Jadens Hands yet again. Jaden looks down at the sack and back to the Father He felt even less deserving of this than he did a few days ago but once again he wasn't going to fight the father on this since it was getting dark Jaden Noded and turn to go back to the Inn at least feeling better a little better than he did this moring.

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