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Pale Moonlight [Sera]

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

Pale Moonlight [Sera] Empty Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:24 am

Lucretia Wolfenstein
It wasn’t rare nowadays for Lucretia not to get a good night’s rest. It was the part of her that clawed at the back of her mind, made her restless. Made her want to pace and want to do nothing but run. To feel the wind on her face and the dirt between her toes. To howl into the night without a care in the world. While it wasn’t too far behind her the control that the woman was pushing of her more beastial urges was impressive. Perhaps it came with the iron will of being a hunter translating to something else…

Or it was just the fact her thick head made for a difficult prize from that self same inner beast. The woman decided that the night with the moon so bright would be perfect for a training bout. She was amply rested and ready for another long day. If she needed to she could just nap or something.

The woman started with some stretches, her spear not far from where she had set it next to the guildhall’s wall. There was a lot of spots she could have picked but she felt that being right by the entrance was just… the right place to be. If someone came along she could help them but if not she could train in piece. Deigning to take her time practicing her reach with the weapon.

It had come to her in such an odd way, through the magical maze that was her ring. A piece of equipment that she had bought with the intent of storing her own equipment. But one day when she had called upon the items in there the spear had been a part of it. A spear that she had delved a little into. Learning that it was of the nine heroes. What baffled her was that it felt like the spear had picked her.

She often felt another presence deep within; something akin to her own beast stirring in there. Her eyes slid to the golden haft and she’d look down at it. She could feel it like it was there; a prime example of what her people had meant about weapons having a spirit of their own.

Was it you who found their owner or their owner passing it to the next I wonder?

She’d shake her head and spin the spear in her hands; looking uncertain. Such a treasure being in her possession felt odd and even more so that she was willing to hand it to others in dire straits of need. She was certain that even if the weapon had been made off with it wouldn’t have chosen the culprit. It would have come back to her. The oddest sense of loyalty from one beast to another.

First the swords take my ice… then this spear shows up.

The woman hummed a bit and continued to practice with the reach of the weapon, flashes of gold from the moonlight could be seen if one really paid close attention but… Who really would see them this late in the night?

Pale Moonlight [Sera] VuTlmH6

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