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Underground Associates(Quest.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Mon Nov 08, 2021 5:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed in the past year Judith's life had changed in a massive manner, so much so it might be needed to eventually talk with a few close people she knew, First one on the list would Kazimir. She did have to explain to him how she became this strange elf she was currently, which was not all much to worry about, After all she had other worries to consider that in which she needed to tell him as well. It was something she did feel guilty about putting off, But it was only because she was not quiet up ready to the task.

At least now Judith was, She had made arrangements for Kazimir to come visit. Even her husband would be here. Having prepared for it in advance. Judith was taking her time setting up her back yard and it's many plants in a way that made it perfect for talking and adding a pleasant setting as well.

If they where going to have rather serious conversations about it, Judith wanted it to be rather relaxing in some way, For even if one subject was fairly easy to talk about it, The other was not. But she was a big girl now, She needed to be sure Kazimir knew by her hands before some one really let it leak out. At least she had been good at keeping it to herself.

Even if it did linger in her mind for a long period of time. This would be prefect. She was setting the plates, sliver wear and cups out, When normally by this time of day, When she was home Judith would have at least seen her husband just one, Now the better questions was, Did he go off and doe something and she did not notice?

It was logical given how Judith was it was common place to easily have her space out, Something in the back of her mind honestly felt something was a miss. She wanted to place her finger one, Or dismiss it as her just being nervous.

It would only really matter by the time either he got back or Kazimir arrived. However being curious Judith walk back to the shop Ander's quietly worked away in and found it, Empty.

But right now she could settle herself down thinking it was maybe he had just gone for a walk and needed to clear his own head, Anders did also have his own ways of dealing with the grief.

All of the remaining Karlinus members knew of her death and where grieving differently, the problem was most of the time no one saw them in this process. Judith being known as the main figure of it she could also only manage so much.

But at least for the moment Judith could take a second to kind of look at the sky and clear her head while waiting for some one to show up, Between Anders or Kazimir, one of them would be here eventually.


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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stepped out of his balcony. The fairy tail guild was at his back and the city of magnolia was before him. He felt the warm rays of the sun on his face and looked at his shadow with a smile. Today was a little different than normal as Judith had requested to speak with him about something. He assumed it would be about the guild and their current supply of ingredients. Or maybe something that had happened on a quest.

The wind mage shrugged and slide on his robe. He stepped out into the balcony once more and put one foot on the railing. With a quick look over his shoulder, he peaked at his reflection in the mirror. "Good to see you again," he said softly to himself and dashed into the air, once more feeling as free as ever.

People strolled back and forth on the streets below. He landed and took the rest of the path by foot. Every now and then he heard a faint whisper. 'Bandits on the roads,'

'Criminal gangs hiding out and taking tolls,'
'People going missing on journeys out of town,'

The wind mage slowed down to take in all the gossip he was hearing around himself. it was something worth looking into in the future, but that could wait until after his meeting with Judith. The mage logged it in his memory to bring up and opened the door to Judith's house.

"He Judith. I'm here," He said spinning around to look at the decorations and the flora that took over parts of the yard. "I've been hearing a lot of the town folk talk about missing people and bandits today. We'll need to look into that later." He spoke while walking backward and almost bumping into the finely set table.

"Whoops...oh. You're making something to eat."

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Mon Nov 15, 2021 7:34 am

Judith Karlinius
One of the many things about Judith that, Even with her current change to an elf, She was also fairly simple and predictable in terms of her behaviour and actions she did not change personally. With the set being as perfect as it was the seemingly unsure looking Judith might not be expected, her focus seemed to be on other things currently happening and she was most likely going to talk about it now. So back to reality maybe what Judith was worried about would be starting to show."Greetings Kazimir, Everything would has been set up now, Just waiting for my husband."Judith mentioned as the conversation progressed maybe that earlier mention of bandits might be something to note.

"I even made sure to make food and drink you are able to process as well."Judith must have had a few important things to mention if she was really fancying it up."I just did not expected Anders to be gone...He normally doesn't leave the shop."It was starting to show her worry in some manner, maybe because she was just use to that pattern of behaviour. Thus leaving Judith to ask."Did you happen to see him on your way over here?"It was a rare thing to possibly see was him out on his own.

If that answer was no, Judith might seem to know where exactly this could go but she could guess, But it was just strange because of out how place one person being gone currently at this point."I am not upset he has left just strange because he doesn't leave this long."This showed Judith's worry because of how it was out of place for him. Nonetheless Kazimir was dealing with an worried Judith, Something he might know how to deal with.


#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:38 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Ah, he isn't here yet," Kazimir mentioned and gave a quick glance around as if the man would suddenly appear. "Oh, you made special food?" kazimir perked up at that mention. If it was anyone else, he would have thought it was something special going on, but going the extra mile was always something Judith had done. Although now he had to break it to her that he no longer needed it. But just how would he go about doing that.

"No I didn't see him but...Did he have any reason to leave town today." The wind mage asked in more of his detective mode now with a hint of seriousness. Seeing the worried look on her face, he assumed this was way out of character for her husband. "On my way here, I overheard the townspeople talking about travelers going missing on the roads...If Ander's went out today...maybe we should ask around. It's gonna be alright," kazimir placed a hand on her shoulder and waited to see if she wanted to go out and ask around for her husband. If they did, it would not be long until a few people that were familiar with the shop owner, would say they saw him leaving town, but they didn't know why.

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#5Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
The answers she got did not seem to make the now elf feel any better, So it seemed she would turn away from what she had just set up."Yes, It is all made for allowing comfort with in the conversations I wished to have."It must have been a rather serious conversation of sorts if she wanted not only her husband here, But food and drink as well. It does leave one curious.

It would have to be put aside for the moment since Judith had other worries now."No he did not have any reason to leave town."Given how longer Kazimir knew Judith and Anders had been married, No mention of problems where there, Thus making this even more worrying to Judith. What could he had head off to do with out telling her, When everything was already here? Unless it had to do with out of the things she was going to talk to Kazimir about.

"Let us go then, See what is going on we might hear something him while looking into it."Judith also had a different idea as well, She just needed that piece to reveal it's self so to say. The only thing they Judith might need to hear is, Either these travellers going missing were close to an area she kept an eye on, Or there was grave robbers about, Both would make Judith a bit more clear about where this could be going, Then well it would be where they went.


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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir narrowed his eyes as the woman turned around when she spoke. She was rarely in such a state and this was unusual for her. First this and now her husband was missing. it was turning into a day with layered intrigue and concern. He had to put all those thoughts to the side for now and focus on her husband.

"Right, let's ask around town a bit more." As they two left, Kazimir wouldn't bring up the other topics and trailed back towards some of the people that were speaking earlier. but they had nothing new to share. It wasn't until they bumped into a rune knight that things made more sense.

"Oh yes. Anders is a pretty known face around here. He was last seen living the city. There have been reports of grave robbers in the area, but as long as he has stayed away from those places then he should be fine. We can send a scout out though." With that information, Kaz would wave his hand and tell the guard that they could handle it themselves. He waited for Judith's reaction and was ready to follow the man's trail when she was.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:11 am

Judith Karlinius
This seemed to be leading towards the exact thing Judith did not want to happen, But she could do little about. It was starting to come together. With that conversation being the highlight it seemed well, Judith could easily explain it with out giving away what she had hope to keep secret for a bit long. It would be long gone away from the people they would have gotten the information from."If we find these grave robbers, We find him."It made sense since much like Judith, Anders was very protective of graves even the ones they Judith had a feeling he was making sure no one touched.

The graves Anders was most likely being sure no one had a good at were still in magnolia just at the border of being out of the city, Some what close enough for Judith to walk too, at least for Judith to walk too because she had no problem walking to places so often that were that far away."Or at least on the way as well."This was her coming up with a clear path, Most likely because she hates having her plans ruined, Even if minor. She also hated the idea of her husband running off and getting himself hurt, Even if the graves they where going to be would something she would risk herself equally as much as he would in this matter."Keep your eyes and ears sharp I know where to go."Kazimir was able to pick up these things better then Judith so that she why she mentioned it, as they would head off to the graveyard they had in mind, Most likely being the right choice in trying to find Anders. Even if it was something did not want to go place wise right away.



#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 8:00 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"I see. I'll follow your lead then,"? Kazimri replied only a little curious as to Ander's trip to the graveyard. The wind mage assumed that Anders was visiting the gravesite of his parents or someone else in his family, not yet putting together the grim truth.

"A shame that someone can not even visit their lost loved ones without fear," Kaz added and started to follow the tiny woman. "Will do," he nodded at Judith who was taking on an unusual leadership role in the situation. But with it being something so personal, of course, she would want to get more serious about this. The wind mage let his senses extend out around him to feel any vibrations that would come close. He focused on all the smells that floated through the air around them, waiting for anything out of the ordinary to arise.

The two traveled out of the main city of Magnolia towards the outer limits. The wind mage remained mostly silent, keeping his attention on anything that could threaten them. The cemetery appeared in the distance about 100 meters away. A small gate swung open, welcoming visitors. Mausoleums were scattered around and smaller tombstones lined the center The road was narrow and no others were traveling down it.

Quick movement flashed near the side of the road. Vibration rippled through the air, "Over there," Kaz whispered to Judith. More sounds came from the cemetery itself as another voice yelled out, "Just show us how to open the grave and give us that Armor," A gruff voice said.

"Sounds like trouble. They are in the woods around us and in the cemetery. Sounds like we need to get in there first. They may be talking to ander's. I can handle the ones out here and catch up with you." Kaz said and waited for Judith to head towards the cemetery. Once she was close, Kaz unleashed a series of wind blades to the ones outside, that sent them to the ground. The focus would be enough to get the attention of those inside, allowing Judith to sneak or go head on if she wanted to.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 8:51 am

Judith Karlinius
The owes of this family were piecing together, Kazimir might have just been the only a family friend but with the ties of it, when one thing was hidden away and waiting to revealed it was most likely something huge. Or could be minor in the end and Judith's values and worry overshadowing something that could be handled a lot better in some manner, Could be anyone's guess really.

It would be a minor distraction of conversation she would have with Kazimir would she have now."Just the time we are given, These situations always happen, It always gives the guilds something to work for or rune knights to do."Empathy at least was still not lost with Judith even if anything she was not having the greatest of time."We all continue on to hopefully continue a peaceful life."Then she would bring up why she looked so different since this was after Samhain.

"It seems when we where in Samhain, the magic there and my magic seems to have given me new shape so to say, It was interesting to wake up to being an elf with horns."It was pretty basic in terms of explaining, But it was good conversation to have as they had started travelling over. So it was just Judith getting to the point with being an elf out of no where, Kazimir had not really made a huge situation out Judith being taller with horns the pointy ears was easy to cover up.

With that out of the way, even if Judith could not make the sound of her husband arguing and yelling at these grave robbers. If there was anything else, Anders voice yelling at some one made him sound much more bitter and angry then he is normally heard. With good reason as this would slowly reveal its self. These grave robbers were not getting anywhere near said armour or digging up graves here either. They would not only find Anders yelling and fighting the would be robbers but he was fairly roughed up with a bit of blood, He had driven them away for the most part up until he arrived. Judith seemed to nod agreeing to his idea and went off ahead.



#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"What...those are real," Kaz exclaimed and poked one of them softly. "Samhain changed you huh...n wonder you smell different. How does it feel to be an elf? it oddly fits you better I think." He added and thought it was an odd thing to bring up on the brink of a missing husband, but there was hardly a good time to do it, all things considered. The wind mage had just assumed she was being her whimsical self and wearing a pair of fake horns. Something left over from Samhain, but it was much more.

"Be careful," kazimir said as Judith ran forward towards her husband. The grave robbers saw her approach and stepped back. Kazimir turned away as more robbers came from the forest and charged them. The wind mage rose his hands and a surge of wind tore through the area, sending the robbers colliding in all directions. They fired guns that snuck through the wind, and tore bits of Kaz's cloths and pierced his shoulder but the mage's wind was relentless until they stopped moving.

Kaz dashed into the air, heading to give Judith any back up that she needed.

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#11Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates(Quest.) Empty Sat Dec 11, 2021 10:08 am

Judith Karlinius
In any other situation Judith could have taken that phrase differently. Given what the situation behind it was, She did not."Yes the horns are real, The pointy ears are real, I got a fair a mount taller, All did not catch my mind until the next morning really."Judith hated clearing the list of things she intended to do in more of a single stretch but she was given little choice now, This entire situation was not entirely ideal either, If anything what she pieced together and figured it was going was exactly not what Judith wanted to happen to start with."I am sure even if he did not right away,Anders had a good laugh about me being too big for my normal collection of clothing."When you entire being shifted to something different it was something given to make light of it through humour.

When it came to this appearance fitting Judith she merely shrugged."I guess if it is just how fate wants me to look considering the situation."Judith would mentioned, It was an interesting change still, if Judith did not mention it was her surely most people might not have known it was Judith and she might have been a different person, In any other time or reality Judith might have used this a few things, But now days it was just an interesting situation over all to be in."I guess, overall the title you called me in front of the guild, just seemed to be come true."Maybe now she was truly the Mother of Fairies in both title and looks.

But that was the simple and rather easily explained matter out of the way.It seems that the main event at hand would still need to happen. For there was just one thing needing to do, Make sure Anders was okay and brought away from this situation. It was most likely very different seeing Anders in his current state, But Judith seemed to be able to get him on his feet. Hearing talks about the grave robbers leaving it was a good chance to leave at least in Judith's view. However it seemed it was also a chance for Judith to attempt to suppress her own emotions because of where they where and the fact it left her with horribly dark feelings, Most likely because even with the idea of time being both everlasting and short at the same time. Maybe for now Judith leaving would do her some better."Let's go, We can re-plan this situation later"it was a good way of going about it, Judith was going to bring Anders home and maybe get herself back in control.


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#12Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"That's a pretty big change Judith," Kaz tilted his head left and right getting a good look at the horns and new features. The size was not as apparent to the wind mage, as Judith had always carried herself with such poise that she seemed taller than she was all the time. "It must have been a shock to wake up like this. We should talk more about this when we get back," Kaz replied and for now diverted his attention back to the problem at hand.

Kaz gave a small laugh, "Yes, I'm sure clothes shopping was the first priority, the next day."

"The title does seem to fit more now. We still have a lot to talk about I suspect," he said and stepped closer to Anders, making sure the man was okay. The wind mage dashed after some of the escaping robbers and knocked them out with bursts of wind. One of them dropped a small paper with plans and maps scribbled on it.

"We should head back and decipher this while we talk about all the other things." Kazimir slid the note into his pocket and helped Anders walk if he needed it, but assumed Judith would be hard at work helping his wounds. The trio made their way back towards their home in the city with a lot to discuss and a few mysteries to uncover.


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