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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima

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#1Akira Kisaragi † 

The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Thu Nov 04, 2021 4:29 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
The sun beat down hard on the Boscosi’s capital city. The lack of rain or anything resembling water for weeks made everything feel unbearable. Most of the citizens wore clothing befitting of the weather. Shorts, skirts, tank tops, and the like were the norm. An oddity given the time of the year but Bosco’s weather patterns were always known to be indifferent. A sea of people moved throughout the streets, some stopping at shops while others continued on with their day.

In the outdoor seating area of one of the shops, sat a crimson haired man. His attire was a stark difference compared to the others in the area. He wore a crimson kimono atop a black haori and did not seem the least bit bothered by the weather. His eyes darted to and fro as each person passed his view with a look of genuine interest. “Mr. Kisaragi, your tea is ready.” A voice says from behind him, stirring him from his thoughts. Akira turns his head and sees a smiling waitress standing before him with a cup of tea and a newspaper in hand. The man takes the tea, warmly thanking the woman, before returning his gaze to the crowds. He takes a deep swig of the tea, feeling the hot liquid pass down his esophagus with delight. It had been so long since he tasted tea though it had only felt like a few days prior to him. Savoring the light brown liquid, the man opens up the newspaper and begins to scan its contents. He skimmed over the majority of the information inside as it was mostly filled with things he had already read about. Hildegrad Sachsenwald succeeding her father, Baldwin II Sachsenwald. Rumors of Bosco threatening to expand beyond its borders.

There was, however, a small article that caught his eye. ‘Renown Baska City Criminal Found Dead in Bosco.’ The man shifts in his chair and takes another sip of his tea as he continues to read the story. ‘Baska City Criminal, Jin Takayama, was found dead in the Boscosi Wilderness. Takayama’s body was found surrounded by many deceased bandits and monster, ranging near the hundreds, indicating that he died fighting the hordes of adversaries. Authorities in Western Fiore have been looking for Takayama for months. He was wanted for murder, burglary, and a litany of other charges. Until an agreement has been made with Fiorian officials, Jin Takayama’s body will be held at the Sachsia Morgue.’ While the story itself was nothing major, it was the name of the person which caught the man’s attention. Many years ago, back when he was a Joyan resident, Akira had a best friend named Kenzo Mizushima. Along with being a very prominent Samurai, Kenzo was also a very prolific author. Kenzo was enamored with Akira’s many exploits. The monsters he slayed, the godly feats of strength he displayed. The artist in him compelled him to document these stories but he wanted to keep his friend safe. As such, he decided to change the name of the title character to Jin Takayama. Before Akira’s unfortunate situation, Kenzo had not yet published one of the stories. Akira wandered if he ever managed to do so.

As he flips the page, Akira’s eyes widen. The next page showed an image of the man named Jin Takayama as he never had a mugshot. The image was clear enough that one could see all of his facial features but wide enough so that his entire frame was in few. He was an abnormally muscular man who towered over the other people in the photo. He has spiky jet-black hair that reaches down towards the back of his thighs with single bang hanging over his face. What intrigued Akira the most was his eyes. They were hazel and sharp but gave the same hardened look as that of Kenzo’s. He wondered if this man was related to Kenzo in some way. “Son of a bitch…” Akira chuckled incredulously. Placing some jewels on the table to pay for his tea, Akira gets up and sets off to investigate his theory.

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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Sat Nov 06, 2021 6:18 pm

Renowned Baska City Criminal Found Dead in Bosco.

Baska City Criminal, Jin Takayama, was found dead in the Boscosi Wilderness. Takayama’s body was found surrounded by many deceased bandits and monsters, ranging near the hundreds, indicating that he died fighting the hordes of adversaries. Authorities in Western Fiore have been looking for Takayama for months. He was wanted for murder, burglary, and a litany of other charges. Until an agreement has been made with Fiorian officials, Jin Takayama’s body will be held at the Sachsia Morgue.


A few days after his separation from Jin, Ikazuchi was blindsided by this particular newspaper article. He knew that Jin was suffering due to the loss of Izumi, but he simply couldn’t imagine a situation that would result in his death. Ikazuchi couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible as he hadn’t been there for the man at his lowest point. It would be a stretch to describe the two as friends, but there wasn’t any denying that he may have been the only one capable of helping at the time.

Ikazuchi took a short time to accept the abrupt change before he read it again. He was enraged as he understood that his companion was simply being left to rot in a morgue. He couldn’t even think of words to express himself as he immediately departed for the Sachsia Morgue. He was, at the very least, thankful for the fact that he was currently in town and not far from the morgue.

-Sachsia Morgue-

On the way to the morgue Ikazuchi realized that he didn’t have any way to transport the body. This led to him inquiring about where they may sell coffins and obtaining one that was enchanted with a unique effect. It was dedicated to maintaining the state of the body buried within it and was considered a luxury item. Normally Ikazuchi wouldn’t consider such a thing, but his guilt pushed him to purchase the expensive item. It was worth noting that the shop clerk had been shocked to see him lift it onto his shoulder and depart casually.

The sight of him at the morgue was even more shocking as no one there was able to understand what they witnessed. There were guards stationed nearby due to the body of a criminal being present, but no one actually expected anyone to come for the body like Ikazuchi had. After the guards understood that Jin was Ikazuchi’s goal, they dutifully attempted to stop him. He dispatched them without ever drawing his sword, but intentionally left his name and a threat for any pursuers that may arrive. “Make sure anyone intending to follow me knows that they will die under Ikazuchi’s sword.” WIth those words said, he departed with the now full coffin at a comfortable pace.

-A Secluded Location Near Jin’s Last Stand-

Ikazuchi didn’t have a destination in mind, but he found himself subconsciously wandering until he arrived at the battlefield where Jin fell. Efforts had been made to clean the ground, but he could still see the blood stains on the ground. He felt saddened as the weight of the coffin seemed to increase by the moment.

Realizing that he didn’t know enough about his companion to bury his body where he would prefer, Ikazuchi settled for burying him as a warrior near the location that Jin made his last stand. Ikazuchi was careful from this point forward and actively searched until he settled on a secluded spot to dig a grave for Jin that would overlook the area that he last battled.

WIth his strength, it didn’t take long for him to dig the hole that he would bury his companion. The ornate black coffin rested on one side of the hole with a large pile of dirt on the other side after he finished. He couldn’t help but sigh as he exited the hole and had his gaze fixed onto the coffin once more. ‘All that’s left is a headstone?’ He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as he realized that he would be burying one of his few acquaintances here shortly. He didn’t even realize that he had avoided putting the coffin in the hole that he made at this moment. The two weren’t particularly close, but his feelings now were similar to when he buried his parents.

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#3Akira Kisaragi † 

The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Wed Dec 15, 2021 6:05 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Some things haven’t changed even after all these years. Don’t know if that’s refreshing or concerning. Akira mentions to himself as he makes his way down a darkened alleyway. Throughout the next few days, Akira had gathered information regarding the man known as Jin Takayama. Unfortunately, information in regards to him had been scarce at best and completely nonexistent at worst. Most knew that he showed up in Baska City after a bit of a crime spree across the country in the company of a young woman. Between the two, she seemed to be the brains to his brawn. After they arrived in Baska, his name and reputation grew. The jobs he undertook grew in danger to the point where he unwittingly had different crime families headhunting. The bounty on his head grew in value though few attempted to claim it. Those that did either ‘vanished’ without a trace or the badly beaten remains of their body were found days later. Akira noted the man’s impressive, albeit barbaric, approach to handling things. It was a stark contrast to how he acted and how the Jin Takayama in the story Kenzo wrote would react. Still, Akira desperately wanted to know if this man was somehow related to Kenzo. After days of searching, he would get the answer he sought at the end of the alley.

Awaiting at the end was a seedy Boscosi informant aptly named Rat. He was a man of diminutive stature, his eyes always fixated towards the ground. He was polite and curt, always addressing people as if they were of the upmost importance. If there was anything you needed to know, Rat either knew it or knew how to find it. He even surprised Akira by knowing his true heritage, his sealing, and even the events leading up to it. To his credit, he did not reveal more intimate information about what he knew. Likely because he knew his life could potentially be in danger if he touched a nerve. When Akira approached, the man briefly looked up before returning his gaze towards the ground. “Mr. Kisaragi. A pleasure to see you again.” “And you…” Akira says as he stops just shy of a few feet from him. “I assume you are a busy man Mr. Kisaragi so I’ll be brief. You do have the payment, correct?” Rat says as he extends his hand outward. Nodding, Akira gently places a small sack of jewels in the informant’s hand. Quickly weighing the pouch in his hand, Rat puts it behind him and begins to speak.

Unfortunately, I could not find much about your Jin Takayama outside of the things that are already well known. A Baska City criminal with an extensive and impressive record. Murder, theft, assault, you name it. I did, however, find a small trace. Over a decade ago in the mountains of Iceberg, a village was raided by slavers. Unfortunately, this particular group of slavers did not have a name but they were led by a man with take-over magic. Particularly that of a snake. Most of the residents were executed while the others were sold into slavery. There were rumors of one who escaped. A man with a prehensile tail whose name was Kazuma Mizushima. Seems as if his parents, a Joyan woman named Ayumi and an Icebergian man named Asger, died years prior due to the natural internal conflicts in Iceberg. All official records of he and his twin sisters end during the raid. As I mentioned, there were only rumors but my suspicions have me believe that Kazuma Mizushima and Jin Takayama were one in the same.

Ayumi…” he muttered. A look of sorrow spread across Akira’s face as he absorbed the information. It was as clear as day to him, it was the same person. Hearing the name Ayumi confirmed it. Kenzo had mentioned that one of his sons, Kazuma, was toying around with the idea of naming their first born Ayumi. Given that she had named her son after him was all the confirmation he needed. The man took a minute and sighed deeply before looking at Rat. “Thank you for the information. It seems that this man is indeed who I assumed he was. I suppose I’ll have to go and visit the morgue and see if they will allow me to pay my respects.” As Akira bowed and turned to leave, Rat’s voice stopped him. “I’ll give you a bit of information on the house as a thank you for your patronage. You won’t find Mr. Takayama’s body at the morgue. It was stolen. I know not of the individual who did so but if I had to take a guess, it might not have been a friend. Mr. Takayama, as you know, had many enemies. You may want to try searching around where he died.” “Thank you.” Akira says with a certain sternness to his voice before departing with a noticeable quickness to his step. Although he would not have known, he still felt as if he could have done something to prevent Jin’s death. Done something to help the obviously troubled individual. And now, someone had the audacity to desecrate his deceased body? It had been far too long since he had cut loose. Perhaps this individual would give him the prompt to do so.

It didn’t take long before Akira found himself within the Boscosi Wilderness. A dense forest with trees so high one could argue that they blocked out the sky. Akira could see the efforts made to clean up the area. Despite their best efforts, fallen trees, blood stained grounds, and the intoxicating smell of blood still remained. Akira was impressed seeing the aftermath of Jin’s handiwork up front. He could tell from the various fist prints in trees that Jin was a brawler and not a swordsman like himself and his great-grandfather. He wondered if he picked up that trait from his father. As he moved deeper into the wilderness, he could hear faint grunting sounds followed by a sound that could only be described as something hitting the ground. Akira moved closer towards the sound, wrapping his free hand lightly over his sword. Before long, he saw him. A man of average height digging what looked to be a hole. Sat beside the hole was a large coffin. Akira moved closer, not attempting to hide his appearance, as he clutched tighter at his weapon. He did not sense any malice coming from the man but he wanted to careful all the same. After all, not all things change. “I’m curious. Just what are you doing with that deceased body? If I’m correct, that is the relative of a very dear friend of mine. I can’t say I’d stand idly by if you attempt to desecrate it.

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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 9:06 am

Ikazuchi was just finishing up the hole when he heard the distinct sound of fallen leaves crunching in the distance. Most animals would avoid this area due to the scent of blood from the nearby battlefield. He didn’t doubt for a second that whoever arrived was someone pursuing him due to his act of stealing Jin’s body.

Ikazuchi made a point to exit the finished hole and stand between it and the individual who had just arrived a short distance away. Just as the man was appraising him, Ikazuchi was also appraising the individual known as Akira Kisaragi. There was an instant connection made between this man and Jin that Ikazuchi learned due to his blessing. He still felt apprehensive due to the timing, but his guard lowered slightly.

Akira was the first to break the silence as he questioned Ikazuchi. Ikazuchi’s gaze at the man became colder as he listened to him speak. He felt his anger surge as he looked at this man who had some kind of connection to Jin. “What does it look like I’m doing?” Ikazuchi turned to the side and motioned at the coffin with his right hand before continuing. “If you were going to desecrate a body, would you put it in a high quality coffin and dig a grave?!

Ikazuchi held himself back at this point as there wasn’t anything to gain by directing his anger at Akira. He couldn't help but take a deep breath as he completely suppressed his anger before speaking. “He’s…” Ikazuchi couldn’t help but pause for a moment as he thought about what he should call Jin. They weren’t really friends, and it would be a stretch to describe them as acquaintances. “...someone that I could respect after having fought against him and with him. Now Mr. Dear Friend of a Relative, who the fuck are you?

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#5Akira Kisaragi † 

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Akira Kisaragi †
The young of this generation are incredibly vulgar. He thought. Akira could only chuckle as he heard the rather abrasive words of the man who stood before him. His grip on his sword lessened as he realized that the man was no threat to him at the moment. He still, however, kept his hand near just in case. He processed the man’s words intently, recognizing that Jin and the man who stood in front of him probably weren’t the best of friends but colleagues nonetheless. The brief rage that emanated from the man confirmed that.

I wouldn’t have stolen the body in the first place. Or at least I wouldn’t have left a trail to follow. For all I knew, you could have been an enemy of his, attempting to do something malicious to his body. As I hear, he pissed off many. Or rather a misguided colleague attempting to disrespect the man’s legacy by turning him into something impure. Your rage, however fleeting, confirmed that my assumptions were incorrect. My apologies.” With his hand still loosely wrapped around his sword, Akira moves closer towards the coffin. His hand trailed along the edge of the coffin as he gently lifts it, stealing a quick peep at its occupant. “You know. Up close like this, he resembles him so much.” He says to himself aloud. He hadn’t even considered the possibility of the man near him overhearing it. He was lost in a trance as the deceased man that lay in front of him was a stark reminder of his failure. The years he lost.

A heavy sigh escapes the man as he slowly lets the coffin close. Knowing that the man beside him would either demand answers or outright attack him for opening it without permission, Akira began to speak. “My name is Akira. Akira Kisaragi. Long ago, this man’s great-grandfather was my best friend. I’ve been…away, not of my own choice, for quite some time. I saw a picture of Jin in the paper and noted the resemblance to my friend so I had to investigate. It took a fair bit of time given that Jin Takayama is not his true name. Eventually, I found the connection but I had to see him for myself. To verify for my own peace of mind if nothing else. Seeing him, there is no mistaking it. He is Kazuma Mizushima.” Another deep sigh escapes Akira as he turns to face the man fully. “If you are burying him, I’d like to help and pay my last respects in honor of my friend.

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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:03 pm

The man’s response seemed slightly reproachful to Ikazuchi. He couldn’t help but retort part of what the man said when given the opportunity. “I didn’t leave a trail because I was sloppy, I did it because I could.” Ikazuchi watched as Akira approached the coffin, one hand subconsciously already placed on the hilt of his sword at his side. “If any of those bastards making a show out of his death followed me, then I would simply let them accompany him…

Ikazuchi stopped speaking after the man’s hand was placed on the coffin. He didn’t think that Akira would do anything, but his focus ensured that the man would regret it if he attempted to. It was at this point that Ikazuchi heard the man speak. The way that Akira seemed to reminisce about the past. There seemed to be regret mixed with fondness to the young man who simply stood to the side.

As the coffin shut Ikazuchi was able to relax. The man proceeded to introduce himself properly this time, even if Ikazuchi couldn’t quite accept the explanation as the whole truth. Part of him wondered if Jin may have turned out differently had this man appeared sooner. For a moment, he couldn’t help but uncontrollably feed into those thoughts and blame Akira despite not knowing the truth. By the time the man requested to take part in the burial, Ikazuchi's anger had returned.

His fists clenched as he thought about all of the things that he wanted to say, but he ultimately couldn’t. Anything he could say to this man could also be said to himself. Ikazuchi sighed deeply as he relaxed and decided to let it go. “That would be good. Based on what he said, you may be the only person who could represent his family in any way.” Ikazuchi’s gaze finally left the man as he started to inspect the surroundings for a suitable headstone. “By the way, I’m Ikazuchi.” He wasn’t concerned with being polite as he finally introduced himself.

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#7Akira Kisaragi † 

The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Sat Dec 18, 2021 10:24 am

Akira Kisaragi †
Charmed…” Akira said before he attempted to extend his hand out for a shake. However, he quickly thought better of it and withdrew his hand before Ikazuchi could notice. Though he could tell the man meant him no harm at the moment, he still did not know him. He had to be careful and could not trust as easily as he would have in the past. Overconfidence had proved to be his undoing before and he would not risk that mistake again.

He studied the man as he glanced around the area as if he were looking for something. As Akira glanced over once again at the makeshift grave, he instantly realized what the man looked for. Walking towards the head of the gravesite, Akira drew out his sword and stabbed it in the ground. Reaching inside his kimono, he pulls out a spare black headband. As the man kneels towards the sword and ties the black headband around it, he begins to speak. “I assume you were looking for an appropriate headstone. If so, might I offer this solution. This sword and headband belonged to his great-grandfather, Kenzo Mizushima. As I mentioned, Kenzo and I were best friends seventy years ago. Nearly inseparable. This is all I have left of him. All I have left of the time I lost…minus my Benimaru.” Akira slowly trails his free hand along his broken sword, taking a noticeable pause upon doing so. The sword, crafted by his now deceased wife, was truly the only thing he had left of both his family and the time he lost. “This should honor the warrior he was and the family I could only imagine he swore to protect.

The man stands upright, a nearly vacant expression in his eyes. It was the first time since his unsealing that he’s shown such emotion that wasn’t directed towards his family. He stole a quick glance towards Ikazuchi as he awaited to see what he would do next.

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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Sun Dec 19, 2021 7:29 pm

Ikazuchi felt indecisive as he searched the area. There were many options to choose from, but he didn’t deem anything acceptable for Jin’s grave. Despite knowing that an appropriate stone would be the best option, he slowly considered everything else first. It was at this point that Akira moved towards the head of the grave and proceeded to do something that caught his attention.

Ikazuchi appreciated the man’s awareness for a brief moment before he heard Akira explain his actions. Listening to him made the young man feel that there wasn’t anything better. It would represent Jin as a warrior and provide a connection to his family. He made his way towards the grave as he silently accepted Akira’s words part of the way through.

He was standing near the foot of the grave when Akira mentioned his sword. Ikazuchi’s attention was drawn to it initially as a swordsman, but his mindset quickly transitioned to that of craftsman after seeing its condition. He could discern that it was in poor condition, but also understood that it was a good sword during its prime. ‘I wonder if I could repair it?’

His attention lingered on it for longer than intended before Akira added a final sentence. Ikazuchi felt more emotional than normal as he continued to feel guilt towards Jin and was reminded repeatedly of when he lost his parents. He couldn’t help but sigh before finally speaking to Akira. “I can’t help but agree with you, there isn’t anything better around here.” Ikazuchi paused for a moment as he realized the moment that he had been avoiding had arrived. “Would you mind helping me lower the coffin into the hole?

His wariness had noticeably decreased after seeing the man offer his sword in that manner. It wasn’t something that a swordsman would do easily, so he had less doubts towards Akira after witnessing his actions. He moved towards the foot of the coffin where there was a handle as he expected the man to agree.

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#9Akira Kisaragi † 

The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Tue Dec 21, 2021 1:26 am

Akira Kisaragi †
Akira noticed the lingering glance Ikazuchi made towards his sword, Benimaru. Although it was blatantly obvious that the man was a swordsman, given his equipment, the eyes of which he looked at Benimaru spoke a different tale. It was one of appreciation and determination. The eyes of a craftsman perhaps? Shaking the thought from his head for the moment, Akira helped lower Jin’s coffin into the hole. As the coffin laid on the ground, the two men wordlessly moved to cover it up. Dirt slowly covered the coffin until it eventually faded from sight. Akira stood at the side of the now covered grave and placed his hands together to give off a prayer. Prayer in any form was never a strong point for him, especially given his demonic nature. However, he knew that Kenzo and his family were big practitioners of faith. For him, he’d give in just once.

After his prayer was complete, he turned towards Ikazuchi and slowly drew Benimaru from its sheath. Benimaru was a Hira Zukuri katana with a blacken blade, a rarity back during his time. The sword had a solid hilt with a samegawa wrapped around it. The cross guard was in the shape of a flower, with the sides being dark gold but the edge is normal gold. There were two half-circle holes on each side of the blade. A saw hamon pattern adorns the sides of the blade in a shining dark crimson while the hamon of the blade is colored purple. The last third of the sword, including the blade, was heavily damaged. This was the result of his crusade against the Church. “I noticed you looking at Benimaru. It was forged by my late wife, Kaoru. She was as talented a blacksmith as she was beautiful. Unfortunately, shortly before I went away, Benimaru was broken. Now…...this blade is all I have left of them.” Akira’s voice once again trails off as his mind begins to wander. The gravity of the situation he found himself in once again hit him like a ton of bricks. All he had was the sword. For a brief moment, Akira’s eyes and demeanor turn cold as he stares at Ikazuchi with uncaring eyes. “Do you know if The Church is still active?

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The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Wed Dec 22, 2021 9:56 am

The time that was spent filling in the grave felt like a blur to Ikazuchi. Neither man seemed bothered by the silence as they easily completed their task. He had initially intended to return his companion’s mask to him during the process, but ultimately decided against doing so. He had recalled the circumstances mentioned previously, and was certain that Jin’s enemy still existed somewhere. Ikazuchi learned plenty during their encounter with Yamashiro, so he wouldn’t hesitate to exact revenge if he was given the chance. The mask would represent Jin should that time ever come.

Ikazuchi was silent as Akira prayed, respecting the action to the best of his ability. He wasn’t personally religious, but he wouldn’t stop someone from praying for the fallen. His gaze remained fixed on the grave until Akira’s prayer came to an end. Even if only a bit, he felt as if his guilt had lessened due to this. He couldn’t help but sigh and wonder about the future and how many more times he would experience this during his life.

A distinct and familiar sound caught his attention at this point. His gaze naturally shifted to the only other person in the area. Akira had unsheathed the sword that he had introduced as Benimaru allowing Ikazuchi to inspect it more closely. Under normal circumstances he would have been on guard against someone performing this action, but the state of the sword prevented him from doing so. ‘It’s that bad?’ He felt pained to see the sword in such poor condition. More than that though, he felt curious about what Akira faced to reduce Benimaru to such a state. He was certain that he would gain insight into that battle if he were to closely inspect the blade, but that would be rude to Akira who was currently speaking about the weapon after noticing his curiosity.

Her skills as a blacksmith are apparent, even when Benimaru is in that condition.” Ikazuchi felt respect for anyone with the skills capable of crafting such a weapon. Based on what he could see, the sword had the heart of the craftsman pour into it. At the very least, he felt that the weapon could have matched his own swords before it was reduced to its current state. He contemplated for a bit after realizing this and couldn’t help but add a moment later. “...A skilled craftsman should be able to repair that sword for you.

Ikazuchi had been slightly hesitant to speak due to Akira’s focus being elsewhere, but he still made a point to inform the man. As a swordsman and blacksmith, he didn’t wish to ignore the state of Benimaru. He wasn’t even sure that Akira had heard him as the man suddenly questioned him. His gaze shifted between the broken sword and the man holding it. ‘The Church?’

The man’s demeanor had changed, but Ikazuchi was sensitive enough to recognize that he wasn’t the target. He also recognized that the man’s question wasn’t as simple as it seemed. He unintentionally furrowed his brow as he considered everything that he knew about the church before finally speaking after a tense several seconds. “Religion is somewhat rampant these days, but I’m not personally involved with any church. Even after the gods appeared, I still don’t believe they deserve my faith…” Ikazuchi couldn’t help but smile derisively as he recalled the stories that had been circulating about the gods in recent years. His stance was apparent, but it was also obvious that he wouldn’t be able to offer Akira all of the answers he needed.

It was at this point that Ikazuchi recalled his guild. He wasn’t particularly close to anyone in the guild, but there were still more ways to obtain information there. ‘Let’s see what he thinks about it.’ Ikazuchi’s expression returned to normal as he spoke once more. “I may not have the information that you need, but there is a place that should. The guild that I’m a part of, Sleeping Calamity. If you were to join our guild, you would be free to use the resources to achieve your goals without restrictions. What do you think?

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#11Akira Kisaragi † 

The Life & Times of Kazuma Mizushima Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 2:32 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
The man sighs as he sheathes Benimaru, letting his gaze wander as he does so. He took Ikazuchi’s words to heart but was still skeptical. This was all he had left of his wife, of his family. To entrust that to someone else was….difficult. It was something that as of this moment, he could not fathom. “Such a craftsman would probably be able to but, in the short time I’ve been unsealed in this very different time than my own, I’ve yet to come across such a craftsman. Most craftsmen I’ve seen in this time are arrogant. Selfish. It is not their fault as it is just how the way the world works now. The product of the young. My Kaoru put her blood, sweat, and tears into this sword. This is the embodiment of her very soul. No offense but I would not entrust my wife’s lifework to someone unworthy. Perhaps….in time, I may find such a craftsman.” Akira could only chuckle darkly at Ikazuchi’s comment regarding the Gods. He wondered if the man in front of him knew just how old he was or, better yet, just all that he’d seen during his lifetime. If only he knew that the man in front of him had at one point defeated one of the Gods he spoke of. The rest of his comments proved what he initially thought; the splintered cell of the Royal Knights had either been inactive or their tracks were too well covered. The offer Ikazuchi presented to him, however, was intriguing. The guilds in his time were nothing compared to the guilds of the present. Those he observed spoke of one another like family. They always worked for the good of each other and not solely for themselves. It was something that, admittedly, he longed for. A place to belong.

As he pondered the question, he remembered seeing a guild tattoo on the deceased Jin’s hand and briefly caught a glimpse of a similar tattoo on Ikazuchi’s inner forearm. “I wonder if they were in the same guild?” he thinks to himself before he turns his gaze back towards the man in front of him. “I believe you have The Church confused with religion. The Church I speak of was a splintered faction of the Royal Knights. Arrogant zealots who hated anything and everything that wasn’t human. Even daemon like myself. Humans who pursued a relationship with non-humans were regarded with the same amount of vile. This is the reason why my beloved family is no longer among us. If your Sleeping Calamity has resources that would allow me to see if those responsible for the death of those dear to me are still active, I will gladly accept. Plus, I noticed that Jin had a tattoo similar to the one I saw on your forearm while we were burying his body. If they were the same, I could only assume that he was a part of your guild as well. I’d love for the opportunity to get to know the people who associated with the man who adopted my name; or rather, the name of the character based upon my exploits.

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Ikazuchi wasn’t able to comment further on Benimaru after hearing what Akira had to say. The trust required to risk his late wife’s masterpiece wasn’t something that he could fully understand. He wasn’t close enough to offer his skills, and he wasn’t certain that it could be repaired so easily either.

When Akira spoke about his misunderstanding, Ikazuchi couldn’t help but feel more curious. ‘There isn’t any special church that I can recall like that?’ He was surprised by this fact. He had gradually heard many things during his travels, but the man in front of him spoke of something that was completely unknown to him. He felt more disgusted than ever regarding religion as he listened to Akira. “For such a silly reason?” He couldn’t help but mumble this as Akira spoke.

Ikazuchi couldn’t help but recall Jin’s affiliation after Akira mentioned this fact. Despite working together, they hadn’t ever discussed this fact. Still, he didn’t mind if the man accepted the invitation due to this fact. He didn’t see any reason to explain the situation, but still decided to explain the guild a bit more. “We were indeed members of the same guild. Honestly, our guild is a little… different. We all have a greater degree of freedom than members of other guilds. That’s a large part of its appeal, but we may interact differently at times as a result. You could say that everyone is pretty unique?

Ikazuchi held back a chuckle as he recalled the other members he had met. They were all interesting people who were deceptively sociable in his opinion. ‘He will understand when he meets them.’ Ikazuchi turned his gaze to Jin’s grave once more before finally deciding that it was time to leave. “Since we will be members of the same guild, how about I explain things as we move?” Ikazuchi wasn’t sure what to think of Akira, but he still chose to show him some goodwill. There wasn’t any reason to refuse, so he would only wait a bit before exiting the area and explaining things as they walked.

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Akira Kisaragi †
Akira recognizable confusion on Ikazuchi’s face once he spoke of his dealings with the Church. His barely audible mumble confirmed that their thought process on the Church’s ideals were the same. They were madmen who arrogantly claimed themselves to be a guild. A glorified cult.

Akira’s unintentional scowl slowly turned into a half smile of amusement as he heard of Ikazuchi’s detailed explanation of what their guild entailed. Their appeal was uniqueness, something Akira found very much intriguing. Ikazuchi offered to explain more of the inner workings of the guild as they walked, prompting Akira to do the same. He stopped and took one final look at Jin’s grave.

I did not know you. I could not hope to understand what all you went through. The pain you endured, the immense amount of loss that was inflicted upon you. Kenzo would have been proud of you as I know his son and your parents were as well. Know that before I depart from this world and rejoin my family, I will bring those who contributed to your death to justice. Kazuma Mizushima…no….Jin Takayama, you have this promise as my solemn vow as a warrior and as a friend to your family.

His resolve reaffirmed, Akira continues towards Ikazuchi in earnest. Eager to hear all about Sleeping Calamity.

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Akira Kisaragi †
The Knights had him surrounded, various weapons in their grips as they grinned and laughed at the idea of my impending death. The meekest of the group, someone who couldn’t have been any older than eighteen, had announced that it was his turn to get the kill for once. The others, in an uproar, laughed and stepped back, letting the boy attempt to do the job. Akira attempted to move by found his body unable to do so, the damned sealing magic he despised so much once again hindering him. The boy‘s eyes glinted viciously as he approaches Akira, draped in white with knife in hand. As he reached him, he pointed the tip of the knife directly at his jugular, circling it with just enough force to hurt. Instead of slicing open his throat, the boy pulls the knife back. For a wonderful split second, Akira believes that he is going to be spared. His eyes widen as the knife is plunged directly into his stomach. He screams in pain, the sheer volume of making the birds in the area fly away in fright. His vision goes blurry and he collapses on the ground in a heap. Tears flow from his eyes as he sees the the group of Knights walking away, their laughs and cheers echo. “It took you until August to finally kill something. You gotta do more than that to win the pool we got going. If not, better luck in x795." one of the men says to the boy as they depart. The knife is still buried deep into his abdomen. His hands desperately attempt to remove the knife but the strength to do so eludes him. The blood flows freely from the wound, staining the ground beneath him. He closes his eyes and accepts his fate, he is going to die. “My love....my beautiful children.... I am so sorry that I’ve left you alone all this time.“ As his vision begins to fade, he sees the image of his wife walking towards him. The same warm smile as before plastered on her face. He knows that what he is seeing isn’t real but accepts it for what it is. She kneels towards him, stroking his face with her right hand though he feels nothing but warmth. He attempts to speak but she places a finger over her mouth to silence him and continues to stroke his face. Akira fully closes his eyes and lets the warmth overtake him completely. For the first time in such a long time, he felt at peace.

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