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Poropo Salt Peppering

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Salt Peppering Empty Tue Nov 02, 2021 10:43 am

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo waddled up to a lonesome man on the street, a fellow holy man. The monk looked the individual up and down, then looked at the empty streets, "are we going to be doing this alone?" The monk was unsure of how safe doing all this alone would be, but the monk was not a complete pushover if something bad were to happen. He was not the most observant individual at all times, but he knew a thing or two about summoning angels stronger than himself. The lone man then simply nodded and expected the monk to take the bag of salt off the ground which was pointed to. The monk silently complied, thinking he also had to be quiet for some reason. The man then took a knife and tore open the top of the bag the monk was holding, revealing salt as expected. The monk nearly sneezed when the bag opened, but he was able to hold himself back just in time. However, the monk went over the edge when the lone holy man then took a scooping device to dust the street with salt. The salt got up the monk's nose just a tiny bit which was enough to cause the monk to have to failingly hold back a sneeze which came out violently, "AAAAACHOOOOOO!" The monk made a loud sound, but the salt was undisturbed within the bag. The lone man ignored the monk's flared nostrils and continued scooping salt. Poropo felt a little bit embarrassed.

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Poropo Poproporp
Nonetheless, the monk helped the long man by holding the bag along the long roads of Dahlia. The lone man would scoop or grab salt, throwing the apparently holy materials every which way in order to do something the monk did not understand. The Iron Deity had never asked the monk do spray a substance anywhere other than purity which did not have a physical form other than perhaps metal. However, metal was already all over the modern world so the monk only had to spread the teachings, thankfully. When the job was done, the salt bag was empty and the monk was told he did a fine job. The first words from the lone man were very comforting - an unexpected compliment for someone as gaunt as the lone man who gave the monk jewels at the end as well. The monk took his jewels and walked along the salty streets of Dahlia, grateful he did not have to do this type of work religiously, "Oh Iron Deity, thank you for not making me do this as well - I am grateful I must only spread the teachings of purity and kindness to those I meet...right? Is that all you need me to do?"

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