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Clean up duties

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Clean up duties Empty Wed Oct 27, 2021 10:13 am

"Alright another day and another dollar. Let young Ghost explain to you all how he help a detective solve a messy case."

As Ghost made it to a small office after searching for it. For about two hours. As whomever wrote it and sent it to fairy tail clearly need to work on thier hand writing. As if Ghost was one to talk about such a thing. Seeing as he can't write a clear word for nothing. But still he was ok as he understood such hand writing. Soon enough he would make it to the office of Weirdlock. Ghost would be knocking on the door for about ten minutes. Yeah ten minutes Ghost would never get back. But then he would get an idea and would decide to open up the door himself. With a smile on his face. Ghost would then be happy as can be as the door was not locked.

But this was odd to him. Why was the door open to began with? Just another bad day all around. But Ghost would take that as a atta lesson and hope he pulled a lucky number with this gamble he was about to do. Soon enough he would burst into the door. Which the sleeping detective Weirdlock would wake up more like jump up and the moment he did that he would pull out his gun. But the sleepy fool would drop it. As Ghost would have his hands up he would look on with a smile on his face. Just as Weirdlock would drop to the floor. Slowly getting up as he held his head up over his desk. "Did not mean to give you a scare mate. But you put in a request at me guild hall and im the fairy who picked it up."

He would look on as Weirdlock fixed his glasses and replied to him. "Right sorry about that although it seems as I was in a panic state. It was in reality me using my skills to get behind the desk. Remember young man. Always move. as if your life depends on it. Ghost would look on as he slowly put his hands down. "Ok to that one mate. Now then what is it we need to clean up?" Just as Ghost said that he would look around and truly be in a disgust mindset. As this place was not in the best shape. As the detective looked at him. He would give a smile. As Joy-Boy looked on he would have a half hearted grin on his face.

About four hour laters the place was all clean and what not. To be honest this was a truly lame mission he took up. Thinking to himself that he must have gotten. The word clean up a mess confused with literally cleaning up a mess. As he received his pay for the job. He would look on with a job well done. As Ghost left out. He would walk pass a large pile of books. And just as he closed the door. The pile would fall down right on Weirdlock.


Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  


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