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Tree's New Character Idea Recorder.

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Tree's New Character Idea Recorder. Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:20 pm

Judith Karlinius
Everything here is just short summaries of the characters ideas of ones I am currently working on that might be made in the future, Allowing people to see progress of ideas I have, None of these ideas are 100% yet.

To sum up Jai, she is a character who is far more determined towards her singular goal that everything else is extremely unimportant to her, Anything to progress her goal and anything to gain the power to achieve that goal Jai-Hai is someone who is far better being known then attempting to be your friend, For being her friend does not align with being something good. Jai is also alcoholic oftentimes caring more about drinking as well as gaining power towards her goal. A woman who is also ambitious enough seek out people who have helped her before to attempt to talk them into doing it again,between jobs to help her continue live, Former Pirate captain Jai-Hai is seeking out the means to slay a beast that she never seems to manage to best, But it yet eats away her determine soul to achieve the goal. She would either be an Adventurer or have magic that makes her a human lightning rod.

A Npc Mentioned in Priscilla topics often. Nasira is a Desertio woman who was one locked up and sold as a slave on a boat, Once saved by Priscllia. Real name Valerie Odette Ivalice, Nasira stuck by her and did tasks as simple as carrying letters for her to help raise Priscilla’s son. She was the last behind scenes person doing her best and managing well to help the one who freed her because she did not know where else to go, While slowly learning the language of the land, upon Priscilla’s retirement from such the life she had been at for many years, Nasira viewed it better to consider continuing her life, Thus leaving Priscilla to live her life with with her wife in peace, Since then studying and training how to use a sword, fire magic and study fiorian language to slowly figure out where she goes from there.

Averie: An elf wanting to bring the all of the races of the land together, she ideals are are bright as the flames she will create to help towards her goal, She had many plans to make it happen and many ways to make it happen she will no matter what achieve this goal she just needs the right moment, For the world shall work together as one and she will be the done to guide them to it, When upon the days the pieces are perfect and her master plan achievable, The shall come together, Everyone will help each other live.

By nature of perspective when speaking and actually talking to Mallory face to face, She is actually fairly friendly, collected and straight forward in terms of conversations and how she goes about things. It is when you dig into what Mallory is doing do you dig into the worrying reality of her. Mallory might not be anything too outstanding with being a necromancer. However  it is what she is trying to achieve that might worry others for she is trying to understand,study and progress the understanding of what death is and what can come beyond it, she believes whatever has been recorded or happens with terms of how death works and can be defined, refined and improved upon. There are many things beyond the veil of life and she will be the one to learn it.

A sea bound medic froma nation different from Magnolia, Patches life for the longest time was always sewing people back together and healing them on sea to hope they live the trip back home, With much as a life exposed to various wounds and injuries upon a boat, As well as learning to need to defend herself and who she was helping, This life slowly drained the one bright spirits, spirits so bright it matched the colour of her hair, Upon boarding on land, Patches never returned to sea, keeping herself hidden away at day time and only coming out at night out of fear of something harming her in the night, even if she is of no risk to anyone in groups, Patches seems to a figure of note mostly for her behaviour of being out at night and her paranoid delusions.

A woman of demonic nature, Carmilla seemingly showed up out of nowhere when she walked out of someone's show because she was bored. Carmilla is more noted for her behaviour of just hiding with in shadows, A chameleon of sorts she is always changing her looks based upon the area around her, When Carmilla is in a town she often toys with people by reaching out of their shadow and moving an object in front of them, She has gone as far as to brush some one’s hair for them to see their reaction, Or stealing their food or drink in front of them. Even if rude,, it is unknown what Carmilla is capable of.

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