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Hunter/Gatherer [D-Rank] [Solo]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

Hunter/Gatherer [D-Rank] [Solo] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 2:30 pm

Jin Takayama †
Set shortly before Something Smells Fishy

How did I get myself into this?” Jin wondered as he continued aimlessly down what seemed to be an unended path packed with trees and foliage. The behemoth was finishing up his preparations before heading towards Yamashiro’s last known location. Deep down, Jin knew that this would likely be a one-way trip. Either he would kill Yamashiro thus sending on him on a path to Izumi and never return to this place or he’d die. Whichever outcome occurred, he had made peace with it and spent the last few moments of relative peace bidding farewell to those he considered acquaintances. Mattoro, Herman, Jerr, Godfrey. These were just a few of the people he had grown to appreciate.

As he was beginning to leave the town of Oak, however, he was stopped by Herman who had yet another ‘last request’ for him. The request was simple enough, he only had to meet a medical colleague of his, Dr. Stephan Mabuz, who ran a small magic shop in Oak. The job was simple enough. Dr. Mabuz needed help retrieving a particular mushroom and was short on time to obtain it. Given the nature of the mushroom, he could not buy it outright and most people avoided the good doctor all together. It just so happened that Jin was in the area. “Why can’t you do it?” Jin angrily inquired when pressed by Herman. “Because I have patients to take care of. Patients, who might I add, still need to be attended to while I sit here talking to you. It won’t be long, just a quick jaunt to the woods tonight to pick it up. If you leave now, it will be dark by the time you arrive. A simple task, no?” Jin sneered as he begins walking towards the woods, hearing Herman’s chuckle as he departs. “The mushroom you’re looking for will be gray. It’s tall and skinny with glowing green dots on it. Try not to ingest anything!

WC: 328

#2Jin Takayama † 

Hunter/Gatherer [D-Rank] [Solo] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 2:32 pm

Jin Takayama †
Two hours had passed since Jin arrived in the forest and had not seen even a trace of the mushroom he sought. Originally, he thought he got lucky when he first entered the forest after he saw a gray mushroom underneath a tree. To his disappointment, that particular mushroom was multicolored and did not give off any luminesce glow. The man angrily continued forward, his already short fuse becoming smaller and smaller with each passing moment. It was not until he passed a colony of mushrooms that gave off an ethereal blue glow that Jin finally had enough. With a roar, he kicks the nearest tree trunk he could find, sending the hunk of wood careening off into the night. Glancing down at where the tree trunk originally sat, Jin sees a faint green glow. Upon taking a closer look at the glow, Jin incredulously finds the mushrooms he seeks. “They were here the entire time?” he sneers as he bends down to pick them up, taking careful consideration of Herman’s words of not ingesting them. After securing them in his bag, Jin hurriedly makes his way back into town.

As Jin enters the magic shop, he feels a strong sense of unease. Something about this place, something about the man inside it felt wrong. The last time he felt such a sensation was when he met with Cain for the first time in Baska. Taking a few steps inside the shop, Jin sees a bespectacled man staring deeply at a book in front of him. He took a small glance at the approaching Jin before returning his gaze towards his books. As Jin reached the desk, he stops his reading and looks at him. “Can I help you with something?” he says. “I’m an acquaintance of Herman. He said that you needed help with something.” The man’s demeanor instantly changes at the mention of Herman’s name from one of disinterest to one of extreme intrigue. “Ah, yes. Herman did mention that he was going to have someone help me out with a little issue. Did you happen to bring it?” Jin quickly removes the mushrooms from his bag and hands them to the awaiting doctor. “Yes. This is exactly what I needed.” He mumbles to himself as he gets up and quickly exits the room. Jin stands alone for a few minutes before the doctor returns with a sack of jewels and a fiendish smile on his face. “Here is your payment. Thank you again. If you are in the area again, let me know. I may have another job that will require a man of your talents.

WC: 439
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