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Link Back Area Restricts guests from viewing URLs

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Link Back Area Restricts guests from viewing URLs Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 1:04 pm

Hello, I am the staff member of Panacea Academy. I've signed up and have come to the Questions & Suggestions forum to let the staff of FTRP know that their Link Back Advertisement area is not allowing guests to view/click URL links. Is this a flaw of forumotion or is there a setting that has not been turned on in the administrative panel to allow guests to view and interact with URLs? By this point, I've seen this happen too many times and I don't want to continually have to check for the availability of links. Therefore, I would like to ask that staff here on FTRP refrain from posting on Panacea Academy here on out. Thank you for your time and I hope that forumotion boards can in fact enable guests to view and interact with URLs, and that you guys turn on the settings for all the other sites that are trying to link back.  Link Back Area Restricts guests from viewing URLs 1f613

EDIT: I made my own forumotion to check and see and yes you can enable guests to not only be able to post links but to also view them:

Unauthorize guests to post external links and emails : NO

Disable external links to guests in messages : NO

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