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The Shining [Mimi & Tempris]

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Atani Tathvir
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It was a dark and stormy night...

As was befitting of such nights surrounding Halloween, an aura of darkness shrouded even the most vibrant lands of Stella. Strange things happened around this time of year, and today was no exception. It seemed that the holiday began to make the spirits stir; it had been ages since most have had a proper haunting. And with the gathering of mages still lingering from Empyrean Divine's gala? What poltergeist could resist.

A handful of people-- perhaps sought for their affinity with magic-- would find themselves waking up in an abandoned hotel. As for how they got there? Their memories would be fragmented... if they were even there at all. No harm would have been done to their bodies though. That was not the poltergeist's way. Not at the start at least.

Atani was one such person who had the misfortune of being haunted by the ghost. When she awoke, she saw that she was alone in a derelict room. The carpet smelled of must and the curtains looked as if they'd been torn by a werewolf. "Hello?" she called, unable to remember how she had gotten to the place. For a few moments, the only response the elf had received was that of deafening silence. But then a banshee's cry. A window shattering. A knife scraping against tile... the latter of which seemed to be coming from the bathroom within her suite.

Atani eyed the door cautiously. She could already feel the mana pouring into her hands as she braced herself for what surely must have been her captor. As the old door knob jiggled, she clenched her fist. The door slowly creaked open to reveal... nothing. Just as the elf found herself caught in momentary shock, a knife flew threw the shadows and thudded against the wall behind her, its silver blade mere inches from her head. But still, there was no visible threat.

This was bad.

The mage made a beeline for the door doing her best to watch for any more phantom knives. She made it, but then had to struggle with the knob that was not locked, but was rusted over from years upon years of neglect. Just as she managed to break away enough of the rust, another knife embedded itself in the door. That was her cue. She darted out of the room and slammed the door shut behind her. Using her magic, she jammed the lock with some vines. Turning back around, she now found herself in the lengthy halls of the abandoned hotel.

"Hello? Is anyone else there?"
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The Shining [Mimi & Tempris] JDUskSb
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As pretty as this season could be, It equally bothered Miriko and she would not hide it, After all these things were fun in terms of the beauty and creativity from in which she got from the from seeing the outfits, the colours and the themes of everything she saw. However there was one thing that always bother Miriko about these holidays and she would mention it as she came into this building."If this is one of the places that will end up trying to scare me, I am going to want to leave fairly quick."Given she was off of Alistair's back as she was going towards the this building but her made her disliking of the look of what is currently before her.

Good thing Alistair was with her because it helped her in some manner manage to keep herself in some manner safer, Miriko was not aware of the things Atani had just started to deal with, After all she had just arrived here. Alistair in some manner was feeling like there was a strange feeling in which was something was amiss here.

But Alistair could not place his fingers on what it was, He dealt with these situations better then Miriko did, So for the moment he would keep himself in control before anything else might need to be done, No doubt he had to hope it was before anything actually happen to risk harming Miriko or anything else they encountered.

Walking through the door and hearing some one say hello through the halls. Miriko had no problems greeting who was saying that."Yes,Hello I wanted to prepare for the evening in advance and ended up here."No realizing that she was slowly walking into something that was far more horrifying to Miriko.



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Tempris stepped through a door from inside the hotel. The bright light which illuminated her presence faded away as the magic from her key faded away. She heard Mimi was coming to hotel but she was not sure why and well, Tempris did not have anything to really do. So Tempris decided to sneak in and surprise the woman. It was the spirit of scaring the sin out of people so why not be a little mischievous. She had all her gear, especially her shield and sword. Her shield was strapped to her arm as she was still trying to figure out how to add this item to her gear. Her sword was already taking up a lot of space.

The inside of the hotel was silent. There was no sign of life but their was sin in the air, so much sin. Tempris had to hold back the urge to just start flooding the room with magic. Mimi was suppose to be here and well, Tempris was not going to be standing in front of Karisa explaining why Mimi accidently purified due to the air being filled with "sin." The girl shook her head and then made her way deeper into the building. Then smashing glass.

Immediately Tempris drew her sword and dropped the end of the blade onto the ground. Bright white and blue flames illuminated the room as the girl's fiery eyes scanned the room. "Mimi. Thats not funny. I almost destroyed this place." There was no response except for silence. Tempris groaned and opted not to put away her weapon. The place was dark and the extra light would help incase of any more "Mimi" surprises.

As she kept moving, she heard a door slam shut. Tempris braced a wall and while she knew shew as not hidden do to the light, she knew she at least could still surprise a potential enemy. At least she was pray it was an enemy. Cause if it was Mimi and she attacked, she would be in trouble. If it was something else underworldly... then she prayed the holy flames would protect her.

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Atani Tathvir
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For a brief moment, Atani was afraid that after saying that she would be greeted with yet another ghastly sound of the supernatural in response, but instead she heard a human voice. Or at least a voice that sounded human. Though surprisingly, the voice sounded rather calm. But not the eerie calm that sent chills down her spine. A genuine calm that Atani figured either meant whoever she was about to run into was either clueless or fearless.

"Preparing for the evening?" Atani muttered before jogging to where she heard the voice coming from. Rounding the corner of the hall, she ran into a young woman with long raven hair. She was accompanied by a large feline beast of the likes the elf had never seen before. "Woah," she said, coming to a complete stop in front of the two. "I uh-- hi. Did you get stuck in this haunted hotel too?"

Atani glanced behind the girl to see if she was being followed by a ghost of her own but did not see anything as of yet. She then looked over her own shoulder to see if the invisible knife thrower had busted its way out the room, but nothing yet. "I don't suppose you know how to get out of here."
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The Shining [Mimi & Tempris] JDUskSb
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Well if anything, This place was creepy but she was not entirely alone which is great, It seemed Miriko and Alistair were meeting an elf woman, not one she had ever met before and it was actually fairly interesting to her, For the moment however she would have to for another time to ask what life like an elf was like since she was curious if it was far different from the lives of humans, Elves in nature did work fairly differently then what Miriko was use too, Thus her wonder.

Back to the matter at hand however."That we did."Miriko said in return to this elven woman who asked her that question. In some manner it seemed to be interesting in the current situation at hand an also silly notion as well."Stuck here? how silly of a notion you can just open the door I just came through here and leave if need be."Miriko mentioned as she would walk over and test the door to it not moving at all like it was in fact rusted in place and unable to open.

Alistair in his typical nature he would walk over to Atani to observe her harmlessly mind you, Then again Alistair was a friendly massive cat so no harm would be done, After observing Atani knowing she was harmless and Miriko was not opening the door he would mention."Some one else is here too."Miriko was trying not to panic about not being able to open the door.



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Temrpis peeked from behind the corner and saw a Mimi, her companion, and an Elf. Tempris puffed out her cheeks. Nobody told her there was going to another person, aside from Alister. Were they trying to do. She was sure Mimi was trying scare her. It wasn't like Mimi was a nice person who typically paints and did not hurt a fly. Tempris knew she was the culprit. She needed her to be a culprit. How else could she explain the weird happenings, ghost? That would be nonsense. Ghost did not exist. All souls go to Illumin when they die. To not, would be like being naked and wet in the middle of an Iceburgian winter. Such horror, who could stand that. Tempris gritted her teeth and then stepped out from behind the corner.

She pointed her blazing sword at the woman "Mimi, I know it was you. Just admit that you and the other woman were trying to scare me. Its not like you did or anything, so you have nothing to gain from hiding it. Still. I can give you praise." She lowered her weapon, letting it rest along the ground, "You made me draw my weapon, so I suppose I can give you that. It was a bit surprising when you threw the glass against the ground."

If Tempris had a fire around her, it would be now that it started to die down. Her eyes bounced between wall to wall as she looked for this nonexistent entity to make another move. Of course, it really would have been another prank from Mimi if it happened and she would be ready to act. After all, she was the purifier of sin and savior of souls. No silly prank would be able to topple her. Still, she would be trembling as her grin turned into a worried frown. "It was you right... Mimi... please."

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