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Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:43 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo and others were riding boarding a train on the Magnolia Station for a visit to Empyrean Divine - not everyone had to come to this meeting, such as Nadine who seemed attached to Fairy Tail at the moment, but whoever wanted to could come regardless of their guild alignment. The monk had not traveled on a train before and hoped he would not become motion sick - the first time the monk rode a wagon when he was the son of two farmers made him a little sick, but only once out of the dozens of time he eventually rode wagons.

"The first time is always the worst for me...ugh..." mumbled Poropo to himself and anyone nearby, hoping his stomach before the train even began moving. Just the thought of the train moving quickly made the old monk unreasonably nervous! Poropo looked to Judith who took a seat nearby and asked, "do you happen to have any sort of cure for the butterflies in my stomach? The first time I ride a fast-moving vehicle always makes me feel ill...only the first time, but this is the first time, hah hah...ugh..." Poropo continued to clutch his stomach in anticipation of the train beginning to move out of Magnolia Station.

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#2Judith Karlinius 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Mon Oct 25, 2021 11:03 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a wonderful question to ask Judith, Since she was the lady with a lot of ways of figuring out things to solve a problem, Judith had thought Poro had managed a few other rides before this one that he would be okay."Oh? Here I thought you had taken a few trains rides already."Judith replied to him, It seemed like it would be one of the days where Judith being the type of person she was would have to do her normal in some manner. So Judith would see if she had anything with her to help Poropo.

"I can see what I can make up,I am sure I can make something to help."So for now, Judith did left the area Poropo had been at to find a few things that could curb Poropo's problem then hopefully his problem would settle down during the ride."Poor poor friend, I sure hope he will manage the ride over."Hopefully he would manage to figure out and find something.

So far her list is more or less simple things: Ginger ale, mediation of sorts and even water.Hopefully at the station at Magnolia she found something upon her internal list to help Poropo, Hopefully no one else was really sick.




Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 12:56 am

"Oh yeah thank ya mate. Just leave the tab to me guild captain. He would front the bill if ya ever meet him. Well so long there ya take care of ya self." Ghost would tell this to the train chefs. As he was leaving the kitchen with both arms full of food along with a bag with even more food in it. You see he was not about to go hungry not today he wasn't. But he had to gather things for his mates as well. But the only problem was that he did not know what it is that they wanted. So for odd and yes odd time sakes. He just order one of everything they had. But as he was walking he would start to wobble a bit and this was not a good thing.

So he would start to move slowly and slowly trying to get back to his area. Just then he would see Judith The Mother Of Fairies. As he would slowly walk to her. If she was to come by him he would say to her,"yeah sorry it's taken me so long. But the thing is the kitchen folk took even longer. But I do fancy you coming to check on me mate. It means the most to Joy-Boy ya see." Although it was nit sure she came for that reason and Ghost mind she came to see what was taken so long. As be looked to her he would say again, "I even got tea bags and what not. But the tea is not of the best blends ya know."
As he looked on he was all smiles as he waited for her to respond to him or so.


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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 11:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stepped onto the train. It was a trip he had never taken, or at least couldn't remember, as he preferred to walk, but his guildmates were excited about the train ride, so he tagged along. The mage wandered the back at first, getting a feel for the train ride. He slowly made his way back to the front of the train when a chef grabbed his arm.

"Excuse me, sir. Here is the tab for your friend."

"Tab?" Kaz replied confused and took the slip of paper. "I see. Yes of course," he said with hesitation, and then a smile swept his face. 'I'll just deduct it from his quest rewards,' he thought to himself. The mage made his way back to the front of the train where he saw an ill-looking Poro being taken care of by Judith. Ghost was close by with arms full of food and drinks. 'this was going to be an interesting ride,' he thought and then approached the group.

A man breezed by with his hands in his pockets and a hood pulled over his face. Kaz caught a glimpse of a scar on the man's cheek. They bumped into each other, and both were knocked a little to the side.

"Pardon me," the man said almost under his breath. Kaz responded with the same and the man vanished.

"Everyone alright," Kazimir asked the group as the train was rolling down the tracks. Kaz grabbed onto a seat for stability.

The lights flickered once...then once more. Kaz looked at the lacrima bulbs, "They look fine," he said until they burst, leaving the train in darkness. A scream echoed from the far back pits of the train. Kaz whirled around, able to see in the darkness but all the passengers were up in a panic about the sudden drop in lights.

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#5Poropo Poproporp 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Thu Oct 28, 2021 9:20 am

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was not feeling well, but Judith as on the case - she was more than willing to go out of her way to help the ailing monk with his train sickness. Poropo's anxiety was eased a little knowing Judith would try to help and the presence of Ghost and Kazimir also helped the monk feel a little better already. The train has not started to move, but the monk felt he might be able to weather the train's motions. Unfortunately, the lacrima bulbs within the train began flickering which worried the monk - his first ride within a vehicle was always awful, and the worst type of vehicle to be a part of was a broken one! The monk attempted to lean forward and clutch his stomach, but a the sudden burst of the lights shocked the monk out of his seat! "Wha-!? What happened? I cannot see!"

A scream then followed the lights turning off, causing the monk to panic and poorly hide in his seat, slouched over and clutching his stomach, "Oh Iron Deity, protect us from any wickedness which may befall this train...actually..." Poropo changed his mind about riding the train and shakily got up to say to Kazimir and Ghost who were still present, "...I will be walking over to Empyrean Divine - I may be a couple days late to the meeting, but I will-!? Is the train moving!? Where is Judith!?" The train began moving slowly out of the station while the monk attempted to make an excuse to leave. The biggest problem shifted from bursting lights and scream to the train moving anyway while Judith may be looking for medication for Poropo! The monk did not know what to do in this situation other than huge a window and attempt to look for Judith, "Judith! Judiiiiiith! The train is departing! Hurry!"

The monk's attitude had oddly shifted from wanting to leave the train to the opposite - the monk did not want to leave Judith behind at the train station even though the train might be more dangerous...

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#6Judith Karlinius 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:46 pm

Judith Karlinius
The sometimes entertaining but equally as well in some manner horrible part of Judith was her mind being in the clouds. Judith for the most part just thought she as casually collecting things to help her whom she needed to, Just to continue on upon the days needed matter. She would get everything she needed, Almost with out problem, Not even intending to ignore when the power flickered and the lights just seemingly blinked on and off for a moment."There, everything I need."In her normal nature Judith casually started humming a song to herself walking back to the platform.

"Oh.."Judith realized that in fact the train was starting to leave. It was just seemingly unfortunate matter, That did not seem to make Judith too unhappy, If anything Judith did have her way to go about this."It's okay Poropo, I have something I can do about this."Judith mentioned in delight with this situation, Since it showed Judith was ready and able to prepared. She was not running after the train, Just making sure she was a fair enough distance to it, Then jumped back on to the train with all of the objects in tow.

Feeling the rush was interesting that was for sure, Judith would take a moment to get the rush to settle with in her system and in some manner ease herself back to normal, These things where all a bit more then she was use too but nonetheless she did manage in her own manner.

Opening the door, Judith could have swore she saw some one by the door for a moment, Blinking a few times making sure what she saw was there, It seemed that they where gone already. So maybe she was just seeing things, Judith would continue on her way towards Poropo to fix his ill feeling he was currently experiencing.

She would open the door and join everyone else in the group."See Poropo, I am here and okay now."Judith said in her normal calm and collected manner, Holding various kinds of bottles of liquids and a few object that could be eaten as well."Now first make sure what I was going to ensure."Judith would prepare some kind of drink for Poropo.

It seemed to be she mixed in some Ginger and Lemon tea, in this manner because she could not carry a kettle and keep it hot, it was more iced tea then normal tea, This would be one of the many drink."You have a few option aside from this bottle made of Ginger lemon iced tea."Just making sure he know he had options."I also have peppermint tea, Grape Juice, Orange Juice and some Chamomile tea."Judith gave Poropo a lot of options, In which this was just her normal to ensure, She most likely could have left a few out, But she did not know exactly in which Poropo's preferred taste for  what she brought for him, But since she had many things, It made things easier.

Now leaving her mind was what was exactly going on since she was starting she was paranoid in terms, of seeing things that might be haunting people or not.




Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Fri Oct 29, 2021 10:44 pm

As he looked on it seems something might have happened as the lights went off. Next thing he would hear was. The fairy monk calling for Judith. Was she in trouble then again. She went right pass him. But this was odd as he looked on. Well he would try as it was now pitch dark. As he looked around he would be standing still. As to try and get s hold of what was going on. As the train started to move. Ghost would stumble just a bit. As he would then be knocked over. As he fell down so would all of his food. Sure he was not gonna eat it all in on sitting but still. As he slowly started to get up. He would hear one of the train doors close. As he tried to make out which door it was. He was still fired up over his spilled food.

"Alright first the power goes down and then yours truly follow suit. First the lights need to get fixed and then I'll go find the little rascal who just knocked me over." Truly thinking this was a power outage or something. Ghost would slowly stand up. As the train started to pick up speed he would finally. Catch his balance and start to move about the train. "Clearly they do not care about us passengers. Moving a dark out train. Look's like it's up to Joy-Boy to fix things up. I just hope the fairy monk and mother fairy found peace." Soon he would slowly place his right hand on the train walls. As he started to move about the train carts. He was hoping to find the power source to restart it the train lights.

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#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Sun Oct 31, 2021 2:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Poro screamed out the window. 'Judith' Kaz thought. The woman with her head always in the clouds. But he remembered even if she wasn't on the train, that she had picked up some more skills recently.

"She'll make it," Kaz said to Poro with confidence. It wasn't long before Judith strolled back in through the door. She went straight to work, but Kaz stepped towards the doorway. The lights had gone all the way out and people were shuffling about. No word from the conductor radioed in either.

"strange," Kazimir replied. He stepped down the hall. People were beginning to settle into the situation at hand. Kaz braced himself on the door to the restroom, right before the entryway to the next cabin. The door's sign was set to occupied but something felt Unsettling.

"Fairy tail," a voice whispered from the other restroom. Kaz turned with his eyes locked on the door. His hand grazed the door knob slowly as if it was on fire. Magic was already welling up inside him, but most of his spells would be useless in such tight corners.

He clicked the handle the side and slide the door open. He gave a sigh of relief as nothing was waiting on the inside. A crash erupted from behind him. The first restroom door burst off the hinges and smashed Kazimir into the other stall.

"Welcome," The voice hissed. A sharp pain shot through Kaz's shoulder as the cloaked figure drove a knife through his bone. Kaz grunted through the pain, gritting his teeth. He was face to face with the masked figure but only darkness was found beneath his hood. A crooked smile appeared from that darkness as the figure twisted the knife.

Kaz brought up his good hand and wind swirled around it. The claoked figure dashed backwards and shot down the hallway into the next cabin. Kaz pulled himself out of the bathroom but the figure was gone as if they had melded into the crowd of people.

"We're under attack," Kaz called back to Judith and Poro. "Where is Ghost?" kaz asked. The guild mages were under attack and the attacker was darting around the train trying to take them out. A hollow hole was left in Kaz's shoulder as he had no reason to bleed anymore.

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#9Poropo Poproporp 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 8:34 am

Poropo Poproporp
Judith was safe after all, but the monk was reminded he was supposed to be feeling ill. However, the panic decided to take over the monk's sickness, for better or worse, "ugh...actually, I feel alright...but I could use some tea right about now, thank you." Poropo took one of the teas and gulped down the beverage. The monk did not feel as though this train ride would be a good one and needed all the energy he could get, especially when an announcement came over the intercom addressing Fairy Tail specifically! The monk's panic set back in - he had no magic at his disposal at the moment and did not know what to do next!

Kazimir jumped into action and decided to investigate, but shortly thereafter was jumped by an unknown assailant! Things were getting worse as the long day progressed, and the monk still did not know what to do! Kazimir came back with a hole in his shoulder which caused Poropo to yelp upon seeing, "Yah! What happened to you!? I think I am going to be sick again...ugh..." Poropo felt he could have gotten off of the train when the train started moving, but having left the station meant the train was moving too fast to leave alive.

"No, wait - I need to toughen up and find Ghost! I think he said something about fixing something - I will go after him and be his shield! HAAAAAAA!" screamed Poropo as he charged in the direction Ghost went, hoping he would not be jumped by anyone or anything. The monk clasped his hands around his Elder Sage's Staff and repeated a mantra to let the Iron Deity know to keep him safe, "no violence upon me, no violence upon me, no violence upon meeeeee?!"

The monk felt the breath of someone or something behind him, causing him to increase his pace dramatically - the monk did not know exactly where Ghost went, but there were only two directions on any given train, "he could have only gone to the front or the back, huff puff!" The monk wheezed as he slowly ran his way towards the opposite direction of the attack against Kazimir, hoping to the Iron Deity Ghost was safe in this direction. The monk continued to chant his mantra of safety as he went from train car to train car, "no violence upon me, no violence upon me, no violence upon me!"

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Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 7:03 pm

As he was walking it was a bit too quiet. Besides the running train tracks. Ghost truly did not hear anyone else. Could it be he went a bit too far down the train line? Either way it goes. Ghost would be in the far back of the train. But every time he took a step it was as if someone took a step with him. But every time he stopped so did the said step taker. As he tried his best to look around the dark train. He truly could not see much. But at times the train cart would light up with a small ouch of the moon light. That was how he was able to navigate so well to the back end of the train. He was only but a few carts down from his team. Who seem to have been around the middle carts from where he started.

As he started to look on he would start to think to himself. Just what was taking so long for the lights to come on? A better question was what type of power source was this power by? Was it fire electricity or magic. Where he held from it was always by fire. He was hoping that was the case for right now. But as he stood there he would start to hear the foot steps again. They was coming from behind him. Ghost would look on behind him as he saw nothing. Not as if he could but more or so. As he start to move his hands around. He could hear someone walking around him. It was as if they were circling him. Yet he could not feel nothing. As he began to freak out just a bit Ghost would start to make his way to the cart walls.

As he would then say out loud,"alrighty now. Whomever playing games with me and think that this is a fancy idea. The jokes will be on you once you in these hands of mines.".... Just as he said that it was as if he could see a figure walking right up to him. Only to stop as he would swing his fist at it. Soon enough the creeps would get the best of him. As he slowly made his way to the cart door. He would try to open it. Only to see that it was locked. Ghost would realize this as he tried to slide it back open. "Alrighty then it look's like I'll be breaking it down." Just as he said that he would start to shoulder rush the door. If anyone would listen closely. The banging of the door was so loud. It would sure to send echoes into the other carts.

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#11Judith Karlinius 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Tue Nov 02, 2021 10:03 am

Judith Karlinius
For now Judith would try her best to kind of remain a bit more passive in make sure Poropo was going to get better because it was her job to make sure of it.There was more then enough in terms of an offensive means.

It was well an interesting matter for being haunted was something strange that Judith should have been use too considering the season they currently are in. So she should in theory be  use to these things like this during this time of year, But these times it felt a bit more odd and almost freighting, But to continue on is just a simple way to go about it, Even if she was a slightly nervous about it in the end because these matter were starting to unnerve her and she would not want to admit it right away, For it was not really needed for her to express it, Because everyone else in some manner  might be on edge or in viable panic, another one on the case would not help the matter at hand.

So in an attempt to kind of keep herself settle Judith just tried to be her normal self. Then well people might seemed to start going different ways, not something logical to do in this manner, at least in her view it was risky to do so, Not that in the end she could really be sure what else to do in the end.

But what does she do? just watch the things she brought for Poropo, he seemingly went one way himself and so was Ghost, these action in mind she thought to ask Kazimir."Are you going to go with one of them?"Since well Judith would most likely head off with the other if need be, Then again Judith did also realize Kazimir was bleeding.

So walking over she would just simply ask Kazimir."Well Leader,What shall be done here?"Judith was phrasing it in a casual manner to keep herself composed."Should I go with one of them? Or stay here?"In this matter it allowed Judith to focus for a moment and keeping herself in control. Healing up Kazimir because it was a case of drawing blood, So she just wanted to be sure he could still keep going. Kazimir was still for the moment the leader of this group.



Spell Used:
Name: Nature's Tender Touch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: The Blessings of Mother Nature
Type: Healing
Element: Nature + Light
Range: 5 Metres
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The caster locks onto a friendly ally and begins channelling their magic. Raising a hand they summon a magical circle below them and their ally. The sweet smell of pollen fills the air as white Lilly's bloom on the body. These Lilly's spread their petals and draw in sunlight either from the sun or from the user if its night time. The stored energy is then sent into the body the Lilly's are growing on to heal up damage.

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#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:35 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"it's okay Poro. I was attacked by someone in the cart. They drove a knife into my shoulder and vanished so stay on high alert. But I'll heal." He tried to put the monk's worries to rest, knowing that Judith could patch him up well enough. before Kazimir could speak, Poro was charging in the direction of Ghost. It was nice to see the vigor in the team, but they were a rowdy bunch.

"Be careful," kazimir yelled as Poro vanished into the next cart. He held a chair as Judith healed the wound in his shoulder. He rolled his arm a little bit, working out the kinks from the healed injury. "Thanks," he watched Poro leave.

"It's better if you go with both of them. I don't know if Poro has his magic yet and Ghost is still getting his bearings as a mage." The wind mage looked toward the other direction and to the front of the train. The halls were dark and silent. "I'll take the front of the train. I'll be alright. He'll have a hard time sneaking up on me again," The wind came clapped his hands together and a breeze blew through the cabin they were in. "Be careful Judith. You should be able to catch up to Poro in no time," he said remembering her bunny hopping abilities.

"If you need me, I'll be on top of the train." kazimir said and opened the train window. He crawled out of the window and on top of the cabin. The wind rushed by, against his face. He looked to the back, worried about his friends and the message over the intercom. Shadows moved along both sides of the train. It was like he was being watched from all angles but all he could feel was the presence of the passengers below him. He closed his eyes to focus on the vibrations of the wind. His eyes shot open. A vibration ran beneath him and into another car. Kazimir gave chase, towards the front of the train. The being opened a door between trains. Kazimir flung downward and landed in between the doors on the outside.

The man that stabbed him burst through the door and tackled the mage against the wall. Kazimir held his hand on the man's stomach and sent a tornado of wind, ripping into the man's body, that sent him above the train. Kazimir dashed upwards and landed on the top of the train. His wound healed a little more as he sapped the man's life. "Let's go," Kazimir dashed forward.

The man flipped backward and rained a hail of knives from his jacket at the wind mage. The blades cut through the wind mage's robe and left thin slices along his skin. Kazimir heaved a blade of wind, and the man stood still. The blade cut through his body, revealing that he had cast an illusion spell along with the flurry of knives. The man was gone in an instant once more and the train was picking up speed.

Kazimir hoped his allies would be safe as he flew to the front of the train to wake up the unconscious conductor.

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#13Poropo Poproporp 

Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:07 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo followed quickly behind what seemed to be Ghost at the end of the train - Ghost seemed to be trying to fix the lights of the train which made sense - whoever this person was who attacked Kazimir must had surprised the guild master of Fairy Tail from the shadows! There was a reason everything was happening on the train and the lights means the attacker keeping everyone within the train wanted the lights off - Poropo knew Ghost was doing a good job by trying to fix the lights, if Ghost was the one walking in front of Poropo. The lights were off after all so the monk could not see his own hands in front of his face. The monk attempted to look for curtains to open and shed some light in the area, but there was a slap against the monk's hand, "ouch! What was that!?"

Poropo panicked at the idea of someone being close enough to him to swat his hand away if he tried to open a curtain - whatever this violent individual wanted involved the shadows above all else, even if slapping the monk's hand away was the way to keep light from leaking into the train! "Perhaps this is some magic which is caused by triggering an action such as turning on a light or opening a curtain...I need to try again...ouch!?" Poropo seemed to start understanding this magic being used within the train was likely a form of Darkness or Shadow Magic!

The monk had no idea how to combat Darkness Magic without the help of his own Light Magic, which he still did not have access to - the Iron Deity was not being kind to the monk, showing no mercy to the challenge presented to him for the past few weeks. For too long of a time now, the monk had to deal with challenges without magic, this train dilemma being one of those many challenges apparently - the monk was not getting out of this situation with the help of magic, so the monk had to try and brute force light into this train while Ghost attempted to fix the train's lacrima lights!

"I will open a curtain if it is the last thing I do! Haaaaa!" The monk swung his Elder Sage's Staff at the curtain, hoping to let light leak into his area just enough to make his way to the next train car! With a swoosh and another slap from the shadows, the monk clashed with the surrounding darkness! He kept his swing firm and succeeded in cracking open a curtain, burning the magical darkness within his train car! "Hah! Have at thee!" shouted the monk as he waddled through the rest of the train car, swatting away curtains using his Elder Sage's Staff to avoid being directly damaged by the darkness!

"I am on my way Ghost! I will help you soon! Stay strong!" yelled the monk down the long series of train cars, hoping to reach the ears of the brave Ghost who was attempting to turn on the lacrima lights of the train. Once those lights were on, this whole situation would likely be solved and Kazimir and Judith would be able to take care of the person responsible for this dilemma! Poropo continued to waddled from train car to train car, swatting at curtains left and right.

The monk eventually caught up to Ghost was seemed to be in a scuffle against an unknown force! "Ghost! I will save you with the power of light! HAAAAA!" shouted the monk, swinging his Elder Sage's Staff at the shadowed figure! The monk missed and nearly hit Ghost, but the figure had to disappear in order to avoid being damaged by the monk's paltry attempt to deal any amount of damage - however, this person or creature did not like being hurt in any way. Perhaps their endurance was too low to handle even Poropo's wimpy swings, thought the monk. Poropo saw Ghost rush for the door of the lacrima control room in an attempt to open the locked door, "I see what you are trying to do, brave Ghost - I will help!" The monk dropped his Elder Sage's Staff and charged the door Ghost was trying to open with all of his weight! The monk was not very strong himself, but he could lift and throw his weight around if he really had to - a life and death situation on a runaway train seemed like the best time to throw some heft around for the sake of saving some lives!

"Heave!" Poropo and Ghost slammed into the door o the lacrima control room, bursting inside without need of a second attempt! Poropo fell to the ground, barely able to move from the force exerted upon his fragile bones - being a summoner meant being physically weaker than the average person, so this door-rush took a toll on the poor monk's body. With a huff and puff, Poropo used the last of his strength to try and motivate Ghost to keep doing a good job, "huff...good job...puff...Ghost, you are the only one left...except maybe Kazimir and Judith...but they are elsewhere and you are here - turn on these lacrima lights and stop...this train...from being dark..."

Poropo's eyes were starting to fade - swinging his Elder Sage's Staff at defended curtain, attempting to run after Ghost to back him up, and rushing down a metallic, locked door was a large order to process for the monk in a short amount of time. Nothing could be done for the poor monk who lay on the ground, consciousness fading from him as darkness began enveloping the lacrima control room, "hurry Ghost...the darkness is coming to swallow us whole - save us by turning on the lights..." The monk tried to speak a little more before passing out from exhaustion - the monk did not know, but Judith would likely come in time to save him from stay unconscious for too long. For now, the monk trusted Ghost to do the rest of the work which Ghost also started - the monk was starting to think the effort he just put in was relatively worthless when Ghost was well able to take care of himself most of the time. Being a new mage yet so capable put a smile on the unconscious monk's face.

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Fiorian Chain Saw Massacre [Ghost, Judith, Kazimir] Empty Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:46 am

Everything was happening so fast but he had to stay focus. He was at a major lost. But he was not out at least not yet. As he was thinking to himself that he had to get to the place behind that door. As ot held the only sort of light one could hope for. Ghost would take a deep breath yet again as he rammed into the door. Ghost would feel it starting to come loose.  But still he was way out weighted here. As he looked on he would hit it yet again but this time he would fall back. As the moving train would cause him to wobble then fall. As he laid on the ground. Within the dark he could see something standing over him. More or so a figure of some sort. Ghost would try his best to see. But try as he might he stood no chance at seeing in the door.

But what makes it even more scary is. Even when the moon light lit up the train cart even for a moment. No one or thing was standing on Ghost. Could it be his mind playing games on him? No it clearly was the magic user trying to take on his guild. Big mistake on thier part. As NOBODY could or would ever succeed in that mission. As he would let out a loud roar. He would stand up yet again but this time. He was more then ready. As the train was moving even more so. Ghost would look on. Then he would hold still as he heard something or one coming. It seems as if they were fighting or something. Ghost clearly could not make out the noise until they gotten closer to him. As he overheard them he would have a smile on his face.

It was none other then the monk himself Poropo. Ghost would look up as he started to smile even harder. "That old dog keep screaming my name..Hahaha...I might be a pup an all. But these pup got fangs rather they be sharp or not. Gotta love em though he as hard as it gets." As he said that he would rush right at the door the moment the monk broke through the other one. Ghost would look on as he now had help doing this hellish job. Soon enough he would start to see the monk move i to action. As be opened a curtain to Ghost shock. He was thinking to himself as to why he did not do that himself. But clearly he hit something as a loud painful scream could be heard. Ghost would look on like a lost lamb as he watch the monk go all out. Soon enough it was time for the door to come down. Ghost would watch as he dropped his staff he nearly hit Ghost with. As the two of them would rush at the door breaking it down for good.  

As he looked on at the old man as Ghost stood up he saw that the monk did not. As Poropo would go on to tell him that he must cut the power back on as fast as he could. Ghost would bit down on his bottom lip. As he told him the others was depending on him. Ghost would watch as the old man fainted as the train started to increase it's speed. It would start to rock a bit crazier then before. Ghost would then say to the old monk Poropo. "Thank you mate, Leave it to yours truly to lite this baby up like the fantasia parade. But I feel I could have done more. If only That stupid person haven't locked me magic. Then maybe just maybe. Well time to shoot through the moon and land in the stars."

As he said that Ghost would see two other workers laid out cold inside the engine room. It looked like this train was indeed power by magic. Ghost would give a smile all over again. As he saw this what was happening and what was gonna happen. The train was run by magic. Which meant that it was magic that was needed to lit the lights up and make the train room smoothly. Ghost was no help in a fight but he sure could hold his own in other areas. As he would walk to the engine and give a smile. As he noticed that this train was powered by two people. A safe bet as if one ran out of magic they would faint. But they would switch out to stop that very thing from happening. But he had no other person to to do that with Ghost did not.

As he took a deep breath he would put both of his hands on the magical engine. It would start to drain his magic and fast. As he looked on he would see his eye sight starting to go blurry. Ghost would have a cool yet hollow smile on his face. As he realized that he was going to faint really soon. As Ghost looked back at the laid out Poropo he would start to talk to the unconscious wizard. Then he would start to talk to out loud in general. "SORRY DARKNESS BUT THESE FAIRIES WINGS AIN'T FOR JUST LOOKING PRETTY YA KNOW.WE GOT THE FANGS TO BACK IT UP....FAIRY TAIL FOREVERRR!!!! He would yell this out the blue well darkness. If anyone listened closely or had good hearing. They would clearly hear this.

As Ghost would fall down. He would start to close his eyes. As he blinked slowly it would see the lights starting to come on. As he blinked again. He would see them flicking to come on. As he closed his eyes. He would not see that he and the monk were able to turn the train lights back on. Leaving the rest up to the Fairy Mother and Captain.



Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  

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Judith Karlinius
It seems they where in the final moments, Judith would not really be thinking otherwise since well these eventually all seemed to point towards the opposite, Everything was still turning horribly dangerous and chaotic, Which Judith was really not enjoying over all. Starting to ponder if that should stop the train of blow it up. Anything in general to stop it from moving. But maybe she was just getting a head of herself and annoyed because something was attack her guild members and she was starting to feel defensive about them, Almost starting to seem to be typical feelings that she had.

These would lead into a cycle of worry and problems focusing at times because she realize in the end there was still more that she will also have to do. One thing at a time still, If Kazimir was okay enough to continue in then she would to be sure and focus on to the next thing. Even if it was most likely mentioned to her already it needed to stick into her head, So that way she would be sure it was a bit more clear. Kazimir's wound was kind of dealt with and he seemed to have a plan to continue on.

With Kazimir also heading for the top area of the train, In which Judith however just seemed to be waiting and choosing what she was going to do next while she watched Kazimir leave. It would be most likely the better to do what was suggested, Since well it meant safety in the end. Judith just needed to stop thinking in her mind what else to do. That and who knows what would happen to her if she just linger in this train cart alone, So now it might be better she did do as Kazimir said.

Go follow after Poropo and Ghost. Hopefully she was not too far behind at this point, Since she allowed herself to stand in place and think for a few moments. What there was only one way to go it seemed and that was the last way she heard them go. Maybe she also needed her own light, Which was not hard considering she was a mage who's magic was light and nature.

So she would just make it herself, Feeling it would take longer to travel the same way she would just use her ears,Not the human ones the bunny ones she had. Making a small plant of light to allow her see where she was going, rather then run she would just start hopping all the way the same path, Planning the long strides so she would get a good amount travelled and avoid anything form this darkness was showing signs of wanting to touch her. Which was always something fairly telling of what was going on around them, Also rather spooky some mage must be really enjoying pulling these cruel jokes if it was the case of that, Why would some one find doing something like this funny anyway?

It almost felt like a lot more time had passed then she thought as she was catching up to her other two follow guild members, While still lingering in her mind what else Kazimir was going to do would not result in anything to horrible. Knowing the guild master he had already thought out what he would be doing and get out find, Judith was just being a bit more worried still.

Then well Judith in her thoughts going various different paths Judith did not pay attention to how she landed for a moment and landed on the ground. Looking around for a moment she swore she saw something that if anything scared her slightly. Getting back on her feet she would then continue towards her goal.

Knowing she was close because of hearing Ghost's voice. Judith felt like whatever was lingering in this darkness kept wanting to touch her back, Like it was trying to take her away so to say. A feeling that if anything felt unnerving, chilling and dreadful, something you never wish to feel. It only felt worst because it felt like some one was still watching her as that lingering feeling went away.

Then something wonderful would happen as she was reaching her allies, The lights in front of her were starting to turn on, So it meant good things hopefully. looking back as whatever lingered was going away as the light start continuing to lighten up the path forward.

Poropo and Ghost had saved the moment in this matter. So now Judith would go and be sure to finish looking at the status of them. Arriving in the room where they where and both of them are on the ground seemingly at least alive.

So Judith would do just look around in case anything else could risk them. At least Judith watching over them while they recovered a bit was a good thing. She would make sure no one else could come to them. Until Kazimir showed a sign of it being clear she would not move away from them.



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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stopped and landed on a train car. He looked back to the back of the train where his allies were at. He could feel Judith's vibration heading their way and he could smell the blood in the air. The two of them had been through a lot this day. The train continued to roar forward, gaining speed. The passengers began to scream and clutch the windows, seeing the landscape rush by them at an alarming speed. He felt the vibrations of his allies fall to the ground. The wind mage gasped and turned around. As soon as his boot hit the train cart, the lights flickered. One by one light returned to each of the cars and the screams began to fade. Warmth filled the train once more and the people backed away from the windows.

He heard the faint yet vigorous yell, from Ghost all the way in the back. "They did it," Kaz said and some of the tension left his tight shoulders, giving it a slight slump. "Good job Guys. Rest easy." He still knew Judith was on her way back there and she could bring the men back to consciousness with relative ease. The only thing left was to find the ones behind this attack and the being that had stabbed Kazimir. And he needed to do so before whoever they were, decided to go back and knock the lights out against, which would put Judith and the others in danger.

"Judith and I will handle the rest. For Fairy Tail," kazimir said and turned back to the front of the car. The train rocked back and forth, ever so slightly as he picked up more speed and fought against the wind and air pushing against it. They were almost out of Magnolia now, and with how fast the train was moving, if they took a turn in the tracks it could derail them. This was a calculated assault on them. It only made the wind mage wonder it was the same person that cursed the guildhall with hauntings.

He left the injured fairies to Judith and dashed down the train cars. One boot kicked off the edges of the cars at a time and propelled him faster and faster. He could feel a pair of eyes watching him and a heavy aura of anger permeating the air around them. kazimir reached the front of the train. The door was busted and bent shut, preventing anyone from getting it open. A young stewardess pulled the door and banged against it, yelling for the conductor. "It's okay. Step back." The woman swallowed nervously and stepped back into the safety of her train car. The sliding door rolled shut, leaving Kazimir alone outside. He jumped to the front of the train and burst in through the side window. Glass shattered and rained over the ground and the body of the conductor.

Kazimir dusted the glass off the man's body and pulled him to his feet. A loud screech echoed from outside. Kazmir peaked out the window and saw the man that attacked him, barreling down the outside of the train, to the back. The wind mage slapped the conductor and they groggily opened their eyes. "You have to slow down the train." The conductor leaped up and yanked the lever, heaving his whole body against it. Kazimir wrenched it back with him and the brakes sparked against the gears of the train.

The being that was headed to the rear abruptly spun around and charged to the front. Kazimir dashed out of the front of the train and landed on the roof so the two were finally face to face once more.

"You put my guild and these people in danger. You'll pay for that," Kazimir's eyes flashed red, but he felt less connected to his dark nature now. The robed person didn't say anything back and took a fighting stance. The dagger flung back and forth in their hands. Kaz's skin still stained the edges.

The being charged. Kazimir dashed at him. Wind burst from the mage's feet. The two collided back and forth on the train cars, with flickers of magic. The robed person slashed and stabbed, with their bladed gleaming through the air. Kazimir dodged it left and right. Pieces of his robe tore off. The wind mage sent blades of wind and tornadoes forth that ripped into the man's body. Both jumped back breathing heavily. Kazimir held his side, which had a gash taken out of it.

The mage stood tall and dark wings shot from his back. He dashed forward and ducked the man's blade. Kaz wrapped his arms around the man's waist and sent them both flying into the air. He tossed the man upward and then roared. The sky darkened and tornadoes rained down upon the robed man. When the wind settled all that was left was an unconscious attacker.

He would then return to meet with the others.


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