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What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:30 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo waddled back and forth within the Fairy Tail Guild Hall in hopes of figuring out an answer before the others arrived - this problem was something which the monk could never have imagined would happen, so the likelihood of solving this mess without everyone else was next to impossible! However, the monk tried his hardest while pacing around and talking to himself, "if I were a...no, that is not a good idea - I would be foolish to boil myself in water. If a lobster cannot survive in hot water than I will fair no better."

The monk continued to think to himself, unable to come up with a good solution to this strange problem. More than just the monk was being affected by this problem, including someone named 'Ghost' which was oddly ironic. Poropo chuckled a little and then put on a dreadfully serious face, "if he was affected then what hope do any of the rest of us have?" Poropo's face turned pale as he started to feel woozy - the monk could not tell if his lack of energy was the result of too much waddling or the result of being so strongly affected, but he had to sit down and take some time to rest.

"I hope the others come here soon so we can discuss what to do next...these ghosts haunting us are not going away by themselves..."

200+/1,000 words

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sun Oct 24, 2021 3:19 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stretched as he stepped out of his shower. A towel wrapped around his waist, he moved through the hot steam of the room. A glimmer flashed in the side of his vision. He spun around slowly but there was nothing. "Huh...again," he mumbled to himself and faced the sink, ready to dry his hair and get to work. He reached out to open the to clean the steam from the mirror. His hand froze. A streak wiped across the mirror, cleaning it before he could get there. As the small hand-sized line of steam was wiped away by an unknown force, he remembered he couldn't see his reflection anyway. But something was starring back at him. The reflection of a blurry being.

"Hey," He Stumbled away from the mirror and spun around to see nothing was there. A shiver ran through him. he bumped into the sink, a cup rattled and fell to the ground as Kazimir jogged out of the room. "So....here for war." he said and through the closest pair of clothes on that he could find.

The lights in his room flickered and Kaz crouched low and slunk to the doorway. He creaked it open to see Poro, pacing below.

The door slammed shut behind him and Kaz jumped down the railing to meet the summoner. "Hey...have you been...seeing things."


#3Judith Karlinius 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Mon Oct 25, 2021 11:41 am

Judith Karlinius
This situation would be an interesting one for Judith, Working away as she normally did washing dishes she had used to prepare a fairly recent order from some of the orders. Since it was down time she had time to wash what was used. Starting to the knives she had used making sure they were the first to be cleaned and put away for the means of kitchen safety, Leaving the forks,butter knives, plates and whatever cups or mugs left for her to do.

Wondering who else would show up for an order from Judith. Returning to her washing station as she reached for a plate to start watching it flew past her and broke on the ground."What?.."Judith knew she was slowly gaining an understanding of herself and her powers, But she did not think it would be something that reached that far. So she would go reach for a cup now just in case it was just an weird and off situation to in which the cup she was going to clean flew away from Judith and into the sink.

Which only continued to confused Judith more for she for sure had not touched this yet and did not know what else to think of this matter."This is strange."


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What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 12:26 am

Has he looked in the mirror he was pretty much flexing. Ghost had just come back from a mission and gain a little bit of a name for himself. Although he did not get the full amount of money he was owned. Well because he cause more damaged then the bandits did. But that was alright as he had no intentions of slowing down now not even at three a.m . But it was only the even time well close too.... Ghost would stop his thought's as he really did not know the time. Plus his room window view was being blocked by a tree of all things. But it matter not to him as he smiled on. As he did in fact stop flexing he would take a closer look in his mirror. For a moment he could have sworn he saw someone. But this was not the first time it happen today to him.

It was more like the one hundred time. But Ghost did not think of it the first time. As he had a headache from getting hit with a chair at the bar. But now that he is better and fully well maybe sixty five percent charged. He knew he could be tripping a bit. Or was this some one crazy magic getting played on him. "Alright time to solve this here case. I wonder who then went and cast a spell on young Ghost I need me rest after all."
As soon as he said that he would leave out his room and go downstairs. There he saw the captain as from his view it looked as if he closed his door. But Ghost was a bit confused at the monk being there and the captain being naked in the halls of the guild. As he walked towards the two he would say to them. Hiya mates...captain are ya going into the holy waters. Maybe you'll let me join. I think something unholy is pulling my chain hear."


Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  

#5Poropo Poproporp 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Thu Oct 28, 2021 8:05 am

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo heard something break in the kitchen where Judith presumably was, but Kazimir appeared almost immediately after which distracted the monk enough to forget Judith may be in trouble. Kazimir seemed to have shambled his clothing together, but the guild master of Fairy Tail still looked fashionable somehow - Poropo imagined being so fashionable must be difficult being a vampire, but the monk did not know enough about vampires to make a definitive assumption. Think about vampires, Poropo felt as though a vampire should be immune to the effects of a haunting, but the monk also did not know enough about ghosts to make a clear statement. Instead, Poropo looked to Kazimir with hope and said, "good of you to meet me here by chance - yes, I have been haunted, too."

Ghost, a newer member of Fairy Tail, also joined the meeting with a statement assuming he was also being haunted. The youthful language of Ghost confused the monk a little, but a moment of critical thinking later and the monk answered, "yes, we have been haunted as it would seem - I cannot even begin to describe the horrors I have seen in mirrors lately, but I know they must be stopped if I am to look at myself ever again...putting on these piercings every morning has become more difficult..." Poropo looked a little haphazard as well, some piercings missing while others were drawing more blood than they ever would - the monk had to put his piercings on by feeling instead of using a mirror which caused some large piercings to end up in small holes.

"However, I have come up with a plan of sorts - we need to perform a ritual. Everyone who is affected needs to be a part of this ritual though...at least according to the witch doctor I visited yesterday. They said we should make a star on the ground and wish the ghosts away," said Poropo with a little haste in his voice. The monk wanted to get this ritual under way in order to be able to look into a mirror once more - seeing his horrifying reflection everyday was too much to bear at this point, especially when piercings were a factor to his morning routine. If something did not change soon, the monk might be riddled with more piercings than he started with, all so he could feel more closely connected with his Iron Deity without accidentally having too little piercings.

638/1,000 words

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Fri Oct 29, 2021 12:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"You too," Kazimir replied and rested his hand on his chin in deep thought. While the ghost was a mild annoyance if it kept spreading they could be in some deeper problems later. The monk had some blood trickling down his piercings and some of them were placed haphazardly in the wrong spots. It seemed the ghost was already causing damage to the people. He thought if this was magic, how handy it would be to cause others to just harm themselves. "Seems we need to hurry. You gonna be alright?"

"You're missing something," Kazimir said to Ghost as he showed up unclothed. "Holy waters...I'm afraid that may do more harm to me than good," he remarked, thinking about the vampiric nature he mostly kept secret and left it at that. Luckily Poro spoke up with a plan of action to take against these intruders.

Kaz looked back toward the kitchen as more rattling started. Almost in response to Poro mentioning the ritual, the tables and chairs of the guildhall began to rattle. The windows opened and closed, unless anyone walked toward them, in which case they would slam shut, held together by a supernatural force.

"Judith may still be in the kitchen," Kaz replied and took a step closer when a table flew across his path. "I'll get Judith here. Poro can you start on the circle. Ghost, give him any support he needs. And watch out for tables."

Kaz rose his hand and aimed it at the kitchen door, waiting for the vibrations Judith made to be at a safe spot. He shot a blade of wind that burst the door into pieces so that Judith could make her way into the main hall. "Over here."

At the same time, spectral figures would appear, clawing and swiping at Poro and Ghost if they attempted to make the circle. tables and chairs flung toward them, trying to disrupt the process. Mingled with the furniture were knives and broker shards of glass from the windows that threatened to slice anyone that would banish the ghostly spirits.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Oct 30, 2021 12:05 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a rather annoying situation to Judith, take to her to think about the fact she had broken dishes rather the happenings of a ghost haunting, Judith seemed to not right away take it seriously, Since she was just at the moment thinking about the state of her kitchen."This has to be a cruel joke by some one else, If that is the case."Then situation would continue as it stands, With more objects to be flying and broken in various parts of the kitchen."Oh come on, That is just rude!"This would all come to Judith's mind eventually that it was in fact super natural.

When Kazimir did what he did to get Judith's attention, it might be easy to guess that in fact, Judith needed to flee her kitchen and quickly."Hm...alright then."The putting into mind this might not be something to fix easily be finding a person doing this and fitting them with a wooden spoon Judith would. Judith would go towards Kazimir's voice and flee her normal work station most likely she would learn what was going on, When she joined Kazimir and whoever else was with the group. Then again maybe in the end nothing too horrible would happen stemming with in Judith's almost eternal feeling of optimism.



What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 7:35 pm

Looking on at the captain he would say to him."Missing what exactly." Truly at a lost with that one. But as a few moments went by he would look on to see Judith come and join the group. After Kaz called for her to come join them. As he looked on he would look up at the monk and then would say to him. "Alrighty then mate looks like you and I will be making some sort of ritual. But im at a lost with that one so I will just follow you." As he looked over to the hall he would see a big enough size or at least be believed it to be and then would go over to it. "Hey Poropo we can make the circle things here right. We are making circles right? As he said that he would be waving for him to come over.

But then as he looked at his right arm. He would start to see a large redish mark on it. Follow by a claw shaped that was starting to feel hot. Ghost was in a bit of a shock as he saw this. As he started to wobble. He would look on up at the group. "Yeah me body not feeling it's best. Everything all fuzzy and what not. Plus right here on me arm is a unwanted bruise. Poropo mate. Let's get this over with can we. Hopefully the captain and Judith can deal with the problem maker." As he said that he would slowly kneel down as he was feeling like he had motion sickness and boy was it not a good feeling to have. Soon enough Ghost would start to sweat too.


Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  

#9Poropo Poproporp 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Tue Nov 02, 2021 8:31 am

Poropo Poproporp
The whole of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall was blowing up with ghostly activity - tables and other furniture was being flung every which way in an attempt to injure Poropo and the others as quickly as possible! "I should not have said I had a way to stop them out loud! But we should get started, Ghost - follow my lead!" The monk jumped into action just as Kazimir did for Judith. The monk ruffled his silk robes which caused materials to drop onto the floor - wood carving tools and pieces of paper with circular designs. To Ghost who had asked, "yes indeed! We need to make many circles all over the Guild Hall using these wood-carving tools. Take a handful of papers, a tool, and begin carving all over the walls and floor!" The method for ridding Fairy Tail of ghosts was a little haphazard, but the ghosts seemed to know this method would work!

The ghostly activity picked up as Poropo and Ghost began carving magic circles all over the guild hall. The monk felt he needed to explain the purpose a little more in case something happened to him, "we need to make these circles in order to seal off the Guild Hall from the ghostly plane! The magic seals have a range of 20 meters each, so if we can cover all of Fairy Tail, then the ghosts will be pushed out!" The monk did the best he could but was eventually knocked upside the head with a stool, "Ugh!" Poropo collapsed with his wood-carving tool, barely conscious enough to scribble one more magic circle where he fell. With the last ounce of willpower, the monk shouted, "take my tool - we are almost done! Ugh..." Poropo was knocked out by the ghosts as the chaos continued, but still alive as long as the magic seals were finished - the seals were not finished, the ghosts would certainly finish the job and cause the rest of Fairy Tail to fall as well. Whoever caused these ghosts to haunt Fairy Tail would need to be investigated - causing an entire guild to be haunted by violent apparitions was more than worthy of swift justice!

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#10Kazimir Seiryu 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Wed Nov 03, 2021 1:08 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Not at all Poro. You are the right monk for the job," he nodded at the higher ranking mage. Even if at times he played off the power that he actually had. "No need to worry Ghost. There will be plenty of work for you," Kaz gave a nervous chuckle as he ducked beneath a chair that had magically thrown itself across the room and almost smashed into his head. The chair shattered on the wall as the ghost became more restless with each passing second that they talked about getting rid of them. Judith made her way from the kitchen. "Good to see you're safe," he told the woman.

As they reconvened, the monk and the berserker were beginning to form the magic circle. Kaz caught sight of Ghost wobble and then take a knee while holding his arm. "What's wrong," he replied back as Ghost explained he was not feeling well. They couldn't have him go out of the fight, or any of them.

Kazimir rushed over toward his sick comrade, "Judith can you patch him up," He called to the healer. Once she arrived, Kaz would kneel next to Ghost as more specters appeared to throw things around. Some of them flickered with claws that had a reddish hue. Kaz looked at Ghost's arm, seeing the mark left behind. "Hang in there. Judith is gonna get you back on your feet. I'll borrow these. When you're back...watch my back, alright." Kaz replied and then dashed off with the tools. He sped around the room, creating one circle and then another.

The ghosts chased after him and appeared in front of him. Kaz dashed upward and his feet hit the ceiling. He hovered for a moment and quickly created a magic seal. The ghosts appeared once more and their claw slashed across his back. It didn't harm his armor or clothes but cut right into his back. The mage dashed back downward with a wincing pain sprawling across his back. As soon as he landed he dashed again, weaving through the small team of ghostly claws swiping after him. Hopefully, Ghost was back on his feet to help get them away or hold them back. The more seas they made, the more visible the spirits became.  As Poro finished another one, they were almost tangible. Kaz dodged and ducked around them, trying to stay light. he dashed by Judith for a quick heal of the wound on his back and if she did, he would rush off toward the back of the guildhall to tag the back door and get that space covered. Once all was finished Kaz would fall back against a doorway.

It left them with a lot of work to do, to uncover what was the true cause of all this madness.
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#11Judith Karlinius 

What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Thu Nov 04, 2021 6:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
Upon joining the group you could understand how Judith even if always in her own way meant well, Honestly took sometime to get to the point, She was unhappy about the state of everything thrown and was a mess, knowing very well she would most likely be making sure it was all clean and neat again. Or well she would insist she would anyway, Judith knew very well she was not forcing anyone to do it or forced by anyone else to do it. But it just meant she could her husband to make more new things between the things he worked on.

Eventually Judith would focus because there was still a situation of whatever was going on which still needed to be dealt with first, So she might need to just need to focus on that and manage to continue forward with what was after that. So far the group effort was strong between Ghost and Poropo. They both would end up slowing down or stopping at some point because of whatever was causing this problem in the first place, It just showed in the end that everyone had the fighting spirits which would add to making sure everyone go through this.

Then Ghost would be the one to start seemingly show signs of problems and harm happening. Which meant Judith would have a job to do, because these things where slowly starting to get risky but as long as they stuck close together they would all most like.

So better to know what was to come next was just something that Judith should have thought it was earlier, a ghost not the person named Ghost either. the supernatural type. Not something she guessed, with in a land of magic and objects that can move things with in a persons hands a ghost was not something she assumed popped up normally.

With what was done, It seemed they could almost handle it. It was almost done they could deal with this ghost but it seemed to be putting up a fairly good fight. After settling into the group Judith made sure to do her part to keep this group going, Casting the one spell she was starting to get the pattern of with in her system with everyone being close enough it should be able to help them.

The room would get fairly brighter after Judith casted that healing spell of hers, Hopefully giving everyone else enough time to finish whatever else was left and finding out what caused all of this, For it seemed to be fairly dangerous to allow it to persist here, But when they where free of it Judith could clean up the guild hall, get what was broken replaced and continue what she normally did around here.

Then again now it was a good question of, What was the cause for such things to happen here in the first place? Something Judith wanted to know herself, For she wished to figure out if it was an underlying sign of other things that needed to be dealt with in the end, If spirits needed help to move on in life then Judith might look into studying that to try and help it. Or what else could be lingering with it.

But these were just many ponders to a question yet to be answered, To be worried about being answered when the right pieces of information were shown.



3 of 3 posts.


Spell used:

Name: Nature's Tender Touch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: The Blessings of Mother Nature
Type: Healing
Element: Nature + Light
Range: 5
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The caster locks onto a friendly ally and begins channelling their magic. Raising a hand they summon a magical circle below them and their ally. The sweet smell of pollen fills the air as white Lilly's bloom on the body. These Lilly's spread their petals and draw in sunlight either from the sun or from the user if its night time. The stored energy is then sent into the body the Lilly's are growing on to heal up damage.

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What Ghost Around [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Nov 13, 2021 3:17 pm

Ghost was now all healed up and ready to go thanks to Judith magic. She was a healer style of a wizard. That was as sweet as one could get in battle. As he looked on he would see that the super monk was knocked out. He would have a worry look on his face Ghost would now be more focus on drawing out these circles to which he was nearly done with. He would look on as he saw that the many objects were starting to finally stop moving. He would be in a happy mood as he saw that every thing was now all fine snd dandy. Ghost would compete the rituals with the others and he in a happy mood. He would look on as he heard what the captain had to say. But the fact still remains as he just said.

Just who would do this to the guild? How crazy was that to be done to them. Ghost would give a smile as he looked on and well he would go to open the guild hall front door. The sun would beam down upon them. As it hit his face he was glad to see the sun and boy I tell ya. Ghost is not a morning person. But looking on he would start to walk around the guild trying to see how did somebody get inside of it. True he was new himself. But he did also know that nobody would just come inside and try something like this? He was a bit worried as they been getting attacked this whole month and had to get to the bottom of all of this. Ghost would walk back into the guild to check on the super monk. Waiting on Judith to see if he is alright and what not. As he would say to everyone around. "We need to prepare better for this ghost business. It's crazy how we did survive but still. Mates we need to let them know we Aint to be messed with. But then again the world already knows that as well. Porop0 mate get well. You really saved us today. You really are a super monk."



Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  


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