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New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only)

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New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:24 pm


Tempris stood at the outside the gates in her male form. She has not had a real use for the key. She was going to use it for the undercover assignment but she was taken off the mission. But now she had a good reason to do it. Since she had a reputation of not being very social, Tempris thought that being a boy would make her less recognizable and thus less unapproachable. He had a black gakuran jacket with a pink bet, red hakama pants, red and pink haori, golden kyahan with 3 bows in the front, and pink tabi with red soles.

With the guild's symbol on his left shoulder, he was sure that the new person would be able to find him. However, he did wonder if they would even think to look for him. After all, they were probably expecting a small girl. Tempris sighed. There was no easy answer to this.

So Tempris stood quietly waiting for the person to appear. He did hope it was not going to be like the rune knights new person who was not very interested in meeting with people. That was such a was of time. This time was going to be different. He had faith after all.

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Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 7:32 am

Samhain was turning out to be an interesting season and what it entailed was always interesting, Then again at least with Samhain the weather was bearable enough to Miriko to actually not really be needing to hide under the umbrella she normally carried around, She did however still have it around along with a few other things she normally carried.

They would be packed away on Alistair. Like always but Miriko was riding on the back of him and well, for one of her life actually just seemingly taking in the view and what people had made themselves look for the place as they arrived.

So much to take in of interesting to Miriko was it seemed to be that her just riding around on Alistair was more of a treat to her that would be giving her various ideas, That for the moment she did not really feel the need to pick up her drawing book and start drawing, After all some moment in life could better offer to enjoy with out needing to picture them.

Then again now she was pondering to herself, If only she could have some of the other people she valued in her life where with her it might make things better. Since she currently did not see anyone yet, Miriko would continue roaming around Samhain, On Alistair, with her normal attire just made with orange in it rather then the black and purple, She made herself fitting for the season at hand, while still looking like herself.

#3Ester Steele 

New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 11:34 am

Ester Steele
She had heard one needed to be "dressed up in Halloween Attire" to enter this place, and while nobody stopped her they did gave her some weird looks, though that might be because of her normal outfit. Perhaps they did not have the common sense to realize she couldn't get such an outfit even if she wanted to, which she didn't. Still she didn't want to feel left out, so maybe she could think of something.

She joined up with a guild earlier, but supposedly all members were here and she wondered why. This didn't seem like the most inviting or interesting place. Everything was just pumpkins and bats all around. Maybe if she stole a pumpkin head she could put it on her head and nobody would notice. Then she would fit in and nobody would question her strange looks.

She went over to one only to find a candle was burning inside of it. She carefully took it out and stomped out the fires on the ground. She quickly made a knife with her magic and cut the bottom part out of the pumpkin. Then she carefully removed the liquid from the candle so it wouldn't be as hot inside and quickly shoved it over her head. Now she could go find the others, if they were around somewhere.


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Nobody was showing up. It was strange and well... annoying. Was he late arriving here? Maybe their was another meeting spot. Tempris let out a sigh and left his spot. He then walked into Samhaim and started looking around for anyone who might appear to be Empyrean Divine. Only there was a small problem. Most of the people here were in costumes or dressed up in weird ways. This was going to make it nearly impossible for her to find the new person without going up to everyone and asking if they were the new member. Even then, that would make him look like a complete fool.

Oh my god Tempris, you lost the new member. Why do people even think you are useful. bah bah bah.

He could hear their stupid voices in his head. The only option left now was to pray and hope for a miracle. Upon opening his eyes, he saw a woman ridding a large cat. Her prayers were answered. Mimi was not only tall but probably knew something. She had too.

Rushing over to the woman. Tempris began calling her name.
"Mimi. Mimi. Its such a blessing to see you. Have you seen the new girl who joined us recently?"

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Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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The odd part here is the very fact that Miriko really did not know what was going on, Then again the even more interesting part was Miriko did not realize who was talking to her currently after all the person was male, Anything she had known from her guild were female."Ahh..who are you?"Maybe this was some one else she did not know yet, But considering this was guild matter she would have to get an answer later."Better yet that can wait until later."Miriko did seemingly have something else to deal with right now it seems.

Now it would lead to another question."I have honestly no idea what this new member looks like."Keeping in her mind that this was the first time she had heard about this matter, After all she was just here in Samhain painting like she did almost everywhere."It is nice to know we have a new member."She would mention casually.

So slowly Miriko started scanning around looking at what they could see."Any idea, what this person might look like?"Miriko asked in return while she was trying to maybe point out what to look for.After all if that was a thing she could know it might help. So far it sounded like an interesting puzzle to do since well it was finding a new person in a group of people who were not dressed normally for a season was always fun.

Alistair always looked normal, So was one thing since he did not have anything special in terms of his looks, Much to Miriko's annoyance. It would be something at least she could let go of because it was not really important.

#6Ester Steele 

New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:27 am

Ester Steele
Luckily her new helmet didn't obscure her guild mark so it shouldn't be hard to spot her, especially since she stood out like a sore thumb with her pumpkin head and half destroyed clothes. It did obscure her view quite a bit though. It was pretty hot inside the pumpkin despite the fire being entirely gone. Must be some heat still being inside from the candle.

Despite the head limiting her view a little she still noticed passing a large cat. When stopping to look at it she noticed that the boy next to the cat had their guild's mark on his shoulder. Her first impression was that the boy looked very young, was he even old enough to work here in a guild? The skin of the woman on the cat was pretty fair. She didn't look like someone who worked in the sun a lot. Was being a guild mage such a boring job one always worked inside? She could hear them asking about the new guild member.

"You looking for me?" Ester would ask without much enthusiasm or curiosity. Ester was still wearing her hat and holding the knife she used to carve it open with. She looked scary on a first glance, but pretty silly once one got a better look at her.


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"Who am I!?" Tempris caught herself clench his teeth and building a holy rage in his eyes but he stopped. This was just because he was not in his normal form. It was okay and if anything, perfect. He wanted not to be recognized so he should be happy. As Mimi realized this wasn't the time and place, a sense of relief came over Tempris. "Yes please and thank you. Mimi." From their the woman started helping in the  efforts to find the new recruit.

It was a bit surprising that Mimi hasn't heard any information about new people but only because Tempris forgot that Mimi also tends to keep to herself in the guild like him. However, this also just meant that he did not have to be the only one embarrassed. It was probably the guild attendants fault anyway. "I suppose... But I just wish people stopped asking me to do meet and greets... I don't think I am a good fit for the job."

Soon after Mimi started asking more about the new person description a pumpkin head girl she had the guild mark on her meaning one thing. Illumin performed a miracle. "Thank Illumin. I thought you lost or taken or a fate worst." Tempris then took a deep breath. "Welcome to Empyrean Divine. You can call me Ash. I hope we can work together to help lots of people." Tempris then went to curtsy but remembered he was a boy. So transitioned into a bow. Then he turned to Mimi, "Oh, would you like to join us. It would be great if more people were with us."

New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Her long black hair swayed with the wind as her Porcelain skin shined as bright as the moon. It was pure as white snow while her eyes were red like the harvest moon covered in the blood of the innocents. Truly, this was her child appearance after changing due to Eris's fusion-ha with her. She wore a ghostly white dress with a red sash of satin tied around her waist. She didn't wear any shoes as it went with the 'costume' she was going for. She was a spirit, a haunting porcelain doll that had their own past, her true past that was covered up. Karisa didn't really let anyone in on it so she pretended it wasn't real and used it for the background story of her costume.

It was truly how it was, her first life's past before taking over Revana's story that was now her own. She walked towards the festivities slowly as many avoided her. Maybe it was her strong aura that overpowered many, or perhaps it was her haunting appearance. She didn't say a word to the stares of others as she hasn't seen anyone she knew. If she did, maybe she will have a little fun and pretend she was just some guild member many avoided, like the spirit she was within. Her eyes wandered left and right slowly as her little steps trod into the dirt path. Many people were having fun with their loved ones, friends and even are making friends.

She suddenly spotted a group that looked familiar, at least one of them, Mimi. With her was a blonde boy with eyes and feats that could look like her child when she too had blonde hair. The other was a new member of Empyrean Divine. Perhaps this will be a test for the three. A hidden smirk curved on the doll's face and let it disappear to create the perfect expressionless face as she walked towards them slowly. Her little steps were as silent as can be while her black hair waved left and right with each step. Her petite body was light unlike her adult one so it was easy to walk faster than normal. Once she was at least five feet from them she stood there silently as any spirit would.


New Ray of Hope in a Spooky Time (ED members only) Empty Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:37 am

It worked out wonderfully in some manner, Since most likely the person they were looking for just found them, At least she thought, This was Samhain after all it could be another joke by some one she just did not assume. So at least as conversation went one it would be the settling pieces to this puzzle.

It might not be fitting for whoever this Ash person was Miriko would in return mention."If that is the case, Maybe myself and Tempris could be a bit better for them."Not really realizing what was going on and Ash who was exactly she was referencing. Then again Miriko was fairly good for these things the most people.

With upon being told who this new member was, Miriko would get off of Alistair."Alas it seems everything might have lined up well then."The tell woman mentioned as she brushed off her dressed of any dirt that might have gotten on it from getting off of Alistair.

Then walking over to Ester, Miriko offered to shake her hand, Sure there was other ways some people would go about it, It was just her own way of doing this, With Alistair slowly trailing behind Miriko. Alistair was a big tall cat for sure, But Miriko herself was taller then Alistair."Welcome,I am Miriko, I do also go by Mimi."Then taking a few steps back and petting Alistair."This is my companion Alistair."For now Alistair would not say a word, Since he did not need to yet.

She would yet really to notice anyone else for right now Miriko's focus was more on this new member. If anything might give people a chance to scare her if the situation mattered to them."Welcome to the guild, As well as welcome to Samhain."

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