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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Sat 16 Oct 2021, 23:37

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was waddling through the streets of Magnolia during a particularly foggy night. He was unsure where this nighttime fog came from and why the streets smelled like rotten meat, but the monk cared more about getting back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall in order to find another job. The monk leisurely took one step after another, but remained careful while treading over the moist, cobblestone streets - the fog was making this everything wet and slick while also becoming thicker as the monk continued his waddle. Poropo stopped for a moment, "I have never heard of nighttime fog...but I am still a little new to Magnolia..."

Poropo was unsure if this thickening fog was a normal occurrence or a strange weather phenomenon - either explanation was fine with the monk so long as he was able to get to Fairy Tail without slipping on the streets. However, the deeper into the fog the monk traveled, the more, strange noises the monk heard as well - not only was the fog thickening but certain sounds were becoming more obvious, "am I hearing moans?" The once distant moans of people were becoming louder and longer, as if finally reaching the monk's ears through the dense fog.

Poropo stopped in order to better focus on the sounds, "are these moans getting closer?" The sounds around the monk were starting to multiply, even while standing still. The monk was becoming increasingly alarmed by the goings on of tonight - first fog and now ever encroaching moans. The monk decided to pick up the pace of his waddle while frantically navigating the oddly barren streets of Magnolia! "I need to get back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall...quickly...huff...puff," mumbled the panicking monk. As the monk moved, his bare feet slapped against the street, seemingly irritating the moans.

With every slap the monk made against the most cobblestone, the moans became becoming more shriek-like, intensifying with some sort of anger! Poropo wheezed as he tried to outpace the moans and slight shrieks following him from everywhere - the monk could not see where the noises were coming from, but they could hear him! "Is it this way!? No...um...this way! Yes, yes," panicked the monk, slowly becoming more anxious and exhausted - the fog was becoming difficult to navigate while the streets were blending together into a mess of stone and mud. Nothing was making sense anymore other than the monk's fear!

The monk was deathly afraid of whatever was coming after him and he felt he could do nothing but keep waddling! The noises were increasing in intensity, some moans turning to wails while others turned to shrieks - all of the noises the monk could hear were coming straight for his position despite the fog being unreasonably thick! Thankfully, the monk found a place he felt safe, "The Kardia Cathedral! I can rest there for a little! I must hurry inside...huff...puff..."

Poropo opened the doors to the cathedral and noticed there was nobody inside either. The moans were behind the monk so at least the cathedral felt safe - Poropo shut the doors behind him and heard the moans become suddenly loud as if right outside the door! Then no moans could be heard as everything became silent once more.

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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Sun 17 Oct 2021, 13:39

As he jumped from one roof top to the other. Ghost would be sweating up a storm. As he looked over the streets. He still could not imagine how he even ended up in a place like this? Well that is a story for another day. He would be thinking to himself. "Alright I wonder just wonder how do I get me self out of this one? It's gonna be a long road in this magic place well world. But I need to get out of this creepy place. Just what in the world no who would wanna do this to me?" As he looked down he would see a stranger running through the streets as if he was getting chased. Ghost would watch from above the streets. But soon he would lose sight of him. As the fog gotten thicker once more. How could this be even a random people are getting chased but by what?

Ghost looked on as he would notice a small crowd was behind the man. Although the man out ran them. Ghost could hear whaling out of all things. This was not good for him at all. Ghost was not a fighter YET but still he had to help him some how some way. "Well then this could be worse it could be ghost. What is it he was running from then? What if I do encounter this threat could I even fight it off? Well then it's only one way to go about this whole thing. I need to get to me Guild and fast." He would see that the man ran inside a building. Ghost would need to get there and fast. But Ghost would be a fool to go down there. But then again he do not need to.

As he looked on he would notice that the building was a
cathedral. Ghost would start to hop from building to building. They were really close to each other as he was able to jump and make a good landing. Looking on he would give a smile as he made it on top of the building. Ghost only had one thing to do and that was to get inside of the cathedral. But geez was that a pain to do. As he was on the top roof. He knew he would have to break inside. To which he would give a smile and look at a window. Ghost would then rush his way to it giving it a kick to say the least. BAM!!! who ever what in or near the cathedral. Would indeed hear the glass break. Plus it being a dark foggy night. So he only made things a bit worse but to be honest people might thing of him as the bad guy here. As he slowly crawled inside. Trying his best not to touch the glass. But at last a small cut would come on his right hand how painful.


#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Mon 18 Oct 2021, 14:40

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir peered out of the window of his office. His eyes narrowed as fog rolled into town. The streets were silent. He pushed open the door to his balcony and stood on the ledge. The fog thickened and spread throughout the city. He saw the glimpse of a man jumping between buildings, and another running along the ground.

"What is going on," he spoke softly and dashed out into the streets. "The night council should not be here," he landed on the ground and walked into the fog. his hand was hard to see, even in front of his face. He pushed forward towards the cathedral that both men had run towards. His steps were small but made no noise. His senses reached out around him, but there was nothingness. No merchants or even families in their homes. A chill ran up his spine, wondering what gruesome fate had befallen the city.

A ripple came through the wind, followed by another and then another until they were all around him. People? h thought. "Hello," he called out but felt no heartbeats. he stood still for a moment as the beings came closer. He reached out his hand and pressed it against something solid. A gooey flesh texture dripped from his hand.

"What the," he exclaimed as a green and black hand reached out of the fog and clasped onto his shoulder. He slapped it away and swiped his hand, sending a rush of wind that blew away the fog. Shambling zombies drug their feet toward the wind mage with groans and moans.

He swatted away another hand, "What are you doing? We're both dead," he protested in annoyance. The hands kept reaching for him and the mage shot himself forward with a burst of wind. It rippled behind him, revealing a fleet of zombies. The fog immediately rolled back in, shrouding them in its embrace.

Kazimir dashed to the front gates of the cathedral where the other two had gone. he banged on the front door, but it didn't budge. Glass shattered overhead and Kaz gazed toward the sky. Was it a zombie or a person? either way, the wind mage swept around the back as Zombies marched closer and closer. Their arms reached out from the fog to grasp him, but Kaz evaded them. dead fingers grazed his robe.

The mage made it to the back entrance. A clergyman laid on the ground with a lifeless look on his face. Terror had taken him. Kaz stepped by him jiggled the handle of the door, but it refused to open. He searched the body of the clergyman and found a small brass key in his jacket. The clergyman's eyes opened with a groan and clawed at the mage. The dead man's arms wrapped around Kaz's shoulders. The wind mage jumped to his feet and shifted his weight to throw the clergyman into the fog. A jumble of bodies toppled to the floor. Groans filled the air as they shambled back to their feet.

Kaz unlocked the door and spun inside, locking it behind him. With a relieved sigh he pressed his back against the door and silence returned outside. "Now to find the other one," Kaz made his way to the front.

"Poro? It was you that made it hear. What's going on? I just ran away from some zombies. Some of the clergy have been turned as well. And di you hear that sound from above?"

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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Mon 18 Oct 2021, 21:19

It was a strange thing to witness the mysterious fog roll into town. It crawled slowly through the streets like a bloated beast lumbering forward in search of prey. The weather phenomenon itself wasn’t alien to someone who grew up in swamplands, but there was definitely something unnatural about its presence here in Magnolia. The moisture in the air clung to her skin, almost as if it was tasting her. Nadine wiped her cheek with the back of a hand as she continued on to the town’s inn. The fog had long since shrouded the street, but sure of her sense of direction the demi-human pressed on.

It wasn’t until she heard the telltale noises of the undead that she came to a sudden stop, her senses going on full alert at the sounds. Her head slowly turned as the fog thickened around her, ears straining to pinpoint the groans and moans of the damned. Even with her ability to see in the dark the oppressing haze in the streets obscured much of her view. This was all too familiar, though.

“It’s Dahlia all over again,” she muttered as she raised her arms up at the ready, the fingers of her gauntlets curling into fists.

The sounds were getting louder from behind her, but there were definitely undead somewhere in front of her as well. Wanting to secure at least one of her flanks the woman kept the buildings lining one side of the street within arm’s reach from herself as she quietly jogged along through the fog. She did find some of the undead as she kept moving forward, and her gauntlets quickly became slick with gore as her jabs caved their rotting skulls in. This was not the time to dive into the thick of things, though; she needed either a better environment to handle the hordes, or allies to help thin out the zombies.

This also was not the time to play hero. No lights were on within the buildings on either side of the street, and Nadine didn’t dare venture into any opened doors she passed by. On one particular doorstep she chose to ignore a concerning amount of blood trailing into the darkened home. Heading to the inn now would probably be a bad call, and her destination was soon chosen for her as the distinct noise of shattering glass cut through the ambiance of hungry groans. Up ahead she could see the four towers of the cathedral basking in the moonlight, imposing tall shadows through the fog. If she could secure a tower she could easily funnel the undead into a more manageable situation.

As she neared the front of the cathedral though the woman came to a stop. She could make out the large doors of the building’s entrance, but between that and herself was a congregation of the damned. Some of them were already turning her way. Thinking she could use her speed to get around the group Nadine whistled as if calling for a dog while backing away slowly.

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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Hh2kg4I
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#5Judith Karlinius 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Tue 19 Oct 2021, 16:08

Judith Karlinius
In the list of things Judith did consider normal, Was fairly large and easy to guess in some manner, In fact so far with the season and the various things that followed with it, It might not be all that bad to see some off things when it happen, Or Judith was old and was losing track of the world around her and reality. Sometimes fog was normal at least she thought, Judith always in some manner had her head in the clouds. Something that maybe some one should really address in her fixing eventually, But for now, Judith would have to slowly have the reality of the haunting hit her brain.

Upon hearing the meaning noises, Judith then realize, This might not entirely be normal and she needed to find a place that might be safe, Then again she seemed to have been out side in the normal areas she would reside in."Oh, This is not normal at all."This was now Judith coming back to reality and now she needed to figure out where she would go from here, Most likely where other people would be going too. The Cathedral which well since it was holy land in theory would most likely be the safest spot to do to.

In her mind anyway, Later that choice would lead her towards other people she already know she just did not know quiet yet, She just more was wondering what was going on here because the moaning sounds was not exactly the normal. So progressively making her ways towards the cathedral in magnolia, Judith as the time went by would start moving faster seemingly each time she hear a moaning sound and the loud they seemed to be around her.

Which well, means that Judith was moving really quick as some point in an attempt to figure out and make sure she was safe. Pondering to herself in hope that other people would be there by the time she had arrived, Anyone really even the lich that broke her leg could be there and for once in her life she would actually be happy to see him, Then again she would now days actually be willing to talk to him and in some manner had moved on from that situation.

The words."Please some one be live and there." Repeated internally in her mind, Eventually arriving at the cathedral. Judith would not really realize she who all was there, Judith did not think about looking at anyone else that would be here as she was just jogging her way quickly to the door. Anything else that was starting to happen was Judith was most likely a good idea for her to finally check and look around. There were people here, But she just needed to be sure. Even pondering to some what of a general manner."Could have sworn i heard some one I know around here."Judith was not being foolish if anything she was trying to be careful, Even opening and closing a near by door of the cathedral to enter it, Starting to find other people that were hopefully alive, To try and continue in some manner while figuring out what was going on here, Hopefully who ever she found was a live and not undead.


#6Poropo Poproporp 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Wed 20 Oct 2021, 23:31

Poropo Poproporp
The monk was able to get inside the hollow cathedral unscathed, but there was a tension looming all around the stone building - moans pressed against Poropo's eardrums, soft but unending. There was no getting out of this place without meeting whatever was making those noises! Poropo could not stay within this place forever, especially if he did not know what became of Fairy Tail's Guild Hall. Thankfully, the monk might be able to get an answer from a new arrival, but the first arrival which caught the monk's attention was the shattering of glass up above!

"Whaaaa!? Who goes there! Show yourself!" shouted Poropo at the ceiling - the sound was sudden and did not happen again, as if deliberate. There was no moaning coming from the roof of the cathedral, but there could be in a few moments! The other arrive, Kazimir, then showed up behind the monk, "WAHAAA! Uh!? Oh...Kazimir, I am afraid I do not know what is happening - I came back from a task and found fog everywhere! Then I heard moans coming after me and ran inside here! Are these zombies you speak of the cause of these horrible noises!?"

The monk then heard a whistle outside the doors he had just entered from and jumped away in fear, "AH! They whistle now!" The whistle was then followed by the sound of a door creaking in the distance within the cathedral which prompted Poropo to hide behind a pew, "...Kazimir...can you check what came in? I have no magic to protect myself with..."

The monk quivered within his crouched position behind the pew, clasping his hands in prayer, "Oh great and powerful Iron Deity, please let these zombies and fog be kind or go away...I do not what anything horrible to happen...please." The only good thing which has happened so far the the appearance of Kazimir within Kardia Cathedral - the number of bad or mysterious things to happen outweighed the positives greatly. First the sound of glass, then the sound of a whistle from where Poropo had entered, and now the sound of a door creaking open.

There was no end to the monk's torture as the moans from outside increased in the direction of the whistle. The zombies who stationed themselves outside, waiting for the doors to open, followed Nadine's whistle. Their goal was not clear, but they seemed to want something from Nadine.

All around the moans, shrieks, groans, and other disturbing noises shook Poropo's nerves to his very core. Without much left to do, the monk decided he would stop hiding and check on the whistle at least, the closest disturbance thus far. The monk slowly cracked open the door to view the source of the moans - fleshly aberrations shaped like dead people! In the distance, Nadine seemed to be the source of the whistle! The monk did not know how to feel about Nadine's presence within this situation, but she was luring the zombies away from the cathedral door! Perhaps she was trying to save the monk and Kazimir, but there was always the chance she was able to control the zombies! All the monk could do was shiver in silence as he watched.

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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Sat 23 Oct 2021, 13:51

As he climbed inside of the holy place of it all. Ghost would find himself hanging from the broken window shed. What a number was he in now. Such a position too, in up in as well. As he looked down it was not that long of a fall but still it was a fall that he feared. After all a spain ankle is not something to play with. This is what he was thinking at this very moment. As he looked on down he could hear someone on the other side of the large door. It sounded as if they were talking to him or yelling. But one thing was for sure and that is that whoever it was. Just had to be better then those crazy looking people outside of this place. But he did make a loud noise breaking inside so maybe just maybe his noise. Out of everything would have made a scary sound.

Ghost would try his best not to laugh. But alas he did in fact do just that and boy was it a laugher. So much so he ended up falling right down. Lucky for him the fall was not as bad as he made it out to be. But then again Joy-Boy was always a bit overwhelming with his reactions. A loud boom should and could be heard as he slammed into a table desk. Which ironic in it was not as bad as it should have been as well. If one was to listen closely it would have sounded like a door has been broken down. As Ghost was moaning in pain. He was a bit bruised and what not. As he would say out loud to himself,"out of all the days. I fall out of a window and into a place like this. It had to be today. Grandfather How did ya do it mate? How did you survive such a fall?"

As he looked up he would be trying to catch his breathe. He would start to crawl towards the chair that was by the desk. Still he would be in a bit of pain. As he would crack his neck as if a cramp was in it. Soon he would have made it to the chair. Ghost would try to climb up on it. But it was the chair with the rolling wheels on it. So it would roll right from him Causing him to fall yet again. As he would say out loud again,"bloody hell...bloody hell...bloody...hell!!! Just my luck and it's such an unlucky number." Soon he would crawl to the chair again and this time he would be able to climb up on it. As the chair was next to the window and wall. Soon as he did so that he would be able to sit down and to his shock. As he tried to look out the window it was a bit froggy.

Until he used his shirt to wipe some of the fog off the window and to his shock. Creepy walking people were out and about. "Alright the captain got some detailing to explain to me. Either that or these people need to hit up the rehab and fast. Or last night was one hell of a party."


Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Mon 25 Oct 2021, 13:12

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stopped as he saw Poro yelling toward the shattering glass sound from the ceiling. The monk whirled around and yelled once more at seeing Kazimir. The wind mage put his hands up, just in case he got mistaken for a zombie. "Hey, Poro. Yes, I think the town has been overrun with Zombies. I ran into the fog as well. I saw one other person out there as I was headed this way. Hopefully, they made it." he said and then the whistled sounded out.

He turned to face the front door and then back around as a creak resonated from deeper within. Where they becoming surrounded in here. His eyes narrowed as he was making a plan that would not destroy the cathedral. "From everywhere huh," he said to himself. "Things are gonna be A okay Poro." he replied and then the monk asked if he could check on the creak.

"WHAT..no magic? What happened to your summon?" He exclaimed. If Poro explained the situation Kaz would reply, "Be careful then. I'll be right back. We may have to barricade the doors."

He stepped away from the monk and pushed by the pews into a back hallway, where the glass and creak came from. As he swung open one door, he saw Judith standing at the other end with a door slammed shut behind her.

"Thank goodness it's you. I thought zombies broke in. Poro is this way. We need to gather and blow these things up." he sighed with relief and then clapped his hands together to feel the vibrations around him. He could feel the close presence of something shambling along the ground.

"A zombie," Kaz said as he eased closer to a door with wind magic gathered around him. He kicked in the door and swiped his hand. The wind swirled, but the mage's eyes flashed wide and he dispersed the wind before it launched as he saw Ghost sitting in a chair.

"Looks like we are all making our way here," his shoulder eased down from the tension. "So that was your bombastic entrance," he said, looking from the broken window to the shattered table.

"Let's meet in the main hall and regroup there. We can launch a counterattack from there. can you walk?" he asked as Ghost was just crawling about the ground. If they were on the same page, Kaz would lead them back to whatever situation Poro found himself in behind the pews and with the whistling sound.

"In order to protect the people...we may need to lead the zombies to us and face them here. I ran into some unusual ones out there, so we'll need to be extra careful."

They arrived in the main hall to see Poro peering out into the courtyard of the church, beyond the front door. "Did you find out what the whistle was?" Kazimir began to head in that direction.

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Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Wed 27 Oct 2021, 10:56

Continuing to shepherd the horde away from the cathedral's entrance Nadine kept up her shrill whistles. She found herself glad to have a fair bit of experience surviving the hellish paradise that was Dahlia. These undead puppets didn't seem to react any differently from what she was already used to, and old tactics seemed to be just as effective. Although the noise she was making was drawing in more attention in general she had been retreating towards a wooden bench on the outskirts of the courtyard. Moving behind the piece of furniture she picked it up with both hands, and then fed mana into Indra's Gauntlet. The weapon's telltale flash of yellow streaked through the fog as Nadine lunged forward, using the bench to plow through the thinnest part of the crowd surrounding her.

The golden light died for a second before it flared to life again and propelled forward once more. The zombies trying to resist Nadine's momentous charges were either knocked over, or crushed by the public seating held firmly in her grasp.A couple had tried to hold onto the bench, but were left behind or dragged across the cobblestone. At the end of her travel Nadine hoisted the bench straight up before slamming it down on any damned souls who had managed to tag along for the ride.

Something grabbed her tail, and the scaly appendage yanked itself free as Nadine spun to kick away the offender. She stopped after only to observe her handiwork with a quick glance. Most of the horde had been shifted away from the cathedral's entrance, with only a few stragglers spread out. Thinking that she could now take her time and make good on her plan to hole up in a tower, the demi-human started walking quickly towards the building's entrance. Any of the remaining zombies that got in her way between were quickly put down by jabs of her gauntlets. These undead might have been Magnolia's townspeople, or from elsewhere, but that didn't mean anything to Nadine. As far as she knew there was no recovering from being corrupted by magic like this. These things were not even people anymore.

As she got closer to the church she could see that the door was open. Not by much, but enough to at least let someone see through to the other side. And as luck would have it, Nadine did see someone huddled on the inside doing just that. That fact alone wasn't what made the woman stop in her tracks, though. Her sight allowed her to identify who it was even though only a small portion of the man was visible to her.

"What the hell?" muttered the woman as her expression became confused at the realization. Was that truly Fairy Tail's humble monk hiding behind that door? The obvious question of 'why wasn't he using his metal summons to take care of this' did flash in her thoughts, but she wondered if this might have been the man's first encounter with the undead.

"Poropo!" shouted the woman as she stomped towards the door with an annoyed look, "quit hiding and help me kill these things!"


Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Hh2kg4I
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#10Judith Karlinius 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Fri 29 Oct 2021, 14:20

Judith Karlinius
If there is one thing Judith knew, whatever was here she did not know what to do, So if she was not doing what Kazimir requested of her right away she would later, only because she had to be sure of something, which in some manner could be strange. He wanted to gather, Judith would gather eventually, just needed to check to if anyone else was here. So Judith seemingly heading off where she thought everyone else was, in reality she might be going the wrong way because she did not know really much in terms of her way around the inside of the building.

She just would keep guessing until she was right or until some one else might have lead her the right way. This was risky for Judith was gonna be searching any other area of the building as long as she could safely before needing to go to a safety point. But she needed to be sure and know that anyone else who was here and not going to try and eat her like a snack because of a really strong need for brains, Judith knew how little of a food for zombie she was, Just knew she was food.

These risks are sometimes what made Judith the way she was, But also were risks Judith would at least make sure she would trying to make as little sound while travelling as quickly as she could. If there was anything who was not a zombie already they could be saved around here, Judith would use that spare time before it was gone to find them. Her own personal determination would be driving it forward. The starting search had not turned up anything so far, wanting to open doors to look more, it might be a horrible idea because of how much noise these doors could make while searching she would have to keep looking.

Hopefully anything else who had been here that was alive and still able to move had been gathering towards a safe area. Turning a corner to look around it was starting to have the area leaked in with zombies, So she would to her best to continue forward towards that area she wanted to look with out altering zombie. But it was a risk, an unneeded risk by her, but a risk. Getting close enough to peer around a corner, Judith checked it and only started seeing more zombies.

Viewing it no longer logical to continue on this venture she would, Judith would figure out her way back and just make sure  she was caught or risk being overran by the walking dead.

Most likely questionable how long she had been gone, The ones who remained and started meeting up might have assume that Judith might be dead at this point if they all met up with one another and knew who all was there. So Judith was pray her sneaking worked will with the manner in which she was doing, Wondering how many people would ponder why she was doing all of this, But she was just making sure because she was picky in some manner.

Eventually however Judith would return from her run. returning to the gathering point. Aside from Kazimir it seemed there were some other people here and alive, which was a good thing. It meant it had more options for things they could do, Hopefully Judith's roaming around to seek you others was not gonna cause any more problems. But it seemed if anything, Poropo was not handling this matter very well at this moment, Maybe was just how they needed to show each that the team work is possible and he could lighten up and they as a group can get through all of this.

Entering the place were Nadine and Poropo where at it seemed now they could figure out a bit more of a plan to help Kazimir."Oh good two other people, We might have a chance to deal with all of this and live if we do this right."Even making sure she recalled everything correctly she had to be sure they knew, because for a moment she had forgotten some else because Kazimir, Nadine and Poropo.

"We have Kazimir and one another person not too far away, I did not check to be sure but it is some one we know. We have Nadine, Me and You as well Poropo, If we do this right, we will live."Judith was trying to be words of encouragement rather then just forceful in nature. Not that Nadine's action were that horrible in some manner it was good to a balance of both. Judith was just in reality being her normal settled and calm self. So hopefully this would all help in the end.

So she would just continue their conversation with both of them while she was thinking or what else to go."Has everything been checked around here?"It was one question but Judith honestly had a few others."Was there anyone left behind when you both were coming here?"It seemed she would be shooting a few questions at her but these things she needed to know and trying to find out. After all she had to not be the only one looking right? Well hopefully anyway, She would not blame anyone really for hiding away and just trying to be safe.

Hopefully Kazimir and whoever else was here would start going to start gathering together so they could form a plan and move forward with it, Judith had a fair amount of confidence in this matter, thinking it would make everyone okay in the end. Just to be sure just as quickly as Judith got here she was always heading towards where she last saw Kazimir just to finally put an final parts of the plan into action and getting to it. Hopefully the area was safe for her to be able to find him. It was just how these matters were.


#11Poropo Poproporp 

Night of the Living Dead! [Judith, Kazimir, Ghost, Nadine] Empty Sat 30 Oct 2021, 22:50

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo responded to Kazimir's question concerning the monk's missing magic, "I do not know what happened to my magic..." and then looked back to Nadine lunging and bench-swinging her way through a horde of undead people. The monk saw the carnage unfold and felt a little ill - seeing people being smashed to bits, even if they were already dead, filled the monk's mouth with a bitter taste. He could not stomach the idea of causing violence against a person unless they intended to hurt him - the zombies did seem strange but they have not shown any violent tenancy other than a threatening walk and shrill moans.

Nadine burst her way through multiple zombies, one after the other, and then got close enough to start a conversation with the monk. Poropo did not want any attention drawn to him so he attempted to whisper loudly, "should we be killing them!? I have not seen them commit any violence upon anyone!" Poropo was definitely loud enough to draw the attention of a nearby zombie breaking off from the horde - this zombie got close enough to the creaked open door of the cathedral to try and swipe at the monk! Poropo was able to get out of the way, but his silk robe was torn by the strength of the zombie's attack!

"Never mind! They are impurities which must be cleansed from this world!" whispered the monk loudly as he took a tighter hold on his Elder Sage's Staff and swung at the zombie which had attacked him, crushing the head of the fearsome zombie with a downward swing. The monk felt ill upon feeling, seeing, and smelling the gore he caused, "I do not feel so good...HURRRRRGH!" Poropo emptied the contents of his stomach through the slightly ajar, cathedral doors. The extremely loud sound was heard much more clearly by the horde of zombies Nadine was fighting, causing them to aim their attention towards the disgusted monk.

Poropo took a step away from the door to get away from the sights and smells of the outdoors, subsequently looking towards the commotion within the cathedral - a fresh face seemed to be the cause of the broken glass which was made more apparent when they fell from a great height and destroyed some pews. They then proceeded to get on a rolling chair and ask Kazimir for guidance. This person felt like a member of Fairy Tail which was confirmed by Kazimir beginning toe formulate a plan to get out of this mess.

Judith also made an appearance, likely the cause of the creaking door from earlier. Poropo was feeling less ill knowing the real threats, Nadine and the zombies, were all outside. Nadine was less of a threat today, hopefully, which left the zombies to be taken care of. The monk felt as many people were necessary to get this zombie infestation solved so when Kazimir asked what the whistling earlier was about, Poropo replied, "Nadine is just outside! She is culling the zombies as we speak-!?" A thunderous booming of feet and hands could be heard as the zombies attracted by Poropo's previous vomiting came knocking.

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Ghost would look up to see the door open up. He had no idea what was going to happen next. But he did slowly pick up a piece of the large glass. As he looked on he would noticed that it was the. Guild master of Fairy Tail. What a sight to see. As he would say to him, "well now captain fancy seeing you here." As he was asked could he stand up to which he would give a smile. As he then in fact stand up. Although a little slow as his legs were still a bit soar from the fall. He would go on to say to Kaz,"I still got kick in me captain. But im telling ya something crazy even for magic is going on here." As he said that he would follow him out to the main hall.

As he made his way there. He would see three others. It was the Mother Of Fairies and the Monk guy. But he never seen the other lady on the other side of the door so this person was new to him. As she was yelling the monks name and what not. As he looked on he would take a step back. As he let the other start to talk. Because as of right now. Ghost was a bit on the powerless side with magic as he would say to the group. "Is these really zombies or a spell that changed people up? We need to get to the core of this all. Ummmm, does anyone have any way of knowing how this bull crap came to be. As I went to sleep in the sun and woked up in a zombie take over." Soon he would look on to see that who ever was fighting on the other side. Just might need help and soon.

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Kazimir Seiryu
TO Poro

Everything seemed to ramp up at once, as the members began to converge. Poro's missing magic was a concern especially as a swarm of undead drew closer. "It's okay Poro. We'll figure out your magic. Until then, you can rely on us," Kaz said.

Finding Ghost

"Good to see you still have some kick in you. I knew you were a strong one," he said in relief at finding an ally and not a horde of undead pouring in. He Accompanied Ghost back to the main hall to meet with the others.

Back at the main hall

He watched Judith run off no doubt to check for anyone else and let her be. He arrived in time to hear Poro yelling something and then to see the man double over and vomit Kaz rushed to the aid of his guildmate, and placed a hand on the monk's back. "You alright?" he looked at the torn silk robe and the battered zombie in the doorway. Soon Judith returned to the mix.

"She is right. We can make it. And I'm afraid the people that once were are gone. All that remains are mindless zombies." He looked over his shoulder at Ghost, "If it's a spell then it has killed them. I don't feel the vibrations of their heartbeats. I'm not sure how all this happened but we can't let it spread beyond this cathedral." Kaz stood up and peeked out of the doorway to see an angry-looking Nadine stomp her way closer.

"Oh. Over here," he called out and opened the door. As the door swung open, Kaz saw the figure of a being within one of the towers. They were a hulking figure with a mishappen face that dripped flesh. With one massive hand, the bulky zombie held a citizen out of the window of a tower. The citizen squirmed as their life was drained from them and they were dropped. As they hit the ground they crawled back to their feet now as a zombie.

"At the tower. I'll help hold off the horde but there is the target," Kaz pointed at the zombie leader that stepped back into the darkness of the tower. "Let's lead the zombies toward that tower and keep them close. I can do an area attack, once we get them rounded up. But some of you will need to take on the zombie leader at the same time." Kaz said and rushed out of the church, drawing the attention of some of the horde until they realized he was also dead. Someone live needed to come with the mage to really bring the horde.

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The monk was quick to answer back in a raised whisper, but his question was also quick to earn a dubious glare in return. Nadine was sure she had heard him correctly, but she still couldn't believe it. Before she could heatedly debate the topic of necessary violence their voices had drawn more of the undead to each of them. She hastily raised her gauntlets back up and pulped the softened skulls of her attackers with her raw strength alone as she heard Poropo deal with his own aggressor. His tune was quick to change much to her indignant satisfaction, but even that was short lived as she risked a glance back to the cathedral's front doors. She caught sight of the man just in time to see him vomit. The demi-human's own stomach had been steeled against the offensive sights and smells of the undead through past exposure, but she still sympathized for the man. These were not sensations anyone should get used to dealing with.

Backing up towards the cathedral's entrance as she continued to box the heads off her shambling opponents she could hear other voices from inside the building. Voices that she was familiar with, but didn't expect to meet again like this. She didn't answer Judith's questions regarding the possibility of other survivors. Nadine was sure others had survived so far, but they would be few and far between. The rest of Magnolia was going to have to fend for itself while they took care of the bulk of the problem.

A couple zombies that had been attracted by Poropo's commotion managed to stumble past Nadine to bang on the door, but the demi-human took her chance to weaponize them as a distraction. She quickly moved to grab each of them by the back of their necks and flung them at the approaching horde, knocking down a fair few of the damned souls. When Kazimir opened the door for her she looked as if she might hastily accuse the vampire of instigating this whole mess, but when she opened her mouth the woman begrudgingly sighed, knowing better. Her gaze then followed the Guild Master's up to one of the front towers.

The real culprit of this waking nightmare revealed themself before killing and dropping someone to the ground. Her pitying gaze remained on the desecrated corpse as it slowly reanimated, and unconsciously her fingers curled into fists at her side. Even without Kazimir's instructions she would have chosen to go after the grotesque ringleader. The man's plan did make sense, though; she herself was incapable of performing wide magical attacks. It would take her far too long to chew through a group. Her efforts would be best utilized against a single target.

"Big and ugly is mine," called out Nadine coldly as she started to step past Kazimir to enter the cathedral. As she passed by the Guild Master she'd add, "I'll try not to drop him, or the tower on you." Then Nadine would step into the house of worship and start looking for the stairs for the target tower. She wouldn't object if anyone tried to follow her, but it was probably best if the majority of the Fairies remained to help their leader.


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#15Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Finally the pieces coming together and so far whoever else was alive was here. Which means they could continue finally managing live thought and hopefully getting out of here alive. In this stage Judith could admit when asked she was not that brave to face such foes being unsure of herself if the magic she carried would be able to actually do anything to them, She was far too use to being a healer and nothing else, Even then it was just understanding she could more then just make vines,flowers and lights to help her do work around the guild."We should be trying to kill them, They are not sound of mind, They view you as food rather then just being harmless and none violent."

Poropo was in the situation of being sick, which she would not entirely blame him either, Not everyone could stomach dealing with the dead."Hopefully we get out of here soon."And Judith would have to consider coming back here to help clean and fix up the building, Maybe get a few other of her family members to help with it. But there were after situation thoughts when they really were free and safe.

It was not the same way Judith expected the zombies to be at least in thought."Oh I wonder maybe these are the brain eating ones or not, I thought they would be."Not that Judith was going to be going out of her way to test this wonder and find out her self.It was most likely better to not learn how these zombie where made weather from just bites alone or corrupting spells, Then again if they ate brains most likely was something she knew from when she was young. Not something she could recall ever wanting to experience in person.

So what else was really left was two people going to figure out and manage the rest of them, At least that is how Judith saw it, Not sure what else she could do in the end as she seemed unsure of how to fight them herself Judith would make sure to stick by Poropo, When it was clear Judith would help him out of this place if he was unsure or not well enough to walk out, Judith did not have anything she normally would for anything with upset stomachs. Since this was not expected to happen commonly she was not prepared.

Upon thinking about it now, With Nadine and Kazimir starting to trying to deal with the best of them, Judith figured it was a bit better to hear it was clear then try and leave safely as soon as she could, To make sure it was more in an organized manner,That way it was better to wait until things passed and nothing would risk wanting to eat her.



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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo listened to the sights and sounds of his compatriots taking care of the moving corpses or making an effort to create a plan. Kazimir was the leader of Fairy Tail for a reason - he was making an effort to settle this zombie infestation once and for all! Nadine seemed more than ready to finish off the rest of these zombies at the source as well, taking the charge to the top of the tower. However, the monk was confused by the plan and attempted to voice his concerns, "is Kazimir not going to...ah, I have no idea what is happening - I will just hit back the zombies away from Kazimir! Charge!"

Poropo was unsure of what to do and simply charged into a horde of zombies with the intention of doing something important - the monk swung his staff left and right in an attempt to defend himself from the swarm of flesh-eating, cannibalistic corpses. Judith had brought up an important question which the monk might find the answer to if he was attacked by the zombies, "are they trying to get to my head!? Get away! Aaaaah!" The monk was learning first hand the zombies were looking for juicy brains to consume, for some reason. Poropo's flesh was not being scratched just yet, but the zombies were licking their lips and moaning at the sight of a bald head. If the moonlight was not being obscured by the fog, Poropo's bare scalp would be a beacon!

As the monk attempted to stave off the zombie horde near the tower, Poropo decided he would ask an important question, "is this what I am supposed to be doing!?" The monk had not seen what Kazimir and Nadine seemed to have seen - the leading zombie who was the cause of this whole infestation was somewhere the monk could not see within the fog. The monk's eyesight was great during the daylight, especially thanks to his goggles, so all the monk could do was swing and hope Kazimir's plan would burst through the zombie horde and save the day! The monk swung and clubbed whatever zombie he could in hopes of aiding in Kazimir's plan - at this point the monk just hoped daylight would come soon to help clear the fog from the streets of Magnolia. If the fog was gone then maybe the scale of this bad situation would show itself or perhaps harm the zombies somewhat.

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Every thing was happening so fast. So fast in fact he had to zone out. Zoning out just to process it all. Ghost knew he was in trouble but that depended on how one would look at it. But he had to man up. As he was needed to finish this nightmare. As he snapped back into reality he would get the message. They had to stop the man atop that tower. But how will he get up there? He was not strong as he lack the might to. But his team make up his weak area. Ghost would give a smile. As he saw Poropo rushing yet again. Thinking to himself just what was this guy magical abilities. Or was he just a very strong warrior. Either way the zombies stood no chance. As he kept running he would be behind the captain watching as he had the zombies follow him.

But soon he would realize that the undead was now on his back. Ghost would look on and be a bit confused but still he was wondering why they stopped following the captain? Ghost would then see someone going to the tower they were going through the zombie horde as if it was nothing. Was it that lady from earlier? Ghost never really did see her face but did hear how she sounded. He would think this as he picked up a big stick and started to swing at the zombies as he smiled on. He would look up at the man at the top of the tower for a moment and Ghost was now completely surrounded. This was not ok as he was not going to last long with all of what was going on. Without magic he was on the defending end of things right now but he was not scared.

He was in fact happy as can be as he realized he still had a chance to show off his fight style. Which he did not need magic for. Ghost would then rush into the zombies as he went in swinging. Ghost would look on and roar with the might of a tiger. As his beating heart would draw more and more zombies his way. He had no problem with that at all. So long as his guild mates were safe. He would have taken down about 50 zombies by now. But the big hero act was coming to a end as he was now out of energy.

"Alright Captain,Alright Super Monk,Alright Mother Of Fairy Tail and ummm the other person.Looks like I will be crashing out here. The way me magic is set up is kinda like the bank. The account is having problems keeping funds in them and I don't know why. But I'll give you all a chance again. Just please end this once and for all." Although he was next to the master of the guild he seem to have lost him in the crazy faye of the moment. Ghost would then force his way through the zombies as he ran down the street within the fog. The bloody fog made it hard to see just about everything. But a few light glances here and there. But for some odd reason the zombies could see or was it the sound they were making. But either way he took off down the street. As a group if zombies went following him. What made this better was that it was clearing the way for the others to get to thier leader a lot faster. Hopefully they beat him before the zombies eat Ghost. But he was not gonna let that happen as he took off with full speed. But deep down he was scared and that very feeling is what kept him moving on as he could not afford to stop moving now and that was on Fairy Tail.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir kept running and looked for his companions behind him. Nadine shot by, heading straight for the tower. "Good luck," he called back to her as she vanished up the steps to the tower. The zombies were rounding up around the tower and Poro along with Ghost were knocking the zombies around.

"Yeah, don't let them bite you. They want to eat you," He yelled back to Poro. The group was dispersing and it seemed Nadine was the only one to head up the tower. He hoped someone would have gone with her, but he should have been more clear. Judith had yet to enter the battlefield and she would be the most helpful for the non-fairy tail warrior.

"Judith, hop up to the top and give Nadine some backup if she needs it. I'll stay here." Kazimir had a lot to think about with Poro unable to use his magic and Ghost still searching for his family's magical abilities. He needed to make sure they were okay before they became overwhelmed. The zombies began to circle around them, but they had all made it closer to the tower. Once Judith was out of the way, Kazimir would fly over Ghost and reach out to him.

"Gimme your hand," he called out and if Ghost took the mage's hand, he would pull him from the swarm and throw him towards Poro, so he could land on his feet. kazimir landed next to the two of them, right outside the tower doors. "Take care of the ones on the steps if you don't mind." KAzimir asked, as zombies shambled up within melee range of the group. They were ones that Kaz couldn't focus on just yet.

The wind mage roared to the skies. A thunderstorm boomed and the image of a white tiger appeared to roar. A dozen tornadoes descended onto the courtyard and ripped through the zombies. Undead bodies were thrown about and flung to the far reaches of the walls. The nearby zombies still shambled up the steps as the raging winds toppled a large chunk of the horde. The ground was torn up and some of the windows of the church were blown out, sending glass into the church and scattered into the courtyard.

Kazimir relied on the two beside him to fight off the close-range zombies that had made it to them and towards the door. "Yeah, just keep swinging Poro. We are on the home stretch now. Good work Ghost. Once this is clear we can reinforce Nadine. The master zombie is atop the tower. I can hold off the rest here." The wind mage said as the horde was a pale comparison to what it once was. The trio would pound back the remaining horde and Kaz would hold the line so they could all take out the leader in the tower.

Once all was said and done, Kaz would fall to his butt on the steps to the tower and watch the sun rise with his comrades nearby.

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Taking the stairs to the tower two at a time Nadine hurried her way up the flights of steps. The woman only slowed down to bury her gauntlets into the skulls of a few undead stragglers along the way. Zombies that had followed their leader and had gotten lost, or those that had fell down the stairs after being turned. Again it made no difference to Nadine who these creatures used to be. Each and every one of them were silenced before she moved on.

When she did reach the top she eyed the malformed and distended human shape looming next to the balcony's railing. Grey skinned covered with grime was pulled taunt over its hulking physique, and tears in its skin gave way to swollen yet rotting muscles beneath. Things were getting crazy around the church as multiple tornadoes touched down from the sky, raining dismembered zombies all over the courtyard. Big and Ugly didn't seem to like that, venting its anger with a grunt as it beat a fist against the railing. It turned towards the stairs only to find the demi-human interloper in its way.

Seizing what little advantage of surprise she had left leaned forward as Indra's Gauntlet shined bright. In under a second her assault was already underway as the distance between the two closed, and Aegir's Hand, not to be outdone by its compatriot, smashed into the creature's lower jaw. She felt bone and flesh give way beneath her strike, but it hadn't been enough to reach her enemy's brain. One of its large hands grabbed onto her arm, and immediately Nadine felt the area grow cold under the ghoul's touch. She then felt her feet sliding before being yanked off of her feet and being slammed into the stone railing. Nadine gasped as air was forced from her lungs and bits of masonry were sent falling to the ground. Again the creature pulled at her arm, trying to lift her up before itself now.

Her subdued arm felt chilled and numb, rendering her strongest weapon useless. However, it was with her favored weapon that she retaliated with. Indra's Gauntlet slammed its fingers into the monster's face, gouging out its victim's eyes after having pulped them. The unholy necromancer gurgled as it dropped the woman and rubbed at its face. Nadine panted as she stumbled backwards staying clear from the blind groping of the damned soul in front of her. She took a moment to steady herself before holding a breath and moving quick and low, shifting to one side of the bloated corpse and smashing its knee with Indra's Gauntlet. More gurgling and floundering came from her opponent as it tipped and fell over like a drunkard.

Nadine exhaled a breath of relief before inhaling again in preparation as her armored fist raised itself again. Over and over she savagely punched the necromancer's skull, not bothering to count the number of blows. Like a zombie herself, she was focused on obliterating the monster's brain so there would be no chance of this horror show happening a second time. It wasn't until she smashed into the stone floor beneath the corpse did she stop.

Her breaths were quick and deep as she fell backwards onto her butt suddenly exhausted from the effort. The arm that had been grabbed hung limply at her side, drained of the vitality she had used to break the creature's jaw. She'd need to find Judith to get it looked at. Nadine stood up and slowly walked towards the stairs, only to frown as she remembered the climb up.

"Give me a break," muttered the woman as she sat back down, this time at the topmost step to rest.



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#20Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
So her new dear friend wanted a break huh? Well good thing they could get out of here quickly then."Well, Good news for you then. You will get a break just as quickly as I can get you out of here."Which would sound like typical Judith in nature, Mostly she wanted to leave here quickly to make sure everyone else was safe."Then I will see that you are able to rest, Maybe make sure you get something to drink as well."Work mind was always normal of her, But then again she was with Fairy Tail and helping them, So It was Judith's way of saying thank you to Nadine.

So now after a few moments Judith checked out Nadine."Hmm.."Inspecting her hand if anything showed at least one thing was noted, Judith hoped to never get on this woman's angry side if it meant leaving her hand in the state she did."Left a good number on it."Then well Judith just in case casted an actual spell. Would be the first time Nadine would experience this as well, Since it was not commonly seen yet aside from the small moments she explained it.

After the light and the pollen start floating away with in the air, Judith just made sure Nadine got on her feet and they left the area with safely, Judith being sure to not to push the tired Demi-human too hard to entire not only they did not make much noise for any remaining undead, But as well make sure that they did not have to stop either.




Spell used:
Name: Nature's Tender Touch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: The Blessings of Mother Nature
Type: Healing
Element: Nature + Light
Range: 5
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The caster locks onto a friendly ally and begins channelling their magic. Raising a hand they summon a magical circle below them and their ally. The sweet smell of pollen fills the air as white Lilly's bloom on the body. These Lilly's spread their petals and draw in sunlight either from the sun or from the user if its night time. The stored energy is then sent into the body the Lilly's are growing on to heal up damage.

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