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Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala)

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Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Empty Sat Oct 16, 2021 11:39 am


Tempris sat on a tombstone decoration with her feet kicking in the air. Her boots where off on the side of the tombstone along with most of her gear to include her sword. She wore a White and blue dress with a skirt that was a bit shorter. However, she did have light blue shorts underneath and no socks. Her veil was white with a gold cloth over her forehead and the symbol of Empyrean Divine was stitched into the left sleeve of her dress. The sleeve itself only came down halfway down her bicep. However she did have Blue Gloves Which came up her forearm and stopped just before hitting her elbow.

She leaned back resting against an even bigger tombstone and looked up at the orange lights and lanterns. For such a dark and cool holiday, there were some pretty colors and lights around. It sort of reminded her of a friend she lost. Its been a few weeks since she got word of her death but the girl could not find a way to get over it. It haunted her mind when she wasn't distracted by work or tending to the other younger kids. Unknowing a tear fell down her face. A tear shed for for a sinful daemon... a sinful friend.

Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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The purple haired thief quietly snuck through the shadows of Samhain’s alleys, careful to avoid the more populated streets of the halloween town. In the past few days Nuala had learned that skeletons were loud and awkward, but otherwise harmless. Ghouls were a pest, but luckily did not travel in groups making them more of a nuisance than an actual problem. Goblins however were up to a significant amount of mischief and after having her wallet stolen (!) and spending hours trying to steal it back the daemon was fed up. Although Nuala had succeeded in the end, the “master” thief felt disgruntled, moody and deeply embarrassed, having taken yet another huge blow to her already fragile pride. No one could ever find out about this little mishap of hers.

Nuala spotted a little booth selling candy not too far from where she had been standing and even though the daemon did not have much of a sweet tooth, candy was somehow all you could buy here in Samhain. The woman knew that some sweets were more valuable than others, but it usually wasn’t the type you could simply purchase at a stand. Trying her best to appear nonchalant about this entire ordeal, the rogue sauntered over, put a smile on her lips and a few coins on the counter.

“Can I have one of those of those filled…pastries? The round ones?”

The cloaked vendor looked at her with mild amusement. “You mean a donut, ma’am?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Nuala dismissed the vendor with a simple wave of her hand and took a look around the place instead, still wary of goblins and other little beasts. The rogue was surprised to find a lonesome person sitting by a bunch of tombstones, looking rather melancholic. The warm, orange hues of the lanterns engulfed her, painting the little blonde in a strangely beautiful, innocent light. Aside from being completely out of place, Nuala couldn’t help but notice that there was something else off about her. The air around the girl seemed heavy and while Nuala had no way of seeing her tears from where she stood, the daemon acted upon her instincts.

“Can you get me one of those clouds on sticks?”

“Ma’am, it’s called cotton candy. Have you never been to a fai-“

Nuala shot the vendor a vicious glare before throwing a few more coins over the counter. She took her “donut” and the blue “cotton candy” and headed over to the young female. “Hey there,” the thief said and attempted to hand Tempris the cotton candy. “You alright?”

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A voice ripped Tempris from the trance she had with the glowing light. It was then that the girl realized she had a tear running down her face. Quickly she rubbed her face with her arm before answer the stranger. "Yes... I'm fine. but thank you..." The cotton candy wasn't something she normally would eat or buy but something inside of her made her crave it. So she took it. It was sweet, so the girl had to fight the urge to smile while taking small bites or at least that's what she was telling herself. In reality she did not have the energy to smile, even when eating something sweet. "I was just distracted by the lights. It reminded me of a party someone I knew was throwing. I wasn't crying or anything okay. I'm not some crybaby or kid okay!"

The girl was adamant about this fact despite her eyes processing another tear. Fala would probably try to help her if she saw Tempris in this situation. Even though she was a sinner, even though she knew Tempris's mission. One day she would have to go through a baptism of fire. But instead, she gave her life for another person and did not even tell Tempris or send a letter or note or message.

Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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“Didn’t think you were,” the purple-haired woman said in response and took a seat on a smaller rock, back leaning against a makeshift tombstone. "You just looked like you might enjoy the company.” Nuala unwrapped her donut and began digging into it without another word. Truth be told, the daemon might have been the one who had wanted to have some company tonight – Samhain was interesting, but she’d grown weary of the undead and their little games and talking to a normal person was a refreshing change. Besides, ever since the founding of Daeva Eye, the thief had been unconsciously on the look out for people like Tempris, although that was in the past.

Chewing on her donut, Nuala leaned back and took a glance at the lights Tempris had been so longingly looking at earlier. They were beautiful and oddly calming, creating a great contrast to the otherwise creepy atmosphere that was present within Samhain. She then turned her head towards the small blonde and inspected her a little more thoroughly. The child, that’s what she appeared to be, was dressed in a very particular manner and Nuala immediately made a few assumptions. “You’re like a Cleric or something?” She asked. "Name’s Nuala, by the way. Nice to meet ya.” She then took another bite from her donut.

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Tempris rubbed her eyes with her arm again, trying to hold back her feelings. It was hard and she refused to acknowledge to herself that she was failing. In her mind she was stead fast, stoic, and powerful looking but in reality, sniffling broke every chance for silence and her face remained moist from the tears fighting to form. "Company... with someone like me..." The girl lost a bit of mental fortitude, forgetting that she normally hid those things about herself from strangers. "If it doesn't bother you... *sniff* I won't make you leave. It would be unappropriated of someone like myself to shoot away a stranger who at least offer something nice..." 

The woman took a seat and started eating a donut and from what Tempris could appear to see, was enjoying the lights. After a bit of time, the woman spoke up with an unusual question. "Sorry no... I am not a member of the church. I still have a hard time going near those places still. Sometimes, I think there's something wrong with me... but it's probably just them. Most people don't have a high opinion of them anyway." Tempris sniffled and rubbed her noise. "Oh sorry... I'm Tempris... It's nice to have some company so thank you... I suppose." Temrpis took a deep breath and then decided to add one more question.

"What do you think about the church and Illumin?"

Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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The thief didn’t think too deeply when approaching Tempris and as her tears fell and muffled sniffles became audible, the purple-haired woman quietly finished her snack and licked the glazed sugar from her fingertips. A moment later the silence between them was broken and when Tempris spoke, her words brimming with a strange mixture of sadness and self-consciousness, the daemon shot her a curious glance, carefully scanning the soft features of the little blonde.

Nuala thought the girl seemed far too young to be sad and alone in a place like this but if anything, she knew that age meant little in a country like Fiore. The varying circumstances of life often forced people to grow up much faster than they should have to. Nuala didn’t know why, but she somehow felt as though this had been the case with Tempris. “Hey, that makes two of us,” she responded, a faint smile blooming on her dark red lips. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, as much as there’s probably a plentitude of things wrong with the church,” she continued and paused for a moment after. “But don’t tell them I said that.” Nuala added with a chuckle.

When Tempris revealed her name, Nuala quietly repeated it once to memorise it. It sounded nice, unusual in a way. It fit her oddly well. “Nothing, if I’m being honest. There are no gods out there, at least not for someone like me,” a sound akin to laughter escaped her throat and Nuala couldn’t help but wonder if she would end up bursting into flames should she ever decide to actually enter a house of Illumin.

“Why do you ask?”

Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Ol6wFcl

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Tempris was not surprised by the woman's responses so far. She did not look like the church type; and the question about Tempris being a cleric did not do a good job of making her seem knowledgeable about their practices if that was her aim. She did not seem to enjoy the church but she had a respect for them if not some amount of fear of their power and influence.
"I have no reason to interact with them... not since Bosco." The girl felt a small breeze sap away her strength. It was not the best thing to remember.

The woman's opinion about Illumin and the church was a bit tame but that was probably to be expected if the woman thought Tempris was in fact actually connected to the church. The woman had much more room to be honest though. The small girl did not exactly feel up to her life mission tonight.
"In my travels, I have seen many things... Sinners cursing his name, heretics abusing his name, heathens preaching his name. But recently, last month... I met someone who taught me lots about how to better enact his will. Only this person... was not a follower but well... A daemon. Funny... a daemon can make a better party for Illumin than one of his most devoted..." Tempris managed to smile but it was empty and only made her feel more cold.

Discussing Demons with a Zealot (Tempris and Nuala) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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The thief took a bite from her donut, relishing its sweet, soft texture and satiating taste. The lanterns radiated warm hues of light, a shade that matched Tempris’ golden coloured hair and highlighted the stark contrast between her innocent appearance and wholly wistful expression. “Huh,” said Nuala and offered the little one a shrug.

She hadn’t expected such a turn of events, but decided not to give too much away yet – in the end, Nuala herself was fairly ‘new’ to being a daemon and even though the void-born female was no stranger to immortality, she couldn’t help but feel as though daemons and voidlings were entirely different creatures after all. Luckily she had subdued the nagging voice at the back of her mind shortly after it had started appearing in her head, quickly shooting down all of its attempts at forming a contract. The only type of contracts Nuala did were hits and robbery – nothing else.

“How curious,” she responded eventually. “Makes you wonder if that daemon had any ulterior motives, especially since you can’t seem to stop thinking about them without looking all sad and gloomy,” the woman said and gestured loosely towards Tempris. “Seriously, if you keep frowning like that you’ll have wrinkles before you come of age.”

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