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And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 15, 2021 11:17 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was something she was more hopeful to have happen, Priscilla was hoping to at least find that one last person she could call an actual friend and give them a small conversation, For not only was this kind of the life she felt at best with, But it allowed her to settle into being something different that was not the monster she assumed she was, That person was none other then Kazimir, Thus she sought him out to do able to do this.

Thus here Priscilla was in Samhain. Walking around with Hasani in his scarecrow costume, almost seemingly waiting quietly, Looking around so casually. To see if that sign of him being around was there.

Even taking the moment and and sniffing the air for a moment."Oh..I do think he is here, I think he just needs to know I am."Then gently patting her son for a moment."My child, I do say it is a good time to practice a howl."However there was more to that, As where the young werewolf child howled, So did Priscilla, Or well as Kazimir knew her as her actual name Valerie, It was kind of a playful bait to lure him to her to talk, So Kazimir would hear two werewolves howling.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:35 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir walked around the little town. It had been a long time since he thought of this place. He could almost remember the crazy things that happened around this time of year. So much had gone on though that it had faded to the back of his mind.

The wind mage carried about the vast place, with wandering eyes, but going no particular place. He never had the chance to come here. And yet now that he was, he found it odd to take this time off while dragons still loomed overhead ready to attack at any moment. Nothing looked too familiar until he heard a wolven howl from the distance. listening closer he could hear a smaller one along with it.

"Could it," he started to say and then strolled over in that direction. The place probably had a lot of them, but he had to make sure. He climbed up a small hill, covered with pumpkins. Some of them had faces carved into them before they were even plucked from the vine.

he said with a smile and shook his head. "How are you old friend," even though they were not that old, they both had experienced so much in life, they may as well have been ancient.

"It's weird to think that I too fit in a little bit better here now than I would have before, And how is the little one," He spoke both about his vampiric transformation and seeing her child.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 15, 2021 4:29 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Over all it seemed to work exactly as she thought."You are far too simple to bait."She did not say that smugly in any manner it was just her mention something so casually because she always just felt and almost expect a bit more."But I could look past it considering, Things are far different now."It seemed now days the werewolf could just be mistaken for a red haired mother enjoying life and on an outing with her son.

But Kazimir had a different set of eyes as well, that young werewolf child seemed to be growing up well."Do not kid yourself Kazimir, I never fit in much everywhere."She would mention casually because that was just something she felt about it, Not that she really minded not fitting in, She seemed to be doing fine with not fitting in.

But it seemed enjoying being on her mother shoulders, Hasani had not really attempted to speak much at all, It some manner Priscilla/Valerie had made some process in teaching him herself."But I figured, If you were around I owe you at least this conversation."After all, They were closest things she could say were friends.

"Hasani is doing well, Between visits to his father side of the family, Esperia's help too. I manage some but not enough sleep, Just however managing to keep going."Kazimir had a basic sample of the werewolf's life and it sounded if anything she kept busy and free from the life she once had."I assume you are equally as busy."

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:48 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"I had a pretty good idea, what I was walking into," he joked back. Their friendship was always an odd one. Questionable when he was in the knights, but Kaz had a different way of looking at things, and was glad they were.

"Things have changed a lot." He said and took a seat near her and the child. "That's not true. You joined a guild for a while. And I hear you are a taken woman now," He smiled thinking about the brief encounter he had with Val's wife. She had spilled the beans about the relationship. "Its good to know you found someone."

Kaz let out a small laugh, "Still painting everything as gloomy huh. I wanted to see you as well before you disappeared again," he replied with a look on his face that said he understood. "You talk like you're going to be gone for a really long time this time?" He said and looked up into the spooky skies above.

"He is growing fast, isn't he," Kaz waved at the child. "There is never enough time to sleep," Kaz jested. Although he had not much need for it anymore. It was nice to know she had fully embraced this other life.

"Fortunately for me, I rarely need it anymore," he shrugged. "Me. Getting married to Karisa. Having a child of my own. Retook back the wind clan and water clan and am building them back together. And became a vampire," he said with a hand on his chin.

"How did you meet Esperia?"

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:29 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Most likely, easily guessed."I entirely doubt that." Weather it was humour of not, Would entirely left to Kazimir, But that was all she would say to that, Even if she had a fair more things in her mind that she could be thinking about at this time, At least in the end things were far more casual about it the matter they were in.

So he did learn some things."Oh and how did you learn that one I wonder?"She did ask this oddly enough serious, she did try hiding being in a guild, Because of how strange it would have been for some one like her."But yes, The taken part I won't really hide."No reason to hide, Then again she was married to that particular vampire was that going to be mentioned down the road. But there was other parts to continue first.

Still painting it all gloomy? Well how long did she linger in such a reality it would still make sense for her."If anything, Consider this me being sure I have at least one final visit with some people before I go off and hide away forever."After all it was most likely this point she just needed Esperia and be happy, She had not really seemed to desire much else at this point.

"So more then a long while, I might not even show up again, If i am lucky enough."It was just how she was, If she was never seen again and she could be in a form of bliss."I can let my anger go even if my last target is in Magnolia."It was her sign she wanted to keep her idea of moving on permanent.

To answer the never enough time to sleep."With Esperia she is more letting me rest then anything else."She seemed to laugh about it slightly. In some manner that is just how life went, Kazimir had a lot more going on now days too.

"Your just as busy as i am just in a different way."You could hear the actual laughter in her voice like a normal person would have humour with these things, Long gone laughing about bloodshed and murder.

But he wanted to ask that of all question."Oh...You really want to know that?"Now the more interesting question might be is, Would she answer it."If you will excuse the lack of magical wonders, She merely sought me out,found me, Told me she thought I was lonely and wanted to get to know me and that was it." It sounded fairly basic but she was not going into much detail about it.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm already dead. Not much to worry about these days, and not many werewolves roaming around," he answered back. He was less worried about things these days. Partly due to the number of supernatural senses he had acquired.

Kazimir skipped by her question of how he learned about her guild and addressed the second statement instead, "I ran into Esperia not too long ago. It was nice to hear. Seems she makes you happy, and the young one has someone else important in his life now."

"Hiding away forever. That's always been the goal huh? After all, was said and done. Living a safe life...that is wonderful. I'll do my best out here to make sure nothing disrupts that for you. Like dragons descending and what not," he joked about the state of the world.

"In that case, I hope you will be safe. You know if you ever need anything you can find me," he gave Priscilla the location of his clan's village out by Joya. "One day I will retire here, and raise the next generation of my clan. If years later you need of anything..." He let a pause hang for a second, " Or just want to visit," he laughed.

"Letting all that go then? A difficult thing to do, Kaz added as his own past was only let go once he ended all their lives. He didn't bring it up, but he was deciding if he would take it upon himself to deal with the one that had put Val on this dark path. magnolia was his home now after all.

"How long has it been Val? I still remember the first time we meet. I was a young page and you were a woman, ready to run off into the wild. We've come a long way."

He sat back and laughed, "And that time you and Judina got into a chase."

"Yeah, life is hectic. I'll be a father soon and then raise the clan. Training the next mages of Fairy Tail and staying ready for those dragons to return. Karisa has been wonderful. Finally settling down. I thought Love was gonna be pretty tangled for more for a while."

Kaz listened to the strange story Val told about her meeting Espy. "Oh...that is a simple yet odd little story. So she tracked you down and then you two just hit it off. Sounds delightful." He picked up on all the subtle little laughs the woman let out. A far cry from the woman she was before. Even in that meeting at the park, he could tell she was different now. Having a child really slowed her down and curved her bloodlust.

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 22, 2021 12:17 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Even then the most likely the annoying part of this werewolf lady was."Even if not many, You should not have assumed it was not me right away."True maybe other signs would make it easier that she expected to have pointed out, But in his basic terms she still pointed that out."Not living or not, You always know you have manage to be careful in some manner."Even if he was more then able to manage himself well it would just be the picky manner that she just seemed to be.

However Kazimir had a new problem."Even then, You should answer what you just skipped over."You could see the smile on her face, the smile of a knowing very well some one might be intentionally over looking something."That was something I kept very well hidden, So tell me, how Did you know?"She for the most part waited, But assume she would not have to wait long depending if he answered or not, Hiding something she kept pretty hidden was something dangerous after all.

Even with this line the sign of her being happy was still there."If one thing, Esperia has me ready for almost anything she comes up with and on my toes."Then again it showed on she could keep herself busy."But in the end even if I can admit there are days I wish she would slow down...But I guess it balances out to have some one to cuddle with."She even laughed about that.

Even hints he wanted her to visit was more then apparent."Better question to ask yourself is, Even if that is a normal wish of me, Are you sure it is even possible I will show myself again?"It was a fair question it was logical to even assume Priscilla would change how she looks to even get around Kazimir if need be, After all she had done it before.

If anything if she was intending to hide away, She would be even easier to miss, She knew how to sneak around."It might be hard to let go, I view it for the better, I can keep myself busy enough to never think about it again."Maybe it was just that healthy move forward considering how she was, it was a safer option."I need to be safe and sane for not just him,But a few others."It was just Priscilla being honest about it.

"If anything even if I did not run into the wild, in some manner I had still embraced it in some manner."Knowing her own path and how it settled maybe she knew she grew up in a different way. With that subject she could not help."Speaking of miss blue and a stick in the mud, I find odd she isn't with you now."It was a good comment about what she had no idea about, With how often she was around,  it was most likely that at least in the werewolf's view she was busy still being a stick in the mud.

"You sound just like I was in feeling, But I have far less things to worry about it."No raising other guild members or a clan. Just her small family to live then maybe grow old.

Even with how little she went about it."I mean Esperia did have her own charming way of forwarding things to help her case, But I would spare you such details."They weren't really needed details anyway, Kazimir did not know that part of her life.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Oct 25, 2021 9:18 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"I do manage to keep my head above water," he joked back, especially having a few more tricks up his sleeve these days.

"What was the name of that organization again," he placed a finger on his chin thinking about the name of the group that Val could have been a part of, and asking her for more clarity on the past.

It was still odd but nice to see how happy Val was. "Keeps you on your toes huh? She sounds like a good match for you then. What all do you get up to?" He asked about the more simple things of Val's new life, or then again, with it involving Espy, it may not be simple at all.

"If there is one thing I have come to accept about the world, it is that anything is possible," he smiled at the woman and leaned back. Even if it was not in this life, he felt the winds would carry these two together again as it had throughout their life.

"True. A life of violence isn't the safest route. I'll take care of all that," he nodded back and took a quick look at the child she was caring for. Seeing it reminded him of all the reasons he began his fight to begin with, even back in his clan days.

"I actually haven't spoken to her in a while now. I left on a personal matter and when I returned, last I heard she was with a new guild. We haven't crossed paths since then," he spoke not having found out about the truth of his old friend and former knight. "We did use to work together a lot though. She saw me through a lot of changes."

"You have always been wild, and will always be," he shook his head, but he meant it as a compliment, given her werewolf race now. "An endearing trait of yours,"

"Things with my fiancee are moving quickly too. We are thinking about settling down. Well, we've talked about it from time to time. But you know me...always work." he said and now he had an eternity of life to do it in. It made his feelings about things a little more distant, which was reflected in his tone.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:56 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Old habit did die hard."If you don't remember, Then I am not reminding you either."So he would strike out on trying to get it, After all she still had some secrets she will keep, Kazimir did know enough about her, being the only person she had handed a single file of information of where her targets where."Can assume that or she really sees something in a stop to keep them going forward in life."Still not much to go off of what exactly these things were.

If they were truly to be a note that it could be talked about."That is true, I mean do you really want me to keep a messenger person around just to settle your worries?"In truth she already had one that Kazimir never quite picked up on because of how busy he was."Even if i doubt you really need to keep track of lil-old-me. So to say."She wondered if he would say yes to this offer all it was still a chance for him to communicate for him. Even if she really did not consider if he would or not, But nonetheless she would continue on the conversation.

"I would not ask you to really deal with him, That is almost asking your tiny purple haired friend to do it."She was referring to Judith, After all she had might of met her only once, But Judith seemingly in her view could not hurt a person at all, if there was anything who was harmless it was that woman.

It seem like time made some people come a part,Not that it was not to be expected it was just life and how it happen."Hopefully she is well then, Maybe she can lighten up slightly."For what had happen she had hoped she was well, it was something if you asked old her might have been a different case.

"You are going to be a slave to that forever much like Little Miss Blue, You both will forever be stuck in that cycle and never take time to smell the flowers."
It was just her mentioning it that, Not that just her mentioning it, Since well it was just her thinking that aloud, Even if he was busy in that manner, maybe it was just a small worry from personal experience, but it was entirely up to him.


And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 11:09 am


There was a certain irony to Esperia's ability to track down her lover with such remarkable ease. Whether it was jokingly out of her love for her, or something more perverted, it seemed Esperia had a knack for finding the werewolf no matter where she was, or who she was with. Even if one was to be bold enough to inquire on how exactly Esperia was capable of doing this, the young woman would always playfully remark that it was because of her 'Waifu radar', of course a joke, a playful jest to conceal the truth. The real reason she could find Valerie so easily was because of the strong connection they held, both emotionally and physically. Esperia loved her, there was no doubt about that, but over time the vampire also felt her body 'needed' her. She needed blood to survive, or rather to recover from her injuries and remain in a peak condition, and as such the mixture of those emotions and the hunger her body felt, made an urge for her to trail the werewolf, or in a way it was like her body functioned like a magnet, subtly being pulled toward that which she desired.

Of course, Esperia was not that subtle in her affection for her beloved, as seen when the vampire emerged from a nearby alleyway and darted over toward the pair with her inhuman agility. "Found you~"

Like an overeager child she pounced into the air, both arms trying to wrap around Valerie's waist as she happily nuzzled against her lover's cheek. "And it seems you have some company~"

Her gaze turning toward Kazimir the scarlet eyes of the vampire sparked with playful mischief as she hummed softly. "A pleasure to see you again Kazi~"

She had almost forgotten the joy of those peaceful days, a joy that was brought back into existence now that she had a family to take care of. "And it seems you were in the midst of an interesting conversation also~ Hope I didn't interrupt anything?"

Meanwhile from the corner of her eye she could see a couple of the children who had been chasing her earlier appearing from the alleyway she had darted away from earlier, one of them exclaiming energetically. "It's the Yuripire! Is she going to nom again?"

To which the other child exclaimed happily. "She will! Don't you recognize the one she is snuggling against? It's the same pretty lady she nommed previously!"

To which Esperia lamented in a playful remark: "Can't a lady enjoy her dinner with her loved one in peace? Hush~ Hush~ Mommy made fish sticks for you lot, so better get home before it becomes dark."

At least it seemed Valerie's words earlier were true: things did get very lively with Esperia around.

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) UcJA3TG
#11Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 1:07 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"You've already told me enough," Kaz replied, as he knew less than he was letting on, but the fact that she acknowledged she was in a guild was more information to him.

"A messenger, hmmm," he stopped to think about the idea. It would not be unlike anything that he had done before. But it was something different than he expected from her. "Yeah that would be helpful. Your sensitive side is starting to show," he teased her a little bit about the offer but agreed to it. If anything, he just liked to be available for people if they ever had a need for anything.

Kazimir shrugged, "It's not an inconvenience. I'm actually looking for some more work these days." He let out a small laugh at the mention of Judith. "Don't worry she won't take part in anything like that. Although she has been expanding her questing recently." even though the guild had become busy with a few things, he still hadn't found something to really put his detective hat on for again.

"Time to smell the flowers," he replied in an almost confused tone. "Did you forget already that I'm getting married and having a child? Trust me, I've had plenty of down time." He leaned back and back with a thoughtful exhale. "So are you just here for the spooky festival?" he asked when another figure bounded over from the alley.

He smiled at the familiar face, even though they had only had a brief encounter. "Good to see you are in good health Esperia," he replied. He watched the extra touchy moment the two shared. "You have opened up Val," he said, looking at the soft moment the two shared in an embrace that he thought he would never see from Val, but always hoped for her.

"Just catching up on old times. Seems I was right after all," Kaz said the last part to Val. Referencing their first meeting when he spoke about believing there was kindness and goodness within her.

"How have you been Esperia?"

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Tue Nov 02, 2021 4:24 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Was she more sensitive now days? it was a good thing to ponder, it move have soften her up a bit but not to a large degree."I can admit slightly, I might be a bit more, But I have good reason to be."She no longer wanted to just be a monster all of the time, Her and bitterness was a bit draining after all.

It is good that Nasira was off relaxing, it allowed her to keep her a bit more hidden if she really needed to do things like this.But he was looking for work? interesting thing to think over."I should ask for such a thing, whatever you plan to do, might not be as risky...However, Am I wrong to assume you are considering a job for some kind of reward?"It was a good thing to ponder.

Hasani who was still on Valerie's head and seemed to playfully pan his hand on Esperia either wanting down or Esperia's attention. Then again she would continue the conversation while hugging Esperia."Consider it crass of me, But I have not really been keeping track of your life,But I am glad to hear that nonetheless."She did not really have the time to anymore if you realize that Valerie had Esperia and the werewolf child of hers.

"I am here for the spooky season, One does need to see what they missed."
For a moment she would give Esperia a kiss upon the top of her head."I also know, some one particular to me seems to love this season."That person was hugging her currently. Gently rubbing Esperia's back."It seems some one was up to their normal antics I expect."It seemed she would have to ponder something to ask her later."Teaching younger ones things that might not be good for them to know."

Nonetheless they would continue the conversation."Depending, beyond this a few more things, I wanted to come greet people, Allow me to feel more like a person and not an animal."she was still a bit normal in her own way in some manner., But reflecting upon her life in the past when they spoke about it, It was far different then what it use to be compared to now, It was the most simple and basic way of saying of it."Past me as far in deep into despair and sadness over loss...not that I have a family the missing piece are with in a beautiful wife and two children."Even having a peaceful smile upon her own face. It was nice to be a peace, At least Valerie was at peace.


And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Mon Nov 08, 2021 6:12 pm


The obsidian-haired vampire smiled playfully at Kazimir as she nuzzled against Valerie, The adorable gesture of Hasani did not go unnoticed as a moment after Valerie gently kissed her forehead, the vampire raised a hand to the werewolf child's cheek, caressing it gently. "Keeping mama safe for me? What a good boy you are~"

Yet in the wake of hearing the comment about teaching the younglings stuff that might had not been good for them, Esperia's cheeks flushed up lightly as she hummed sheepishly in return. "I actually taught them nothing~ Seems they are simply curious, and might had overheard a word or two~" Snickering softly she turned her attention toward Kazimir. "Mhmm~ I been doing well, finally taking things a bit more at my own pace nowadays. Having found what I truly wish to protect and take care of, has made me feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders~ After all, I was never truly meant to be a hero, I'm simply someone who wants to do good, in her own way~ In this case that means taking care of my lovely family~"

She smiled kindly at Kazimir as she turned her gaze at Valerie. "Speaking of them~ Lilly just went to rest a little, she is quite exhausted after all the training she has been doing. Seems she recently got quite interested in becoming a proper elder sister for Hasani~"

She paused for a bit, gently nuzzling against Valerie as she continued speaking. "It seems the landscape is changing immensely when it comes to the presence and existence of the various guilds within Fiore, and so does the influence that comes with them. Fortunately we won't have to worry too much about that~ We are quite good at playing hide and seek~ Isn't that right my love?"

She giggled softly at the jest while continued soon afterward. "But take care of yourself Kazimir~ Even the strong have their limits, and there is no shame in realizing that at some point you can't protect everything, and then it's a matter of making priorities~ As long as I can raise my family in peace, I doubt I'll be needing to make any drastic actions~ And I kind of prefer it like this. After the recent years I feel that living a peaceful life like this away from all the chaos and conflicts is not that bad of a thing~"

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) UcJA3TG
#14Kazimir Seiryu 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Wed Nov 10, 2021 6:47 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Reward," Kaz looked at Val with a hint of light-hearted confusion. "Just consider it a parting gift," he nodded, just in case this was the last time to two of them would see one another. At the end of the day, part of Kaz was still a knight and even though Val had moved on from it, the wind mage still needed to make a criminal see justice.

He should have guessed it was the season that brought her back. Although it all felt so finite. He hadn't expected this unison of people though. "Having a family will change things that's for sure," he thought about the family he was growing of his own.

"I would be surprised if Val's kids didn't have a wild streak to them," The wind mage teased back with a short laugh.

"Sounds like you two make a good fit for one another then. What's the plan going forward?" he asked, curious about their life path together.

"The guilds have changed a lot. Seems Allegiances are always rising and falling," he replied and shook his head. "I tend not to get too involved with them unless they are at my doorstep...or if some great threat has arrived. Oddly enough there are some dark guild members I get along with. I'm sure the nobility is not a fan of that." He shrugged, speaking as if he didn't really care what they thought, even though he was in a light guild.

"Always do. And it's not about me being strong anymore. I have a guild a clan and a family standing beside me now." He could feel the wind rush across his face. "Plus I'm pretty good at getting out of bad situations these days. I've picked up some more tricks. But you do the same. take care of yourself. The world is becoming smaller in many ways." He hinted towards the conflict in the other countries that Fiorian mages took part in.

#15Priscilla Ivalice 

And With This We May Part.(Kazimir/Social.) Empty Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:14 am

Priscilla Ivalice
This part she seemed to just quiz him with this, Only because it was something she really might have needed to be sure."I do have to ponder this, What will people think of some one of your standing, out right ridding a seemingly quiet man living his life."It was a good thing to mention to him."I would assume it would not look good at you."It was not that she was refusing but knew it that was so good if word ever got out of it."But, That is just my worry of many worries."Yeah she was not hiding her caring emotions anymore even if she was still a bit of a harden woman.

When it came to her family well."Hasani is just as much as his father as he is myself, I do hope Vali's spirit look fondly upon his son, Just as much as I do now."It was the first time she ever mentioned Hasani's father in name, Always just kind of keeping it hidden much like a few other things."Lili however has been a bit more tame...at least compared to Esperia and Hasani."She meant this in more of a wholesome manner, After all she was always busy in some manner between the three.

"But if that is her wish to do, Makes me wonder if I should truly tells Nasira she is free, Making me wonder if she knows what to do with her life beyond following me."
Yes, she was most likely not lying about being more caring or maybe this was just how she was all along, being able to not be so bitter just left her as a more tough and caring type."However I am sure if I believe Esperia on not teaching them said words I heard, It is entirely with in her normal language."This was more of a tease at Esperia then anything else she might have just said in passing and they picked it up, But it is not just a simple normal phrase people said generally.

"I have been behind on the times, Anything that is currently at risk with the world is not something I have not had to worry about of late."
Normally was the one to keep track of everything happening, It was odd being behind on the times."We will have to be careful and watch over Hasani and Lili a bit more."He was starting to walk after all, just like feeling tall on his mother's shoulders."Or I might have to go back to old habits if things progress in risky ways."That might be something no one wants, But she was well prepared to go that route, Even if she did not want too, Then again Esperia was far more dangerous then herself.

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