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Social Skulls [Odin]

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Social Skulls
The user has done 3 roleplay posts with a Lich in Samhain.

Once a year, when the leaves turned yellow and the weather became colder, a mysterious town would show up in the middle of nowhere. Samhain was an oddity, a curious paradox and an enigma – truth be told, the daemon had never seen anything quite like it. Nuala had come to terms with the fact that there were many strange and unusual things unique to the country of Fiore and that Samhain was one of them.

The citizens of that town were all but human, but Nuala had decided early on not to dwell on it. She didn’t want to think too much about where the skeletons, zombies and other creatures came from – and where they disappeared to once they had decided that their little haunting was over.

Wilfully ignoring the strange circumstances under which Samhain came to be and disappeared into nothingness a few weeks later, Nuala visited the town as often as she could. It had been profitable visit in the past and the daemon knew by now that the citizens of Samhain loved their little games – and that participating and winning could result in a generous reward. More often than not it was nothing too spicy, but the woman wasn’t picky: money was money after all. And it seemed that she wasn’t the only one who knew this. As Nuala walked through the town’s dark alleys, her pale skin shimmering in milky hues under the bright moon light, she spotted a rather familiar figure. Ears perking up and shoulders raising in anticipation, the thief approached the cloaked person.

“Master Odin?”

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Odin had spent many years in Oak City. It was where he had resurrected, where his pub and his guild was located, and where he had gained control over the West. For all intents and purposes, it was his home and no one could ever change that. But there was something about Samhain, with its spooky aesthetic and freely travelling undead, that had always resonated with the Lich. While he was perhaps the only Lich to exist in Samhain, there were many skeletons and zombies such that he could blend into the background if he really wanted to. Of course, this was Odin we were talking about, so he never did.

Strolling through the alleys of the resurfaced city, Odin was covered head to toe in a cloak. Those who knew him would be able to recognise him, either from his height, his walk, or the air of death he often gave off. It wasn't the standard dramatics that he was known for, and there was a good reason for that. Odin loved this season. The time for frights to come about and everyone to relax under the pretence of fear. That's what made him excited as he heard someone utter his name from behind him. A voice he recognised almost instantly. After all, they had both talked for many hours while one was literally just a pile of bones.

Turning around to face Nuala, Eternal Nightmare's newest recruit, would be a human face. Brown hair, blue eyes, a somewhat handsome looking man, except from the fact that the head was very clearly severed at the neck. The brown hair was devoid of any care and the blue eyes had faded as the colour was drained from the face. If Nuala looked further down the neck, she would see a skull hiding inside the cloak, and an arm having been stabbed straight through the neck, so as to control the mouth when 'Odin' began to speak.

"It is good to see you Nuala. How have you been?"


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A faint tug on the corners of Nuala’s lips pulled them upwards into a smile. Odin turned around looking horribly charming and the thief couldn’t help arching a curious brow as she looked over her Master’s costume. It seemed that the Lich had gone out of his way to behead someone for this and she wasn’t one to let his efforts go unnoticed. “It’s good to see you too,” said the woman and gave a reassuring nod. “You look dashing, by the way.” Her smile turned into a mischievous smirk and Nuala ran a hand through her long, violet hair.

In comparison to Odin, the rogue was almost plain looking. She wore her usual black, tight-fitting clothes and two daggers sat idly at her hips. A leather jacket hung loosely over her shoulders and two silver necklaces decorated her neck. The daemon had thought long and hard about making a few changes to her appearance – in an almost similar way to how Odin had done for his costume, but certainly more permanent. With all the recent changes in her life, it only seemed appropriate.

"Good, actually. I..,” she hesitated and a frown crossed her face. “I’m actually having a good time at the guild.” Nuala had always been the honest type, wearing her heart on her sleeve and being upfront with those she trusted. Strangely enough, she hadn’t struggled or thought too long about accepting the Lich as her new Master and while he clearly lacked what humans would describe as empathy or kindness, he could be surprisingly…nice. If that made sense.

“What brings you to Samhain? Visiting some family?” She nodded towards a bunch of skeletons hushing across the alley just a few steps ahead of them. The noisy rattling of their bones sent a pleasant tingle down her spine and she thoroughly enjoyed the eerie atmosphere.

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There was a slight disappointment as Odin sighed, straightening up and tossing the severed head to the side as he cleaned his hand of the blood and gore. He had been hoping to scare Nuala but, as he probably should have expected, he would have to try harder next time. Death was usually a good way to give people a fright, but those who called themselves members of Eternal Nightmare often had quite a lot of experience with it. But hey, at least he looked dashing, even if that was partly because of a deceased man's head. Odin didn't even know who he was, just a random bystander that happened to be alone the evening before.

Her comment took Odin by surprise. Not because he didn't expect her to enjoy her time in Eternal Nightmare, but because he wasn't used to people talking about their pleasures with him. It was refreshing to hear, not to mention made him feel great. Nuala was someone Odin had considered great for the guild since she had helped put him back together may years ago. She was strong, and she had a home with them. "That's wonderful to hear. Have you had a chance to properly explore the tower yet? You'll be lost there for weeks." He chuckled lightly as he thought about how many rooms they had, it was pretty ridiculous but made hiding certain important objects a lot easier.

Looking over at the skeletons, Odin forgot how weird he must have looked to them. After all, he was probably the only skeleton in Samhain that actually wore clothes. Habit of once being human, not to mention he wouldn't look nearly as intimidating if he walked around naked all the time. "I always like to visit Samhain when it reveals itself. It was here Eternal Nightmare came to be, and is one of the few places where people don't run away screaming whenever they see me." Pausing a moment, Odin would add, "Don't get me wrong I enjoy the screaming and running, but it's always nice to have options."


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The daemon watched her guild master with a sense of curiosity. A few white specks danced in between the colours of dark purple and black, the light of lanterns and the moon reflecting in Nuala’s eyes. They were perhaps the only part of her body that gave away her old age, always looking a bit weary beyond their years. Odin surprised her. He had surprised her on the day they’d first met and then again when interrupting her admittedly awkward reunion with Venus Rosé. In hindsight Nuala was glad for it, not wanting to imagine what could have happened, what would have happened if the two women had gotten into some sort of brawl. After all neither was known to shy away from violence. The lich had invited her to join Eternal Nightmare rather unceremoniously – apparently he had no doubts about her suitability.

It was both a compliment and a relief. Nuala didn’t realize she had been craving company until she’d joined another guild and the thief had slowly been falling back into her usual patterns, regaining a sense of self and security she had been lacking over the past 1,5 years.

“Not yet,” she admitted and offered a helpless shrug. “Dragged myself to the surrounding towns for some work and to clear up my head, but I intend on exploring the guild and all of its little secrets once this,” she gestured around “..is over.” There was always something to gain from Samhain after all, and Nuala didn’t want to miss out. When Odin revealed a bit of the guild’s origin story, the woman’s eyebrows perked. “Consider me surprised,” she said and took a look around. “Although it does make sense, I suppose. The theme and atmosphere, it fits.” Nuala couldn’t help but smirk at the casual conversation they were having, knowing that Odin was anything but casual. It was terrifying how well adjusted he was, honestly, and if he were to wear human skin, she doubted anyone would be able to see through his pretend persona.

“I’m actually looking for the face sculptor that’s supposed to be here somewhere. You haven’t, by any chance, heard of a person like that?”

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