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The Crash Fairy

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The Crash Fairy Empty Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:24 am

It was a nice day for Ghost and a even more nicer day for The guild known as Fairy Tail. Ghost was going to try to join. Which could be a good thing or a great one. Or just something that was up in the air. But one thing was for sure. He did meet two wizards from the said guild and although he ran off doing the fighting. He still made good om helping people get to safety. But the thing is Ghost did not have any magic of his own. Well that he knows about. So the question on his mind truly was,will they accept a none magic user into the guild? It was one up for grabs and he was hoping that they would. But how could he explain where he went doing that fight a while back? He would give off a smile as he pulled out a small thing of bink sake juice.

Soon he would be at the front door of the guild hall. He was not scared to enter. But he did in fact take his time. As he wanted to save the moment. As this was a big moment a big step in his next adventure. As he took a deep breathe he would open the door to let himself in. He would look around to see the view of the front hall. Ghost would have a smile on his face as he would yell out. "HONEY UM HOME..." in a joking way to speak.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

The Crash Fairy Empty Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:17 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir floated behind the counter, careful not to mess anything up. He didn't want to disturb Judith's station too much. He veered left and right, trying to find the extra bags of tea. "Where did she," he mumbled to himself and flew a little higher to get to the top shelf. The door to the guildhall creaked open. Kazimir paid no attention to it, assuming it was one of the regulars, back from a quest.

A new voice yelled out but had a familiar ring to it. Kaz dropped from the air and landed on his butt, behind the counter. With one hand after the other, he lifted himself up to see Ghost standing in the doorway. The warrior had decided to come to the guild after all.

"Oh. Good to see you again. And that you are safe." Kaz set a container of tea bags on the counter and steppe doubt to greet the man.

"I thought we'd cross paths again," he said. After all, the man left with a fire in his eye and a proclamation.

"Come to join the guild," he asked and reached out to shake the man's hand. "Care for some tea," he held up the bags with a smile.


The Crash Fairy Empty Sat Oct 16, 2021 3:17 pm

Ghost would look on and have a smile in his eyes. Just like a shooting star blasting from his mouth. He would look on to see the master of the guild himself. Just then he would look on as the master hand reached out to shake his hand and he said he knew he would come to the guild. As Ghost reached in for a handshake. If the Fairy Tail Guild Master was cool with it. He would give him a big hug instead. As he would let go he would say to him. "Life knocked me on my but too. Something we got in coming mate." He would say as he saw he fall in a comedy fashion. He would began to talk again.

"Yeah I did Master guy. Mind if I call ya Captain or not mate? But yeah, I came all the way from my old town. Just to see you, The Mother Of Fairies herself and well to indeed join up Mate. But there is a wee problematic of mines. I have yet too unlock my gramps magic. So im still kinda swinging me fist around-the-clock like tick tock " He would say as he started to laugh. Forgetting he was offered tea."

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

The Crash Fairy Empty Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:56 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shook the man's hand and then cocked a brow in surprise as Ghost moved in for a hug. Kaz gave a small smile and accepted the hug. Seems the new member was already treating himself like family. A good trait to have as a part of this guild.

"Life can be tough, but we're still standing. You'll have to tell me about your journey," he said letting go of the hug. Kaz listened intently as the man enthusiastically bounced from one thought to the next.

"Yes, you can call me captain if you like. A few people still do," It was a funny thought, that this person may have had no idea about Kaz's past. It felt like years since he served in the knights and held that title. A few people in his life still held onto it as well.

"You've come a long way then. Unfortunately, Judith, the mother of fairies is away right now on a quest, but she should be back this evening for food and drink." The man spoke clearly about what he wanted out of this meeting. no surprise given their last encounter.

"I see," Kaz spoke with his arms crossed and his mind filling with thoughts. "Well that's not a problem at all," he uncrossed his arms and pulled the guild stamp out of his pocket.

"You can join the guild even if you never use magic. But All of us in the guild will do our best to help you on your journey." Kaz held the guild stamp ready and waiting for Ghost to tell him where he wanted the symbol.

"Welcome to the guild Ghost. Welcome to the family. And welcome to Fairy Tail. As long as you work hard, support your fellow members and protect the people, you will always find a home here."


The Crash Fairy Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 12:39 am

As he was full on joining up with the guild. He was glad to see that Kaz was all well and would like him into the guild. Ghost would also be happy that he could call him captain. Because in his line of work the leader is called as such. Looking on he was a bit sad that the Mother Of Fairies was not around as he would say. "Maybe next time then." As he then was happy again as Kaz said he could join the guild even without magic. As he asked him where did he want his guild mark. Ghost would show him his right chest under his shirt. As he would

Stamp the guild mark on him he would say. "One day it will come in ya know. After all Me grandfolks was something to be behold. My nanna came from a land where she said holiness was the best and my grand pops. Well get this he had magic that would let him break other things even magic. They saved my small town ya know..... So I thank ya mate I won't let ya down."

Alright Mates, you can't watch a garden grow now move along will ya.  

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

The Crash Fairy Empty Tue Nov 02, 2021 10:01 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz put the guild stamp back away and listened to Ghost's story about his family. "I look forward to the day when it does. magic that could break through anything huh? Sounds familiar." He almost drifted away into thought about the past and the person he once knew. That all seemed like a lifetime ago. "tell me more about the land you came from," Kaz asked and stepped to the side so that Ghost could see all of the guildhall. The wind mage gestured for the new member to follow him as they walked the hall for a tour while Ghost could talk about his past.

He was a fiery young man for sure. And eager too. seemed that some new life was being breathed into the guild after all. The two of them would pass by the food tables and then the quest board. The kitchen was next and beyond that was a long hall lined with doors on both sides. If the man had any questions, Kaz would happily answer them on the way through the rest of the guild.

The wind mage would listen intently to the man's past and assume he didn't need to say much about the tour so far. All of it was pretty standard stuff until he was asked something specific.

"Down this hall is where you can stay. We'll get you set up with a room."

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