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Samhain Game: Haunted House

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Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:08 am

Name: Haunted House
Reward: 1x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Will you find the way out of the haunted house, or be caught by a clown?

  • To play the game, approach the haunted house. A skeleton will open the door for you to enter it. When you go inside, the door behind you will close.
  • Venture further into the haunted house and you'll hear voices, things dropping from above, and footsteps around you. Eventually, you'll notice that you're lost inside a maze.
  • With footsteps approaching faster behind you, you must outrun it. Use your wits to run away without getting lost.
  • You may add the following to your roll based on your base Intelligence (unaffected by boosts and items):

    • INT >30 = +1
    • INT >60 = +2
    • INT >90 = +3
    • INT >120 = +4
    • INT >150 = +5
    • INT >180 = +6
    • INT >210 = +7
    • INT >240 = +8
    • INT >270 = +9
    • INT >300 = +10
    • INT >330 = +11
    • INT >360 = +12
    • INT >390 = +13
    • INT >420 = +14
    • INT >450 = +15
    • INT >480 = +16
    • INT >510 = +17
    • INT >540 = +18
    • INT >570 = +19
    • INT >600 = +20

  • If you roll over 80, you win the game.
  • If you roll lower than 80, a scary clown will appear and spray your pants wet making it seem as if you peed in your pants when you go outside.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Poropo Poproporp 

Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:34 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The last game of bobbing for eyeballs in a barrel filled with blood has stained the monk in liquid gore! Thankfully, the monk was mysteriously dressed as a pumpkin so the only part of him which would remain stained after a long bath would be his mental fortitude - he was wearing down quickly with each game he was playing, slowly adding scars to his withering mind. For better or worse, this next game involved walking around in a dark, house-like area. By far the largest of the games, Poropo was not happy not knowing what was inside, waiting for the monk to take a single, wrong step.

"I am...here...to play this...game..." mumbled the monk upon waddling up to the attending skeleton. Much like the eyeball-bobbing skeleton, though much less brutally, the Haunted House skeleton nudged Poropo into the dark area without saying a word. The objective was simple, believed Poropo - to make his way to the other side of the house for whatever reason. The beginning of the trip through was quiet aside from the sound of things falling or breaking. Some screams could be heard in the distance which frightened the monk. As the house went on and became darker, Poropo heard fast footsteps getting closer! The monk would have to use his wits to get out of this house alive!



Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:34 pm

The member 'Poropo Poproporp' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 85


Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:55 pm


Tempris could only laugh at the results of the previous game. Not only did she fail to get the skull in the hole... she failed to keep the skull in the game. The lumps and facial structures of the skull made it a, well, terrible ball. This combined with her Strength and anger just added up to a bad time for the skeleton's head. It bounced out of the machine mid rotation and flew across the festival. "Sorry sis, but I don't think even a miracle is getting us a prize here... lets leave before he comes back." The smaller girl nod hiding her own guilty smile behind two hands.

The next place was a haunted house. Tempris sighed knowing some sort of stupid trick was going to be used here. Emerl was a bit scared but Tempris assured her that it would be nothing she could not deal with. Opening the door led to a really creepy sound. Emerl clutched on to Tempris trying her best to stay quiet and Tempris did her best to move forward with the girl dragging her down. "You know... Its not the easier to protect you with you glommed on me like that..."

Samhain Game: Haunted House Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:55 pm

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Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 3:08 pm


Oh! She had actually won one of Samhain's carnival games for once. Perhaps not all of them were rigged then like she heard so many people heed warning to. Well then, as much fun as Skull Skeeball was, there were still plenty of things left for her to do in the haunted house. Quite frankly, Atani wanted to see what all the buzz was about this place. Surely it couldn't be that scary, right?

A skeleton greeted her at the door for the main attraction. He opened it for her, and as soon as the elf walked through the door, it slammed shut behind her. Atani glanced over her shoulder. How strange. What was she to do now... just explore? Did she need to somehow find a way out besides the door she came through? These attractions did not make the most sense to her.

Well, she wasn't going to figure anything out just standing around there. She came for the true haunted house experience, so that's what she planned on achieving. The further she ventured into the house, the more she began to understand why people were so scared by it. Voices, items, and... footsteps. Footsteps that sounded like they were growing eerily closer by the second. Time to run.

[398 INT → +13 On Roll]

Samhain Game: Haunted House JDUskSb
#ff6666 - Fiorian #cc6666 - Elvarin #996666 - Val'Elvarin

Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 3:08 pm

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'Dice 100' : 53

#8Jin Tatsumi 

Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:20 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jini drug his feet to the next house. Ghouls wailed from within and a skeleton stood out front. he approached and grumbled, "Another game, huh." The skeleton nodded and opened the door for the mage. With a weary look on his face, jin drug his feet into the house, shambling like he was almost a zombie. As he stepped foot in, the door closed behind him. he pawed at the door, but it was locked and sealed. He had no way to go but further in. With a deep breath, he marched onward. His march turned into a slow creep as voices echoed around him. He sheepishly peeked around every corner, trying to find a way out and a place to run from.

Footsteps echoed behind him. The mage stiffened and turned his head. The lights had flickered out. The mage tightened his shoulders and the footsteps got faster. they thundered down the hall. Jin sprinted off in the opposite direction. He zig-zagged into whatever rooms he could find. An old hat and coat hung on a rack and he slipped it on and stood where the rack was. The figure ran by not noticing him. Jin took the chance to dart out and dashed toward a window. With a crash, he would make his way out of the haunted house.

+2 from INT


Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:20 pm

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Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Yesterday at 2:23 pm

Hassan was experiencing a serious case of bad luck. Besides bobbing his head in the pool full of blood, his marksmanship skills left a lot to be desired when it comes to trying to hit the slime targets. So far, Hassan had no sort of prizes that he won and he figured that this was some sort of trick that was targeting the tourists that were going for the prizes and whatnot. A literal trick instead of something that was seen as fair, that was something that Hassan thought it was. Then again, he felt as if he had nothing to lose when it came to playing instead of not playing, so he figured that he would go for it then. With Hassan entering the haunted house, the door closed behind him.


Checking the door knob, it seemed that it was locked from the outside with the only path for Hassan to go was forward.

"Looks like they lock you in for this one. I wonder what they have in store for me?"

Hearing some laughter as Hassan started to walk further into the maze, he started to take off in order to make sure that he wasn't caught by the creature.


Samhain Game: Haunted House Empty Yesterday at 2:23 pm

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