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Poropo Providing Protection [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Providing Protection [Quest] Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:38 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was taking the same quest again with the same problems looming overhead - no magic, no combat skills to speak of, and no new plan to get rid of any potential attackers and thieves. The monk was having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of having to defend shop owners who refused to stop selling the same illegal drugs he believed were the root cause of the underworld coming in to try and steal everything from these otherwise normal shops. "Why can they just not do as I say...why can I just not let them learn for one night?"

Poropo waddled back and forth in front of the shop he decided to protect for the night - this shop sold all sorts of antiques and valuable goods with age making them even more collectable than before. Nothing was out of place outside of some illegally obtained goods in the back which did not technically belong to the shop to be sold. These illegal antiques were stolen and resold to the shop knowing full well they were illegal - the shop owner did not seem too thrilled by the prospect of doing totally legal business when the illegal business was earning him much more money in secret.

"Why can they never learn to do legitimate business? Are illegal items so sought after they are worth the trouble of being robbed?" mumbled the monk to himself as he waddled back and forth under a shop lit by a nearby street lamp. The problem was becoming increasingly worse the more Poropo defended these shops, too.

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#2Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The difference between this night of thievery and the other nights of thievery were the number of thieves which would come by - the boss of the underground world, or at least one of them, was fed up with working with just a handful of thugs at a time. This time around, word got out to the shop owners they would be raided by several waves of thugs in case any of the previous waves left something behind or failed entirely. This blitz tactic of thuggery would begin with the shop Poropo tasked himself with defending on this night which troubled the monk deeply as he kept thinking about what might happen.

"Why can they not also do legal business? Is being in the shadows of the normal world that worth the profit? Impurity seems to breed impurity, but at least the same can be said about purity as well. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to purify what is unseen or hidden - if I cannot see it then I cannot know what to do!" Poropo continued waddling and mumbling to himself as the night went on. The first wave of thieves showed up and peeking around a corner to view the scene of a monk pacing back and forth.

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#3Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo paced back and forth while being watched by the first wave of thugs looking on in the distance around a shadowed corner near the shop the monk was defending. They were unsure of what to do next - the monk was known for being powerful and therefore had an exceedingly high Contract on his head! If they could get past him then they would also have to worry about getting out of the shop, too - the monk was also known for being vigilant so any chance to sneak would be caught immediately. The first wave of thieves felt the only way to get in was to convince the monk to let them through, somehow.

The first wave of thieves carefully approached the monk without seeming to intend violence, but they did have their chains, bats, and crowbars ready to start violence upon the monk if need be - they did not want to go back empty handed to their irate boss! The monk noticed them and said, "do you all happen to believe impurity is worth whatever it is you gain from it? Why not use your skills to do something creative or productive instead of swinging bats around at strangers?" The monk posed a simple question with a complicated answer.

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#4Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The thieves looked at each other without knowing what to say - Poropo just asked if their life of 'impurity' was worth whatever they gained from 'impurity'. The word 'impurity' did not quite register with the thieves, but they had a feeling the monk meant crime. They thought for a moment while replacing the word 'impurity' with 'crime' and thought to themselves about their answer. They became so distracted by Poropo's question the second wave of thieves joined in on the lack of action. They started to discuss with the first wave why they had not even entered the shop behind Poropo which was followed by a lengthy discussion as to their purpose of doing crime and what they were getting from doing things most people considered illegal.

Poropo watched in amazement as the two waves of thieves started to argue with each other about the importance of doing crime in order to support their themselves, their lifestyles, and most importantly their families. The monk was gaining insight on the importance of earning money any which way possible and how some of criminals are sucked into a life of crime against their will by their own families or friends. Their situations can also cause them to turn to crime.

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Poropo Poproporp
"I did not think the life of a criminal was so nuanced that they might be forced to be criminals by forces out of their control...however, crime is still crime - if you hurt someone or steal something not belonging to you then you must pay for your crime in some reasonable way," mumbled Poropo to himself as he watched a violent fight break out about who would be the better person if they had not been forced into crime or whether they were actually forced into crime or if they are lying to make themselves feel better. The humor of the situation was not lost on the monk, but the monk also did not like seeing violence, especially not in front of the shop he was meant to protect from damages.

"Hello! Stop, please! I need you all to listen to reason! Fighting will get you deeper into trouble! Please listen to me!" Poropo was not completely invested in stopping these criminals from fighting and exhausting each other, especially when the third wave of thieves came in and decided to join the action thinking they needed to be doing this for whatever reason. Sometimes a criminal is born because they are rash and unable to think for themselves.

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Poropo Poproporp
More and more waves of criminals began piling on top of each other as the front of the shop, the streets of Magnolia at night, was starting to look like an arena in which criminals and thieves came to settle their differences and come out with the answer to the questions proposed by the monk. At some point, the monk brought a chair from inside the shop and sat to watch the street war among the same-gang thugs - they were indeed from the same gang, but they started to fight nonetheless and eventually forgot what they were fighting for.

"How amusing...impure amusement...but amusement nonetheless. If this what it feels like to be a gang boss with an underground arena?" mumbled the monk to himself as he watched criminal after criminal fall out of the pile of fists and kicks with bruises and cuts to their whole body - the fight was not ending anytime soon and the monk was starting to be more satisfied with this solution than any other he had come up with by accident so far. All other solutions involved putting himself into great danger, but this was much more safe despite the close proximity to actual danger - as long as the monk stayed seating and watch he would likely be fine.

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#7Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Eventually one of the thieves from the sixth wave of criminals was thrown out of the rumble of arguing thieves and noticed Poropo relaxing in a chair outside the shop - there might be a chance to slip past the monk! The lone thief kept his eyes on the monk's line of sight to make sure he could stay just out of sight - the monk seemed too busy being amused by criminals beating each other up to be worried about his actual job for the night. The monk chuckled and mumbled to himself the more the fighting got worse and worse - the street was being scuffed to pieces while the lamp post was being wobbled and rumbled by people hitting the poor street accessory.

This felt like the perfect chance to get past the monk, but if this lone criminal was caught the the monk known for being powerful would likely end the life of this humble criminal! On second thought, the criminal looked to a nearby alleyway and thought about why he was a criminal in the first place instead of a carpenter's assistant. The thief looked back to the monk and then back to the alleyway where he left to start a new life. - crime was no longer worth the pain.

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#8Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo watched in amusement with growing excitement as his accidental plan was working flawlessly - the criminals were getting pushed around by each other in an attempt to figure out why they were criminals in the first place, blaming each other for their problems! Criminal after criminal was slinking off into the shadows to seemingly start a new life or just stop trying for the night - the monk did not have to lift a finger other than to adjust himself in his small chair he brought out from inside the shop he was protecting. The effortlessness of tonight's plan was beautiful!

"Maybe I could get more people in other, similar jobs to do the same thing - to fight amongst themselves while I sit and watch the chaos unfold," continued to mumble the monk as he contemplated other ways to start fights among impure, violent individuals. The monk was satisfied with not directly being the cause of violence, instead the propagator of the idea crime was not worth the pain and stigma of being a criminal. Some might like the life of a criminal which is how the fight began, but as time went on the fight evolved into blaming those who started others on a life of crime such as selling drugs which caused a chain reaction.

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#9Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk watched on and on, nothing changing other than less criminals being part of the large pile of other criminals - the plan was working without the monk being involved anymore. He could relax while sitting in front of the entrance of the shop. However, there was one, brave criminal who left the pile of fighting criminals in order to ask Poropo if there was an answer to the questions he posed not long ago - the fight seemed eternal and never-ending, but there was a beginning to this madness which the monk started by posing a simple set of questions which boiled down to, "you want to know why you do crime instead of being a normal person with a normal job?"

The fighting slowly died down as the monk's voice was heard by every other criminal in the pit of fists and kicks - they were very interested in hearing Poropo's solution to this chaos, especially when he caused them to start fighting each other, more or less. The monk looked bewildered by the attention his words carried, but the reputation and large Contract on his head made his words carry more weight than before he came to Fiore looking for a guild to join for jobs to take using his magic to solve problems.

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#10Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
"I cannot answer that question for you - you need to figure out how you got to where you are now and also figure out how to get away from crime. Crime will likely follow you forever, but you must choose whether you let crime punch and kick you down or if you punch back," said the monk in a sagely voice. The criminals stopped fighting completely and turned to each other, looking themselves up and down to see bruises, cuts, and old scars opened up by a petty fight. The monk was not entirely wrong - anyone can become a criminal, but staying a criminal is still a person's choice.

At least, that is what the monk believed - the other criminals were tired and beat up by each other enough to realize this night was fruitless anyway. They believed if Poropo lifted a finger he could blast them away with his magic, which secretly did not exist at the moment. The monk had no magic of tools with which to fight any of the dozens of criminals standing before him, but they were at least more tired than he was at this point in time, "I suggest you think about tonight and not worry about what your boss says - he is nothing without you anyway."

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#11Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo's final words about their boss rang more true than anything the monk had said all night! The criminals started to nod at one another and figured their boss was powerless without someone to boss around - a boss was nothing without his employees! A factory is not run by the a manager, but by the hardworking employees who move things and manufacture the actual goods! The only reason these criminals listen up to this point was because the boss had the wealth to pay them - the same wealth which they toiled over getting for him to begin with! They could each start their own gang and become their own boss!

For better or worse, the criminals decided to leave the shop alone for tonight and head back to their boss to give him a piece of their mind - they needed to be treated better than before if the boss expected them to work. Poropo was left in his chair, stunned by his plan coming to a close to peacefully, maybe - a boss or two might get beat up after tonight, "but they probably need to be taught a valuable lesson in leadership...right?" The monk was unsure and decided to just be paid once the night came to a close.

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