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Are You My... (Tempris & Kazimir)

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Tempris was walking down the road. Holding her hand was a younger red hair, green eye, girl, one of the children she rescued on her last undercover mission. Behind them  both was a older woman. She was one of the numerous guild assistances that watched over the kids and made sure Tempris did not do anything dangerous with the kids. There was a festival today and the little girl wanted to attend. She also wanted Tempris to go with her and while Tempris was not interested in attending... she was unable to say no to the tiny sinner.

So here they were dressed up in an outfit called a kimono. Tempris's was black with a gold sash, called an obi, around her waist. Orange outlines of patterns resembling sparks and flames. The younger girl had a blue kimono with pictures of branches and cherry blossoms dancing down the outfit and a white obi. Both of their hairs were tied up in a bun with sticks holding the bun matching the colors of their outfits. Tempris also held a blue parasol to keep them both out of the sun, at the girls request. Tempris and the girl also had a flower painted on their cheek painted by each other.

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazmir walked down the festival streets. He stood shoulder to shoulder with those that marched through the stalls. It was nice to be out and about again, now that he could walk without bringing in too many stares. He held a small plate of pancakes. he couldn't really enjoy their taste but it brought a comfort of old times with it.

The mage held the pancakes high as a group of kids rushed by, almost knocking them from his hand. He pressed onward through the notes of music drifting through the air. He wore nothing special for the occasion. Just his usually plain robe, despite Karisa wanting him to dress in something...anything different sometimes.

He closed his eyes to feel the wind on his face when a duo dressed in Kimonos caught his attention. It wasn't something too common and they seemed of good quality. He narrowed his eyes to get a clearer image, "Ah," he spoke softly, remembering her from the gala and recognizing an all too familiar guild mark.

The mage approached with a calm wave, "Hey. You are Tempris am I right? I saw you at the gala and Karisa has told me a little about you. I'm Kazimir."


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"Big Sis, Everything looks so pretty. Thank you for coming." The smaller girl clenched Tempris' hand while bouncing in her getas. Tempris smiled but all the strange people swarming the area made her uncomfortable. She did not have her veil nor her weapon. Though she did have her magic, it was a different feeling. It was like being at the ball. She felt so vulnerable but she couldn't show it. Little Emerl was relying on her and well, she did not want to let the girl down. Plus, she was suppose to be Big Sis. Big sister should not be afraid if their younger siblings weren't.

"Yeah, any time. I love these... uh things." Tempris adjusted the parasol so that more of the light could hit her face before looking down at the girl. She was so happy, like a little sinful puppy. Looking back up, Tempris scouted for anything that could get them out of the crowd but something seemed to spot her, or should she say someone. A man in a robe with purple hair. She never met the guy personally but she heard of him. Who hasn't in ED. This was Kazimir Seiryu, Guild Master of Fairy Tail.

Tempris stood up sharp like a board. To think one of the people who always hangs out with Karisa would be here. It had to be a coincidence that he was here. After all, there was a "chaperone" behind her... or somewhere. But still, if she messed up even the slightest... than well, he could tell Karisa directly and then Tempris would get in big trouble. She wanted to curse under her breath but there was no time. She had to speak. "Oh uh... Hi sir. Yes its me... Tempris. I pray Guild Master has told you good words." Tempris' eyes darted to the little girl who was also standing still but for a different reason.

"Wow. Big Sis. You know guild master of Fairy Tail! You are sooo cool." Emerl was taking this meeting completely different than the self proclaim Illumin's chosen. Tempris could not lose to her. If the girl could be excited, then well, Tempris just had to fight through it all. She was going to be the savior of humanity after all.

"Oh, and this is Emerl. She has been blessed with a new life and stuff. So I'm helping her." Tempris pulled the girl closer to her pretending to be much braver than she felt. The little girl did not catch on, still blinded by the great man before them.

"Yeah, Big Sister is the best. Sometimes she glows and she was the only one who wanted to come with me here!" Tempris dropped her nervous smile. She did not know how other people felt about the trip and was feeling a little bad now. Still, she came right? That had to mean something?

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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz nearly rose his hands as the young lady stiffened. He hoped he didn't startle her. "No need to be so formal. Kaz is fine. Even in the knights, I didn't like titles," he scratched the back of his head with a small laugh.

"And of course. She has said nothing but the best about you. And your quick rise through the ranks. Congratulations. It's hard work" He added. Not many people had the tenacity that she showed. If there was anything he had heard about her that stood out, it was her sheer overwhelming strength. The mage's eye glanced down toward the sword she had. A reminder of the relics during the war of demons. "That is a powerful tool you have. Only the strongest mages I've known have ever carried it."

Kazimir knelt down beside the younger girl. "Your big sister huh?" he glanced back up at Tempris. "She is pretty cool huh," He narrowed his eyes with a smile and stood back up. Karisa had never mentioned that Tempris had a sister. Kaz opened his mouth to ask, but an interesting answer followed first.

"Nice to meet you Emerl. A new life. That must be exciting. How is that going?"

'glows?' that word stuck out in his mind about Tempris. What kind of glow?

"Well, if it is okay with your big sister, Maybe I can come along too. I've been meaning to spend some time with Tempris as well." The wind mage had almost forgotten about the silent chaperon behind them.

"It's very kind of you to help her. How did you meet," Kaz asked assuming they were not blood sisters based on Emerl having a new life. If Tempris agreed to let him join, he would step to the side so the two of them could lead the way, through the lively festival.


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Tempris took a deep breath as the Senior mage raised his hands. "Kaz... I will do my best." It felt really awkward but again, she did not really want to annoy the man directly talking with Karisa. So she did her best to comply. Though hearing about the Rune Knights did do a bit to break her nervous shell. Distracting her mind was always the best tactic to reset her mood. Hearing the praise didn't hurt either. In fact it was super effective.

"Th-thank you... I..." Her face was completely red, "I wouldn't be here without... him"  Never before has she been praised. Even in the knights, her talent's were being wasted. When it came to her sword, Tempris raised her head. "Its my pact with Illumin. A promise to make this word better as thanks for the life he gave me. But I'm still not powerful enough. There are still those who I can't help. There are those who are still suffering."

Emerl found a way to widen her smile when the Guild Master knelt down to her. "I like it. I get to hang out with big sis. I didn't have any siblings and..." Tempris saw the girl starting to tremble and grabbed her hand. "Its okay Emerl. You don't have to talk about painful stuff. we are here for fun remember." The small girl squeezed Tempris's hand.

When the man offered to join them, Tempris could see the girl's face light up. "We would be grateful. Thank you." Tempris then turned to the younger girl. "Look, they have cotton candy, you want to buy us some?" The girl excited rushed off with the money Tempris gave her. Tempris then turned to Kazimir and dropped her smile. "There were people in the Crimsion Quarter kidnapping children. I was on assignment to stop them but I mistaken one of the kidnappers for the leader of the group. Because of that, I couldn't completely stop them and they tried to kidnap more kids using the older kids. She was one of unfortunate ones who were taken away. The world should be cleanse of filthy heretics like them."

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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz smiled red flushed the girl's cheeks. it seemed to him that she wasn't so used to compliments. Her humble nature was something he respected. He looked at the sword once more, as Tempris referred to it as a 'he,' he could only imagine what she had gone through with it, hearing the weight of her words.

He held back a wince at the mention of illumin. He didn't have a problem with the religion in itself. But his path had taken him at odds with the church and angels on more than one occasion. "A follower of illumin? That is a hefty promise, But it's good to see a follower of the church with a vigilant and helpful mindset. I'm sure you'll find all the power you need. And don't forget you have those in your guild and fairy tail that will help you. We'll all need to come together when the time arrived," he nodded, thinking about the dragons that had recently attacked.

"Exactly. Let's focus on the good stuff," he doubled down on tempris's comfort for the small child. Kaz watched the little rugrat run scamper off, and the atmosphere shifted as Tempris dropped her smile.

He listened to the story and glanced back toward the troubled child getting cotton candy. "I see. That's a harsh situation. Are they all dealt with now?" he asked and then Tempris continued saying the world should be cleansed of people like that. Words from her time in illumin no doubt.

"Cleansed of filth...did you kill them," Kaz asked, making eye contact with her, but it wasn't a judging stare, just a curious one. People often had an image of the wizard saint as bein innocent and vigilante but their was blood on his hands as well.

"So how did you end up with Illumin?" he asked a final question hoping the young girl would still be busy. Seeing as Illumin was a big part of Tempris' life, it would be nice to know why.


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Tempris continued blushing as the man. It was nice hearing that from someone, even though the girl knew it wasn't true. It was a mission she she took up alone and she doubted she would really find someone else who would choose to walk the same path. Worst, most of the people at the guild did not really want to be around her. They were scared or just ignorant to the truth and rather just turn a blind eye to the suffering. Tempris was sure Kazimir would do the same but not was not the time to call out such an important person...
"Thank you... I hope that less people will suffer with the support of you all."

The real talk did not start though till after Emerl left. "I... I don't know. I was taken off the assignment. They said my profile was too big or something. Too many people know my face." Tempris then clasped her hands together, "So I can only pray the clue I brought in helped them at least a little." She took a moment to whisper some words in her head, things that she should not say out loud, for Emerl's sake. The next question the man asked was a bit darker. But Tempris did not budge. A smile creeped on her face before her words came out, "Killing... no. I don't kill people. I only cleanse the sin from unfortunate souls." She was looking at the guild master now in the face with the most innocent face, pleased with herself and her work. "Those people carried a lot of sin in their hearts but now, all has been forgiven. Though there was one man I was not able to help. The guild wouldn't let me because they wanted to talk with him."

When the man asked about how she ended up with Illumin, the girl's face turned pale. The cold memories rushed back to the for front of her head. She felt cold, alone for a moment before regaining enough sense to see the people around her again. "I... I was taken to a false church... A place full of sinners pretending to seek guidance and blessings. It was a cold place... and... stuff... and..." Tempris could feel the pain in her heart, the tears in her eyes building up. She did not want to cry in front of Kazimir. "Illumin... he burned down the false church. All those Sinners were gone and I woke up in the ashes alone with my sword."

She started to fold her arms but stopped herself and instead choose to rub arm instead. "If he never saved me... then I wouldn't be here. So, that's why its important that I help as many people and save them from sin."

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