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Poropo Prayer Partner [Tempris, Social]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo waddled towards the first, fallen gravestone he could see and attempted to lift with all his might, "Heeeeeeeeeugh! No use...I am physically weak." Kind Monk Poropo was known for his magical capabilities, not his physical capabilities, but even right now his magical ability was completely gone - the Iron Deity sought fit to challenge the monk by replacing his Iron Deity Magic with Baratuq Magic. Poropo felt he could do more with Baratuq Magic, but nothing was working so far, "I could make this cemetery look pure if I could fix all these graves...but I have no angels to help me."

Poropo felt defeated after having just arrived at Dahlia's Forsaken Cemetery, "Maybe Kazimir can help me, but I would need to be gone long enough for him to want to check on me, heh heh..." Ever since Nadine hunted the monk at the Fieros Girdle, Poropo made sure to tell at least one person in Fairy Tail where he was at any given time - without magic the monk could be whisked away by a hunter to never been seen again! This time the monk said he would be going to the Forsaken Cemetery, so hopefully the monk could get help from one of the Fairy Tail members who wanted to check on the monk.


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Tempris entered the grave holding a piece of paper given to her from a guild assistant at Empyrean Divine. Apparently, one of the members of Fairy Tail, an allied guild, was attacked by a demi human and their was a possibility of the mage being attacked again. This was not a quest type mission though. Instead it was suppose to be building relationships or something like that. There was not much description about the Fairy Tail member she would be helping but she was assured she would easily be able to identify him when she got there. So here she was, in this dirty place.

The girl was dressed up in dark blue, almost black, dress with a match veil. The dress was simple with a white Illumin symbol on her shoulder's and symbol of ED on her back. Her boots were dark brown and simple. A cloth over her forehead was gold and would be the flashiest thing on her person, aside from her sword. Graveyards were not the place to dress up and peacock. It was a place to show respect for the dead who were not fortunate to have a baptism of fire. It was sad and this time was meant for them. She also had all her gear on her person.

As she walked through the graveyard she started calling out to see if anyone was here in an innocent voice.
"Helloooooo. Anyone here? Fairy Taaaaaail peeeeerson?"
Tempris continued walking until she spotted a bald fat man dressed in a monk attire. She closed her eyes for a moment to consult with her inner thought. This could not be the person was it?

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo continued to try and lift a fallen gravestone, but the effort required was more than the monk could muster! "If only the Iron Deity has not also taken my spells from me! This challenge set upon me is too inconvenient! Heeeeeeeeugh!" The gravestone was not budging one bit, but a beacon of hope appeared near the monk in the form of a little girl - the monk stopped struggling to lift the gravestone and turned his attention as she shouted for someone from Fairy Tail. The monk's ears peaked, prompting him to waddle over and say, "Hello, I am from Fairy Tail - are you looking for me? Oh, I should probably take my goggles off so I can prove I am from Fairy Tail..."

Poropo took his fancy goggles off his head to reveal the large Fairy Tail tattoo on his forehead - there could be no mistaking the monk was a proud member of Fairy Tail! The monk glanced at the strange symbol on the little girl's shoulders - the monk had seen this symbol once or twice in his life but could not be bothered to understand the meaning until now. Perhaps this little girl will make the monk care or at least peak his interest in Illumin.


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It was. This silly looking monk was in fact the only person in the graveyard and by extension, a member of fairy tail. Even if she wanted to question him, he had a tattoo on his forehead. It was a lot of dedication for a liar, too much. It would take a miracle to prove he was lying and a bigger one to get out of Karisa's fury should she have been wrong. So with a heavy sigh, the girl put a huge smile on her face and then curtsy.

"Good afternoon Fairy Tail person," Tempris continued in her innocent voice, "I am a representative from Empyrean Divine and I was told Fairy Tail may need some company. Though I must say. Seeing that you are in a graveyard... is it too much to believe that you are suffering from loss?"

Tempris walked closer to the man resisting the urge to grin like a wolf who discovered a wounded stag. Her eyes darted around for any more clues about the man's existence here. He did not seem to be a follower of Illumin, as Tempris had never seen a priest dress up in such attire. She would then circle behind the man so that she could see if there was anything of interest there but there was nothing. So she stopped moving to the man's right and held out her hand.

"I believe in sending the dead off in a baptism of fire. Cleansing their body of sin so that they may see the creator without the heavy chains of our Tainted world." A white and blue flame erupted in her hand. "I pray that their souls remain warm in their journey up. I pray that they could receive forgiveness of any darkness that scheme to stick on to their souls." She closed her eyes and clasped her hands, snuffing out the fire.

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Poropo Poproporp
"Ah! So you pray as well! I have heard of the Church of Illumin, but I am not familiar with their teachings. I am happy to finally meet someone who also prays as I do," exclaimed Poropo as he clasped his hands and bowed. The little girl seemed well-traveled considering her wise words and dedication to come all the way to Dahlia from Hosenka where Empyrean Divine was located. Thinking for a moment, the monk was unsure of what kind of guild Empyrean Divine was - perhaps the monk would get a glimpse based on their representative, the little girl.

After bowing, Poropo proceeded to answer the girl's questions, "but no, I am not in this graveyard to morn a personal loss. I am here to clean this graveyard as best I can. Unfortunately, I am unable to lift this gravestone on my own and I feel I never will without help from a strong individual. Do you happen to know of a strong person from Experian Divine who could help?" Unaware of the little girl's physical strength, the monk felt best to ask if Tempris knew of someone from her guild who could help lift gravestones and clean up the rest of this shambled graveyard. Hopefully this assumption would not bite the monk within the next, few seconds.


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"Much can be achieve through prayer and belief," Tempris dropped her grin, "But it is good to hear that more people haven't left this realm. Though I cant say I have heard about maintain a graveyard as Fairy Tail's list of duties. Perhaps does this place belong to you monk?" Tempris opened her eyes and looked around. It did look heretical with all the dirt around but there was no escaping dirt when one was outside. The girl then turned to the gravestone in that the Monk was trying to lift. It did look a bit heavy.

"Do I know someone... I wonder." The girl mused out loud while walking over to it. It did not seem to be snagged on anything. So she grabbed the base and grunted as she pulled all her strength. Slowly the rock parted with the ground enough for the girl to position it so that it was standing up right again. "I do know my self a bit. Tempris Ashflare. I do pray though that manual labor wasn't the intention of bringing me here though. I would have preferred to bring a different attire for such work." The girl was not oppose to doing community service though. It was Illumin's will to help those suffering or in need and well... this man was clearly in need.

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Poropo Poproporp
"Whoa," responded the monk to Tempris' show of strength - the gravestone still looked heavy and clearly was by the little girl's struggling, but she actually lifted the slab of stone by herself! The monk was unsure of what to say other than, "um...yes, we...have more work...to do...if you still want to..." Poropo was unsure if asking Tempris to continue adjusting gravestones would be imposing too much, but she had already come out here to and lifted one gravestone. The monk believed the strong girl would be better off using the time she invested to keep helping.

Poropo shook himself and then started pointing to gravestones which either fell, had to be dug out, or just needed a little dusting, "I am here to let the people here rest comfortably - this may not be a job I have undertaken to be rewarded, but we need to fix these gravestones so the names can be seen by all." The monk then proceeded to start dusting gravestones so the names could be seen by the one person every year who walks by and sneezes in this direction. Whether the dead even cared how their rotting corpses were resting within the dirt of a random cemetery also mattered little to the monk - in the eyes of the monk, a graveyard must be pure!


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Tempris closed her eyes to take a breath. The monk did indeed wish for her assistance in fixing up this graveyard. If only this was told to her before hand. It was not the worst thing though. She had just the item to help her out in this situation. "Very well monk." She pulled out a key and a bright light enveloped the girl. Her outfit changed from a dress to a more dene like pair of overalls with a short skirt of the same material with Black shorts underneath. "This is more approach for this kind of work no?"

Tempris walked over to the next gave that the monk pointed out and prepared to lift it. "Monk... do you have a name? I prefer not to call you monk... that is unless that is your wish." She then took a deep breath and then slowly picked up the large block of rock. It was as heavy as the first and well very annoying to lift. The last time she remember having to do such heavy lifting was when she was in Bosco and she had to drag a sinner across the floor. That was different though as she was doing what she enjoyed. Saving the world from sin and giving people freedom from this accursed life.

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk was busy trying to figure out what was happening and how to clean up the graveyard - he had completely forgotten to give the strong girl his name! Poropo turned to the little girl and responded, "apologize, Tempris Ashflare - my name is Poropo Poproporp. Thank you so much for helping me...um...how did you change your clothes? I blinked and..." The monk noticed Tempris had changed her clothing - magic was strange and the monk was completely unaware of any magic which was not elemental. However, there was no time for asking such questions so Poropo quickly said, "...ah, actually I am fine remaining oblivious - there is so much magic in this world which I cannot comprehend anyway. One more is not going to hurt, hah hah hah!"

Poropo then worked on cleaning the gravestone Tempris cleaned. When the gravestone was dusted, the monk clasped his hands in prayer, "Oh Iron Deity, bless this grave with comfort and eternal purity...please." The monk then dusted the next gravestone Tempris picked up and attempted to repeat the prayer gain - this would go on and on unless Tempris asked any questions. The monk was aware his god was unheard of by everyone other than himself, so answering questions was completely normal for the monk.


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"Poropo... popo...ro" The girl tried to repeat. It was a different name for sure, filled with lots of syllables with so few repeating sounds. It was almost like a something she would read in a children's book... not that she read children books. Funny enough, it was hard for her to say but only because the sounds that made up the name sounded so similar. As she dwelled on it more, she lost her focus and accidently dropped the tombstone she was lifting. "Darn it... it pray I did not break it."

She went to pick up the gravestone again. This time she tightened her grip before she started to talk again. "Oh, what a shame. I did find a new joy in educating others. But I won't waste time with unneeded knowledge." The girl went back to finishing her heavy lifting. "I do have a question. What is this iron deity that you are praying to? Is this some other entity that suppose to be above Illumin? I met a sinner in Bosco who had a weird God. It was jarring to say the least but I try not to judge others. Since we all see the same person when we leave this world anyway."

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#11Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
"Sinner?" question the monk as he watched the girl drop and then pick up the gravestone - the monk could have sworn the slab of stone was heavier than the girl was making the thing look, but the most pressing matter was her choice of words. The monk a little uncomfortable talking about the Iron Deity around someone who considers worshipers of other gods 'sinners', but perhaps the monk was just misunderstanding. Poropo dusted off the gravestone which Tempris has dropped and attempted to get some clarification, "Did you mean to say a person who committed an impurity was worshiping a different god? Erm...actually, I apologize for my strange wording...how about instead - what made them a sinner?"

The monk decided his original question may have been worded too specifically - only Poropo knows what the Iron Deity considers 'pure' and 'impure' so he changed the wording of his question to be more straightforward. Hopefully Tempris' answer would not be uncomfortable for the monk, and the monk assumed the answer would be fine, so Poropo continued dusting and cleaning gravestones so the names were visible while waiting for Tempris to answer his relatively normal question. Depending on how she answered, the monk might feel more compelled to explain the Iron Deity in exhaustive detail.


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Tempris giggled when the monk repeated her favorite word. He seemed a bit started and his question did not help change her opinion. It was understandable, ignorance can be embarrassing but it was not a crime. Educating people had become a new joy for the girl after meeting Lee and her daughter. It was a form of enlightenment that a lowly mortal like herself could do even without the gifts bestowed before her. "Mr. Poro, a person who acts or has impurities within them are sinners. Assure not though, Worshiping beings of different names or even a lack of belief does not render one a heretic... at least in my belief. Also converting those of different faith is not a task of mine. If anything, I personally think its bears no fruit on a person. " She walked away from the tombstone giggling, "I pray that everyone aims for the path of enlightenment and lives their best life with opportunity they were given. Not everyone is bless with the freedoms us mortals are given. And for those who have been corrupted too unacceptable levels, I pray they live their lives the loudest. It makes it easier to find them and purity the 'Impurities.' Then they can find new life without the pain and suffering cleared and see the light of salvation."

Then a sigh escaped her mouth, "What made the man a sinner..." Tempris had her answer. Just existing... honestly the monk too was a sinner but neither are worth cleansing since they both could help make the world a better place until the final time came. So she had to make sure she picked her words very carefully, "I felt that the man was misguided and had a negative approach to his belief. Simply put, he was too short sited which inhibited his ability to truly help people and bring out the true potential of the world around him. Even with my guidance... You would just have to meet him to understand."

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Poropo Poproporp
Tempris was a strange child to be saying such wise words - the monk had never even met an adult like Tempris before either! Poropo was at a loss of words as he continued to dust away aimlessly at the same gravestone, probably wearing down the name in the process. The monk was able to catch himself from eroding the name too much more, but the monk was still unable to properly think of anything to say in response. Everything Tempris said was more or less what the Iron Deity had taught the monk - Tempris did seem a little more accepting of impurities, but she also seemed to aim for the eradication of impurities.

A moment of deep thought and gravestone dusting later, the monk looked around the cemetery and did not feel the urge to continue anymore, "apologies, Tempris Ashflare of Empyrean Divine - I inadvertently brought you all the way out here just to tell you I no longer wish to continue. You have given me much to think about...but I still have more questions - would you like to continue our conversation in a nearby church? Much nicer inside than outside." The monk wanted to talk with the little girl some more about her teachings and perhaps what got her into this line of work to begin with.


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The man seemed to be surprised to say the least. She expected a more happy or ecstatic expression on his face after deliver so holy wisdom but at last, she would not get to reap the fruit from this lesson... yet. The man did seem to be distracted by her words, so much so that the name on the grave he was cleaning was beginning to fade. The effect was at least there though.

She turned around to look for another fallen tombstone but the man stopped her. She was ready to smile as it seemed that her words had such a positive impact on his thirst for wisdom. But that warm feeling suddenly turned into a bidder chill after the man mentioned church. "Oh... but..." The girl needed to think fast while fighting the shiver running down her back. She did not want to go into a church. "It's such a beautiful day." Her voice was much weaker than before. "You can't leave a task unfinish right? What about the... uh... respecting the dead. If they can't have a baptism, at least we can keep their resting place warm right?" The girl then started frantically looking for another grave to lift while hoping the man would give up his idea to visit a cold place.

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Poropo Poproporp
Tempris seemed to be a little shaken, but Poropo could not figure out why - the monk was too obsessed with the girl's words earlier, so in response to the shaken Tempris the monk responded, "are you cold? You do not need to act brave - I do not mind going inside of the local church to warm ourselves." Poropo was completely clueless as to the girl's secret plight. However, the monk took a second to add some words to his response.

"Then again, it can be good toughen oneself within the harshness of the outdoors - I burn my skin everyday in order to clean it of impurities, hah hah hah! Alright, we can stay outside - I respect your resolve, Tempris," said the monk, backpedaling as quickly from the first half of his response. The monk did respect Tempris for trying to work hard to repair and clean this graveyard despite her apparent chill - the monk continued to do his best by more carefully cleaning the gravestones lifted by Tempris. The monk was a little curious as to something else though, "by the way, how did you come to follow Illumin's teachings?" The monk started to remember Tempris asked of the Iron Deity a few minutes ago, but decided to only respond if Tempris also remembered the monk had side-stepped the query for some reason.

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