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Samhain Game: Last Supper

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Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:54 am

Name: Last Supper
Reward: 1x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Can you handle this spooky meal?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth and table in which the skeleton greets them and tells them to take a seat at the table. They will be presented with a disgusting bowl of food.
  • Start eating, roll the dice once.
  • You may add the following to your roll based on your base Endurance (unaffected by boosts and items):

    • END >30 = +1
    • END >60 = +2
    • END >90 = +3
    • END >120 = +4
    • END >150 = +5
    • END >180 = +6
    • END >210 = +7
    • END >240 = +8
    • END >270 = +9
    • END >300 = +10
    • END >330 = +11
    • END >360 = +12
    • END >390 = +13
    • END >420 = +14
    • END >450 = +15
    • END >480 = +16
    • END >510 = +17
    • END >540 = +18
    • END >570 = +19
    • END >600 = +20

  • If you roll over 80, you win the game.
  • If the user does not manage to get a number greater than 80, they will uncontrollably vomit and lose the contest.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Poropo Poproporp 

Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:10 pm

Poropo Poproporp
This next game, nearly the final game, would have Poropo eating! This game was right up the monk's alley! However, the good seemed to be completely disgusting to the dismay of the hungry monk. For better or worse, the monk at least had something to eat while within Samhain - a bowl of small bones, leftover cooking oil, and sugar to try and make this meal seem edible. There was also bits of what looking like stale candy mixed into the gruel, but no matter how much was added to this bowl of future vomit, the monk would not be happy to eat.

"Gulp...I am hungry...and I will likely continue to be hungry...time to dig in," mumbled the monk to himself as he literally dug into the food for the bits of candy and sugar, trying his hardest to avoid the disgusting leftovers and bones put in for the amusement of the attending skeleton 'cook'. The cook could hardly be called a cook for what they had given the monk, but the whole bowl had to be eaten nonetheless. Perhaps the monk could just throw the bad stuff away and eat only the soggy candy, but the skeletons seemed to know everything and the monk would have to eat all the gruel.



Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:10 pm

The member 'Poropo Poproporp' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 94


Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 3:51 pm


Much to the elf's surprise, she had been able to smash the barrel with the oversized club she had just barely been able to hold above her head. The wood splintered apart with a resounding CRACK to which many heads turned their attention towards. The heavily muscled man who had gone before her (and failed) gawked at the display. She set the club down and sheepishly smiled. She scratched the back of her neck and walked away. Was it rigged? Probably. But did it amuse her that the human over there got so flustered over a dainty elf beating him in a strength competition? Absolutely. Maybe she was finally getting the hang of these things.

Next up in the list of games for Samhain's Tower was something called Last Supper. There was nobody around for her to spectate, so Atani took a seat at the booth and decided to try it out for herself. Once a bowl of... something was placed in front of her, she suddenly understood why nobody was here in the first place. What the hell did she have to eat? It looked like it was made of brains, goo, and cobwebs all mushed together. Gulping, Atani plugged her nose. She stuck her fork into the 'food' and slowly raised it to her mouth.

[90 END → +3 On Roll]

Samhain Game: Last Supper JDUskSb
#ff6666 - Fiorian #cc6666 - Elvarin #996666 - Val'Elvarin

Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Wed Oct 20, 2021 3:51 pm

The member 'Atani' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 5

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 10:01 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin sat down at a table for yet another game. he was already recovering from the last games but they were starting to add up quickly on the young mage. The eyeballs were tough enough and now he had a bowl of food. "Shouldn't be too bad," he said and took his seat next to the other entrants that were doubled over on the floor and slumping out of their chairs. It was a dire scene and he was already tapping his foot to get out of there.

"Gimme your best," he asked the skeleton that greeted him. He could almost see a smile on the creature's face when it reached below a table and sloshed a bowl back out for him to consume. it was frothing and bubbling. A wicked smell rose up from it and he plugged his nose.

"that's foul," he cried and mustered up all the grit that he had. He slammed the spoon into the soupy mess and scarfed it down, one bit after the next. He didn't stop to breathe as he knew he would upheave all the contents that he had forced himself to eat. Bite after bite went down as the bowl emptied.

+1 from End


Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 10:01 am

The member 'Jin Tatsumi' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 37


Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:54 am

Having utterly failed at the other game booth situated in front of Saimhann’s Tower, Nadine opted to try another booth. It stung her pride a bit to fail a test of strength, but shrug things off by knocking the next game out of the park. At least, that’s what she thought until she saw someone stumbling away from the next booth. The poor soul was hunched over and groaning as they emptied their stomach onto the fairground. Nadine scowled at the sight and shook her head before turning to see what had caused the unfortunate illness.

The skeleton at the booth waved at Nadine once it noticed her staring. With a bony hand it slapped at an empty table gesturing for her to sit down before clearing away plates and bowls of uneaten food. Having eaten some strange things over the years Nadine smirked at the skeleton and decided to humor the challenge. She didn’t have to wait long after sitting down. A large bowl of thick orange soup was put down in front of her, and the warm aroma rising up to her face made Nadine fan away the air with a hand while chuckling. Picking up the spoon sitting in the bowl she fished out an indistinguishable lump of.. something, before biting into it.

(END >30 = +1)

Samhain Game: Last Supper Hh2kg4I
Calamity Hungers

Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:54 am

The member 'Nadine' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 86


Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Yesterday at 4:09 pm

Eating contests, something that seemed a little out of the ordinary for Hassan. Being able to eat as much food as possible, as well as being able to hold it in was the challenge that many of these places had. With what Hassan was being faced with didn't look appetizing at all, he wasn't too sure if he would be able to keep it all down or even put it in his mouth. Hassan saw that this was some sort of attraction and that there was a chance that many other people have played before.

"What is this bowl. This unholy concoction isn't the best meal that I've ever seen. " The smell wasn't something that Hassan cared for, it was something that made him want to throw the bowl off of the table and look away from the mess. "So I have to eat this mystery surprise bowl of food?" Hassan had to roll the dice in regards to eating the food. Bringing it to the mouth and trying to eat it. With the smell and the bitterness, Hassan was trying to eat as much of the food as he could. Whether he managed to keep it down or not was left to fate.


Samhain Game: Last Supper Empty Yesterday at 4:09 pm

The member 'Hassan' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 49

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