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Samhain Game: Bloody Bob

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Samhain Game: Bloody Bob Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:05 am

Name: Bloody Bob
Reward: 1x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Can you grab an eyeball or will you drown trying?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth where a skeleton greets them and tells them to take a seat in front of a tub with blood filled with rather sizeable eyeballs.
  • The user rolls a dice three times in one post to bob their head into the blood and try to grab an eyeball with their mouth. Odd numbers are misses, and even numbers are hits.
  • If the user manages to get two or more hits, they win the prize.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.


Samhain Game: Bloody Bob Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 4:29 pm

The shooting game was a success, and if Jikan was to be honest, a little bit fun? It was...odd though, not to shoot a gun, to hear the bang and the small puff of smoke from the magical bullet leave her body, travel through her arm, go through the magical chamber and mechanics of the gun's device before shaping her magic mana and shooting it out in the shape of the bullet. It was not even odd, scary, or a little bit weird that she was doing to a target, a living thing if you will. She had her fair amount of confrontation with people and other living things such as magical creatures or monsters, but....slimes? It was something that she could not, without a doubt, to say that that part was weird to her. Even more so with how fast the things were moving, sliding, bouncing, flinging about. It was not easy to hit them, but somehow she did. After which she recieved an item, a pumpkin something. And was told that she could go to a number of stands to exchange them for a prize!

She left, the night still young and a few more games to play. ...


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Tempris was dragged to the game by Emerl. The younger girl was excited to see what the game was about but Tempris could smell the heresy in the red liquid that was all over the ground. A crazy looking heretical skeleton chuckled and greeted them both. Emerl was in complete shock and awe while Tempris was just put off. It was not scary... but because of that... it was... creepy. She did not want to be near it but she had to suffer because it would make Emerl happy.

The skeleton offered the game and Tempris just sighed. She had no choice but to dip her head in the pool of bloody liquid. She was sure it wasn't blood but she was also shore it would ruin her clothes and costume. So begrudgingly she dipped her head into the water looking for... eyeballs to pull out. It was disguising and cold and horrible. But she pulled through and finished the game. The only question now was did she do well enough to get a prize or did she fail. Only Illumin could tell... that was until the skeleton actually spoke up. So it was Illumin and the skeleton who were the only two being that could grant her victory.

Samhain Game: Bloody Bob Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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#6Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
"Oh no, please don't- URRRRRRBBBBLLLBLBLBLGH!"

Poropo is dunked into a barrel of blood immediately after running away from the last game. He is not the first person at this game for a change, but at least one of the other participants seems to be having a better time than Poropo. However, the monk still has to dunk his head into a barrel filled to the brim with blood and eyeballs! "Wait! Please don't make me do this anymore! I surrender! HUUUUURBLBLBLGH!" The monk continues to be dunked by the attending skeleton who wordlessly expects the monk to know what to do.

The monk does seemed to understand he needs to grab an eyeball within the blood using his mouth, but the eyeballs are much too large for the monk's small mouth! These eyeballs must come from some beast with perfectly smooth eyes because not only are they too large, the eyeballs are too smooth! Without magical aid, the monk had to endure being dunked for as long as the skeleton felt like dunking Poropo - the monk was shown no mercy as he was covered in blood from head to toe. The only silver-lining was related to his fine, silk robe not being on his person for some reason.



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After the first game, still skipping out on the haunted house and some other ones that he just did not feel like attempting anytime soon, he still had time, if that was even a concept in this strange but curious town. Glancing at another stall, Dáinn tilted his head at the second skeleton he had now become acquainted with in this dream. Pointing at the bucket filled with blood and eyeballs, Dáinn glanced at the skeleton. “Ah! The silent child again?” Blinking the demi human just stared at the stack of bones. ‘Oh… This town just gets stranger and stranger by the second.’ A silent sigh left Dáinn, before he waved at the skeleton and took a seat. “This one will tell the silent child how to play. Silent child, you have three tries to try and collect the eyeballs from the bucket of blood.” Dáinn turned to the skeleton and nodded at them. “Same rules as before. If I win, I get a prize, if not that is for me to find out and you to know?” Folding their bony arms the skeleton cackled in it’s chittering and chilling way. “The silent child catches on quickly. You may begin whenever.”

Dáinn turned to the bucket and hummed, before sighing to himself and removing his bandages from his face so he could take part in this concept of a game. Leaning over the bucket, the demi human instantly dived in, unphased that he had to pick up eyeballs with his mouth, or in fact it was blood he was shoving his face into, after all this was just a strange contraceptive dream. Finishing his three attempts, and accepting the rag handed to him, Dáinn soon stood nodding to the skeleton. “Well, this one will surely see you around, silent child.”

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What these humans called 'carnival games' appeared to be yet another way to celebrate Halloween in Fiore. In fact, these games were common enough to be found in nearly every autumnal town festival albeit without the spooky theme surrounding every booth in Samhain. There was one in particular called the Bloody Bob. From the sound of it, it seemed to be Halloween's take on this apple bob Atani had heard of, a game where someone would dunk their head into a tub of water to try and fish out an apple without the use of their hands. It seemed easy enough in theory.

Approaching the booth though, Atani soon saw it was far from the innocent game children played at fall festivals. Rather than bobbing for apples, participants were supposed to bob for eyeballs. Rather than the eyeballs soaking in water, they were soaking in blood. Atani nearly gagged just at the thought of it, but they wouldn't make it taste just like real blood or eyeballs... would they? Eyeing the skeleton running the stand, Atani wasn't even sure that thing had a sense of taste to tell. As she stepped up to take her turn, she tied her blonde hair back to prevent it from getting bloody as best she could. And then came the dunk. Here's to hoping it was all fake.

Samhain Game: Bloody Bob JDUskSb
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#12Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin took a big gulp of air as he saw the jars of eyeballs even ATt a distance. It was enough to turn a man's stomach. He clasped a hand over his mouth to hold back nausea that was rearing its unfortunate head in the turmoil of his stomach. What a gross sight, but he had no choice. He had to win these games. A flare of competitiveness would overtake him. But more so, the excitement in knowing what he could win. He stepped forward and the skeleton greeted him much as that last one had. A sighed on cracked his neck side to side before shaking the skeleton's hand and taking his spot next to the floating eyeballs that bobbed in the warm liquid.

"No time like the present," he said with a cocked brow at the skeleton and bobbed his head into the liquid. It flowed around him and he tried to exclude the textures from his mind. His mouth gulped in the strange liquid as he searched for the eyball. one bumped his teeth and he winced but tried to snatch it up between his teeth and yank it to the top. it slipped free and he swam around to hopefully find one more.


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With Hassan enjoying his time in this strange town, there were many attractions that he had to pick from. Besides meeting with colleagues and hanging out with them, there were some fun games that he could take part in in order to pass the time. However, some of the games were rather disturbing and disgusting, making Hassan wonder if the person who made such games had a sick sense of humor or not. Walking over to the game booth, the skeleton had given Hassan a greeting as the fallen angel took a seat. Hassan was currently in front of a tub of blood with a bunch of eyeballs inside of it. Apparently, there was a chance that he could drown in the pool of blood if he wasn't careful. There was also the case that everything that he saw here was a trick and that it could be some sort of juice or the eyeballs themselves could have been jawbreakers that were shaped to look like eyeballs.

"Here it goes..."

Putting his head and dunking it in, Hassan made his attempts in order to play this game. After he was done and covered in blood, Hassan would look for a towel somewhere.


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