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Poropo Refund Provider [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Refund Provider [Quest] Empty Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:16 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo would be working for Kalash a third time now - this time would only be slightly different than the second time the monk worked for the old mage. Waddling up to Kalash who seemed in a hurry, the monk said, "Hello, I am here to...complete a job of some kind." Kalash was digging around for something behind the counter, only peeking up to see Poropo standing around, waiting for something to be described.

"Er...right...here," hurriedly said Kalash while thudding an item onto the countertop, "this thing is broken and I need a refund. For whatever reason they scheduled at a time I am not available so you need to stay here and get the refund for me when they arrive...got it?" Poropo took the item and nodded silently which Kalash seemed to understand. Granted, Kalash may just understand Poropo completes jobs and does what he is told so a nod did not matter in the long run - if Poropo did not complete this task then Poropo would not get paid.

However, just in case Kalash needed verbal confirming, the monk responded, "this item is broken? What is broken about it?"

"Doesn't matter - it doesn't work for what I need and I don't like being tricked into buying defective products!" shouted Kalash, suddenly halfway out of the shop behind Poropo. The monk was startled and turned, only to find Kalash was already gone. Poropo turned to the counter and decided to wait there but also noticed a note on an orb - the note described how to contact Kalash once the job was complete.

250 words

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo waited around the shop's counter, hoping this job would not take too long - with a large Contract on his head, the monk would need to be careful how seen he was or how long he stayed in one place. A woman named Nadine had tried to hunt the monk and only a lot of magic was able to help the monk defend himself. For better or worse, the monk was valuable to a lot of people - on one hand, this meant more jobs for the monk and more pay, but on the other hand a large Contract on his head meant much fighting in the future.

While thinking to himself, the monk heard the door to Kalash's shop open with a ring - the person retrieving the item for the refund was here! Poropo brushed himself off and held the item in his hand, "Hello, are you here to help Kalash with his refund?" The individual walked over to the counter, slapped a sack of jewels onto the counter, and expected the monk to hand over the item without any questions or conversation. Poropo looked at the sack while keeping the item to himself - a minute of meticulous counting later and Poropo finally let the item go. A quick call to Kalash later and the monk received his reward for a completed job.

450 words (Guild Level 3 [-10% WC])

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