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Heart of the Beast [Knux]

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

Heart of the Beast [Knux] Empty Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:50 pm

Lucretia Wolfenstein
Learning the lay of the land was important and with Lucretia’s elongated stay in baska she felt the need to start to work her way through every aspect of the area. Staring from outside and working her way in. The hunter had for the better part been using the tournament to train herself yes but that didn’t mean she wasn’t about to let the people suffer from injustice or the like.

So far it had been a rather pleasant experience but she couldn’t help but call back on her experience from Dahlia; that the world was more than it seemed and that there were threats that you couldn’t expect without doing some digging. So it was with that mindset she kept yuro hidden. Ready to summon it from her ring at a simple instant. But it wasn’t like she was going to get attacked in broad daylight and even if she was she had the theory she could handle herself just fine.

Worse come to worse she could change into her lycan form and make quick work of whatever bandits showed up. She’d snort a little bit and rub at the side of her head; she had been treating the form more and more like a tool ever since learning that she was a lycan. If she was to have this ability she would make it her own and for the people.

She’d take a seat on a stone wall that sat on the side of the road, digging out some bread and cheese. It was barely midday; not a cloud in sight but she couldn’t get the feeling that today wasn’t going to be simple…

But then again the last time she had that thought she ran into someone that she didn’t expect and ended up with an interesting friendship. Biting into the bread and having a portion of the loaf sticking out the woman decided to take a small breather to soak in the sights here. Even if there wasn’t much the outskirts were… beautiful in a way. Far greener than what she was used to and with many more people.

Nothing like Iceberg… not even a little.

She mused to herself; another shake of a head and another bite of her bread. The cheese went next and she’d sigh. Her body urged her to fight, to hunt. To want to be the predator. To make something run red. She could feel the beast tugging against it’s chains and she’d let out a small huff.

We’ll do something later jeez… As if the arena wasn’t enough.

Heart of the Beast [Knux] D6b3eOE
#2Knux SHi 

Heart of the Beast [Knux] Empty Tue Oct 12, 2021 5:16 am

Knux SHi

The ever traveling duo consisted of one very large-scaled beast often confused with its cousin the dragon, properly known as a Wyvern named Fang.  The creature was just as beautiful as its Dragon cousins, the mystery behind them paired with sheer size and beauty.  The difference between the two species was something nearly missed, the number of limbs.  Dragons hand two sets of legs and Wyverns only the pair. This was not the only difference between the two of course. After facing a Dragon himself he came to understand the size and power of each species differed as well.   It did not take away from the power and beauty of the Wyvern though, as most seemed to be smaller than most dragons it was a good thing for Fang, and his friend Knuckles Shi. This was the other member of the party, a mid-aged man about 30 years yet still looked as youthful as a young twenty-something, no older than twenty-two most thought. He wore crimson-colored hair, shaved on the sides, fully on the left and partially on the right. this left the longer top of his hair to sit on either side of his head but somehow did not look bad, at least to him.  It was his way to look professional but himself at the same time.  There was no more of his father's influence on his look these days.  

The one called Knuckles appeared Human as much as fang appeared as a dragon, on the surface level he was the same and only those who knew the difference could spot that bit that made him different, Knuckles was a Daemon. He had struck a deal with the Demon Bezeelbub in exchange for the power to become a Hero of Legend.  These days, he was not sure about the Hero part but he was working on the legend bit. The Humans would one day see him as a hero though when he cleaned the world of the Nephilims and their God's influence over man.  It was hard to really tell any features typically though on the still young man when he was fully suited up in his armor. A mortal was unable to cast magic like mostly everyone leaving him with only fairy tales to look up to, and not the guild.  Still, the man had become a warrior, and in his mind a pretty powerful one too.

Today we find these two in the Outskirts of Baska, the pair were having another one of those fun times flying around in the sky, only these days thanks to the mastery of the demon energy given to him, Knuckles could fly with him, though only 15 meters off the ground which did not seem like a lot when you were as large as Fang. SO Mostly it was just Fang zooming through the clouds at high speeds, and Knuckles in the saddle with his trunk of travel goodies.  Today they were playing near a wooden area and stream of water so they may drink and hunt when they were hungry.  They had been flying for about 2 hours now when fang let out a low roar to let Knux know what was on his mind. Even though the two could not speak the same language they had been with each other long enough for the two to know about what the other was feeling or saying.   "Yes, take us down let's take a break. Maybe I can find enough fish for you to snack on. "

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"
#3Lucretia Wolfenstein 

Heart of the Beast [Knux] Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 4:26 am

Lucretia Wolfenstein
The woman was soaking in the scenery of the area; processing the various information she was seeing and wondering to herself if anything in front of her would inevitably give way to her having to deal with various creatures of the night. The woman didn’t like how her mind operated a lot of the time but… It required her to be careful given what her job was. But given that fact she… She’d blink a bit when she heard a roar.

Looking about for a few moments the woman stood up; it wouldn’t be hard to see her even at a distance given that she was nearly seven feet tall. The armor that she wore might have been black but given that this area was lively that too would stand out pretty absurdly. Her eyes trained and eventually she’d spot the flying creature. That wasn’t a dragon was it?

She’d huff a bit and start to hurry along; if that was the case she’d have to try to keep track of the darned thing. Reporting it to someone would also be a top priority if it attacked anywhere. So she knew at the very least what she should be doing for the rest of her afternoon. Tracking after this creature in the sky; that being said it would be a bit difficult given that it could fly and she could not.

She’d place her mask on her hip, and after a few seconds would tie her long white hair up into a ponytail. She couldn’t have it bouncing around and getting in the way of her vision right now. She’d braid it at a later time if it turned out that the dragon was just passing through. Huffing the pale skinned woman would start to run properly; though that would also mean that she’d be doing this for a bloody bit.

Maybe I should get a horse or something later… T-tch

She was pretty damn slow, tough but slow. Which meant when she needed to cover long distances or follow something she’d do it at a very relaxed pace. She’d come to the crest of a hill; staring up at the ‘dragon’. Her icy blue eyes assessing the threat; the way that it was going around… Made her feel like it wasn’t a threat. So instead she’d look to find where the beast would land; not even aware that it was someone’s companion…

Yeah a horse. Maybe a flying one at this point…

She’d sigh a bit and shake her head; padding along to where she could figure the beast would land. Hungry? Maybe it had a kill nearby, thirsty? There were a lot of rivers or lakes. Or maybe just a large rock to sunbath on… It was hard to really tell what the beast wanted from so far away!

#4Knux SHi 

Heart of the Beast [Knux] Empty Thu Nov 04, 2021 6:04 pm

Knux SHi

Knuckles gathered some fishing gear from the trunk of his wyvern and made way down towards the stream. When he reached the body of water the flowed south, Knuckles found an old tree that had fallen over and sat on it as he fixed his pole and string. He'd reel it up and make sure it was fastened together properly and give it a snug pull testing it to make sure it would hold. Once all had checked out all he needed to do now was find a little bit of live bait. Setting the pole off the side the red-haired man would hmm softly as he stood and looked around. Ah yes, he thought as he saw a small stone not far away from him at all. Walking over to it he bent down to a knee placing both hands under the small stone and lifted it up forcing it to come unstuck from the ground. His parents would never approve of him doing such a thing as a child, in ways he was happy. He scraped back some of the soft and wet mud doing so over and over again until he found himself a worm, once he had it he lowered the stone back down and walked over to his pole setting the bait onto the hook. With a quick flick of his wrist, he flung the pole backward than forwards sending the hook and bait sailing over the river until a light splash was made, now all there was to do was wait.

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