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What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)

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#1Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:43 am

Knux SHi

What Lies Beneath:
Ever since the Haunted Lands of Phantom Lord were closed, there has been talk of menacing spirits lying underneath the Oakland Church. Phantoms and spectres who had been sealed beneath the church by the guild are now roaming the catacombs. Some of them are evil spirits, who wish harm on any who dare approach them, but some are civil and hope their final wishes can be completed so they may pass on peacefully. All spirits can be destroyed, and all can be saved, so long as they are removed from beneath the church, you will be rewarded.

Rank: D-S
Words: 500-2500 Words
Basic Reward: Base Request Reward
Bonus: The user receives an additional 60% of the base Jewel Reward and a bounty or contract if you anger the spirits and they cause more chaos.
Requirements: The user must be in Oak City.

Knuckles had never been to Oak before, but he had learned about some of it in his youth and to be honest, there was nothing here that ever really drew to him. Years later, however, when news of spirits that would not leave an old stomping ground of the guild that once been Phantom Lord, Knuckles could not help himself. Maybe by going there he could find some relic or some books about Demons and use them to his benefit, perhaps he might even weapon that had once been the weapon of a demon or possibly even a Devil. Honestly just the chance to see part of the afterlife would be enough for him. Shortly after arriving within Oak, he heard that the haunted site was actually an old Church, well technically under it probably in the burial area under the church. He was not who had been going in the church to be bothered by the spirits there, but apparently, it was happening enough that the church put out a quest for it. The odd part about it was this was a church, one would think the Church would be able to help with spirits passing or something, but he supposes not.



What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Fri Oct 08, 2021 11:48 am

After getting word that a member of the sleeping calamity guild was about to approach Oak, Hassan was eager to meet with this individual and make sure that they were properly set up. Perhaps it was a work in progress, but having an agent or basically, a guildmate that managed to establish something akin to a foothold in every part of the world makes it a lot easier for their comrades to settle down and do what they need to get done. This would be the second member of sleeping calamity that Hassan would have met. In addition to that, this individual was rumored to be one of the founders of the guild, making a good impression would be something that could turn into a huge benefit for Hassan if he made the right decisions here.

Upon arriving at the Oakland church, Hassan looked about and saw a young man with red hair. He seemed to be a warrior judging from the build that he had, as well as the proposed skills that the man seemed to bear due to the rumors that he's heard from his other guildmate.

"You must be the man called Knuckles. "

Hassan said as he approached the man, showing his tattoo in order to make sure that the man knew that they were both in the same guild.

"I am Hassan, I've been stationed at Oak for a while. I'll be accompanying you on today's assignment. If you have any questions for me, I'll answer them to the best of my ability. "

WC 259/1500

#3Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Sat Oct 09, 2021 10:26 am

Knux SHi

The armored man looked over the white-haired man who introduced himself as Hassan and showed him his Guild tattoo. This was the first time as one of the founders of the guild that he came to the understanding that his tattoo being on his body was important, but it was always going to be hidden by his gear. Perhaps he should have it stamped onto his chest plate in the near future so he'd wear it as a badge. Though doing so might be foolish since the guild itself was illegal in the eyes of the law.

Knuckles extended his hand out to Hassan as he walked to meet the man outside the church. "A pleasure to meet you I am sure. There are no questions I have at this time but will let you know when they arise. You may simply call me Knux if you prefer, friends do and I do hope you and I will become just that. I'm eager to see what you can do so don't hold back in there. "

The ad had only asked that the spirits be removed, it had mentioned some ways to get it done to allow the spirits to pass on, but as a Daemon he could not care if they were to pass.

"I hope you are willing to do whatever it takes to get this job done. "

He'd state before removing his grip from the man's and returning it back to his side. Knuckles reached for his shield above his left shoulder drawing it, then mirrored the action but with his right hand and lower back to his larger Hammer which held lightning magic within it.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Sat Oct 09, 2021 10:43 am

Hassan shook his hand and listened quite carefully. It seemed that Knux was taking this mission rather seriously. As he should, there are rumors that there were ghosts and phantoms that were roaming among the inner corridors of the phantom estate. Regardless of whether there were people that died there that were ancestors or employees or people that were brought there to be tortured and killed by the order of the family.

"This is the first time I've encountered ghosts or anything that would be considered as the undead. I've faced monsters and even an endangered species, but nothing quite like this."

In a sense, he wondered if his magic would work on them. If not, would it be better to appease the spirits so that they could peacefully leave? What would be the worth of a successful exorcism?

"Whatever it takes? Have you ever heard of possession from such creatures or being able to fight off a haunt? Sometimes a haunted section of a place can extend to the entire estate, with the spirits being able to booby trap the place due to the energy of their ghostly wills permeating the corridors. I will act in a way that's befitting of sleeping calamity. However, I will show some caution in case physical attacks are ineffective. "

He had a right to be careful, even with his demon slayer magic. Spirits were a whole new breed for Hassan that he did not take lightly. Not only that, he had the hopes of making it out alive.


#5Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Sat Oct 09, 2021 11:21 am

Knux SHi

It seemed the man had done his research, but to be fair Knuckles had no idea what they would truly but up against all and all. Hassan's guess was just as good as his own. He was willing to admit this much too.
"We are in the same book there. I have not faced anything spiritual in this nature such as this. If we can not deal with them with Magic and Physical was then I have heard burning their bodies can work. Not sure what your magic is, but I personally do not have magic. I can only cast through my gear, which is often enough.

Looking away from Hassan and to the church, he pictured it in flames and not for just the hopes it could destroy the spirits below but strike against those who worshipped Gods. He did not exactly like the idea of helping a place of worship for some god out, but perhaps it would help his image and bring more holy people into his contact list which would only help when finding a Nephilim to kill.

"Oh and Hassan, Sleeping Calamity is not a guild that. You do what benefits you, we are just here to back you up if things get too out of control. We are more of a collective of individuals with a backing so people think twice about messing with us, and our only goal is strength. Do whatever you want and achieve it however you want. "

WC: 747/1500


What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Sun Oct 10, 2021 6:56 am

He couldn't cast magic? Hassan has heard of these people before, warriors who prided themselves in using gear in order to bridge the gap between using magic through other means. They are also expert combatants in close quarters that have little to no equality in that particular field. It would be good if they ever run into any other problems besides the potential occurrence of the spirits.

Walking inside of the Oakland church, the inside seemed a bit tattered and run down. Hassan then made a hard left while holding a torch in one of his hands as he went down the hard stone steps. The cobwebs and other creepy crawlies that crawled around.

"So that's the meaning of sleeping calamity? I haven't thought about it like that, but it's good to know. "

Immediately, there were specters flying wildly and floating about down inside of the catacombs. However, the more evil of the spirits started to reach into the tight corners of the catacombs, possing nearby skeletons and arming themselves. Some of them even had bows as well, long-range enemies could always be an issue if your method of combat was close range.

"I'll take care of the archery skeletons, you can handle the close-range ones. It seems to me that the evil spirits in here are more eager to possess a skeletal body or a rotting corpse to arm themselves. If that's the case, there's little to no guilt needed in order to destroy them."

Hopefully, Knux would go along with this temporary plan for now.


#7Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Sun Oct 10, 2021 8:37 am

Knux SHi

The warrior held no disagreements as he followed his guild member into the church, he was not sure about spirits controlling skeletons. He hoped that would not be the case, but as he had already stated his knowledge about these things was simply limited. Though there was a signal error in Hassan's thoughts that Knuckles was restricted to close-range combat, and that he could not handle long-range targets. For now, Knuckles would only keep his abilities to himself, it would be wise to shock those keeping what he could truly do a mystery to others.  Seeing Hassan grab a touch it became clear Knuckles needed to make a choice, his shield or hammer one needed to be put away to double up on their light.  The Daemon could see well in the night and darkness and could not even be blinded by magical effects, but this was not to say he could see as if it was daytime.  

Agreed, though do not count me out fully in the range department. Let me take point if anything pops out I'll have a better chance at taking the damage than you. " He stated as he removed his shield and pounded onto his armor before using his free hand to grip his touch.  As the two Sleeping Calamity members pushed into the church Knuckles heard the demon within his head rage out. [color=blue= "Be careful my boy, we might burst into flames! Hahahaha." [/color]  
Knuckles could not help but laugh within his mind keeping his body focused on the area around him.
"I had the same thought outside, would be funny to see it done. Do you have any insight on how to destroy these things?"  

The demon chuckled and said plainly "Like you would anything make the spirit fine peace and it will release from this world or destroy them completely"  

Knuckles to the info at face value, and moved on. Pushing through the church the duo would move into the stairwell area which led them below where the job was to take place, Knux gripped his hammer and lifted it up readying himself for combat.



What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:31 pm

With the agreement that they had before, it was up to Hassan to handle the range assaults from the skeleton rangers. By snapping his fingers towards his legs, a yellow and white magic seal appeared around them before Hassan's speed started to increase even faster. This was for the sake of making himself a hard target to hit as the skeletons started to fire away in Hassan's direction. In addition to that, Hassan also had the Asmaan earrings equipped, so his speed was even faster than usual and noticeable for some people who were just as fast or knew that he was faster than an average warrior.

With Hassan dodging the arrows, this also made him confirm something about the long-range attacks that he was avoiding. With every miss and the arrows hitting the wall and surrounding corridors, there was a sizzling sound with a green like goop leftover from the arrowhead piercing the wall.

"Watch out Knux, it looks like the arrows were dipped in some sort of acidic poison. It doesn't affect them due to the lack of flesh, but I'm sure that it'll affect anyone alive if it goes to the skin to skin contact. Make sure it doesn't touch you."

Hassan went to work on these creatures, kicking and punching away and breaking up their bones with each strike. With Hassan's speed and strength, he was basically a speeding bullet as he laid waste top the long-range opponents. His devil-slaying magic had the essence of lighting to it, so when it came to buffs and things of that nature, Hassan was well equipped in dealing with dodging assaults and making himself an interesting target for enemies.

"I'm good over here..."

Hassan said this as he killed the last skeletal archer and looked back to how Knux did. He was hoping that this partner handled himself well with the torch in his hand and the warrior-based skeletal enemies that seemed to be unaffected by the darkness that they were in.

"Use the flames as well Knux, it seems that they fear the Light! This place is haunted.... the rattling in some of the stone shut coffins can probably be heard from a mile away. Is everybody possessed in this manner? Maybe it's better to burn them all?" The path of peace wasn't always the best to take. Sometimes, you would have to take the path of the merciless in order to get the best possible outcome for others. It wasn't as if Hassan enjoyed himself when it came to unnatural cruelty, he only saw the meaning of acting in such a manner when faced with difficult situations as a means to an end. Hassan was a person that was willing to do whatever he needed to with no sort of limits holding him back, but he never found it necessary to enjoy the action in a pleasurable way. That's what made him different from the truly evil.

"You wouldn't have any alcohol on you, right? I got some Oak Town Tonic. It's barely legal so it's cheap, but hits well and can probably light this place up if applied with the torches."
If Knux was a drinker with a decent flask, that would be a great chance to use it as lighter fluid. Hassan expected something like this, so he had two flasks of "the good stuff" on him.

WC 1336/1500


Mana MANA :
Earrings EARRINGS :


Name: Thunder Trail
Rank: D-Rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Lightning Demon Slayer Magic
Type: Self-Buff
Element: Light+Lightning
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: After the user snaps his towards his legs, a yellow and gold magic circle would appear over them with a minor static circulation on the body in general. Grants a D-Rank Self-Buff for Speed for as long as he sustains the cost.

#9Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:02 am

Knux SHi

At the sight of Hassan's magic Knuckles stopped in his tracks, this man use light magic mixed with Lightning, was he a spy? Had this all been a ploy or a trap to lead him here to be killed? Then Hassan zoomed off, doing arrows as they hit the walls and objects then fell to the floor. Hearing the warning Knuckles shrugged the thought from his mind. He'd kill him after this fight if needed.  A yellow magic circle appeared over his hammer as he lifted it into the air, outside storm clouds began to fill the sky. Then a storm began to open up on the area, a faint trickle of lightning consumed his armor that seemed to come from the weapon as he increased his strength, endurance, and constitution. His body growing in size slightly because of it.  

When the arrows started to come in, Knuckles would not just stand there and allow the new guy to do all the work, after all, he was a warrior.  Though perhaps he was too late?  Cement hit the floor in front of him like a sword and shield-wielding skeleton exited a tomb, with no thought only instinct the hammer in his right hand slammed into the skull before both feet even moved and shattered the skull to bits.

"Thanks for the heads up, but I am capable. Watch the tombs on the side, some of these caskets have guests in them. "

Knuckles put the touch onto the clothing on the skeleton setting it on fire and letting it burn.  With the light of both torches Knuckles could see on the walls there were other torches they could light, he was sure there would be oil within them. Knuckles heard the question and scoffed. "You take me for a drunk? No, I do not carry a flask, I am a Gentlemen after all.  There should be barrels of oil down here for those torches, just smash the skulls and after we break their heads in we can pile them up and set them of fire.  Be damned with this church for all I care, though I am certain this stone wall will handle the heat well and the church will probably be safe."

WC: 1473/1500


What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 12:31 pm

"I'd like a bit of a head start by using my flasks. From the way that it looks for the reanimation period for these spirits, in addition to not bothering to talk, I'd assume 80% or more of the spirits in this unit are currently hostile towards us. in case we have to escape, it's better to have something flammable in the most crucial points and turn over the pile barrels on the way put."

Snapping his fingers, Hassan would create a little bit of a spark with a smile on his face.

"It's also a good thing that I have magic that can set fire to anything with the right conditions. " In Hassan's opinion, even lighting magic would do. In the meantime, he started using his flasks and emptying the liquor in certain points of the corridor and where the burial sects were located. He also started to dose a bunch of the areas with one of the barrels and made sure he got most of the corners of the area.

"Fire is one of the purifying aspects of the unclean. Pray it to be, they find peace at the end of their torture. "

After doing the leg work, the rest was left to Knux before their escape of destroying all of the bodies with fire.

"Would you like to do the honors with the torch?"

They were just about done here.


#11Knux SHi 

What Lies Beneat B-Rank (Knux/Hassan)  Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 7:16 pm

Knux SHi

Knuckles soon came to understand what the man meant with the flask question. He seemed to want to use the alcohol for the flame effects it could be used to start a fire and burn the basement area. Knuckles nodded his head in approval. As Hassan poured the liquid about Knuckles formed up areas of clothing and rags from the shelves and even books and put them into small piles on the floor. When Hassan was done the pair moved back towards the stairs, at this point Knuckles tossed the torch into one of the piles of clothing and flank soaked areas, allowing the flames to slowly spread before meeting a burst of heat when finally meeting the liquid of the flask. As the Flames roared to lift and seemed to take the course of life as they dances through the hall quickly spreading along the alcohol bleached floors following the trail spread out by Hassan catching shelves of old and dried out wood as well as the piles of rags and clothing until everything in front of them began to glow from the red flames that traveled down the hallways. Soon the sound of screeches echoed throughout the basement of the church, it was the sound of the souls being freed and destroyed. Once he was certain all the rooms had caught and the flames had burned mostly everything he and Hassan left to seek their payment before leaving the ground for good.

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