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Set By Stone.(Lucretia)

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Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Wed Feb 09, 2022 3:34 am

There had to be plenty of libraries out there right? Plenty of places she could go to find this information. She’d let out a soft hum and Lucretia would have to remember to ask around her guildhall when she got the chance. If the library didn’t have it she’d like to bet some of her old contacts probably had monsterpedias.

Mmm. I have a few people I could probably ask as to where I could get them… Most of those types of books would probably be in a library or maybe a hunting group. Probably be something I wouldn’t mind going over with someone.

More eyes on a topic and more people sharing the same book would also mean that they’d notice different things. The woman paused and nodded her head; Mimi was correct in the assumption that there were boats here. There were also ships and other various things too.

You’d be right. It is a port city after all.

The question that followed suit lucretia paused; what did she think that mimi’s normal assortment of food was like? She had pegged the other for liking a more simply variety of things; nothing out of left field and nothing exquisite.

Honestly? You strike me as someone that prefers to keep it simple. Sandwiches and easy food to make or keep with you. I like my stuff kinda the same, though as of late I’ve been preferring more meats.

She had to wonder why on that last part; it wasn’t because she suddenly was a werewolf or anything like that. No maybe it was because she was more aware of the fact that she was one more than anything. She’d blink a little bit. Was mimi referring to herself as a rock? Because she found herself dull?

I wouldn’t call you a rock Mimi; I’d say you’re closer to a cat. You know what you want and like.

Lucretia chuckled and adjusted the menu; reading it over and wondering what she should get. She’d look up to mimi and had a momentary pause; realizing something else she could say. Though she wasn’t sure if she should but… She’d be damned if she let an opportunity like this slip by.

I’d even go so far as to say you’re cute like a cat too. Probably some other words too; but I’m not really good with them. I just say what comes to my mind.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Thu Feb 10, 2022 8:38 am

This conversation was going in interesting ways maybe some Miriko was prepared for, other parts she was not. But nonetheless this would progress on and continue with Miriko mentioning."It would not be a problem, unless you can not live in Fiorian."Which she had to be sure if she was able to actually read for such a situation to happen if not it was most likely easy to talk Miriko into helping her understand it when needed. Since the easiness of how Miriko was  good factor to the situation.

Then the conversation just got to be about Miriko and how she was. When she was talking about the cities, it was strange at first."Oh..I ahh..was not trying to compare myself that much."Miriko mentioned right away, Given her meek nature attention such as that was something she did tend to down play.

Calling Miriko cute even froze her up slightly and she stopped speaking to deal with her internal panic for a moment.Eventually she would collect herself not too long after. just to make sure she was a bit more clear what she meant by this."Lucretia, we could talk about considered feeling maybe a bit more down the road."she would mention because she did not know exactly know how to feel currently.

Then mentioning a few things."With the great rock, I am referring to were I was traveling too, The great rock of Baska, Where in Baska, Since the port city of Astera is not where we are right now." She mentioned just to make sure and would ask nicely."Are you sure you know where you are? Or did you lose track upon which part of the land you are at currently?"Miriko asked just to make sure, Since she wanted to know.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 15, 2022 4:21 am

I mean I can live wherever I want to, so… I don’t think it would be a problem then.

She’d nod her head a bit and consider briefly; the best person she could go over this with was actually sitting right across from her. Maybe that or Lee. Then again the latter was also very busy often so lucretia would just stick with her friend here.

It’s not a bad thing Mimi.

Lucretia didn’t judge people that harshly; nor did she really seem to have a problem speaking her mind. Lucretia would pause and then blink as she noted that Mimi had froze up from being called cute. Feeling momentarily bad she’d rub at the back of her head.

I’ll keep that in mind.

She’d then pause and then rub at the back of her head again; she knew where she was just… She felt that mimi had been comparing herself to a rock with that earlier statement for some reason. Maybe she was just tired? Hard to tell at this point.

I… know where we are yeah. Just. From earlier topics I thought you were comparing yourself to said rock. Maybe I misheard you.

She’d sigh a little bit; looking somewhat out of sorts about that whole deal. She was fairly certain that was the case and had instead tried to cheer her friend up. Looking down at the menu she’d tap it a few times.



Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 15, 2022 3:44 pm

Interesting so that is the life of how in which one chooses to live, Free enough with out worry. Such a nice to have in mind. Mind you Miriko was use to living with a building with her sister and mother just having her space. That she just kept filling up with painting and clothing she made over time.

Comparing one to another person is just kind of pointless for the strong amount of variables that could be between a person in the end. It was just the the thought of how each person could do things each things differently and effective with their own flares and way of completing them.

With the food part Miriko paused for a moment.Alistair however could mention."She can't cook, So she referrers to herself as an At home vegetarian."Alistair laughed about it. only because it was useful info in the end, Not to do anything bad to Miriko. If anything a bit embarrassing in the end.

But it would continue on."I mean it just shows up how the mind works, One goes one place, the other goes differently." Miriko mentioned just trying to be sure it was not something to be taken so horribly, even if it was most likely not the case.

Miriko had to wonder."So...where did you get the menu from?"She had to ask because she did not recall sitting in any place to eat yet, They still could just she did not think she was."Not that I do not mind the idea of food, As long as Alistair as a place to sit."So there was an easy work around left open for her.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 8:04 am

I’ve known how to cook since I was a kid, so I can easily teach you if you’d like Mimi.

Lucretia wasn’t a master chef by any means, but she knew how to prepare quite a few things that were both good for the road and good for at home. She’d ponder the idea for a moment and realize that she’d probably have to take the painter to the guild to show her. Or if she ended up having her own residence she… well she could take them there too.

Yeah. Not necessarily a bad thing though.

Lucretia glanced at the menu and give a small shrug; the woman carried arounda lot of papers and the like so… She’d wave her hand a little bit; hoping to bring attention to the change of scenery if possible. If not…

Well I patrol a lot so I get a lot of paper trails from em. Sometimes I ask for menus of places I go to on the reg. I wouldn’t dream of taking Alistair somewhere he couldn’t join us. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise!

Lucretia beamed brightly and nodded her head at Alistair before leaning a bit; offering the choice menu to Mimi. Figuring that she’d want a look at it if she wanted to grasp what was commonplace for a town like this.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 3:46 pm

It seemed she seemed to have a plan one she was not expecting. A some what of planned situation. it was interesting to see happen."It is not from lack of effort..."The mention in return was followed up with Alistair mentioning."She is just more at risk of making herself sick when she tries, Even if some one teaches her."At least she was not embarrassed by it like she was sometimes by other things.But they would carry on nonetheless moving to talk about other things at hand, Mostly Mirikos horrible trait of losing focus of the thing around her.

It was not a bad thing however."It is not a good thing either, So many times people caught me off guard and it was a not exactly what I call a good situation."If there was one thing at least for Miriko she was an honest woman so at least she did not cover up her dislike of it happening."I get poked while I am just about finished a piece of art I am working on and it just makes me so...nevermind."She settled down from her rant because it was just gonna make her yell and she did not want to do that at all.

But if the place was safe enough for Alistair to sit at, Seemed like it was an okay idea."Well, If you have this all planned out let's go"Miriko mentioned so casually. She seemed at least content with it."We don't just need to stand or walk around."Mostly Miriko doesn't need to attept to horribly chop a salad. But for now she needed to get that off of her mind and well maybe focus on having a good time, Something that might show the werewolf a new side of Miriko.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 3:41 pm

Mmm… I see what you’re saying. If it’s any consolation I used to be the same way. But I guess I’ll just have to cook for you then or maybe just get take out when we hang around one another.

Lucretia wasn’t judging mimi on the fact she wasn’t terribly good at cooking but instead was being supportive about it. She understood how it could be and there were some things that you just couldn’t do well. It was all right and if she wanted to learn how to cook some things Lucretia would do her best to teach her.

I can see how that’d be a problem. At least you’ll never have to worry about that from me. I like watching you paint.

Lucretia gave a small smile to Mimi and after a moment she’d stand up, stretching and cracking her back a bit. The armor she wore was definitely heavy but it wasn’t like that was the end of the world for her. She’d offer to show the both of them the way to the restaurant of course.

I have a few thoughts of where we can go. Though I figure one of the inns nearest here would be the best since they’re generally more accepting.

Another warm smile and lucretia would pad along; figuring that the others would be following her to the location. She had to admit that it was nice to just… be able to relax and not have to worry about fighting at a time like this. Especially when seeing a friend after what felt like forever.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Tue Apr 05, 2022 5:11 pm

Then again Alistair seemed to be sure to mention, only more because it was his habit Miriko was at least good enough to not longer be embarrassed about it."Miriko goes through time periods where she tries and then has to give up."So it seemed form Alistair himself he did actually attempt and try a fair amount and just seemed to fail, Then again Miriko never boasted being perfect at everything, In which always made her show she was still human and humble."So far it seems just meat I burn or under cook."Everything else she seemed to manage."Hence why I call my self an at home vegetarian."It sounded silly but she had a reason for it.

It was an interesting thing to be told some one could watch you for hours painting but that was something she knew a few people could do."Would not be the first time some one would mention that to me."She could admit but there was various people who would watch if they could it just matter the intentions of the watching."I suppose if it's harmless I would not mind."Miriko said that more in passing because it seemed almost like a typical answer she would give a person.

Since there was one of them who had an idea of in which they would go, Miriko would have no problem following along."Very well let's go there."It was easy to work with, Miriko could take time from other things and see what else could be talked about."Inns should also have space for Alistair too."It was sounding better and better, No doubt Miriko and Alistair had things they could eat there and they had to not worry about being cold there as well. It was almost a perfectly planned.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Sat Apr 09, 2022 8:55 am

Hearing that Mimi had tried this before and that she had tried it often made Lucretia wonder if part of that reason was that her focus honestly was on other things. Which would make sense to the spellsword. It still made her want to be the one to prepare things for the both of them if they ever hung out long enough.

Well either way, if there’s something you’d like to try just let me know and I can whip it up. I’m better in the kitchen than I look. Helps when your fingers can be knives.

Lucretia let out a small chuckle at that; she was a far cry from perfect herself but she also didn’t have the most complicated taste buds. It was a surprise to lucretia to hear that someone else was also interested in watching the painter. Then again given that she was really damn good at it…

Well. Probably won’t be the last time you hear it from me either. I still have the painting from our last visit after all.

In fact that very painting would be hanging up in her room at the infinity wolves guildhall. Though she wasn’t sure how mimi would feel about that. Then again she had been given permission from the painter to do exactly that so…

The trio would pad along; Lucretia casting a glance back at her two companions. Inns were good for drinking, getting food and resting. The three of them could easily do all three; though she wasn’t even sure if mimi drank liquor.

Yeah and if you don’t have somewhere to crash for the night that can easily be fixed too.

Lucretia shrugged a bit; she’d lead them along to the inn she had in mind that she knew didn’t mind strange customers. Or what ‘regular’ folks would consider strange. Lucretia wasn’t exactly the most normal individual and stood out like a sore thumb to most. But to lucretia the painter and giant cat were actually pretty laid back in scope of things. The inn in question yawned up in front of them and lucretia would turn to her two friends.

Now the question is do we go for a booth or a table…?


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 5:19 am

With that final question Miriko kind of knew of how she wanted to go about these things, Her preferred option was in fact."I do prefer a chair and table, generally I can find a place to sit with a large spot for Alistair to settle in."It was a bit of a cycle of for Miriko she would find these areas settle into an area and watch for a while."It will be a bit different to not wanting to pull out a sketch book and draw."It seemed Miriko was normally keeping her hands busy a fair amount.

At least she realized she needed to slow down at times and actually talk to people was more herself then the artist."Good, Some people are actually do not just look at the jewel value."Miriko did more then just mention in passing, since so far it was just something that only knew from people who did not want to made it happening."I am starting to notice a mixture of people who will keep them forever or wait until I am no longer around to sell them off for a high value then I price for, Since I never keep a price public."This as time went on would be something Miriko seemed to e sure to keep track of and would generally mention how it bothers her, But that was a problem for the future.

As for sleeping arrangements, Miriko could admit."It had not been set up yet. But I assume this place has a fair amount of inn's or hotels with enough room for me, It was just weeding out the ones that will deal with Alistair."It must have been an interesting process to go through, but she travelled and painted enough for this to be her life.

With all that settled, it lead her to think about a few things."I suppose in that case. Two rooms could be costly considering."She just had a general ponder about that, She did not mind mentioning it to Lucretia act all because she was use to being around the werewolf and getting to see the normal none spotlighted painted Miriko was most likely would slowly lead into showing Miriko put up a front strong in some ways."Then again,I always travel with no entire fully fleshed out plan in mind, I might have to fix that."Miriko rambles were nothing all that serious.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 1:57 pm

Hmm. Table’s our best bet then.

It’d give them ample room to eat together ontop of also being a bit more comfortable to serve. A double whammy if there was ever such a thing. Lucretia would glance down at Alistair figuring that he was probably the sort that wouldn’t be bothered by either. But given mimi’s input… Luc would definitely keep that in mind.

You don’t want to draw during the meal?

Lucretia tilted her head to the side; she looked puzzled but figured after a few moments that mimi was trying to enjoy the company she was keeping. Hearing how people treated her paintings made Lucretia mad. She’d sigh a bit and just shook her head at hearing how they treated her paintings. Lucretia definitely was the sort to keep them if she was given one.

I don’t think I’d ever consider selling it, You made it for me after all. So chalk me up as the ‘gonna keep the stuff my friend makes for me’ bin.

Lucretia smiled warmly and if mimi allowed it the other would get a friendly shoulderpat. Hearing the reasoning for why she hadn’t set up something the woman nodded. It wouldn’t be hard to convince the innkeeper to let them stay the night if they allowed alistair in the dining venue.

Well if the innkeeper is willing to seat him, I’d say it’s probably a good bet that they’d let him into their rooms.

Hearing the bit about the two rooms lucretia gave a small shrug; there were sizeable rooms in inns wasn’t there? Some had larger rooms than others and there was the ‘upgraded’ version that some had where it was basically like renting a small home. She didn’t know if this one had something like that at the moment though.

Well if they have large enough rooms and if the both of you don’t mind we could share? Not like I snore or anything.

They were making good time and it wouldn’t be long before the trio was in front of the inn that lucretia had been wanting to bring them to. She’d pause again hearing that the other didn’t travel with much of a plan in mind if any at all.

I generally make… baseline plans? Like I know what I’d like to do in a town after reading into it a bit and check out spots for sleeping or eating before getting too settled. Couldn’t hurt but also going with the wind as they say also brings it’s own adventure.

Lucretia would smile and hold open the door for the pair; if they entered she’d do the same…


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It was a good thing to question Miriko with, she did have an actual answer with it."At least when i am with people that aren't customers or by myself."in either other case Miriko would eat while working but she seemed to some times value doing things like this much more when just working away on what she would be doing so many other pieces of work."It allows me to focus on subjects of conversation better." plus this was drilled into her for when it was actually people she cared about it was better to not be distracted.

She heard that enough that she could almost act like she knew and understood that people tended to do that."Sometimes the world shows me that case both sides being true."Yet again it was not super dismissive but it seemed like she was almost felt numb to hearing that sometimes. But was quickly going to move on from such thoughts in her mind so she did not think about it, Even if Miriko was starting to feel numb to hearing how people value and kept her work she needed to have not reflect here, she did not need to behave that way.

It was a fair question to ask Miriko, surely there would be enough room in the end."I mean,I don't personally mind myself."Then as they settled in and Miriko looked around she just look at Alistair for a moment with being posed with this. To Alistair mentioned."I mean, I am not your father Miriko, you are an adult of your own free will, I do not mind at all."That just meant everything was okay so far.

They would save a bit of money hopefully but that was just her thinking."My plan is just drawing and painting, maybe doing some knitting, sewing or clothing making between. I just go off of what sells more at the time."Which was fair, keeping it a bit simple for her self.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 28, 2022 6:21 am

That’s both fair and polite I suppose.

Lucretia would lean on the table; wondering to herself how her customers might deal with her drawing in front of them. Mimi was really good at it and she wondered what sort of natural curiosity there may have been. She’d bob her head in a nod; yeah it could be distracting in both venues if you were working while talking which is why she hadn’t bothered her too much when they were working on something else earlier.

Kinda like me with my work I suppose. Though not much conversation can be made when on the hunt for things.

She’d scratch at her chin thoughtfully and the other seemed to want to move on from the topic. She’d nod her head at hearing tha the other didn’t mind either. So that was settled on that fact and would be cheaper by far for the both of them. She’d cock her head to one side and hearing how Mimi went about things in both terms of planning and what she would do well…

Seems the best way to handle things, with such an array of skills at your disposal why wouldn’t you.

Lucretia would tilt her head to one side; considering a question for a few brief moments and just bob her head as though she had already made up her mind in asking it. Though really it wasn’t hard to see that lucretia probably wasn’t the best conversationalist. Her long paused and focus on combat often meant that stuff outside of it often fell flat. But she was trying!

Ever think about teaching people how to do that sort of stuff? Like lessons or whatnot? Not all the time of course just... yanno.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 30, 2022 2:36 pm

Was it that horrible of a suggestion? not entirely but maybe it was something she would mention she knew that it might not be the best idea because more of an error for Miriko's part."It is not that I disagree entirely with the idea, It is something I am unsure I could over all do with strangers."Maybe it was something she had to progress into in life, But so far given how Miriko was over all it seemed she was unsure if that was actually a logical idea for her.

But it was not a bad suggestion still. She could even admit it was not a bad suggestion."If i could actually work beyond my personal problems it could be a logical thing to do."It seemed she had another thing to mark upon the board of many things to do. After all her list was still many things she does to get by so if it happen or not was entirely up in air if something like that would happen after all Miriko was just that way she figured something was a good idea then just carried on and seemingly forgot a bout a few things.

as for the hunting part."You could very well teach some one to hunt, it is something that more useful then anything i could do."Which she would counter with that because you can live through hunting if you needed too and had nothing else to you own you could set up some where to sleep and live off the land and figure out from there. Painting if left alone in the middle of no where got you nothing in the end so there was that in the end. Then again for now the cattian had remained quiet about things.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Wed Aug 17, 2022 9:52 pm

That’s fair and I wouldn’t blame you if that’s the case.

Luc adjusted in her seat; most of her attention was on mimi. But some of it would be on her menu in front of her. She had a few ideas as to what to get for her but she had to wonder what the painter would order. What was it that Mimi favored over other things? Maybe something that Luc could cook for her sometime if she so desired it.

No one would blame you for taking the time to figure those out Mimi. I know I wouldn’t.

She’d offer a small smile at the notion and would turn the menu over to inspect the drinks. A small selection but a good selection to be sure. Did mimi even drink? She didn’t strike lucretia as the type to. The other seemed to think that her teaching others to hunt would be more practical than anything that the painter could teach. With a shake of the head and a waggle of the finger lucretia was certain that both of them had their own strengths.

Hunting solves one problem, that of the belly and that of the night. Of all the things you can do and all the things that you’re willing to do what would you say has the most length to help others? But I believe we’ve both agreed before that we think less of our own craft and more of the others no?

Lucretia chuckled; she still recalled the piece that Mimi had done for her that was hanging in the Infinity wolf hall for the moment. It was one of the few things that she would make sure if she ever left infinity wolves that it would come with her hook line and sinker. She’d stare at mimi for a few moments and then rub at the bottom of her chin as though in thought.

How would you like to teach me one of your crafts and maybe in exchange I can teach you how to hunt? Not the monster hunting kind but the sort of live off the land bits.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Fri Aug 19, 2022 9:07 am

Over all it could seem like a very good deal, Even if Miriko did seemed to take her time to think about it, it was over all a good and generous offer but Miriko had a feeling that learning what she might know would be a stranger difficult task for the lady she was was over all. Miriko had to ponder how well hunting would go in her mind and she almost felt like it was going to be horrible for her. Or could just have Alistair do the things that might be considered hunting. She did not answer entirely of the offer right away just because she was unsure still.

As for the opinion parts."For the most parts, in some way the arts much like hunting at times are extremely under valued form the general public."She mentioned in general unsure if she had or not mentioned it before because her mind.

Then she had a thought about people not blaming her for taking her time."As for me taking my time, It is always a mixed bag depending on the person. I have had a fair amount of past clients attempt to rush me before, But that doesn't really need to be shocking in the end that happens."Miriko mentioned about it because she assumed none of that would happen with hunting after all it was entirely a different nature that people hunt for the most part. Miriko just sat there, looked pretty and made pretty things not entirely needed to live as a person, just a mean to capture a moment in life requested of her.

Then again she had one remark to mention about the offer."It could be an equal exchange in the end however, I am entirely unsure if I should even step into an area of hunting...I know I may mess that up."Miriko assumed that of herself because it was just the cycle of her life and how it worked.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:10 am

Oh absolutely; but both are equally important in different ways I’d think.

Lucretia nodded her head; to her art was something very precious. Something that only came from the fact that… Well that she did her job and hunted the darkness. She felt like she contributed to giving people the freedom of choice to do as they wanted. Not everyone needed to do the impossible to survive and here mimi presented that fact to her more often than not.

There will always be those that try to rush everything… tch. I suppose that’s why they say ‘patience is a virtue’.

The werewolf gave a small shake of her head and leaned on her table. But hearing that mimi was worried that she might mess up in regards to hunting Lucretia would rub at her chin thoughtfully.

We’d start with the small stuff, catch and release sort of business to get you used to it. I’m not going to try to take you to go and hunt a hydra or bear by any means!

Lucretia gave a toothy smile and adjusted in her seat; she had to wonder if Mimi had ever tried to hunt before or maybe even fish? Maybe fishing was more her speed… Something to consider that it was like hunting but a lot less active to a degree depending on the type of fish…

There’s a lot that we can do or handle, don't worry.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 20, 2022 1:10 pm

Oh different way? Maybe it was just the view Miriko had not thought about the different way each one was important to the public, Miriko was looking at the practical way means for both of them, Then again she did think just in one simple path way, it was just a part of her way of focusing on more work then how anything else was for her. The normal Miriko way of life.

But for alas how Miriko learned things might be interesting."It isn't that I do not take my time to learn, it just seems my attempts just don't work."She mentioned with how it seemed to work for her."It seem the more manual and maybe more in depth arts in terms of rougher hand work just don't end well for me...wood working and cooking just been a few things i have not done well with."She mentioned yet not taking it to heart all that much. If anything it was always good to learn that way that she could do things and still fail at things, So she was not considered just masterful at all things art related. Practice is always how things worked.

After not speaking for a while Alistair would speak up."Then again the hunting stuff, I tend to do even if it's for me mostly......I do offer but Miriko risks not cooking it right for herself."Which Miriko seemed to not be embarrassed with Alistair admitting it. But then again Alistair knew and tried to help with many things."Maybe it is why on the road she tends to only eat meat when other people cook it."With that Alistair also laughed about it slightly. But in the end it seemed any worry did not seem to exist here at this time at least for now.


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 30, 2022 6:07 pm

Hmm… that’s a surprise to hear.

Hearing that the other didn’t really seem to know why her attempts didn’t work out just that they didn’t the werewolf pondered the the possible answers. Maybe mimi just wasn’t good with manual labor and she couldn’t really blame her. She’d stare at the other for a moment and then nodded her head.

well… I could share with you how I do some of those things and maybe that might help.

Hearing alistair talk she’d turn her head; it’d make sense to her that he would do the hunting. Though she had to wonder exactly how the large cat would cook. Maybe they had some skill in that part. Either that or paid for it to be cooked… hmm. She’d lean back in her chair with a small thoughtful hum.

It can be rough at first that much is true… but I think given enough time you’ll get the hang of it. That being said. Maybe we should figure out what to order no?


Set By Stone.(Lucretia) - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 06, 2022 8:42 am

It seemed to be fair to mention that one should learn over time, it was something Miriko mentioned to many others before in terms of learning how to do the thing she did. however Miriko internally had the mind set of she was no matter how these things happen or worked she would always fail thing."Maybe i will get better but for now...I will focus on other parts of work to do..."It almost seemed to internally fluster Miriko to think about it.

Only because Miriko knew she was not a master at everything, but after o many tries the reality of having things get away from her as much as cooking has been it seemed to just almost depress her internally, not that she needed that much stress about it."That we should." At least it was no longer a thought for now, There things could be of focus.


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