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Set By Stone.(Lucretia)

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Set By Stone.(Lucretia) Empty Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:50 am

It is almost like the many worlds of the land would eventually drive Miriko to show up eventually, So such a land mark as the Great Baska Rock. Miriko would eventually show up, to see her gazing upon it from a far it was safe to assume when she was standing there looking at it, She was either figuring out or choosing how she wanted to personally capture the image of it.

So there she was in a reasonable amount of distance away enough to capture of the background. So she would be gazing at this rock from a far, with Alistair taking a bit of a break from the travel, seemingly locked into her thoughts about how to go about it.

Baska was quiet and a far more different from Hosenka, It almost seemed like Miriko wondered if she stood out even more here then Hosenka, Mostly because it seemed everyone dresses far more different, Well also keeping in mind it was almost seemingly a different kind of feeling from these lands.

Nonetheless she rested her umbrella on her right shoulder, got her drawing book and a pencil from Alistair and started drawing standing where she was, Because it was a perfectly spot for her to do this. Hoping she was out the way and not a worry to anyone.


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Her constant entering into the tournaments out of baska made it really easy for her to want to poke around in town. See the sights and try to understand a different culture. The woman had decided for the better to remain clothed in her usual hunter attire. Given that danger was ever present and just because she was in town she wasn’t safe from repercussions of her actions within the arena. Ergo…

Maybe using the arena to train her lycan form wasn’t the brightest idea; she could feel the cold shoulders given to her by many people that recognized her from the arena not only a few days ago. Others were startled or even surprised at her walking around in daylight. Though for the moment she kept yuro in her ring; not wishing to look like she was expecting trouble. Then again who walks around wearing an elder hunter coat?


Her eyes widened a little bit and she’d hang the mask she wore on the side of her hip, the bands looping through one of her belt loops. A grin split her face and it wasn’t long before the woman made her way to mimi; spotting them from a good distance away she recognized the other tall woman immediately. Especially with the large cattian by her side.

Mimi! Alistair! It’s been too long!

Her voice was full of life and mirth, her arms spread wide and a huge grin on her face. She hadn’t seen them since… Well gods above it felt like it had been months at this point! The woman’s attire had changed drastically and she had a few more scars to show from her fights but to lucretia mimi being around also meant that this area likely was pretty chill. If not interesting in some aspect. Either that or she found something she wanted to draw.

It’s so good to see you! How’ve you been?

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It seemed at least for the moment one of them would greet her, For Miriko's attention was so in deep with drawing what whatever she was focusing. So for the moment Alistair would speak up."Well It shows the world is fairly pleasant as always."Alistair's way of speaking was fairly close to Miriko's he was wise in his manner and seemed to be use to this, At least since one already knew how it worked Miriko drawing away so quickly was just her normal and nothing to be worried about. Alistair however seemed to be just a watchful of details to anyone else.

Even remarking about Miriko as you could she her drawing with pencil and paper."I assume you will be okay with Miriko being busy."It seemed Alistair was making sure to ask because if not Miriko can be snapped back to reality rather quickly, But whatever she was focusing on it was most likely something was could befitting of her seight.

Then well standing on his legs Alistair seemed to look upon the company they had and said."Some one had to deal with a few things it seems."Alistair was remarking about the scars upon her face. Given what Alistair was he might know a few things like that from experience, But then again he also knew it in other ways from what he was going to mention."All great defenders bare their own marks, At least what my previous owner had told me."It was giving some insight to Alistair having his own past besides Miriko.

Miriko was his second owner, seemingly a fairly more casual and relaxed one at that."Are you okay  at least?"Alistair sounded curious, these questions would be likely from Miriko if she was not in her frame of mind to be drawing as she was currently.


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Fairly pleasant and safe I’d say. Or safer at least.

Truth be told lucretia wasn’t sure about how safe the world could be right now; she had heard a lot of messes were going on but if there were any here…. Mimi had expertly avoided them or they had already been dealt with. She was glad to see her friend and… well she counted Alistair as a friend too. So friends? She’d chuckle a bit and gave a little wave, taking a moment to look over the both of them. They did certainly seem well enough!

Oh it’ll be fine, I don’t mind waiting. I know how it can be to get pulled into your work.

Lucretia blinked and rubbed the back of her neck; deal with a few things indeed! She no longer was wearing the rusted armor or wielding that rusted katana. Now instead she was sporting some pretty desirable stuff and had a few more ‘trophies’ to show for it.

Quite an assortment of werewolves and other neerdowells. Though the latter were a little lack luster since I didn’t have to do much other than smile warmly at them and watch them run…

The woman let out a small chuckle and fold her arms; hearing that the ‘great defenders’ bore their own marks made lucretia pause. And previous owner? She’d cast a glance at mimi who was still working before asking.

Previous owner? A relative of mimi’s or…?

She was curious about him but then came to the next question; in which lucretia hesitated. She wasn’t one for lying and she wasn’t about to do so to someone she considered to at least be on all right terms with. She’d look down for a moment; reflecting on her choice here before actually saying it.

...Truth be told I’ve been better. Recently I learned I’m ah… Well I’m a Lycan. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

The woman’s shoulders weren’t held as high when she spoke this line though she’d quickly recover by looking back up at alistair. Managing to give a somewhat tired smile; it was so weird to think she was slaying her own type of kin even if they weren’t related.


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The fun part of Alistair was, if you actually have a normal conversation with him, He was fairly in depth with his conversations."Safety is something, I more assure for other people, Than I worry about my own, But I would think it is a mutual thing."Which was maybe a good way it was done, Alistair most likely did a lot more harder work then most people would generally, Then again he was not taken for granted from Miriko. It might be logical to think that way of it since he was still around Alistair seemed to be free to go at any point with Miriko.

"Some people are far more demanding for Miriko attention anyway, But if you aren't worried about right away then well, It is fine for the moment."So alas for now Miriko was left to her own things which was just her normal seen hobbies.

That part Alistair and her could have a conversation about."I don't mind such an easy task as looking at them and having them flee, It is kind of nice for me."Then again Alistair liked the free time to nap, Which was just how he worked.

"I could tell you a few things of her depends on what you want to know."
Alistair does still remember a fair amount of Judina she just needed to what him what."But as for that question, As far as I know they were not related, I do not know much about Miriko's family compared to my previous owner."This open maybe a bit more t obe asked about.

"If anything, just a side of effect of what happens on the job, You make the best of what you have to do in life."Which was a good way in his view to look at it, then again Alistair was also a big cat who did not have to worry about turning into a wolf or a human.


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Spose that’s true enough. It would be mutual yeah.

She had to agree with Alistair there, if he made it safe for other people it would be safe for him. And if Lucretia had made an area safe herself she’d likely extend the same graces to her friends here. Though that was without question or needing to be said. She’d fold her arms thoughtfully; just how much of a presence would you need to imply an entire town was safe?

That was something she’d have to figure out in the future. Hearing that there were individuals that were demanding mimi’s attention she had to wonder what the poor woman had to deal with in that venue. Did she have outrageous suitor requests? People that were from other guilds? She couldn’t see them getting all too far especially with Alistair here. Or with other people that she made fast friends with.

I’d rather let her enjoy herself and spend time doing as she’d like. I’m here and It’s not like I’m going anywhere anytime soon.

Lucretia chuckled a bit and eyed the other woman; hearing that the other didn’t mind the idea of watching others flee made her wonder just how strong Alistair really was. The information that Alistair passed to her was pretty simple given her question.

Well to be honest, Would it be fair for me to ask about someone in detail that I haven’t even met? Hmm..

The woman let out a soft hum, looking unsure for a few longer moments. She’d glance at mimi again; a frown spreading on her face and she’d turn to alistair.

If they aren’t related then… how did you come to be mimi’s cohort? And I suppose what would your previous owners name be? And what did they do for a living?

Fair or not lucretia’s curiosity about the cattian’s previous owner had been piqued and she wasn’t about to let an opportunity to learn more about someone slip by. Like so she would learn about mimi, alistair and a potential individual she could be aquaintences with. You don’t just pass around living creatures without an insane amount of trust between the three. So if Mimi was trusted or alistair was trusted by this person… Lucretia felt that she could do the same.

But then came that heavy topic and she’d rub the back of her neck, taking a moment to sit down and drape her arms over her legs. She looked miserable in the course of a few moments. She wasn’t happy with this development or learning this information but she was an honest and straightforward type.

I would normally agree with you. But the thing is it wasn’t a side effect from the job. I’ve been one my whole life and never had an incident till a month ago.


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The ponder the werewolf had would most likely be easy questions to ask her, When she was no longer focused upon her normal areas of work."Then again it is helpful to have some one who care about you enough to make sure you eat and drink."The best part between them, Alistair did not treat Miriko as most would assume talking animals would view their masters, He could do everything himself just knew as long as he work with her, They got by together. Then again Miriko was not a typical animal owner and Alistair was not a typical expected to be pet.

It seemed Lucreita would be in for a story in this regard not that it would not have been explained over time. The question of when it was good to ask was always a hard one to answer. Alistair seemed to have already kind of seemed to have deal with his feeling a fair amount of time a go in this matter, So this conversation might just be something he was already preparing to talk about it, Just who would have brought it up he could not have guessed.

In her his watching fashion he turned his head back to watch Miriko because that what he always has done."Well I became her consort after needing a new master."He was slightly walking around what that entirely meant for the moment."Her name was Judina Karlinus."Alistair not really paying attention to Miriko could see this conversation actually in some manner caught her attention for a moment, Then returning back to her painting.

But answers were still had."From the stories she told when around Judina was in various guilds: The same one as Miriko, Fairy Tail, The Rune Knights,A guild called Phoenix Feather and at one point an Inquisition fighting demons."It sounded like Alistair's last owner was a very busy woman, She had covered a fair amount of ground in terms of all of the things she did. From something like that to Miriko was far different because he had a easier life with Miriko.

Even if she was born that way and had nothing happen until then. Alistair simply laughed."I mean this as a joke, But i wish I could transform like that, It would be fun."He was trying to make her laugh about it because well, It was something he could not do.


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Does mimi forget to do that sometimes?

The icebergian looked genuinely shocked at this information; she couldn’t imagine forgetting to do those things. Maybe it was because that she and miriko both had different sort of lives but often more than not it felt like this body was an incredible furnace. While she wasn’t always hungry or the like when she was… she needed to eat more than what you’d expect. She’d eye alistair wondering quietly what he’d probably end up eating; given he was a cat it’d probably be meat right?

Judina Karlinus?

The woman paused at hearing that name; the last name was one she wasn’t familiar with but Judina as it sat wasn’t a name she felt was commonplace. She’d fold her arms and furrow her brow; noting that mimi glanced at them for a moment. Though lucretia had a moment to wonder… Would these be the same Judina that lee had talked about? It was hard to know without asking the woman directly. She’d have to do so next time.

A lot of travel time with so many different guilds then. Is it commonplace to move around that much? Or was this just over a long time?

She’d adjust a little bit while sitting and consider her own guild choices; there weren’t many that probably would like what she was doing. Especially as a werewolf herself; which now would also be interesting because she was no longer a hunter. Instead being something of a spellsword herself.

I mean I know of some transformative magics; or rather have heard of them. But none to this degree without a great deal of effort…

She appreciated the joking approach and after a few moments the woman looked up to the sky; she felt really off about all of these developments. Which one after the other would leave anyone reeling…

It’s just… surreal alistair.


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The realization of what was being talked about hit Miriko in that moment when Alistair mentioned."There is a few things she forgets to do, The two things she makes sure she does in a day is bath and go to the bathroom."So Miriko seemed to forget eating,drinking and a few other things that might be important in life. It caught Miriko's attention and stare for a moment then she would go back to painting, It seemed like if anything it might have Mimi's attention soon to keep hearing things about her being mentioned, It was drawing her attention.

But as it went back to conversation about Judina, stories she could tell as well but it was not super important for Miriko to mention anything right away."It was all over a long period of time, Judina was older then Miriko."Over all Judina seemingly a faceless figure out Lucretia had various parts of her own history.

Then a small minor mention."If you do find it fitting, Judina's mother is in Magnolia, I have seen  her a few times bringing Alistair to visit Judina's grave."It opened an option for Lucretia if she wanted to dig into that life beyond just questions.Keeping in mind Miriko spoke that while she was painting still, Meaning she was starting to come back to reality.

Keep in mind even in the humour Alistair was still a being who understood emotions, So the big cat just walked over and brushed his head against Lucretia as a sign of comfort."Coming to terms with some of the things that happen in life, Is a battle in which one does not know how to come to terms with."It seemed minor but at least most people could be jealous of having a giant cat brushing upon on them.

Alistair would just ask."Are there things you may need currently?"It was a good question to ask at least from Alistair, Since it might help. most likely this would slowly head down a path of more question that might be easy to continue with, Since these two were pretty easy to talk to.


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...Huh. Well I suppose when you get into something it can be difficult to get out of that mindset. There’s been times where I couldn’t eat or the like because of being amidst a hunt.

The woman frowned a bit and glanced at mimi; she was still busy painting and lucretia had the feeling that the woman was content with what she was doing here. But… the woman would likely be pulled out of the painting when she was finished or when it got too late. Given that lucretia knew that alistair would take care of her.

...I see. Hmm. Still quite a lot to do even over a good chunk of time.

Hearing that she could go and see Judina’s grave made Lucretia paused; she didn’t know this person and wouldn’t know what to say. Though she had to wonder what others would say about this person or the friends and family that had been left without someone. If this judina was the same that knew lee it might do lucretia well to understand what kind of parallels were being drawn between her and this now gone woman.

Either that or maybe she could see what she could do to help the friends grieve or the family to have some form of reassurances depending on the way that the other went. If that friend meant that much to one of her own it was only right that she learned the tales. A person was never truly gone as long as they were remembered by those that came after.

I may… go visit them. For one reason or another.

Lucretia gave a small smile and turned her head to mimi; though the other was still painting. She’d rub the back of her neck and upon feeling the cattian brushing his head against her she’d hesitantly reach down to rub the top of the large cat’s head.

You’re not wrong there I suppose. Growing up as a hunter and finding out that most of my life the reason why I never really fell was because I was already the thing I swore to fight against has made it… odd to me I guess. Learning to use this… to help the people is what I should probably do.

The woman paused at the question Alistair posed and after a few moments she’d frown; seemingly unsure of what to say.

Practice I suppose? Time to adjust I guess. Maybe just try to ease into things. I’m… not entirely sure.


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Miriko's painting was slowly completed at this point anyway, So she would put down what she was using and walk over to Alistair and Lucretia finally join in the conversation at hand, Not that she was intentionally ignoring anything, So she would walk over to Alistair and her friend because it was now to join in on conversation."Forgive me, for being busy."Miriko said in joining them.

So now it was a three person conversation now."Judina's list of achievements seemed to be something more of legend then the person seemed to be in reality." Miriko mentioned trying not to be rude about it."Even then Judina never really thought highly of all of the things she did during her life time."Alistair mentioned as well. So if anything Judina was a humble in terms of how people mention her, So it was a good highlight in terms of how she use to be.

So they would talk about considering visiting."If not even for visiting her, Magnolia is a nice place."Miriko mentioned, even if it was not exactly more encouraging to visit, but there was more then just a grave to see in Magnolia.There was more to that place and if anything some one could show her, Even Miriko would if entirely needed be, But she was not really guessing if she would be back in that area any time soon or not.

So it seemed, it was an interesting conversation in a different matter."Just because you became what you hunted, Does not mean you are any less different then what the goal was to start with."But after Alistair was gone, Miriko just quietly walked over and patted her dear friend on the shoulder."Werewolf of human in looks, You always are a friend I always enjoy seeing."Miriko mentioned, with an actual smile on her face because it is just how she was, She did actually enjoy her company just as much as she enjoyed Alistair's company.


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It’s all right. Didn’t mind waiting.

Lucretia gave a wide smile and leaned to look up at Mimi; honestly with how quickly the two of them had ended up becoming friends it was very nice to be able to talk to these two again. Much like how she made friends with lee it was one of those things that she felt was appropriate. Especially now days where her work felt like it was taking priority.

Isn’t that how it always starts; small beginnings to what someone ends up to be.

Hearing that judina was humble about what they had done made lucretia realize that… well. She never really seemed to boast about what she had done either; because there was always more of it. Though then again she hadn’t been to a tavern properly to tell the tales or run into a storyweaver of her people.

It’s always people like that that do the most for the world. I wish I could have met her.

It was something that seemed to be a re-occuring theme with lucretia; wanting to meet all these people that she would never get the chance to. All the people that she could have learned from and grown a bit differently maybe. Lucretia hadn’t been to Magnolia either and paused after a few long bits.

I don’t believe I’ve been there, maybe it’d do me good to see it.

Lucretia did travel fairly often and she’d have to put it on the list when she went to another country. The woman turned her head to mimi, a warm smile finding itself on her face and with a surprising amount of gentleness from someone so large she’d return that pat motioning for her friend to take a seat next to her.

It was always protecting the people, helping them fight the fear. It’s a little weird to me being part of that fear now. But I think the message is important still. I fight for them. I fight for my friends, my people. In a way I suppose I fight for you and Alistair as well. Not that I think either of you mind.

Lucretia beamed brightly at the other calling her friend and then paused looking as she was considering something. The smile had caught her for a moment as well; she hadn’t expected that but she’d return it with a genuine one of her own.

I appreciate it mimi; I enjoy your company quite a bit. Would you like to see it per chance? It doesn’t seem to shred my equipment anymore so there’s that at least.


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It as a good thing to mention."Sometimes the scale of ones magnitude of there achievements was something that might not really easily picked up by a person."Miriko only knew this from all this art of hers she always kept on trucking on in terms of what she kept doing, They were so simple to hear that she never wanted much praise from it, It was just her normal and what she did."Your achievements as well, Might not be something you even consider something to note or not."At least it was just the view of Miriko it was easily up for a topic of conversation that would that could eventually alter if need be.

Lingering on a past was an interesting thing, in the way that sometimes people did not realize how different life was, Until some one was gone it made things different that way. Alistair seemed to be experiencing that but seemed to have managed wonderfully in the end."And you have a motivation to continue that exact thing, Even with a down fall of what had happen to you currently."Miriko was kind of trying to keep the thoughts logical yet showing and keeping it inspiring and hopeful. Since it might make her feel better, in some manner.

in terms of if she wanted to see a change or not, Was a good question Miriko did start it with."I would be curious to see, But I will not force it, If it bothers you in some manner, You can stay the same."Left it entirely up to her since even if she was curious to see the change and how it make her look different, If being a werewolf did depress Lucretia it was not worth the effort in the end, For it was happy for a Happy Lucretia in human shape then a sad one in a werewolf shape.


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I spose yeah. Our own actions will always seem less to us.

Lucretia didn’t hold her own achievements that high, there were no song singers or soothesayers to spread what she did. There was the whispers to the wind that might have; there were no epics or ballads in her name and that was fine. She didn’t need praise and she didn’t need the attention as long as she made sure that people were safe and happy. The woman rubbed at the back of her neck and managed a small smile.

I don’t really see what I did worthy of mention; just the right thing to do.

It was always the source of her motivation. To fight fear where it bred, to let people hope. She wanted people to be safe and happy; without worry of what lay in wait in the night. She was grateful for the other’s ear and she’d fold her arms thoughtfully.

It’s… still just weird yanno?

Lucretia paused; the other was letting it be up to her? The woman considered for a moment and then nodded her head. It wasn’t something that made her sad so much as just… felt odd to her. She’d stretch and stand up; keeping on that little grin.

It’s taking some time to get used to really. But I’d rather you see it and know for the future that it’s me. Don’t want to scare you by mistake or something.

Lucretia seemed a bit more at ease with this conversation and after a few long moments she’d exhale slowly. It was like one of those muscles you had to work to get a better hold on it. That and the whole inner beast nonsense she had to deal with. Though for some reason the beast wasn’t really pushing against her. Maybe it was the fact she was around a friend or perhaps it was still napping. Give or take a few moments later mimi would be staring at a much larger version of lucretia.

Her hair was practically down to her waist and the werewolf had to fiddle around with her armor a bit to let out a tail with a bit of a bemused look. It was not something she’d considered before. With a cock of the head she’d hold out her arms as though presenting herself. Her voice was a little more guttural but there was the sign of Mimi’s friend there.

What do you think?


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Only mentioning it because it was just something he saw."The same way Judina would view it as well."It was something Alistair heard his old owner say before, maybe even exact same words. Not that Miriko or Alistair was making this so plain in terms of connections."All protectors view it a matter of duty and rite, Some just merely doing what needs to be done." It was just Alistair explaining it anyway."Judina was this was, I am this way and you seemingly are."Alistair seemed to know a lot more then most being might think of him, But not like he needed to express it all that much given Miriko was fairly smart herself and seemed to manage things well.

"I have no understanding of the mind set of transforming, I just assume much like how people work, Some view it positively some not."
It was just that way, Looking into her matter behind it, What was one view of such a thing? they where their own answer. Miriko was just more of less keeping some one more comfortable a bit more at ease about it.

When it came to scaring Miriko it seemed almost funny."I am not to worry about it, I am a big girl now Lucretia."Miriko was mentioning because she was not really skittish to anything she could see in front of her, Rather then other things might scare her.

But when it came to the finally being shown a werewolf, Miriko was not scared when the transformation happen, However walking over Miriko much like the bookworm she was, given the nature of interesting and creativity. Walked rather close to Lucretia. Inspecting looking at the details and seemingly taking mental notes."White fur? such a colour is one I have yet to read of in books."Of all things she focused on what books never showed her. But it showed her friend Miriko was not scared or worried about her, But all in all Miriko seemed rather content in studying what she had learned here."Fur is, Longer then I assume as well."It seemed more wholesome in it's own manner, Miriko was like a child about it.


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Guess we really are alike. Huh.

Lucretia found herself mumbling that, rubbing at her chin. The comparison between her and judina wasn’t lost on her and she felt like being compared to someone like this wasn’t a bad thing. She only saw it as a compliment. She’d give a small nod at the idea that Alistair was the same way too.

I’d like to think it’s the right thing to do. No one really has told me otherwise. Maybe they considered me a touch naive with my pursuit.

Lucretia chuckled a bit and folded her arms over her chest, she looked contemplative for a few long moments. Mimi had a point; there would be others that would view it much differently than what lucretia or her people would. Maybe showing mimi wouldn’t be so much of a problem and the werewolf wouldn’t have anything to worry about. The re-assurance was really all that she needed from her friend.

I’ll keep that in mind for the future then.

The werewolf transformation was thankfully swift and far less painful than the prior times. A bit of discomfort here or there and a few moments of her having to adjust various bits or pieces of her apparel. Lucretia rubbed at the back of her neck; letting out a soft huff of breath.

If I had to guess, the color of the fur is based around the color of the person’s hair. Natural color I figure. I think there aren’t very many white haired individuals running around.

The werewolf motioned a bit and even flicked her tail this way or that. Honestly that little bit of information was already making her a touch more comfortable in this form. Having a friend around that wasn’t spooked by this or from the first time she transformed definitely…. Was different. The werewolf huffed a bit and took a few moments to remove the heavier plating of her armor; the discomfort was in the areas that her fur was the thickest.

Compared to the ones that I’ve fought before and read about yeah. I think it’s cause I’m from the north.

She’d offer a portion of her arm, the fur there was fairly thick and mimi could take a gander at it if she really wanted. This was something that lucretia wasn’t really expecting but honestly it brought an earnest smile to her face. The painter’s approach to this situation and her friend warmed lucretia’s heart and she wondered if she should try to get some of her kin to see the gentle side of things… though that would be difficult at first.


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At least the comparison was out of honesty and well meaning in which was the entire point of doing it."Some of the more notable heroes in life ever are really shining example."Miriko mention about it because off hand anything she actually would consider a heroes were not anything who would have been largely of note at least in her thought."Should really be, how and as well what you want to do with your life."Alistair mentioned since it kind of was a reflection of everything that made people to ponder. Leading Miriko to mention it like this."Eventually such actions and mind set, Could make you the hero in some one's life here, If you think about it."Miriko seemed to smile about it because it was most likely something the werewolf needed to hear.

It is much like in a path in life, Miriko knew her art work could inspire people to do things they just might not want to do right away, To bring some joy in life. Nonethless the conversation of other things continued."Well, I do not know any other werewolves to compare such a mention, But I will keep in mind for if I do."Miriko said rather happy about it, It was like giving that small child a piece of candy, seemingly just this child was an adult and a tall woman."That or not many werewolves."it was not to counter her statement just point out, at least to Miriko Werewolves were a rarity with how often they showed up.

When offered a chance to touch the fur, It seemed if anything Miriko was extremely light to touch, Even if she did not need too Miriko seemed to always have some what good control on her hands, It would not take too long for her to generally observe the fur as she wanted."Interesting..."It seemed like she was just really enjoying this moment and not making it weird.


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That they are. Though I spose the heroes up in iceberg are a bit different than the ones down here.

The icebergian folded her arms thoughtfully; taking a moment to compare what her people thought of those that would be given the label ‘hero’. They would be powerful in combat and often more than not be someone that many could rally around. She had to wonder if it was because of the difference in culture but…

What I want to do with my life huh?

Well she already knew a few of the things she wanted to do; that was to protect others and fight against fear. But after her experience and learning what she was. Was it something she could continue doing in the same way she had before? She’d have to consider that later. Though hearing what mimi had to say about the matter brought a fairly large smile to her face.

There’s really no reason to alter my course is there? Though maybe I should work on making folks comfortable with both halves of myself...

Lucretia hummed a bit at the idea and tilted her head to one side. The other didn’t know any other werewolves? To be fair every single werewolf that lucretia had known… well she had killed one after the other. She’d bite the inside of her cheek; unsure if she should share that fact.

I did spend a long while as a hunter, still sort of am even if I’m chasing a different path of spells. So most of my… experience with werewolves is at the end of the blade.

She’d let out a soft sigh; shaking her head again. The amount of packs she had torn apart in Dhalia was nothing short of impressive if you thought about it honestly. Lucretia was glad that mimi didn’t take too long or make the offer a bit odd. She knew that fur came in all sorts and she had to wonder… if she took care of it in the same way as her hair would she inevitably have to braid it in some places too?

At least it’s not uncomfortable or coarse. Feels a bit like you’d think hair would just… all over the place I guess.

Lucretia would examine her arm after a few long moments the werewolf couldn’t help but wonder what mimi thought of all this.

What do you think?


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Given everything she has read, The simple answer form the magical and wonderful painter was."Heroes are different, To every single person."Which now it was time to dig into many things."Can be a person in reality or fiction"Which sounded silly when she spoke that, But Miriko was a really creative mind because you can think about fiction being something, some one can consider a hero."It is all in some manner what can inspire you in some manner to do the things you want."It seemed like at some point she was fluffing it up at some point.

Even for example Miriko then pointed to Alsitair."You could consider Alistair a hero, just as much as you could be, Or Judina. A Hero even if they have passed on. Is entirely an invisionment of motivation."Maybe she was sprouting out her more creative wording at this point, But it would not really bother her too much, If anything it showed how Miriko planned things."I am sure, someone where will think I am hero in some manner even if, I am just a merely painter."Miriko could have summed this up fairly easy, But it was just her enjoying the conversation.

But Miriko did not seem like she finished her studying in the end,Alistair had been watching the entire time."It is fairly interesting and fitting for me to learn a fair amount from it."After all not only did she see a werewolf, She got to touch one. Which was a bonus it was a wonderful detail to help embrace any idea of anything she could do with that information later on."A bit different from Alistair fur I am use to touching."Miriko also mentioned because it was the only other example she had in mind right now.


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Like in those books that some of my hunter friends read back up in Iceberg?

Lucretia’s brow furrowed somewhat; she had never really heald those books in any real light. Never really the time through all the struggles she had been a part of. But the idea that they would inspire… well that was certainly accurate!

I spose reading something like that would make some want to do something like it.

Lucretia could see what the other meant; though she’d blink a bit and glance at Alistair. Him a hero? Well some were long lived and they didn’t have a clue how long those sorts could live. She still didn’t feel like she was one; just… someone that helped others. The idea of mimi being considered one struck lucretia odd for a few moments. But then there was something that Lucretia hadn’t.

Your paintings and things you make could also inspire others.

Lucretia’s eyes flicked back to mimi and with that comparison of Alistair’s fur she had to wonder who’s probably felt better in the long run of things? The Cattian probably took better care of his fur and likely didn’t have as tough of skin.

It certainly feels different. Is there anything that sort of sticks out to you?

Lucretia motioned to herself; wondering what else the painter saw or what alistair saw. She was a friendly person sure but rarely did she let folks touch her outright. Maybe it was just cause of how things were with this situation that she didn’t mind so much.


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It was a wonderful connection for Lucretia, It was showing the way for some one to grasp the enjoyment and understanding of art of stories,pictures and written literature."That is a wonderful example as well, Books and literature are always universal across all lands."Miriko mentioned in delight about how that worked. This showed how different they both were, they could learned from one another."Everyone should explore such things, To see what inspires people."It was making Miriko sound like a happy child trying to show some one something shiny, new or interesting."It is that path that got me started at what I am like now."Now Miriko could focus on a few other things as to not get carried away by art, Because she would get lost and stuck in talking about it, Just so she seemed like she actually could talk about other things not only just art.

Even if true, Miriko could never think herself as that kind of level inspiration."Could be true, But I doubt some one would consider all of the things I do that interesting in the end, Only just the paintings. Even Then some one could come by and overshadow me eventually."It could be also that Miriko was far more humble woman and these kind of things even if possible might not things she ever called or considered before because she just kept herself that way.

What stuck out."Consider Werewolves in general are not common, I might just state the simple things:A wolf like being standing on two legs, Being completely covered in fur, the snout you know the wolf features on a person."Could laugh about how Miriko was stating the fairly basic things about it. Then well at least one thing maybe."A white werewolf overall might be the interesting part to take note of."Miriko even then could chuckle about it, Because well she really did not state anything that could really stand out about her being a werewolf, To Miriko she was just some one she considered a friend just happen to be as she was.  

Alistair even still did not seem to say much about it either."We might be the odd ones, Then again any parts that wrote of a werewolf did not have them with as long fur but that is about it."Alistair also mentioned but still, Did not seem to point out too much. Maybe these two were the wrong person to ask if anything was to stand out, Or they were.


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Could probably do to read some more myself, now that I’m more in the west and everything seems a bit calmer. But I suppose that’s what I get for joining a guild. Stuff will be focused I guess.

Maybe she could find someone to look up to in that sort of fashion, she had always looked up to the older hunters that showed her hte ropes but they weren’t here making the choices or suggesting things to her. She’d bob her head in a nod at the idea that she should explore some things and how it was the path that got mimi to where she was.

Truth be told it’s how she had this strange sword magic and she was also now aware that she was a werewolf. Even if she constantly asked why or how or even when. Though the latter was slammed home that she was always one thanks to a very up front tester type mage.

I mean your creativity is definitely something I would consider in the same purview of looking up to someone. Everyone can create works of art but no one can create your works of art.

Then came the thing that lucretia had to admit was catching in her throat; that werewolves weren’t that common in general. But the most interesting thing here was the fact her fur was white. Practically unheard of in the fact that werewolves existed. It made her… oddly content really.

A really simple view on it but one that I am glad to hear really. Even just being a werewolf, having white or long fur… Heh.

Lucretia chuckled a bit and after a few moments well. She certainly wouldn’t be as tall, as furred or even anywhere near as muscled. Though she'd have to take a moment to adjust her straps on her armor and she didn’t look like she was surging out of the equipment she had. She’d also have to crack her neck; exhaling a bit as her features were a bit more human. Though there was always that glint of a predator deep within her eyes and the canines of her human self seemed to be the last thing to change back to normal.

Yeah. You have quite a point there. How’d the both of you like to go grab a bite to eat? My treat of course.


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Openly admitting she could read more, The best thing Miriko could do here is well. Suggest ideas or lead into it."You have to ponder over what your mind is interesting in learning about, In your case maybe read some stories of other hunters ways of hunting various things, Between the subjects of monsters and beasts, I am sure there is something of major interest with in them."It was a Miriko suggestion more then anything else, it never had to be followed. But it was a good starting point for if she wanted to read at least to the mindful painter.

It was a good view of it."I am pretty sure their could be others, But I can openly admit, I am more humble about my life then most creative forces."If there was ever some one could you mention lacks any form of ego, It was most likely Miriko she did not seem to be that kind of person ever, She cared about far different things then what makes her look the greatest in terms of how other people viewed her."But it only matters, If some one else could try and attempt too."Maybe Miriko was far too humble about it, But even if she stood out in terms of her Gothic looks and her quiet nature, she always just kept herself far more equal to the people around her, so to say.

"If we can find a place that will allow Alistair in, I would have no problems with this."
Miriko mention since well always pretty simple Alistair most likely wanted some fish, Because he just seemed to enjoy his casual relaxing and fish eating. They were both pretty simple to please that way."It will be nice still to sit down for a bit."So far it also showed Miriko was a simple person to deal with.


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Stories of hunters doing their jobs? Lucretia rubbed at her chin thoughtfully; she did have a lot that she needed to learn about the world. She was better versed in things up in the north than anywhere else so she tended to just treat everything the same down here. But with how she hunted the worst of things monsters and beasts didn’t seem so bad down here. A little more tame if she had to be honest.

That seems like a good place to start, learning what sort of monsters n beasts that are around here would help me out a lot. Maybe also read up on the culture too… since monsters seem innately tied to it.

Some monsters came from that sort of thing; like liches were people trying to seek immortality and dragons were just a result of overwhelming magical strength or some nonsense. At least that’s one of the legends anyways.

I spose you’re right in both accounts.

It sort of made Lucretia wonder if someone would do her job if she passed or moved on from hunting. Just because her skill set changed didn’t mean that her job or occupation did. She’d consider what places would let a giant cat into them and then chuckled.

I know maybe two places that probably wouldn’t have a problem; a customer is a customer to them.

Lucretia would offer to show mimi and alistair the way to a rather cozy looking inn that had some unlit torches outside of them. It didn’t look like it was open but the chatter from inside painted another story. Lucretia paused at the entrance and glanced to mimi.

they’ve got some good food in here and with us being so close to the ocean trade routes tend to be a bit… better I guess?

She’d shrug a bit; opening up the inn’s doors. On the inside it was well lit, cozy and there were plenty of open tables. Most of which lined the edges of the inn. The middle of it was pretty busy and there were a few heads that turned to look at the group as they arrived. It didn’t really change too much and a few raised brows would likely be the only thing to meet them. Waving at the innkeeper Lucretia would pick out a table for the three to sit at.

Don’t think they have your usual menu assortment though… lets see…

She’d dig around the table and find the few menus that were left over from likely when the servers last came by. There was an assortment of soups, meats and other bits. Lucretia herself seemed to be interested in the meat section more than anything else!


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Of course Miriko was always just explaining it in simple ways in terms of going about things, She was placing pieces together to make something some what work out to something good in the end, Always in some way Miriko just slowly figured out these things to make them work as maybe they needed to."See that is in fact a good starting point, Now you just need to branch out and find such books to read."If anything else she would hope she could read the books here, If not well Miriko was easy enough to talk into explaining it to her.

Food talk, the most simple and easiest talks at times."Well I did see any boat here with in the area of where we are now, I am sure Astrea is were the boats are at." Miriko could be wrong she could be corrected but this was Baska and she was here looking at hut and the giant rock and draw them pretty basic and easy path for Miriko, At least she thought anyway. Since she did not plan that much.

Usual assortment? she had to wonder."Oh? what do you assume my normal assortment of food is?" It was an interesting question to ask her since not many really mentioned their was pattern to the food she chases after so to say."I mean this great rock I was looking at here. it draws people and has this to look at shopping wise as well."Miriko mentioned just to see what would happen. But there was ever any pressure with Miriko for even if she was always so dark in looks of clothing she was easy to get along with in the end.

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