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Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank

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#1Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:49 am

Knux SHi


Quest: Bandits and Scrolls

Rank: B

Type: Bad


Rat Catcher completed

Godfrey Might: Godfrey is a smith, towering over many with his height and muscles, who crafts swords and armors. He is bit younger than Berthold, but still considers him a good friend. While Godfrey originally only made armors, Berthold noticed his talent and encouraged him to make both weapons and armor. He often rewards one of his pieces at the tournament.

Summary: Godfrey once again requires your help, but this time to do something much less subtle than last time. He has found that a magic scroll, one that tells the reader how to craft an ancient and powerful blade, is currently being held by a bandit clan outside of Baska. Knowing that it will make his name legend if he is able to acquire it, but not able to leave his shop unattended, Godfrey wishes for you to take the scroll from the bandits. As they law breakers and scoundrels, he is fine with you killing them if you deem it necessary, so long as he gets his scroll.

Bandit Leader: The leader of as group of bandits, this man is known throughout the area for being a dirty scoundrel that will kill someone simply for looking at them. In reality, however, this is a facade, as this man is an undercover holy knight told to keep the scroll safe and out of the hands of anyone. A powerful earth mage, using the hills as a medium for his spells, while also being a gifted soldier, this is not a man to be trifled with.
☤ Bandit Leader's Statistics

Bandit Clan x10: With no idea of their leader's true allegiance, these simple bandits just enjoy doing what they do: attacking villages, stealing, murder. They are not particularly strong individually, but they will swarm the attacker and overwhelm them with strikes from every angle. They all wield scimitars, and have impressive teamwork for an average bandit clan.
☤ Bandit's Statistics

Objective: Steal a magic scroll from some bandits located. outside of Baska.

Extra Rewards:

Endurance +3


Create a topic in the Baskan Hills.
This time, you will simply receive a letter from Godfrey with the details, as he does not want to be linked to this in any way. The letter will tell you the location of the bandits, as well as a description of the scroll.
Travel to the location specified, where you will find a collection of tents signifying the bandit camp.
The ten bandits will have to be defeated before the bandit leader appears, so kill them all.
Once defeated, the leader will come out of one of the tents, concerned about the bandits you killed, and ask why you have come. If you tell him it's for the scroll, his eyes will widen and he will start warning you against 'such dark magic'.
Ignore his warnings, fight and kill him. With the bandits all dead, he will use the entire area, and even try to crush the two of you under the earth to stop you from getting your hands on it.
Once killed, you will find the scroll inside  a large chest in the tent the leader came out of, as well as journals that reveal he was actually a holy knight tasked with playing the part of a low level bandit to keep the scroll hidden away, due to its evil power.
Take the scroll back to Godfrey, who will be thankful and take you through to the back of the shop to look at the scroll and reward you.
Once you give him the scroll, he will read it, initially pleased that it does contain the instructions and magic to create such a powerful sword. However, his face will turn to horror as he realises the requirement for creating the blade. He will not tell you this requirement however. Instead he will simply give you your reward and tell you to leave.
Take your reward and leave his shop.

The Baskan Hills, he had started to get accustomed to this place and working for the local blacksmith, the recently made number one blacksmith.  It was like something had snapped within the walls of Godfrey's mind the first time they had met.  Whenever Knuckles watched him torture that guy with his hammer for stealing some of his work. It seemed like since that time, he was falling down a dark path, sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of greed and hatred.  Knuckles was not one who could judge or point a  finger, he too had taken the road alongside Godfrey being the tool that did the hammering into Godrey's soul, ironically beating out the purities in the man and truly becoming the hand of the demon in which he was in service to.  Knux felt nothing but a hope that all of this would allow him still to walk away from the blacksmith with something new and shiny to add to his gear.  For now, he had learned some miner tricks and skills to help get the best shine out of his current gear set, and make sure it would last him as long as he needed it to without it breaking that is.


#2Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 3:14 am

Knux SHi

Knuckles looked down from the sky as he rode on top of Fang, The White Wyvern who would one day be known at the Mount of the Legen that was Knuckles Shi, this was the intent anyway. While looking down to the hills below, Knuckles pulled out the paper that had been mailed to him by Godfrey. Judging from the directions and location laid out through the letter he was pretty sure that he would find the bandit camp soon. The letter had the request above the directions.

"My Dear Friend, I am in need of your services once more. I seek a scroll that bandits have got their dirty little grubs on, assist me in this and I shall have a reward awaiting your return.
Signed, G. Smith. "

Knuckles had to admit it had gotten the job done and the point across. There would not even be the need for the words you may kill them to be written as they were far past that point when he had sent him after the old man. The home had taken to flames quickly after he had left. Apparently, there were more fire hazards in that house than Knuckles knew about.


#3Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 3:27 am

Knux SHi

The wind blew through the part of his crimson locks as he saw it, sure enough, a small little gathering of tents down below. With a grin Knuckles dawned his helmet on covering his beautiful hair from the world once more. Honestly, at times it was pretty annoying having no magic and having to rely on things like a helmet to survive most fights. He motioned to his hammer reaching out for it as he flew into his right hand before he strap it to his back, he grabbed his shield and fixed it to his arm now setting his gaze up to his friend Fang. "I'll call when I am done. Maybe you will want to snack on their bodies when I am done. " The Wyvern gave a look back towards Knux and let out a faint roar. With the Knuckles grabbed the hammer again and leap from the saddle on Fang's back. He Pulled his shield in tight to his body and pointed his hammer down towards the ground allowing its weight to lead him downwards. After a few seconds of freefalling Knuckles awake, the Demon powers he had locked away inside his body waiting for use.


#4Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 4:33 am

Knux SHi

Obscura started to flood out of his body consuming his arms and legs in black energy, his eyes would now glow with bright red energy as the black Obscura formed its self into wings compressing the obscure in order to do so. Black Markings appeared along his face and his chest though neither could really be seen, mostly only his wings could be visible from all the coverage his gear had over his body.
As he controlled his descent to the ground with his wings. He aimed for the center of the tents seeing a few men walking about as he quickly was lowering to the ground. He was much much faster now, that relic he had picked up had really taken the weight off his back literally. It was true he had got used to a load of his heavy armor but it was something else when all the weight from the gear was lifted and those muscles that were bond down with weight were now free to move as they could as if there was no weight on them at all. He was currently traveling at 15 meters per second, which was fast be he could do better.


#5Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:40 pm

Knux SHi

With his speeds increasing he soon came down closer to the ground seeing three of the targets of the camp, Knuckles reached out with his hammer tossing it forward strike one of the three he could see from his current approach. The Hammer found its target and locked on as the magic circle came to life above the metal of the hammer. The Hammer left his hand like a guided missile as it dealt S rank Damage to the bandit. His body dropped instantly, and in that attack Knuckles knew that this might be too easy for him. He reached out his hand as the spell activated within the hammer recalling it back to his grasping right hand. The other Bandits around were confused for a moment as they started to look around, by this time Knuckles had reached his full speed and came down sending a cocked back hammer bow to the skull of another bandit, a scream did not even exit his lips as he died instantly. As the Blur of his body zipped past another the Daemon turned upwards flying back up towards the skies before twirling and flipping sailing back down to the ground, this time they knew he was coming and started to scream for help.

WC 1017/1500

#6Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 8:27 pm

Knux SHi

With two of the bandits down Knuckles aimed for another while they started to ready themselves for him coming in. Some had spears but most hand swords as their ready for him to come to them, Knuckles would only fly overhead throwing his homing hammer at them one by one. The first one was taken by surprise when the hammer came from him and he jumped out of the way, yet mid-air and flight the hammer turned and struck him in the chest sending him to the floor then rose off his body and flew back into the opened hand of Knuckles. They were yelling among each other about what they should do with an opponent like this one even said he was not human, how right they were. The daemon turned and came in for another pass tossing the hammer once more looking among the group for which of them he would target next. Picking his next prey Knuckles slung the hammer once more knocking the man in his back as he tried to run away, there were only 6 left. He could do this until they were all down and killed but it felt so boring to do.

WC: 1217/1500

#7Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:15 pm

Knux SHi

After recalling his hammer back to his hand yet again Knuckles lowered himself to the ground scanning the last six of them. They seemed still eager to fight even more so that he had landed. As if now that he was on the ground they had a chance to beat him as if him flying was why he was able to beat four of them with each a single hit. He had to give them credit as the band on misguided Bandits started to circle him trying to cut off his ways of attacking, it's what he would have done with a group against an opponent better than him. Unforuchantly, it did not matter as he pushed to his left letting his shield ad tucking his upper body behind it, the Bandit he charged would strike, but his attack only met the shield lifting his arm up with his shield he knocked away the spear as he stepped in and rotated around the Bandit placing a well-timed and aimed strike into the back of the bandit's skull, causing blood, bone, and brain matter to fly off his head. This action seemed to stun the three remaining Bandits, one whose knees started to buckle.

WC 1423/1500

#8Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:23 pm

Knux SHi

No time was wasted on his part as the Armored Warrior lunged forward now heading to the bandit that had been on his right just moments ago, on instinct the Bandit stabbed his sword forward, the strike striking the chest armor of Knuckles, which still allowed him to get in close enough to wing his massive hammer with an overhead strike and land the blow to the man's chest caving it in. The bones shattering and breaking upon impact. There would now only be two as he found himself being charged by both the men at the same time. Without much time to react Knuckles could only lower his shield as their combined strikes caused his arm to shift opening him up for an attack, this had given them a false flash of courage and victory, that was about to be quickly taken away and snatch by the incoming hammer strike from Knuckles as he tossed his hammer taking a step backward putting distance between them and him. His hammer landed with a hard thud into one of their chests. Instead of recalling it as per usual Knuckles allowed the hammer to hit the ground as the last bandit made a desperate attempt.


#9Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:29 pm

Knux SHi

The Bandit's sword found its target striking the helmet of Knuckles knocking the man off balance causing his stance to shift and attempting to regain control over his footing. The Bandit would not let up as he came in once more, however, Knuckles let gravity take him as he fell to the side and rolled out of the strike, opening his right hand he called to his hammer as it flew from the ground and into his hands. This was enough of that, he thought as he quickly rushed to his feet. The Bandit's sword met with his shield and Knux thrust it forward now using his strength to overpower the man, though he noticed he had yet to enhance himself with his magic of the hammer. It was not as easy as it should have been. Still, he had gotten it done and reached out with the hammer to catch him in the side of the ribs, forcing the man to double over in pain. The Bandit leader stepped out the tent with his gear on hoping by now his men had taken care of the threat, only to see the strike of Knuckles meet the man's head.

WC: 1829/1500

#10Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:35 pm

Knux SHi

The Bandit leader wasted no time lunging forward towards Knuckles, before the body even hit the ground he was on top of Knuckle swinging his sword rapidly over and over with powerful blows. It was taking all he had to keep the shield up but he could see it starting to buckle and give in, he knew he needed to act fast as he swung his hammer wildly at the Bandit leader forcing him to jump back. When he did Knuckles threw away his shield to his side allowing the shield to bounce a few times before rolling off. Adjusting himself he placed both hands onto the magic hammer as he cast Tempest rage allowing the lightning magic circle to appear under him and lightning to flow over him for a moment making his body grow in mass. Now super-charged Knuckles flapped his wings as the thunderous clouds in the sky formed above them. The Bandit leader called him a Devil and Knuckles smiled. He'd take the promotion happily as his wings flapped and his body lifted from the ground, using the magic in his chest armor, he used Vanguards rush, the magic circle appearing at the bottom of his feet as he blazed off at 30 meters per second, his full speed rushing towards the Bandit leader.

WC 2049/1500

#11Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:44 pm

Knux SHi

With this new blurring speed Knuckles overtook the ground between the two of them and placed his left hand to the throat of the leader choking him as he lifted into the air. The Bandit Leader kicked wildly attempting to break free of the grip, in the act he had dropped his sword and tried clawing at the arm that held such a firm grip on his throat. Unable to take in air the man started pawing for Knux's face through his helmet protected from such attempts. With an Evil grin Knuckles' spell would wear off his speeds slow down as he let the man go they had already reached 15 meters into the air. Letting the bandit go the Bandit leader's eyes widen in horror as his body plummeted to the ground landing onto his back. Knuckles lowered himself to the ground once more allowing his Demon gift to fade from his body upon doing so. Knuckles walked over and placed a foot into the gasping man's face. "The scroll, where is it I won't ask you again." The man's eyes grew wide once more as he spoke. He told Knuckles the scroll was evil and it should be hidden away, that he wasn't truly a bandit but an undercover Rune Knight taking it for safekeeping. This story might be true, in fact, he believed it to be so but for someone of a Dark Guild, the Knighthood of a Rune Knight did not mean anything to him.


#12Knux SHi 

Quest: Bandits and Scrolls B-Rank Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:50 pm

Knux SHi

Knuckles placed more pressure onto the man's head slowly but surely feeling things click and pop-under his boot. The man plead for his life but this only seemed to anger Knuckles. it wasn't until the words Its in the tent came from the Knight that Knuckles stopped. Lifting his hammer above his head he walked away from the man as a magic circle awoke to life above the hammer, from the storm clouds above lightning hurled down and struck the man killing him. This was also a single for Fang to return. Knuckles went into the tent grabbed the scroll and opened it to make sure this was it, confirming it was a blueprint for a sword, he rolled it up and walked outside where Fang was hovering over the ground. Putting his hammer on his lower back he leaps up onto the saddle and talk his friend it was time to head back. The pair made their way to Godfrey where Knuckles entered the back of the shop and awaited his client. The two made the exchange and Knuckles received his rewards. Godfrey told him to stick around he might need him soon. With that Knuckles left the shop and headed home waiting for the next task to come through.

WC 2517/1500

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