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Festival of the West - Global Event

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Festival of the West - Global Event Empty Sun Oct 03, 2021 1:12 pm


Festival of the West - Global Event

With the troubles occurring recently within the North of Fiore, the South of Fiore having been stable for light mages for what feels like decades, and the powerhouse of East Fiore having held their own collection of events in a foreign country, many business owners and residents of Western Fiore have decided to host their own celebration. As one of the only regions to have housed both powerful light and dark guilds throughout the years, it is uniquely positioned to stay completely impartial in welcoming people from all walks of life into their region. And with this celebration comes faces new and old to the region, bringing with them their own unique challenges. Mages and adventurers looking to relax with their companions, or those looking to make their fortune, will all find something worthwhile here.

Event Details

  • For the duration of this event, any quest in the West previously completed by the user can be completed once more. All quest reward bonuses apply. This only applies to good or bad quests.

  • Quests completed in the West throughout this event do not count towards quest topic slots, meaning members are able to complete a second good/bad quest wherever they are in Fiore while doing one in the West.

  • All posts in the West of Fiore grant 15 points for the duration of the event as opposed to the regular 10.

Event Conditions

  • All characters are eligible to partake in this event.

  • The user does not need to be present in the West to roleplay there throughout this event. However (outside of Good/Bad quests) all topics in the West take up roleplay slots for Fiore.

  • This event will run until January 1st 2022. All posts made on the day of January 1st 2022 (going by the site's timezone) will count towards any effects of the event.

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