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Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang

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Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang Empty Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:59 am


The sun was already high up in the sky today. The clouds were free, out and about in a few small numbers but not doing much to give shade for most of the land.

The Worth Woodsea's trees where the only spots of shade given to Jikan at the moment. The complex twists, turns, and grooves of the tree's and their branches made it feel more like a giant open house that a forest. The wild lands where not near her, at least in the nearby places. The ruins of abandoned mazes and ruins were everywhere. The vast place giving room from the normal and magical creatures that lived in the territory.

It was only a few hours into the morning, but Jikan was already out and about. The sounds within the forest being a nice alarm to her. She was not an elf, a half elf, or a human who would be considered an outdoors woman, she was just one that enjoyed the quietness and serene at times. It even woke her up too, so when she was having a sluggish day or needed to get away to relax, a walk in nature was always a good possible option.

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It was a normal place of peace, tranquility, and solitude. Besides the times that Jikan found herself interacting with the magical creatures of the forest. She also ran into non magical animals out and about as well, but for the most part their interactions with Jikan were normal. These other creatures on the other hand, were anything but normal. Elemental traits on their body, abilities to talk, and other sort of things that would make anything going on with them be other than "peaceful" or "tranquil".

Jikan continued her walk in the forest, before hearing a rustling sound from a series of nearby trees and bushes. Upon hearing the sound the red-black haired enchantress of Sleeping Calamity stopped in her tracks. A finger on her left hand, the one that did not hold her weapon; her Mero Gauntlet in her right hand raised to protect her core and general torso, in case she had to cast a spell to attack, defend, or aid in a fast mobility.

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In a few seconds Jikan would see what she was preparing herself for. A small cub crept-ed out of the bush, a red and brown haired baby bear before doing a tiny soft roar.

"Well what do we have here? Look at you, your a tough guy huh?", may Illumin help anyone that heard Jikan speaking like this. She was the silent and stotic type normally, but a few things got her to talk nice or sweet. Delicious pastries were an easy thing to get her excited and out of character. Family was another. And even more so with her little siblings. They were precious little things to her. Children had that general impact on her, and heck, even animal babies had that impact on her. There was ust something about seeing the earliest stages of what would later be an adult that Jikan found adorable, precious, and amazing. She did not like showing this though, not easily or around many or any people. It embarrassed her at times how she got out of character.

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"Wait a minute, if you are here, where is your mom or dad", animals, most at least, were like any other living thing. They did not leave their infants or babies unattended to or out of reach. Not for long at least, and for the most case, normally not at all. If this baby bear was here then...

The mom or dad would not be that far away from them!

That was what Jikan thought as she soon saw two large red brown fur colored bears. She turned around, shifting her body to the left she soon saw them fully in their large might. She wished that it was under a good context though. For as soon as the two bears saw Jikan, and her close proximity to what she could only assume where their cub. It was clear they were annoyed or agitated, ready to go into a defensive interaction.

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 At first it was a huff from both of them as the saw Jikan. But soon they were making a sound that was essentially a combination of a bark and a chomp.

The baby bear was still by Jikan. Sniffing the ground looking like they did not have a care in the world. Oh how Jikan wished that was the case for her. Mama bear and Papa bear were anything but docile. They huffed and chomped at the air as they made their way to their cub. Or more precisely, towards Jikan. Their large bodies become more and more massive as they approached, feeling like mountains that were closing in to crush what was before them.

The baby bear, only the other hand stayed as it was, even more about as if Jikan was not there at all before rolling onto its back and curling up stretching out, moving their little paws towards the sunlight above.

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It was such an odd difference between the two, but regardless Jikan had a feeling that the two older bears before her were not making those sounds as a greeting as they moved in on her...

Moving as if they were a trained fighting force, the bears moved from both sides. Running from their positions in front of Jikan before shifting and moving to a running path to Jikan's left and right; the Mother coming from the left while the Father came from the right. With a roar the bears attacked! Throwing out swipes from one of their paws as they let out the full length of their claws.

Shifting backward Jikan attempted to back pedal out of the way of their attacks as they approached. Her feet slide back, moving her body a bit back that was thankfully enough out of the way of the angered protective animals hits initially. However the animals were not done.

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Following up their first attacks with a second combo attack. Throwing out two more swipes from each of their paws as Jikan retreated, she knew that this was going to hurt, a lot. Bracing herself for impact, s;l.he threw up both of her arms, shielding her core with her arms, the swipes and blades of the bear's hands strike her arms tearing some skin off and letting blow flow.

"Ahhhh", Jikan growled as the blows hit. In response to the situation she would kick off of the ground, throwing out a quick sharp kick to each of the bear's faces as she traveled into and through the air. Flying to a nearby low branch, Jikan would then push  off of the tree into a branch that was further up and away from the two large bears. With a grown and sigh as the blood dripped from her arms as she eyed the bears who moved around and around the tree Jikan had selected to recover in.

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Her red blood slowly dripped down the brown bark of the tree she was on. The two bears circling around before begin to use their claws and paws to climb.

"Shit", thinking quickly, Jikan would swing around and kick, snapping the top half of the tree in half before throwing out a kick up to split the tree yet again. Creating two large pieces of wood that would fall to the side. As this happened Jikan felt her body ache. The bears' strikes hurting with every action she took. She would not halt though, she would fight through the pain. Failing to act could lead to a worse injury or...death. Steadying herself, she would continue to move and think, shifting and dropping down to the ground as the two pieces of wood crashed down onto the two bears.

She huffed as she touched the ground, eyeing the mass of wood, leaves, and dirt. Before the ground shook and the compound of items on the bears flew off in a wave of magic energy!

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Covering her eyes from the shock wave, Jikan lowered them to allow her to see what was going on before her. The bears stood in the spot that the mass of wood had fallen on them. With no sighs of damage or a scratch on them. Only the small pieces of bark and leaves being present on their fur, more being a sign of annoyance of having foreign objects in their fur than anything else. It was bad. Very bad. These bears were not simple bears, but instead, were the magical type of bears. Their fur glowed with energy, releasing a brown aura glow of mana around them as they prepared to continue their assault against Jikan.

"Alright then, bring it on". Jikan said tightening her body and reading her mind. Letting her mana flow, a combination of white, brown, and purple around her body. Charging her energy was a smart thing.

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Because just as Jikan had collected herself to face the possible magical spells these animals had available to them. They started. Shaking and rocking the ground, creating crevasse and gaps in the ground as brown magic circles appeared underneath both of them as well as a small magic circle in front of their mouths. A mass of brown energy formed in their mouths before growing and growing in size. Increasing from a spec of dust, to a pebble, to a small ball, to finally the size of a ball that practically filled their mouths. At the same time, the bears closed their mouths before opening them, releasing a beam of energy from both of that that was coming towards Jikan full steam ahead!!!

Jikan's eyes widened as she saw and felt what was transpiring. Each of the bears were packing a great deal of magical energy and their spell held a monstrous amount of power behind them.

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Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang Empty Sat May 14, 2022 10:44 am


Stomping a foot down, Jikan stepped and released her own magic in response to try and counter. If she took the blow head on, even if grazed, she expected it would hurt her. As Jikan took her step down a 16 meter diameter purple magic circle would appear under her. In the large circle fog would be created quickly, creating a 2 by 2 by 1 meter sized fog line that circled around before expanding. Transforming into a thicker dark fog of darkness that shaped into a giant purple box in the dimensions of a 16 by 16 meter cube with Jikan in the center.

On the outside, the two energy beams from the beast moved forward, each one meter in size as they traveled sized by side towards the darkness element shield that Jikan had put up. The mana carved through the objects in its way as it moved. Turning dirt, rock, and trees, to dust as the traveled through them.

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