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Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang

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Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang Empty Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:59 am

The sun was already high up in the sky today. The clouds were free, out and about in a few small numbers but not doing much to give shade for most of the land.

The Worth Woodsea's trees where the only spots of shade given to Jikan at the moment. The complex twists, turns, and grooves of the tree's and their branches made it feel more like a giant open house that a forest. The wild lands where not near her, at least in the nearby places. The ruins of abandoned mazes and ruins were everywhere. The vast place giving room from the normal and magical creatures that lived in the territory.

It was only a few hours into the morning, but Jikan was already out and about. The sounds within the forest being a nice alarm to her. She was not an elf, a half elf, or a human who would be considered an outdoors woman, she was just one that enjoyed the quietness and serene at times. It even woke her up too, so when she was having a sluggish day or needed to get away to relax, a walk in nature was always a good possible option.


Death Tarot: Jikan [Open topic] Chain gang Empty Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:43 pm

It was a normal place of peace, tranquility, and solitude. Besides the times that Jikan found herself interacting with the magical creatures of the forest. She also ran into non magical animals out and about as well, but for the most part their interactions with Jikan were normal. These other creatures on the other hand, were anything but normal. Elemental traits on their body, abilities to talk, and other sort of things that would make anything going on with them be other than "peaceful" or "tranquil".

Jikan continued her walk in the forest, before hearing a rustling sound from a series of nearby trees and bushes. Upon hearing the sound the red-black haired enchantress of Sleeping Calamity stopped in her tracks. A finger on her left hand, the one that did not hold her weapon; her Mero Gauntlet in her right hand raised to protect her core and general torso, in case she had to cast a spell to attack, defend, or aid in a fast mobility. In a few seconds Jikan would see what she was preparing herself for. A small cub crept-ed out of the bush, a red and brown haired baby bear before doing a tiny soft roar.

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