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Poropo Shop Peeking [Quest]

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Poropo Shop Peeking [Quest] Empty Wed Sep 29, 2021 6:51 am

Poropo Poproporp
The job today was for Poropo to watch an old man's shop while he was away doing other business. All the monk had to do was stand guard and maybe sell something, but the chances of things being sold were slim when the shop sign read "closed" - the old man did not want anyone disturbing his shop and only trusted Poropo with the job. After all, the old man had trusted Poropo to deliver a package and to find potion ingredients - the Kind Monk was a trustworthy individual despite the low pay of this and the other jobs.

"I am not in this just for the pay, but it is nice to be paid for my work," mumbled the monk to himself, a little bored doing nothing but standing watch inside the Mag Drug Magic Shop. While standing watch, the monk noticed some youths just outside the shop attempting to get inside - perhaps they wanted to buy something.

Poropo waddled to the front door and said to the youths, "if you want to come inside, you will have to wait for the shop owner to get back." The youths gawked at Poropo with disdain, as if he was in their way. Poropo noticed the looks on their faces and was not pleased, "I have no idea what I did to you, but if you do not plan on purchasing anything then I suggest you leave."

The monk did not want to have to threaten youths, but the monk was to guard this shop while the old man was away - if anything happened then the monk would be in serious trouble! The youths looked at Poropo and seemed to be unresponsive, as if waiting for him to do something to prove his threat. The monk sighed and put fingers on eight earrings and called for, "the First Arch Immortal, please show these youths I mean business!"

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Poropo Poproporp
The youths saw a large magic circle from between them and Poropo, the beginning of proof the monk warned them about! The First Arch Immortal burst forth and from condensed light, intimidating the disdainful youths! They looked at Poropo with continued disdain for what he just did, but Poropo would not budge - the youths were not happy to be forced to leave. The monk shouted to them with a smile, "if you do feel like coming back, make sure to bring something to pay with!"

The silly youths left the Mag Drug Magic Shop alone, allowing the monk to guard the shop for the rest of the day in peace and quiet. The monk began appreciating boredom and the wonderful peace boredom brought along - if the youths had no shown up then the monk would have been more bored which could have been better in hindsight. The First Arch Immortal continued to stand guard outside, making sure the youths or anyone else with ill intent would not approach. Granted, just about anyone would likely be unwilling to approach with a hulking, metallic arch angel standing outside a magic shop. All except for the old man who returned and paid Poropo for his work - the old man seemed pleased by the statuesque figure standing guard.

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