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A Flower Blooms, For The Brightness of Life.(Varis/Social)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

A Flower Blooms, For The Brightness of Life.(Varis/Social) Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 8:20 am

Judith Karlinius
This was her normal typical life of Judith, she often was out in Magnolia to learn so many things in life that sometimes people wonder if she slowed down for anything, Just like this day much like any other Judith was. The Streets of Magnolia might have at least gotten use to Judith roaming around as she normally did.

It isn't that she annoyed them, if anything she always was supporting the local vendors in the street, For to her they were just as important for everything. Thus it was not uncommon for Judith to be seen at least twice a week here.

She always kept her time some what flexible towards the things she wanted to do, Since it was a slow day at Fairy Tail she took her time to head out to look at a few things.

Now in the streets of Magnolia. Judith passing by upon the normal stall and vendors she knew, Since she did not know what exactly she was trying to pick out, She just casually waved to them. If anything Judith knew she was a fine example of what was to be known as a Fairy Tail member, it made them sometimes seem a bit more social and settled rather then it's normal reputation.


A Flower Blooms, For The Brightness of Life.(Varis/Social) Empty Wed Sep 29, 2021 3:56 am

Magnolia, a popular city among locals and tourists alike. Promising new beginnings and growth if the rumors were held to be true. It was something that Varis had to truly see with his own eyes. His arrival to Magnolia from Crocus was uneventful as everyone including himself focused on leaving the station. Unlike many others that departed alongside him. Varis did not have a distinctive designation in mind.

Instead he decided to visit the magnificent city and let fate determine what would come his way. Or rather fate might have him walk towards as Varis found himself casually walking down the streets. Occasionally he would stop by one of the businesses to browse what they have in stocks, especially if their store name was something out of the ordinary. Sadly he doesn't have that much money in truth, but still chatting to the clerks and other customers provided Varis some insight of the city. Even if it was some second hand information, Varis had no reason to doubt them.

Eventually, Varis found himself at a Cafe as the aroma of coffee reached his nose. Even out in the streets with half a dozen people wandering about, Varis could never mistake that smell. Granted Varis might be easy to spot out of the crowd given his leather armor and the cap alongside his bow+quiver. It's not just what he's wearing that suggests an Adventurer, but it's also how he appears to carry himself. Confident, neat, and just seems to exude this aura like he's some noble with a healthy amount of pride. When in truth Varis was anything but that.

Varis politely took off his cap and made sure to wipe the bottom of his shoes off as he didn't wish to trek dirt and whatever else he might have stepped on. Then he entered the establishment and immediately felt like he was right at home. In a relaxed manner of course. As he approached the counter as the waiter who stood behind said counter politely smiled with that trademark professionalism.

"Good day, is it just going to be you for today?" Varis smiled back.

"That it is." And with that the waiter pulls out a menu before handing it over to Varis.

"Table number 19 is your table sir. The far right next to the windows." Varis nods his head as he takes the menu and begins to walk towards the table. Truthfully it was around lunch time anyways, and after traveling on the train he was in the mood to get something to eat as well.

Varis had just sat down when he noticed a person was walking by on the outside. Long white dress with long hanging sleeves, yet sporting long, lavender with strands of white hair.

Yet in that brief moment, Varis’s memory pulled the same face that remained burned into his mind. The face was so pale with a hint of blue, dark messy hair, bloodshot eyes that reeked with such bloodlust and menacing aura. Varis’s smile faded as he seemed to be so distant yet so near. He didn't even notice that his face turned pale as Varis felt his heart beat irregularly as he remembered the stench. The cruel, bloodied forced grin as this disembodied cackle disturbed him.

Varis took a deep breath as he shut down his mind, stumping out the memory and any form of information as he tried to dismiss the thing that plagued his kind for years. He runs a hand through his silvery hair as he lets out a sigh. Varis really wished that there could be something, anything really, that could dismiss the fear of that… thing. At the same time it was a painful reminder.

Varis blinked, and he realized that he was staring down at the menu that remained on the table in front of him. When one of the waiters came to take his order; Varis luckily already had in mind what he wanted.

"What can we get for you today sir?" The waiter took out a pen and notepad.

"A cup of caramel frappuccino and one of those wake-up wraps with sausage." Clear with what he wants, the waiter writes down the order before he flashes that trademark smile back to Varis.

”It’ll be a few minutes, but I’ll get your coffee.” And with that he turned and walked over to the counter where he started brewing the coffee. Leaving Varis some time to mentally collect himself as he leans back into his chair.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

A Flower Blooms, For The Brightness of Life.(Varis/Social) Empty Wed Sep 29, 2021 6:07 pm

Judith Karlinius
No one to dally and waste too much time, Judith did also know when to take timely breaks, Then again Judith also just enjoyed everyone she met in these areas, So naturally Judith starting to know a lot the shop keepers. Even if she did not think she stood out too badly Judith did realize maybe she was a bit easy to pick up on with her looks.

But as she got her casual greetings done, She was doing some times what else she normally did, She was seemingly checking in upon how the business where doing and if anything was seemingly a risk or trouble maker with arriving here. Since she heard nothing  it was not too much of a worry of anything really going to happen around Magnolia.

With her entire casual stroll and walk around, Judith pondered what else to do, Since if everything was rather normal until something cause a shift, Judith would most likely do as always she would do just visit a local place to drink something, Maybe the wonders of a place with a more delightful smell in a different manner that was not flowers. Maybe the more tea and or various other plants that people use for drinks.

So eventually Judith showed up, Right at the place this gazing stranger has been at, She just did not know she had in the attention of the eye of that person. She just showed up because she felt like this area was good. A lot of times there was a reason for Judith to go about places but this time she did not, Well maybe there was because these places made things she could make but did not normally.

So Judith would come here for the normal things.With a casual mention of if Varis did listen into Judith ordering her drink after settling in she got something a bit more different. A green matcha latte. As well as glass of water, Judith's Table was sitting at a table close by but not directly next to him.

Not too far away from Varis was that very woman he looked at through the window, Mind you the reality of how small and young she looked contrasting to the white in her hair proved there was more to this woman. Or she just dyed her hair too much and lavender was just current colour she had chosen and she bleached her hair too much. Both were possible.

But if Varis felt interested enough she was not too fair away, seemingly sitting alone pondered many things on her mind about her day. Then again Judith started zoning out of the realty around her because she was more thinking then needing to pay attention to anyone currently, After all she was waiting for her drink as well. But this was her normal day, One of many. Just like her thoughts about it. What else on her normal internal check list would need to be done today what else could be done later.

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