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Testing the waters| Zaelith-{Solo Quest}

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Testing the waters| Zaelith-{Solo Quest} Empty Fri Sep 24, 2021 6:16 pm

A glistening droplet of water trailed down from its spot on the heart shape leaf and landed directly on Zaelith's button nose. Cold and wet, Zaelith sat up and yawned into her hand as she wiped away the droplets that have found their way onto her skin. She hummed softly and looked down at the base of the tree she had been resting in and smiled brightly as she found herself dropping to the ground, brushing down her makeshift shirt and pants.

"I wonder if that woman could recommend a fun quest today. So far, all the quests I've taken have been quite fun." She beamed. She scurried off as quickly as she could back to town to see if she could potentially get another job. As she walked through the town, she spotted officer Kenji from her first mission and quickly said her good mornings to him.

"Oh uh, good morning Zaelith." He responded and before he could say anything more, he got pulled into another conversation with an elderly woman complaining about her missing cat. Zaelith found herself wanting to learn more, but she felt that would have been intrusive and decided against listening in. Instead, she made her way towards the mission board and found her trusty board maiden waiting in her local spot.

"Ah, Zaelith. You're back! It's quite early for you to be here." She noted.

"Well, I've taken a liking to these missions. It's fun getting to learn about the town's residents this way." She smiled as she looked over the missions. So many too choose from yet she couldn't dare just pick one. "Hmm... so many too choose from... uh...Ms.?"

"Alice." Alice supplied with a small smile causing Zaelith to flush.

"Alice... I'm sorry for not asking for your name earlier. But, would you mind picking one for me today?" Alice hummed as she looked over her own mission board thoughtfully. She picked up a quest and went ahead and stamped the "active" symbol onto it with Zaelith's name.

"This here is a good friend of mine and not a lot of people pick this quest. She can be a bit... quirky, but any help would suffice." She smiled kindly. Zaelith looked over the quest and frowned a bit at what was being requested. She didn't know much about this woman but the job didn't seem to be too bad. It was just testing some water and possibly cleaning it up. Nodding her head, she looked up to Alice with a carefree smile and said, "Sure! Thank you Alice, see you in a while!" She responded as she scurried off in the direction of the mission.

After a while, Zaelith found herself in front of a small building that looked a little run down but she could already feel the atmosphere of being at home. Smiling, she tucked her quest into her bag and casually walked into the building. Vials and beakers littered a good portion of the building upon entry and there were also a few white boards with specific formulas written onto them. Growing curious, she walked right up to the boards and tried looking over them to see if she could understand them herself.

"Uh... who are you?" a woman's voice broke the silence causing Zaelith to jump up in scare. She quickly turned her attention to the owner of the voice and spotted a woman with white skin, blue hair and bright blue eyes. Just like her photo, the woman stood strong with only confusion written on her features.

"Oh, hello. I'm sorry for barging in, I was responding to your water testing quest and got distracted by the formulas that were written here." She flushed, "I'm assuming you're Ms. Raina Burke, correct? I'm Zaelith!" She said thrusting her hand out to the other woman. The blue haired woman only perked an eyebrow in confusion as she took Zaelith's hand and shook it.

"Likewise. How are you on pollution?"

"I hate pollution. It chokes the life out of the environment and it even looks gross. I think a lot of people take the world and its beauties for granted." Zaelith answered honestly. She really had to learn to appreciate the wild after growing up in it for as long as she had.

"Good answer." The woman said, a small smile appearing on her lips as she began to rest her hands on her hips. " People are stupid which is why I stick to the scriptures. Much easier to figure out and they're straight to the point."

"I think I just met my soulmate." Zaelith sighed out while the woman just laughed it off.


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