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Azure Fenic

While he wasn't really sure about packing his belonging he did know one thing and that was finding any information would have to be done in the place he made the most connections. All he had to do was make sure he didn't get sucked into anything that was unnecessary during any of his pit stops along the way all be it he did want to see Hosenka just to check on his friend even if it was for a moment. Extortion knew that this trip was going to be one to remember as they took off normally he would have them take their time but this was something that he wanted to get out the way as soon as possible. Baska had come into full view and boy did it look like a dull place to be at any point in the season. With the speed that he was going, they quickly blew by the Port and was. Before he even knew it he was passing the center of the nation and all its glory, one day he would uncover everything that they try so hard to hide from everyone. Even though he had never really set foot in the place he had gathered more than enough information about to tell that things were not as they seem. If his information was correct the Rune Knights are really cracking down on things or starting to anyway. At this time he and his ride would need to rest before they finished their trip so the two stopped for the time being and waited till the night to finish their trip to Hosenka. Era was another place that he wished to do some digging on but was also on pause for the moment but would most likely be the second place that ends up in his sights. The midnight sky was always a welcomed friend for the scholar as he did some of his best research at night before and after joining up with the group.

Magnolia the home of Fairy Tail a guild that seemed to be rather quiet when it came to information that didn’t really add up given the history and all that, though he did have to give it to them for having a rather lovely view. Once he had finally reached his destination Azure would dismount and send the beast on its way that it would still be close enough to hear his call when he was ready to leave that is. Hosenka looked like a good place to gather information about the symbol for the time being that is and who knows maybe relax for a bit. If he wanted to find anything it would have been best to send a grunt to survey the place first. Realizing that Hosenka had the worst affects on him when it came to anything he wanted to do the informant packed his things and got ready to head out once more to the silver city as someone it was his original target currently. It was odd how easily he could forget about his objective but at the same, he didn't really care all that much if it still got done give or take a few weeks to do so. The Silver City was nearly in sight and boy if sleep-deprived wasn't his middle name it was going to be as the two landed he had to remember that he did make a name for himself here.

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