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Bella's Emergency [Quest]

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Bella's Emergency [Quest] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 8:22 pm

It seemed that she was moving up in the world, now. From guarding stores with illegal wares to stealing precious chemicals; Magnolia had all kinds of trouble to get into. The client, a Bella Missandra, seemed quite preoccupied with particulars, though. She wished to meet in person before giving her permission to start this job. Such a condition wasn’t too strange especially for a request that was off the books, but it still was mildly aggravating nonetheless.

Finding Magnolia’s Bathhouse was fairly simple. Observing the building from across the street Nadine arched a brow, unimpressed with the structure itself. It held no candle to Hosenka’s bathhouses and hot springs, but that was to be expected. Why Bella would settle for setting shop up here though was something Nadine couldn’t understand, but that was ultimately her own business. The establishment was closed for the night, but the lights were still on inside. Unable to tell just how many people were inside, Nadine opted for a straight forward approach.

The double front doors were locked, but that didn’t stop Nadine from forcing one open with a firm open palm strike near the handle. Stepping in as the door swung open for her she scanned the lounge quickly. There were a couple workers tidying up for the night, two young men who had been startled by the sudden intrusion. As one of them told her to leave Nadine simply smiled before reaching a hand out and closing the door behind herself, blocking the exit.

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“I have an appointment with Madame Missandra,” she said in a friendly tone while staying where she was, “I’d appreciate it if you could fetch her for me.”

The two workers looked at each other in confusion before glancing back at Nadine. Soon they both left, with one presumably going to find Bella. When the blonde woman did march into the lounge it was with an indignation and ire that one might expect from a vanity fueled individual. One second was spent eyeing the broken front door before her furious glare fell upon the demi-human.

“I think you should leave. We have no business to discuss!”

“Au contraire, I think we do.” Nadine casually eyed the floor between them, estimating the distance in her head. She guessed the space was at most twenty meters. Making sure that she was facing Bella she added, “I’m wasting time with this appearance, but a door is a small price to pay for the inconvenience. Especially with what you’re ultimately after.”

Once she saw Bella take a breath to no doubt yell at her, Nadine leaned forward, bent her legs, and lunged forward. A few words had escaped the blonde’s lips by the time the demi-human crossed most of the distance between them. A second lunge carried her the rest of the way, with Indra’s Gauntlet leading the charge.

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Nadine’s gauntlet clamped over Bella’s mouth firmly as she ended her lunge right beside the woman. In under two seconds she had cleared around twenty meters of distance and had a hand on her target. Not releasing her victim, Nadine pulled the woman’s head towards her as she whispered.

“This wasn’t even the fastest that I can move, and yet you still had no time to shout. Now imagine if you had seen me doing something I didn’t want you telling others. I would have just plucked your head off of that pretty little neck of yours, and been on my way without a second thought. I’ll get you what you want. You’re going to pay me what you agreed to. Understood?”

There was no warmth in Nadine’s eyes as she stared at the other woman. This was a job, not a game. It wasn’t until she felt Bella attempt to nod in confirmation did she release the woman.

“Good. I’ll be back. I'll knock next time."

With the formalities finally out of the way Nadine turned away and left the bathhouse, quietly opening and closing the broken door behind herself. Once she was back outside and alone on the streets the woman sighed and shook her head. Pretentious clients were the worst.

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Once she made it to the factory Nadine watched patiently from a distance as a tired looking man with a flashlight paced around the building’s exterior. With the factory being located in the industrial area of town there wasn’t any traffic on the streets at this hour, but there certainly would be more security inside to keep troublemakers out. She quickly followed the first man’s path until she was able to get the jump on him, choking him out from behind. For some reason Bella had only wanted the guards subdued, not killed. After tying the man up and gagging him with vines Nadine relieved him of his keys and left him in a dark corner.

A few minutes later she was inside the factory through a side door, and slinking her way towards the storage rooms. Before she could find the right key to open the large door though she heard footsteps coming. From around a corner down the hall a pair of flashlights bounced about the floor as two more guards chatted away. Without anything to hide behind Nadine chose the simpler answer: violence.

After pumping mana into Indra’s Gauntlet she lunged forward, crossing twenty five meters down the hall. It wasn’t enough on its own, and as the two guards rounded the corner Nadine repeated the maneuver, funneling more mana into her gauntlet as she lunged again.


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This time she managed to get right up against the guards, slamming one into the wall with a forceful shove. Focusing her attention on the remaining guard Nadine backhanded him in the face with her gauntlet. She was positive she felt the man’s nose give way to her attack, but he’d survive the injury at least. She checked that both guards were unconscious before heading back to the storeroom.

Having bought herself a bit more time now it was merely trial and error until she found the right key to open the door. The room she entered was kept colder than the rest of the factory. Shelves were meticulously labeled and organized, making sure there was a distinguishable space between each batch of product. What Bella had wanted was very distinct, though; the last sample of some mystery chemical. That helped to narrow down the search quickly, as she was able to look for spaces that only had one container or box left.

Upon finding the right plastic jar she carried it out in one hand and left the storage room. If this had been a personal field trip she would have caused more destruction to help conceal her objective, but Madame Missandra wasn’t paying for that. Leaving the factory through the same door she came in Nadine once again crept off into the night to meet back up with the client.


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