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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.)

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 30, 2021 12:52 pm

It seemed that Anders was indeed a person of a type of craft as well, multiple in fact. While Judith appeared to only, at least from Jikan's perceptive of what they have talked about so far, making and testing wine, Anders worked as a blacksmith and a goldsmith. One partner was a worker of tastes, relaxation. The liquor that could poison souls and minds, unleashing self restraints that made the worst characteristics of people come to light. Anders created things that people used. With being a blacksmith, he created weapons, clothing, armor, an opulence amount of items for combat and survival. This usefulness was even more increased with the fact that he was a goldsmith. Jewelry creation, ceremonial items, silverware, and decorative items.

"Ah I see. Blacksmithing and Goldsmithing are good skills to have. A lot of useful things you can make with that with enough time". It was true, there was a large amount of items one could make with either one or a combination. With a good enough reputation, one would not have to worry about finding work with those skills. "how long have you been doing them? Any interesting stories from creation tasks?".

Jikan chuckled a little, softly as Judith's response. "Well, I suppose it has not gone away yet. It is too soon for me to say that after all".

Jikan was eating her food, taking small bites and preparing the next with her utensils between the exchange of words. Whenever Anders or Judith would speak, she would eat a little and listen for her response. "And how did she get you to after so much time Anders??".

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 31, 2021 9:43 am

Judith Karlinius
Socializing would do Anders some good, Because it got him able to show he was just more then a grumpy old smith."Ahh...30?....35 years? I don't keep track of that Judith does."So how long he might have been doing it was not really known by him, Maybe it was just him focusing so much more on work rather then anything else in terms of massive note about customers, Then again only thing of note and interest at least to him."I made the engagement and wedding rings, As well as the rings for my one of my children when they got married too."His pride was more proud about what he did for his family, more then other people, not discrediting his own work.

But that question of how did she get him? It made them both laugh."Quite of the opposite, When his hair as still dark blue and he kept his face shaven, He sought me out and went after me."Judith mentioned, Most likely it was more into their strange yet simple life, A long time blacksmith seeking out, a small lady like Judith."So long a go,he had to keep knocking at my door and checking on me when he did not see me leaving the house for a few days."It was long enough a go Judith recalled it was when she was a hermit and never really went out.

Unless it was meant to be taken differently Just so far that was the answer got out of the two of them talking to them about it."Looking after one another, long enough becomes simple and easy."They both just seemed to keep each other in check and alive, Even if they seems their own opposites in manners of how they were personality wise.

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:15 pm

"Ah that is quite the bit of time. I am sure that you have gotten quite skilled in your crafts", Jikan said this in a laid back casual tone. Her body leaning back against the seat as she made herself mods comfortable as she prepared herself for this new chapter of conversation with Judith and Anders. It was interesting that Anders could not give Jikan a specific number to how long he had been doing it. She supposed though that made sense, when one is doing something continously for so long, it could become pointless in keep track. It was more important to have experiences, memories, and lessons from those times.

"Oh that's lovely. I'm sure the ring means even more to your child because ir came from you. Hard work and love", it was nice for him to do that she thought. And he looked happy and proud about it too.

It seemed Jikans next question tickled a funny bone. From both members of the elderly couple."ah I see. That sounds like he always been the perfect gentleman. But that also sounds like you were a shy little thing. Did you have that witty mouth then or did that come later??".

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Nov 13, 2021 11:47 am

Judith Karlinius
time was plenty if you where Judith, not as much her husband age was slowly catching up with him where it was different between them."It most likely helps no one bothers either of us when working."So many hours left alone to craft was a good thing for that, It might help also they never really seem to do much else aside from work on it and well raising children, They might have only just perfected it, Then nothing else"In hindsight we might have needed to consider making friends with other people around us at some point."This was far beyond how it was to start with, Judith seemed less incline to really start questioning too much anymore.

"It is a shame that relationship ended how it did."Anders had mentioned while Judith was not going to mention it to start with it. It was worst to bring that part up when they were trying to relax in some manner."I do not remember the state of the rings."Anders also mentioned because well it was just his general thoughts over all.

But they would turn to Judith when she was younger and even more youthful then she already was."Shyness? maybe, when our relationship started it was common for me not to speak to long periods of time, I was by no means scared of talking to him."At least that was what she remembered it could be different.

"She has always been some what witty, She just was generally careful about what it was used for."In the end it really seemed to be pick or choose in the end, Jikan just happen to be chosen to deal with her wit."Even then, I have not really needed to use it with him."They most likely had pretty straight forward conversations.


Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 19, 2021 4:35 pm

"Ah, alone time does make it easier to practice one's craft. I also bet it allows both of you to enjoy one another's company easier as well. A deep bond with one's family or partner is important after all". Bonds were part up of the past, present, and future of a person, and as such, the ones that made those bonds with an individual were equally important and influential to a person's identity. They played a role in the nurture part of upbringing that was a two factor of nature and nurture. With how old Judith and Anders looked, and the fact that they apparently got together so young, they must of have had a long time to impact each other, and must have done so numerous times.

Then Anders made the short comment of maybe they needed to make more friends along their life. "Well, that's only in perspective Anders. A few good friends is always better than a lot of poor friends after all. If you have not met a lot of people to stay in both of your lives, then I suppose it just wasn't something that needed to happen? At least back then maybe".

An eyebrow was raised at the next series of questions. It ended poorly was what Jikan was thinking. A sad thing, specially since it was one of their children. It was best then not to bring it up more if not needed or not done by one or both of the parents.

"She has always been careful with her witty mouth you say? Well, that sounds like she has given a few, interesting or stressful situations in the past".

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:13 am

Judith Karlinius
This part only made Judith laugh slightly."No, I was far more at one point scared of talking in general, Feeling my voice was unneeded in conversations."More and more most likely Judith just did not speak much at one point with her own problems to start with, Maybe they both at some point were just reclusive people ant Judith just changed her life around different in some manner."The family part can be questionable however."He was not digging into it too much, But sometimes even if one tried something to consider fixing it.

"I also tend not to try to speak with as much with."He would mention because well even if he might have the ability too, Just most likely felt like it was unneeded, Consider his partner was Judith maybe he just did not speak as much as because Judith most likely knew what he wanted to say and he just wanted to go do other more productive things.

Then well it could go into a bit more of a thought of it."Interesting, This marriage over all has not been too stressful, Judith is fairly easy to get along with."Maybe they just were they weird always quiet two. However it was a good thing to ask the long time couple various questions because it could be a good down the road to learn wonderful things, not just about the two people speaking now. So far it was pretty tame."Sleep, Read, Eat, sit outside. It is a fairly simply to stay happy."Anders mentioned like it was just simple for him to keep it in his mind.


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It seemed that the old Judith was very different than the current one before Jikan. In fact, they made it seemed that she was a complete inverse of herself. Well, not a complete inverse. More so that she use to be a closed off introvert, but now she was a closed off extrovert that. It was interesting, and Jikan's probing question seemed to entertain both of them, but cause a laugh out of the youthful looking older woman. In hindsight Jikan supposed that Judith could not have been an introvert. People did not specifically fit into one box after all. They were multiple things at once and at time, only a singular thing. Given that, someone being more sociable or talkative could just come from getting more into enjoyable topics, situations, or meeting better people that one held chemistry with. Such as Judith meeting her Anders.

Jikan raised an eyebrow tho, "family being questionable? What ever do you mean by that Anders? I doubt you two could have anything that is beyond the typical family things that could cause joy and chaos, maybe some sadness". Granted with how the world was, that could be the case. Systems and emotions, other people's decision, caused unpredictable things all the time. And for the most part, it took the people around them to interact and be impacted by the decisions of a single person.

"I suppose not every day feels like a talkative day Anders. But you exactly do you not feel like talking with sometimes??". Jikan thought more as she listened to Judith and Anders more, "Ahhhh, that does sound like a peaceful time. SImple things to enjoy relaxing and someone's company. I'm sure there were challenges getting to know and live with someone though. Pet peeves, personality differences, learning and growing as a person. I'm sure that was a fun experience though in the end. Oh what am I talking about, you two are still alive and together, your growing hasn't stopped yet".

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 29, 2021 1:49 pm

Judith Karlinius
While trying to leave behind one things, They seemed to slowly arrive to another that at least they had come to terms with long a go, This might be depressing to hear about, But it showed a life of a happy couple did have it's trials. Was it beyond typical? maybe it was However Judith explained it."Life always comes with it's own trials."It sounded harmless, but talking to get to know these two even with how peaceful and seemingly happy this family was, It might be an odd case."Your happy family can shatter quickly with out warning."It seemed it could easily just lead into maybe minor things to expect in life pets dying, defences of people in the idea of risky behaviours of others.

But it was different."Our daughter had passed not too long ago, She was ambushed and beaten to death...Even if she had been a rune knight at one point, World never prepares anyone for that."It sounded depressing to mention it so bluntly, however these things seemed to handle everything they could and keep going on forward."We had just move on from out of our sons killing his own wife and daughter."So that foreshadowing that seemed to build up earlier was now being placed now.

Two splinters upon the branch of this family tree being as strong as it was seemingly."I mean the flowers everywhere can be much sometimes, Because I never know what flowers she planted."Aside from that most of the maybe seemingly problems had been dealt with long a go."Maybe side from Judith's power of seemingly sneaking around and surprising people can be a bit much."Judith being able to do that, might be a warning in some manner but also hard to think she was able to do that.


Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:18 pm

"yes life has its own course that we are simply taking a ride on. And on that ride there were trials one face". No could just be living the best of their life, existing in the world was hard. Never only about getting money, happiness, eating well, and spending time with friends or family. But the world did not always work like that or gave you that. It was hard, there were darker aspect of living. Broke times, homeless times, unfed times for some people. And at least from the start of Judith's words that had some degree of connection with them. Something happened to their family.

And as Jikan listened in to the details she began to understand exactly what they meant. Oh it certainly was a tragic said tragedy that happened to them. One of their children, their daughter, a former Rune Knight apparently, ambushed and beaten to death. It was hard enough to die normally in a battle, but to die in such a slow and probably painful act...probably made it even more harmful for the couple in the lost of their child. It sounded so rough to mental stability, the case even more worse with the added information tat they were just moving to a new location after dealing with the reality that their son killed his wife and daughter. "such....madness...".

"I...i am sorry that that happened to you", Jikan could not imagine such a thing. She did not have that many people she had bonds with, very few even. And even among those bonds there were few that she really cared for to a moderate or large extent. But for parents, to lose not just one but two children, a daughter in law...and a grand child. Was....impossible to fully understand.

"Why...did this happen? Her daughter being jumped by attackers is one thing. But, why in the world would your son do such a thing??".

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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 2:00 pm

Judith Karlinius
The interesting part is even these horrible matters, When Judith just smiled slightly, The reality for Judith was not matter what you just kept moving on forward."One is still a fresh wound slowly healing, the other is a time long a go I had came to terms with it."To see Judith smiling about it showed she was most likely doing her best to continue on with out thinking it a lot. Maybe this was why Anders and Judith where not in Magnolia right now, They seemed to manage to keep themselves in line."Each matter we had continued on from, Even if we never understand why it happen."Anders seemed maybe he was the driving force to continue forward with thinking, Maybe it was his own downfall with them both dealing with the grief differently. In reality even if the mood was brought down for a moment could even see for a small moment Judith's soul died slightly they moved past it to continue the conversation, having everyone once and a while eaten some of their food and drank a bit of there beverages, This was a bit of learning about other people as it was wine tasting after all.

With the first one Anders seemed to only ponder."Could assume an former rune knight had some foes from people she might have arrested at some point, She was also extremely reckless in her ways of looking out for people even if she did not know them."It was his understanding, Where Judith had not seemed to right away not wanted to think about it.As for the son."Anything we tried to learn about what happen, It all lead to him just turning mad one day, He often hides in the woods of Magnolia now days where he exiled himself willingly after gaining her sense back."It seems even if brought great suffering, they seemed to have moved on from it and keep track of him, Even if it seemed much like how the daughter's death pained Judith and Anders, Anders seemed more annoyed they had settled and moved beyond, Judith was not angry about it but her husband was only not risking the cell he would sit in, for what he wanted to do was deal with own justice.

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