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Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) Empty Tue Sep 21, 2021 2:28 pm

Judith Karlinius
In her never changing ways of study a minor goal with Judith was to study various flavours of wine for the sake of her own wine making, She had in her own mind some what of beginner to that part, Thus what else does she do but study the various different areas. So one area she wanted to see how well it would work, Would be Bosco. wanting to stay away from what other situations they had go on recently, It was fitting that Judith would show up when it was all done because she did not want to be in the part of the conflict.

At least Judith did not travel alone this time, Judith was with her husband, it must have been a pretty interesting conversation between them that Judith would show up with her husband Anders.

Maybe it was to get him to see how nice the world could be, Or he was talked to make sure she was safe in her travels. Then again."I keep telling you,take a break from the shop, come outside and get some fresh air."Judith said talking to her husband, At least he did not have the safe of a person who looked like he was forced to be here, only just grumpy in general, It was his normal.

But still in the end, Judith and her husband first stop would maybe be something to eat here as well."It has been a long travel so maybe we need to get something to eat."Judith suggested in their casual walk. What else there was to be seen would be interesting, Since there was much to learn of the area of Bosco, No doubt they could relax a bit and Judith also could show Anders in his older age there was more to life then just work.


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The war over the throne of the next ruler of Bosco was over, but god knows how long it has been, how long Jikan had been stepping through the mud and blood of fallen lives, fading in and out of of the green leaves of the forestry and empty buildings. The only sound coming from her with the soft cracks of her feet steps on fallen tree branches or the opening of nuts and seeds under her hurrying steps.

But it did end, and although her Heir to support, Cassandra, did not win, she won a part of the people's heart, and more importantly, protected them and aided them in her time of need. And that was enough for Jikan, And she was thankfully alive and somewhat thriving after the fact of losing to Hildegard. Not the ideal choice that Jikan had, but one she could be happy with. Specially since she was working along side Cassandra and the other heirs that "sided" with her near the end, it would prevent the lose of talent...talent needed to revive and lead the people of Bosco into a new, brighter future. hopefully free of destruction and war.

But those thoughts would be left alone for the day. On this day, Jikan would relax. And that would be with some delcious food and a nice drink! But that would require her to pick one. Oh decisions...decisions.

#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It would almost seem like a vacation for the long time life partners, Even if Regis was not the most excited about being out here, maybe it was just trying to get a grumpy old man on a boat for a longer period of time. Judith's husband for the most part has been quiet on the walk around with his wife but it was not out of disliking it, in fact he seemed rather settled and okay. Anders was not much for open expression for the most part, Some how they just both knew each other well enough to understand they his caring was different.

They also still look fairly opposite of one another, A ying and yang of one another. The small always happy and living wife, The more stiff, grumpy seemingly emotionless husband. It was the theory of opposite attracts with them. But whenever they seemed to talk, The caring side of Judith's husband did show, Just outwardly it seemed almost not there, Maybe it was age getting to him as Ander's dark blue hair showed more patches of grey in it.

Time and age came for everyone, Judith knew that  fact very well even if it seemed in reality it might not have really effected her quite yet, Maybe it was behind the many phrases and her personally feeling of life and death, If her husband felt the same was ever yet to be questioned by it, Then again Anders was a rarity in some manner to see in public.

For now however, going into unknown depths of questions no one had asked about that a few people might have known of Judith's husband existence and could say they saw him too, This was some one else's chance to as well. Which this was other matter why.

It seemed as rather them going into in depths conversations about life and things around it, Judith was much more interested in getting out of the house, away from fiore and well actually go on a dinner date with Anders.

For it was only Judith guiding him along as they found out where to go from here."This time away gives us a chance for many things, We just need to find out what."Judith mentioned in happiness, Leaving the quiet ponder of her husband."Well, we can always go try some wines around here."This was either from knowing what Judith had been making, Or well he might be a person testing said trials as well, Either or might be the case. But they were looking for a place to eat and drink.


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Jikan had decisions to make. But all too many places and resources were in this town that it made it hard for Jikan to decide! There were a few places she had gotten accustomed to in this specific town and nearby area that she enjoyed going to relax and enjoy herself. But thankfully right now she was only concerning herself on food. Given that, the number of places that were on her mind to pick from were greatly reduced. Nevertheless, the Auburn haired enchantress still had the difficulty at hand. She stood in the the streets, off to one side to be out of the way for the wagons, vehicles, and casual walkers of the day.

She wore different clothes today, not dressed in her normal battle attire. Instead of having her leather great huntsman cap, and reinforced leather cuirass made out of the fur of a hunted and skinned bear fur, jikan wore a sleek plain tea green wrap dress. The clothe holding a front closure that wrapped from one side, going across and being linked to fabric tied to Jikan's waist and back. The form was free, giving Jikan ample room to walk, while showing her legs a little bit because the fabric was slightly lower than the average dress, placing a gap between her calf and ankle. She still held her fighting gauntlet on her arm, always ready for a situation.

"Hm....let's see, how about...", Jikan stopped mid sentence. She was walking by a shop where she stopped to look at the the food selection inside. It was a pastry shop, and how she loved to taste test the items. Not paying attention, she did not realize that there was a young man working on a sign above the building on a ladder. Losing his footing, the man had fell off with the ladder following him.

Unfortunally for Jikan, the man's was coming at her in his path, thankfully not the lady though. Only realizing mid action because of the man's voice, Jikan had little time to brace herself and catch the man. She had to use both of her hands and they stumbled a little bit backwards. But no one was hurt thankfully.

"Uh, sorry there ma'am".

"it..s no problem".

#5Judith Karlinius 

Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) Empty Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
In this manner it seemed Judith and Anders really felt like they were still in Fiore or even Magnolia for some one was knocking into some one else close by to them. Judith and Anders were only just seeing it in passing, which well just showed even in Bosco some things are universal, like running into people in a casual walk."Huh, People are clumsy everywhere in the world aren't they?"Judith mentioned to her husband in a casual manner.

But it showed them a good spot. In that moment these two people ran into some one. It seemed no one was really annoyed with one another so that moment it ended up quite well. With that ending as it had, Judith and her husband just quietly walked through the door into this place. It would be something small to snack on while Judith would mention to her husband."Then again, I am sure side from the things we find here. We can find a nice place to eat, I am sure the wine here might be for to sample too."Judith was mixing her reason to get away from Fiore with work she had in it, Which might not entirely shock anyone in the end.

Judith and Anders had not taken in or noticed any of the people around, But they were going into the place close by to Jikan, So if anything it was a chance for Judith to take in what could be different here in bosco compared to a few other things she was use too. Judith in general just felt rather relaxed about it being here, It was better then being at home for the moment and just allowing herself to linger upon the thoughts she had been dealing with on her mind for a while.


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Things happen, life was unexpected and thus random things were always bound to happen. And that seemed to be the case for Jikan today, at least to the start of the day. The ladder clanked to the ground, thankfully not hitting any bystander, the tools the man was holding were out of the way, being held in a bag caught up by the sign above.

After the stumbling backwards ended, and the short exchange of words, Jikan found herself ready to put the young man, and did so. With a swift release of her grip the fellow slipped out of her hands and came to his ground, stepping down to the ground with a soft tap. It was a nice thing that Jikan did not have a bad temper...most of the time, but that was definitely not how she wanted to relax on this beautiful day.

As this happened an older couple entered the store, a young lady came out a few seconds after they did. The lady wore an apron and was a signal that she was an employee at least at the store. "Um, thank you miss...Jikan. Oh, Phil..you really need to be more careful".

"Sorry mom, I just slipped".

The woman sighed, "well no matter you are fine so I suppose i'll let it slide this time".

Jikan's stomach would growl in the middle of the conversation, indiscreetly showing that she was getting quiet hungry...to her embarrassment. "Oh this won't do, please come inside and we will fix you right up", the lady made off inside soon after, vanishing behind the counter as the son brought Jikan inside.

Another indivudal, a slightly older man compared to Phil greeted Judith and her husband Anders as they came in. He too wore an apron over a nice black shirt and brown pants. "Hello! Welcome to our family's store, take a seat and we will see what we can get for you".

#7Judith Karlinius 

Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) Empty Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:51 pm

Judith Karlinius
So they would do exactly that, Settle into a place to relax. Judith still wonderfully happy with the situation at hand while Anders seemed far less interested. Since they both did not really pay attention much Jikan could kind of just get into the place and Judith and Anders would not really made any note of them.

Judith seemed to ponder what could be offered here Anders seemed more in thought of other things in their life at the time. In some manner him being lost in his thought was his own way of dealing with what was on his mind too.

Anders was a man who was always lost to his thoughts in making things, actually having to worry and think about things was something a lot of times left for Judith to deal with.

So in reality this trip also helped Anders too. quietly he himself was dealing with his own depression from the recent events, He just was not openly talking about it. Maybe this was the chance too or it might be too open still.

Judith then did say."Maybe we should have invited Waylon or Regis here."Which was fair in her view, A family get away from places, But maybe she was wrong in that manner too, Anders did let out a depressing sigh. If anything he was coming to terms with his grief for Judina's loss.

So Judith would just say."Maybe some tea will help Anders."Judith mentioned to him and places her hand on his arm to kind of suggest to him in comfort it will be okay. Death was a natural part of life just sometimes. It did come for everyone, Maybe it was just making Anders think his time would be sooner because of his age getting up there, Or it would come for Judith too.

Nonetheless even if it was a moment Ander even said."Even if we wanted to invite Waylon, talking him into going to a new land would scare the poor lad, Can barely get him to leave his shop or house."Which was a fair counter point, That Judith knew rather well was true."Regis is also a different question entirely as well." Judith did mention that too since well no one had heard from him in a while, almost like even if Judina was gone, Regis was a ghost that almost seemingly roamed the lands.


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Bring Jikan in was what the young man was told, and that was exactly what he did. With the older man that greeted Judith and Anders gone in swift movements as the elder couple got seated, he too went towards the back. Not sliding past the doors but by a podium that was by it. Neatly gripping a few folders that would naturally hold a selection of menus. While he did this, the younger man alongside Jikan escorted her inside. The son soon went to the same place the older man was, grabbing his own grouping without getting in the other man's way as he made his way out towards the seated couple.

The series of action done smoothly and cleaning like a machine. The movements swift and natural from repeated practice. Setting the items done and prepared for their guests to be seated. "Would you two care for some water while you decided on your meal?". The man did his best to not listen in on their conversation. The privacy of people was something to always be accepted. And even more so when it came to customers. He would move his other hand to put down the menus, and give the couple a few moments to tell him something before he went off.

While this was going on, the other man was talking with Jikan now, who was a little bit away from the couple. Sitting in a nice spot that allowed for a comfy view of the outside by a window. Jikan received a few more words from the man before he left to go inside the kitchen to where the chief was. Jikan sat with her hand on her chin, her eyes looking outside the window softly, curious as to what was being prepared. "I wonder how that village is doing...I should go check in on them soon...".

The full war and conflict was over yes, but that did not mean the people were. There were still mercenaries, wizards, and citizens doing things for...well whatever reason they had. And that meant that anything was still possible, homes destroyed, resources stolen, the regular consequences of people in conflict. And in that reality were the towns that were still rebuilding or recently rebuilt. Many of whom held many children and young teens that Jikan had protected at some time. Death was a road everyone met at some point...Jikan just disliked that road being met sooner for the young and vulernable.

#9Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
They settled in nicely, it seemed these tow had not been really had in these kind of places for a really long time that she was not use too."Yes water would be wonderful." Even having water was just still wonderful. At least their conversations would seem like of an old couple even if Judith looked still thirty years old while Anders looked like he was at this point about sixty or a bit above that. But they seemed at least like they had managed to keep their lives happy.

Judith did not know the reality of anything that had happen before they came here. If anything maybe it was good for Judith she did not know, After all Judith could have not very little so maybe it was be good to know down the road, For now it seemed they both were in their land of peaceful bless, It might not be a good idea to ruin it from them.

Even if one was just emotionally blocked out like a piece of solid stone and the other just could be one that could see the bright side of everything."Now with water what else do you think would be good here?"Judith pondered with her husband as they looked over what they could have. Then Judith even laughed about it slightly."I mean there is wine, So that is one of my starts."At least Judith knew where she stood, Which her husband did not mind if Judith was already considering drinking wine."Need more ideas for Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail?"Anders mentioned in passing, Because at least even if it was a small break, it seemed even if her mind was always on work, At least Anders can disconnect for once rather then her.

But it would not take them both very long to choose what they want. Judith as always did not need much to keep her going, She was more interested."A bottle of wine and read wine will be good, Maybe see how different food is here, Only because i want to see how different it is here."Then again Judith knows she can learn a lot from a lot from food, That was just her.

Now however it seemed Judith was talking about food and drinking which entirely was normal for Judith."But best you to think for sure, I know I will at least wnat something light as I always do."Since Judith did not eat much it was nothing new.

With Judith at least knowing what she wanted, Anders would most likely figure out what he wanted when he was asked since he was quick to choose in that way. It was just how he worked.


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"Right away ma'am," in short seconds the waiter had done his magic. Not actually magic, but his actions were swift, precise, and graceful enough for it to be like that in comparison. Not really. It was pouring water into two glasses with ice. Nothing much to it. The ice clanked softly as the water filled their glasses. A welcoming soft service smile on the man's face the entire time that he did so.

After, the man flipped out a short note pad a clicking sound revealed a pen was in his hand and ready to jot done any notes for the couple's order. With a nod he started takings notes to their order, "One bottle of red wine. And something light for the lady? I'll see what the cook recommends. What about you sir??".

On Jikan side of things, she was sitting, her index and thumb fingers twirling a pendent about between her fingers, lost in thought as she sighed internally about a personal matter. One that saddened her but was best to try to ignore today, she was trying to keep her spirits high after all. Her other hand was holding her glass of Eiswein. The sweet yellow wine twirling in her glass but not being sipped much yet expect for once. She liked to enjoy the taste of her drinks, when she rarely did choose to drink. She preferred the sweet and fruity types of wines, and this one a nice recommendation by the fellow.

Her ears perked up when she heard the couples voices for the first time. Normally she did her best to not care for people's dialogue that had nothing to do with her, but these words were just something that drew her attention in. Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail?

#11Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
They would just continue their casual conversation."You can draw ideas anywhere for creating things, Thus tasting wine from others areas is always is helpful for that part of work."Judith mentioned to Anders, Which consider the conversation it showed they both understood how this was working. Even having the husband mentioning."Hmm. So it is making samples when we are home?"Anders seemed to laugh, They where old and happy that was for sure, They might be only relaxing and casual here because there was no need to worry about it here.

With Judith agreeing, It would just be continued upon."So that Alisa can enjoy a few bottles of what i make up next, I need it to just be perfect, You might have to deal with a few off bottles because I do not know who else to consider for testing."Judith surely would not have a short list of willing people to give test bottle too, But she did not want to subject a person to that yet.

After all Judith had a few standards too keep a float, She did not want that ruined yet."So..A few medium cooked stakes and red wine then?" Anders mentioned how that could work, Not really knowing or paying attention to how some could be listening into this conversation, For the most part she did not really think anyone would be interested in Judiths antics or plans, Nonetheless the name she mentioned either, To Judith this was all business and work she wanted to do while relaxing. It got some things off of her mind."I might need something lighter, Maybe see if they have lamb here."

But they seemed to settle on the red wine when asked, Then the temptation from Judith was took."You know...maybe it is best for that idea see what the Chef does consider best."Judith was always the type to take risk Anders seemed to be content with his choice."I would still prefer a medium cooked steak."Seemed at least they were settled for now.


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Oh what a pleasant conversation Jikan found herself listening in on today. Not on purpose of course. At least at first. At first she was just drawn in from te mention of Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus. The guilds were strong and their strength famed and known. It was surprising to hear about them being talked about in another country. Maybe their influence and reputation just spread that far? Or perhaps these people had some time of connection or business with one or both of these groups? The curiosity was something for the red-black haired magic user.

Whether the matter, the conversation between the two sounded like a nice light hearted one. One that both enjoyed, the type of moments that were stuck in the back of Jikan's head when she thought of home and her younger siblings. There were there somewhere in the mist of all the other memories of that place.

As she listened further the conversation just drew her attention even more. The person, the lady, whoever she was, was a specialist in making alcoholic drinks, specially the artistic craft of wine. Alisa...Alisa, ah that was the mage known as the White Empress, the guild master of devastating strong group that were only matched by their beauty. That person was whom the lady was doing business with, making drinks and giving to them for review. It sounded like she needed testers, and that the man who was with her, most likely her husband given a few assumptions, was the usually person. But maybe she needed a few different taste buds? After all, diversity helped with getting a general opinion on a product.

The man serving them continued listening, a smile on their face as they exchanged words and got towards their final thoughts. "Very well. I think we will get steak for the gentleman, medium cook. And for you madam, I'll see what the cook has opinion wise. If you do not mind though, I will mention you spoke about lamb and wanting something light if that is fine". He finished writing a few more things done on his pad before turning and going away if that was all for now from the two.

As this happened Jikan twirled her drink once more before taking a small sip. Enjoying the sweetness and smoothness it held. But she was intrigued by what she heard, but how to join in on that private conversation. She could just be...insert herself and ask a question within their conversation. Oh but be annoying maybe, but how else could she offer her time to try a few flavors? She didn't really wanna bother them, and if she troubled them that would be a less chance of getting a yes. She was a stranger after all...

"ahem, sorry. Excuse me if I could have a moment of your time".

#13Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
The only person who might not be super interested in this conversation would be the husband since he was not really caring for strangers which generally meant he might not end up speaking a lot here."Only just a moment?"Judith pondered to who she was getting asked this by, Most likely to the dismay of who was also with her, It just showed some one was listening in and it was starting to be a bit more of a danger to his wife, At least in his view, Depending on this went Anders might actually just figure out a way to remove this person.

However Judith would continue."Do I dare only pose you with only being limited with a set amount of questions?"Judith laughed about it slightly, But now in some manner Judith was most likely playing a different kind of game."Or should I be extremely coy with answering my questions?"Judith was waiting for her things, So if anything they had the time to wait and see where this went.

Because she truly had to wonder."Whatever your intentions must be, I am unsure how to gauge most people don't just join in here, Unless there is really something that need to know."Judith was just going to continue as she was going about this because well, these things were her control so to say. So Judith in the end did not seemed to mind this entirely moment."Do you know, What exactly your moment entails?"It was a good thing for her to ask, If anything Judith seemed settled calm and polite, But she posed these to see what would happen, After all Judith could be picky and just tell her now, But she seemed really curious in the end, After all maybe it was just Judith about to be told to quiet down.


Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) Empty Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:08 pm

Welp, she put her foot forward. Either now she could be honest and try to join in in their conversation, or backpedal out of the situation and end it, simply saying that the two were talking too loud. The time to choose was now given that she spoke up. The lady took the initiative. The man stayed silent, not looking at Jikan but from his body language, she would guess that he was ready to do something about Jikan if needed. If he did he would be rude. Using violence on someone just because they chipped into a conversation? Conversations were private and all, but they are not granted the exact same privilege if they are held out in the open.

Especially so if their voices are done at a loud enough tone that one could hear them even if they were not trying to. But from the first words at least, it seemed this lady was ready to only give a short piece of her time, if that at all. Jikan nodded towards Judith's second comment. The one detailing on giving her a set limited amount of questions.

"yes I would say only a moment, maybe a few more if you and him decided so". Jikan had remained in her seat, only turning her body slightly towards the duo. Her face stoic, neutral. Not showing a hostile expression but not one that was exhilarated with cheerfulness and a welcoming positivity. There was a hint of intriguion though. "Your conversation, pulled my interest while I was waiting on my food. I did not mean to pry or listen in, but you two were talking so loud and with no one else in her to cause any other noises, I couldn't help but to over hear".

A soft flinch of Jikan's face went upward, momentarily in a tiny small smirk by the woman's question. In her eyes both things would be the same thing. Not accepting answers or being short. But perhaps acting the role of a shy or modest kittenish? Perhaps Jikan would get some entertainment out of the day beside drinking bottled wine and a meal? A decent conversation would always peek her interest further in an exchange, even if it was only slightly. "I suppose you can choose to be coy, but do not be surprised I choose to be sarcastic or cheeky in exchange".

This lady was truly interesting. Jikn did not feel much magical presence from her, but she had some confidence in her. Maybe from her age and experience living though the world, but she had some sass in her words, and a since of control. An, alluring attribute, but one that Jikan would only allow her to partake in, not to fall victim to. At least ideally.

"There is nothing I personally need to know. Just would like to know. Such as, besides being coy for a living and go out with your dashing, Husband I assume, what do you do that involves the craft of wine exactly? I heard you talk about having to test and experimentate with some items for...a client. And as they say, a wide food palate is needed in this sort of thing".

#15Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
A small moment where she just looked at Jikan and seemed to smile."I was speaking at a reasonable level, If it was that loud, You must be stuck upon something that really was of your interest."Judith mention in the most extreme and blunt manner she could, sure maybe there were not a lot of people here, But most of the time people were most likely seemed to mind there own business or if anything."If we were speaking that loud, You could have mentioned for out to be a bit more quiet."Not that her husband was entirely a lot person to start with either.

Or well she would even point out."Or you are merely saying that as some manner for cover and have been eavesdropping the entire time."Which was another casual mention that if anything could tell Judith said bluntly and right away. This was Judith more of less just kind of throwing these things at Jikan because it was implying Judith was loud and rude in this manner, Which slightly offended her and she was not mentioning it right away, But so far her made her phrases sharp.

"If you choose to play through words, Then you should be prepared for what is to come, Personality and intent can easily get long lost, When one does not know anything about who they are speaking with."Judith also mention but in some manner or Judith could also just say something else that might not be picked up by her."Or does the sprouting seed, Think it is tall enough to touch the sky?"Judith posed that as a question but explaining what it meant at all.

Now the key to the problem of what could be happening was some one was asking Judith about her work. But she was not going to be rude about it."When considering the idea of a new flavour of wine, You have to consider various options aside from taste: Temperature it is served at, What it best works with in terms of food, Is the smell appealing or over shadowed. Even then you have to find the right balance for all of it work."Judith intentionally ignored the ask about clients, Last thing Judith wanted is some one trying to not only copy the wines she could make, But also steal her customers too, Why on earth anyone would consider that is beyond her, Even if Judith was just thinking Jikan could just for a moment.


Tasting for Future Testing.(Jikan/Social.) Empty Tue Oct 12, 2021 5:20 pm

Jikan just blinked. The assertiveness and the attitude of the woman showed bluntness and straight to the point way of life. "Oh, it was definitely a reasonable level, for a lively conversation outside...between a large group. I mean, some people are just loud when they speak, there is no shame in that. It just shows that they 'love' what they are talking about, that they have passion", Jikan twirled a finger over the top of her drink as she spoke these words. She said it in the more most humerus flat voice and expression she could, which was easy given how her natural expression usually was. "Given that expression, I think it would be natural for a citizen to be aware of what is going around them. And also rude a little, to stop two people who seem to glued to something to be embarrassed that they were lost in it and didn't realize they were so loud, no?".

Her eyes waved to the man and the back to the woman, curiosity to if and when he would join in this conversation. "Who cares about playing through words when you can read the pages of someone? I mean, purpose and intent can get lost along the way, but I think speaking truth is mostly what matters when you are only trying to enjoy a conversation with someone. She looked at the woman, in her seat she looked nice and comfy, but an estimation from her standing up position would make her taller than Jikan. "A sprouting seed is always touching the sky, the connection between the two ensures that. And if it does not reach it at one stage...it grows towards it, no?".

Now that the intro finger wag was over from the lady, Jikan sat her glass down and let a quiet soft chuckle escape from her. Oh, a nice conversation was indeed what she needed today. "Ah, I see those things are true. Due you also consider how the craft is transported? I heard some wood taste better if transported in wood barrels and shelf for a few years".

Jikan noticed her avoidance of her question but paid it no mind. It was her right to decide to answer a question or not, it wasn't like a life or a job was on the line here. She would just let her slide and go with the flow.

#17Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith only seemed to ponder about it for a moment, It seemed like a more settled way of trying to work about it differently. It was a fair point and not like really much else could be said."I will only give you a point of not being obnoxious about it."However Judith was more still seemed a bit more blunt about anything happen currently because well, she still felt something else was a miss. Jikan seemed to still have wanted something, Depending on how it was all continue spoken would she settle.

However Anders seemed to just be not really caring and quiet about the matter was happening really, if anything this was normal for him."You could not really embarrass me by bringing it up, I am far past the age were that would bother me."Judith mention as a point to it, Still this lady just wanted to learn things Judith would do most likely for all her own reasons, Not that Judith would mind until she knew what it all entailed for now, Jikan might still risk stealing Judith's ideas and take away possible customers for her to sell wine too.

However replying as she did Judith only seemed to smile."Your still new to such a manner of speaking aren't you?"that is what she just mentioned, to credit that fact some one understood when it just seemed to annoy others for the most part."That maybe be a rarity in it's self still."She would not leave it to much else. Or might be buying time for something else far more clever, only time would tell.

"Of course, I am not an amateur wine craftier by any means."So maybe this lady was a bit more in prepared in some manner, The barrel was important."I have chosen the wood for my current wine long a go, Any test runs of what I could make next, Will be with what I have now, Adjusted later to see if it will work to have it taste better."Judith then had to consider maybe she did know more, But she would not really consider changing anything else of her view until there was a very clear and defined path of what this person wanted, So far it was just all play arounds and not outright talking about it, It should happen eventually.


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It would seem Jikan's reaction would pass the first glance of Judith. There conversation was a play, felt as if Judith was a wise cat, laying down and eyeing the person before them. Determining how they felt with sleight of hand words and playing of phrases and the attitudes spoken with them. Jikan wanted to chuckle but held the motion in at Judith's first response back to her. A point for Jikan not being obnoxious? It was if this lady was keeping a score in her head, to determine patience and records. As if there was something locked behind it. Her bluntness still did not change though. And granted, Jikan would probably do the same, a random person starting a conversation with you, specifically with a matter that you make your revenue from, would be something to be concerned about as a business lady. It was a good thing Jikan was not a business lady. "Perhaps I could have, but then I wouldn't be having this pleasant conversation now?".

And that was true, perhaps was it the bluntness or her intrigution at the making of wine, or perhaps boredom of the day. But Jikan was finding this conversation entertaining. "Given that I am just a person that occasionally partake in wine for pleasure and relation. I would say I am new, very new. Most days I don't drink any or much. Given what I do I prefer to stay sharp, aware of my surrounds, and to move my body as normal as possible".

As fun this was, Jikan did not want to put the man out of it. He was here with her before. Most likely her partner, business or romantic. "So, given that there is only tasting to be done. Im sure you wouldn't mind help with that".

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Judith Karlinius
The problem with asking that to Judith."There could be many things: Stealing my ideas, Planning and ambush, Plotting a murder, Planning a kidnapping."Anders seemed to sigh because this might be a long list even continuing now."Wanting free things such as food and drink, Wanting to copy my idea and try and undercut my prices."Yes she had more, a lot more."distract me from other things that would be going on in the background."At some point she would be done hopefully, much to the suffering of her husband, She would even list off a few more."You actually wanted to tell us we were too loud but got side tracked or a few innocent means."With how however Judith would stop.

Judith just knew how to get these things to work wonderfully even if she just gave a massive list, of many really out there reasons."If I am merely trying the wine here, Then I don't assume any of your worries would really matter to me or my husband."Since when was her body movements a worry to Judith? It was a magical wonder she was just here to drink wine after all.

"Your sharpness being pointless here aside, I am only getting idea here, I will not be making any batches of wine for a while."
Which would now be her main point of this conversation, If she was looking for anything related to Judith business, It was all the way back in Fiore.


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This lady was sure paranoid, and the ramble on of things she listed; stealing ideas, planning an ambush, plotting a murder, planning a kidnapping. The red-black haired wine consumer sighed even before Judith began to speak. Expecting even more from her to come. And in the middle of Judith's comments, Jikan would give a response to each immediately after each concern or possibility in the elder ladies eyes. "Do not tell me your ideas then? You decide the location then, with whatever powerful of merry friends are there. ...again, I am sure you can fine a few tough associates from Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail to aid. Besides that...I have already shown who I am so ya'll would identify me easily if I did?". Jikan cocked her head to the side at Judith's last one. "You would have to be a kid to be kidnapped deary".

"Is it really free if I'm giving my time and body?...also what is wrong with a little free food and water? ...do I really look like an alchohol procreater? Thank you~. What would be going in the background? The sound of money going into your pocket faster??". Jikan would do a wave of the hand, "I never thought thinking you were being loud embarrassed you. You two mature enough that I think that concern would long be over".

This lady was definitely entertaining, it was only a wonder to how much of a delight Anders was when he chose to speak. "Oh that is very true. If you were only here to drink wine then this is really none of my business. Just a curious bird making a few sounds besides you. Oh, if you do have a mindset of trying things, I would recommend this Rose. It's native apparently, has a heavenly sweet taste that goes down smooth, and has a pleasant after taste. Well, that is if you like sweet things after all", Jikan said this part with an actual pondering look. Everyone had their preferences, for all she knew, Judith and Anders liked bitter drinks and just judged other drinks with basic guidelines.

There foods came out now, a pleasant plate of a mighty tender steak for Anders with a side of greens and another hearty item decided by the chief, with Judith getting a cut of lamb diced and severed in a creamy light sauce served over mashed potatoes.

"Well I see I have run out of time to enjoy your...mental analysis ability. I am saddened to hear that you won't be making any batches for awhile. Perhaps I will run into you two by chance when I return to fiore tho". She dug into her plate now, taking a sip of her drink and enjoyment of her day.

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Judith Karlinius
Either Judith was entertained enough or really just realize she was getting out of hand."powerful friends?, I did not claim anyone I knew was powerful, Only that they are clients I sell too."But still she would just go about it things in a picky manner.Unless it was really needed to have such information known Judith wanted to see she was just working as an independent wine marker just getting a bit of a lucky break.

So now to see if things could change in terms of how it was going, no doubt Judith was just leaving more and more confusion with in the matters at hands, It might be she was still thinking of work when she originally intended to be get away from the reality of a few things she had locked with in her mind that was rather depressing.

As quiet as he was Anders would finally speak up."And to think we came here to you away from work and get us both free from the recent family death."It was vague but dug into a few things. Then well Anders simply patted his wife upon the top of her head as a small sign of general affection. It would be a sign of Judith needed to maybe just focus on relaxing and maybe get still put her mind out of this silly game.

So Judith would revert to well something far more manageable."He is correct,I was not intending to mix work with my vacation."Judith seemed to have gone from vast almost super expansive and pointless thinking to centring herself with in a few minutes.

Maybe this would help Jikan a bit more now."If in turn you ever found me upon fiore and spoke to me then, I may consider, I am extremely giving at home."Since it showed then could just settle in and eat quietly.

"Do feel free to sit with us, I am sure there are better pieces of conversation to have anyway."
So in the end Jikan was still free to actually sit down and join them.


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"Friends. Clients. Either way people in your corner who would benefit more from aiding you in a dangerous situation than letting you be. A happy business connection being threatened when partnered with a guild, would by default gain a level of protection, wouldn't you say that's a logical assumption?". Jikan saw no reason why the lady felt the desire to nitpick the situation. She was allied with powerful people, even indirectly. Friends or allies, if she was successful business partner with them and had a neutral even relationship, it would be no lose to them to defend said partner from some random evil-doer. Specially if it was one person.

Now the lady's husband joined in the conversation again, this time being more of a direct speaker instead of a pass-byer in the air. To Judith at least. He did say something that caught her ears once again though. A recent family death. The hint of that made Jikan's eyes darken slightly for a second. Not of anger or blood lust, but one fro sadness. A dark cloud in her from the resurfacing pinging of pain from the news of death of her brother. The only one that she did indeed grow up with and the sight and marks of that impact on the younger siblings and family when she went against her nature to return home. Deep down, agitation was in the magic user, the only reason she was here anyway was to find her sibling that was here by her gathered information. And all the time she spent aiding people here felt like it should have been used to search for him, but she could not leave children and helpless families to be burn to the side as the casualties of the royal rumble.

She felt like such a thing was personal to them, and wondered why Anders spoke of it when she was so in earshot. Maybe a sign that he wanted her to leave? Maybe her was mourning openly? Or perhaps he was just talking without thinking, letting his emotions out? It was vague, but enough to get the anaylatial mind of Jikan going. She also noted the pat on the head from the man to the woman. A further sign that the lost of life was to both. That they were most likely romantic partners, husband and wife. The man had good taste. For even in her older age, the older lady did not like she was middle aged, still youthful. Rather short and light, but it only combined to her precious innocent look. Her mind, from Jikan's guess, was a sharp and enjoyable contrast to that look.

"I was simply curious about your wine business, forgiveness to disturb that peace of mind away from work and pulling you into that type of conversation. I appreciate your offer of consideration if that time comes". She got up now, holding her plate carefully to not cause a spil and her drink in the other, "sure I'll join, which side should I sit?".

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Judith Karlinius
At this point Judith seemed to at least not carry on that part of the conversation anymore, After all it was not exactly needed anymore. With what exactly would happen next maybe it was just the some one going too far."You sit where you sit, It will not bug me entirely."This time it was Judith mentioning that, Since well she now had to be sure to just rethink her current conversation and what to talk about next."It should be more pleasant now anyway."If anything Anders seemed to be more interested in keeping it that way. It was one of the few times he really spoke out in their marriage and life together.

If anything the magical part if Judith just changing the conversation since it was bit more needed."Consider this is my husbands first time outside of Fiore, I am sure it is interesting to him as well."There were other matters to really celebrate anyway, This was far better of a conversation between other people rather then what they just had going.

So if anything now that might try and relax from Judith just kind of tried to not tell Jikan anything about her wine making things."To think I finally manage to talk you into leaving your workshop."Judith seemed to laugh about it, out of joy for trying to get an old man out of the house to actually see other things and not just locking himself away form things that could be fun.

At least it seemed Judith knew how to some what make her husbands life a bit more interesting."Hopefully it makes life more interesting then just the sound of a hammer and anvil."Maybe this was the charm of Judith having her way working, It got them both away from the things that maybe they did not need to think about currently.


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Jikan waited with her food in her hands as she sought to see where she would sit. She could be sitting besides Judith or Anders, both fine options. If she sat next to Anders, she would be able to look across at Judith and continue their conversation while being able to turn and conversate with Anders easily. However, she could also sit next to Judith, and that would be an enjoyable outcome as well. Jikan got the feeling that Anders was not the grouch he appeared, and would not be hostile to her; although, he would not be surprised if his wife asked for it, he would not hesitant to do something.

And so, Jikan took the cue from both that they would be fine with either, and so she sat next to Judith. Being the smaller of the two; sitting next to her gave Jikan more room to be comfortable. And given her voluptuousness shape, she needed a little bit more room than the average light woman sitting down in a table.

"I do like pleasant things, such as a nice dessert. But I hope your initiate,...witty mouth, isn't going away now is it? I was enjoying myself a little".

Jikan turned to Ander's, "ah, first time out of Fiore? I hope it has been a world changing experience so far for you. Or at least a bit relaxing". Jikan did note something though. Judith did say that it was her husbands first time being out of Fiore, given that, it would been safe to say that this was not the case for Judith. Her business must take her out and about frequently.

"Workshop? Ah, so you are a crafter as well? How long have you been at it?".

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed at least now they were on a subject no one could but heads about, He might seemingly be a grumpy old man but Anders would not really hide his work since he worked from him."Blacksmithing mostly, I had dabbled into some goldsmithing works as well."Judith choose one of these hard working most of the time kind of husbands.

But since Judith was settling down."What do you mean, You assume it has gone away."Judith had waited since well she wanted to not cover shadow any conversation that was a bit more settled then Judith thinking some one was gonna steal her customers from Fairy tail and Alisa. It was just her being protective in a silly way.

In some manner it was relaxing for him."I can say it is nice here, I am not much of a person interested in travelling so much."He did not sound like he was so much of a stick in the mud, just more content and peaceful in life in which he had settled into. in some manner Judith and Anders were starting to seem like complete opposites of one another that just some how got along wonderfully over the years.

Judith seems to have been happy to for the most part remain quiet and quietly munched away at her food, Since by now it most likely had came and she did not notice at all that it was here, It seems they had gotten carried away in terms of conversation."It did take a fair amount of time to talk him into it."Which might not shock anyone at all as these two seemed to show how they worked.

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