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Poropo Preparing Arrival [Training]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing Arrival [Training] Empty Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:57 am

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was not one to get into a violent confrontation with anyone, but the Blood Rune in his possession making the monk feel urges - these urges involved wanting more Blood Runes despite not knowing if there are more to obtain. The anxious monk decided to travel to the Fieros Girdle in hopes of forging a stronger connection to the Iron Deity's legion - the Immortals, as the monk calls them, are metallic angels capable of feats the monk could not possibly emulate.

"Right...this place is hot...I better get this done quickly," mumbled the monk to himself. Without the need to improve defenses, the need to defend against lava was also pushed aside - the monk decided to sit himself at the edge of the volcanic landscape and mediate in peace. The smell of the lava was still a bit much, but there needed to be something reminding the monk where he was training.

Humming to himself, the monk clasped his hands with the Elder Sage Staff leaning on the inside of Poropo's arms and left shoulder, "Haoooooo...oh Iron Deity, bless me with a strong connection to your highest of legionaries, your strongest of angels...please." The monk had gained the ability to summon two of the lower ranked angels so asking to skip to the highest ranks was probably not going to work, thought Poropo.

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Poropo Preparing Arrival [Training] Empty Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:06 am

Poropo Poproporp
However, when much larger than normal magic circled formed near Porpopo, the monk knew he was being blessed more than every before! From the two meter large magic circle, a burst of light came forth and condensed into a titanic form, larger than the magic circle from which the metallic creature was forming! The monk was momentarily blinded by the flashes of light and the bright glow of the chrome sheen given off by the gargantuan, bulbous angel, "what is going on!? I cannot see through your brilliance! What is your name!?"

The sixteen meter large, metallic agent of the Iron Deity looked around to see the volcanic fields of the Fieros Girdle - the hulking mass of metallic light wordlessly gawked at the bright oranges and reds of the lava fields, astonished by the existence of raw power. Then the unnamed Immortal turned to face the tiny Poropo sitting on the ground just outside the lava field - the summoned angel only had one eye to show any emotions, but the monk could feel how disappointed the angel must have been. With quivering lips and eyes adjusted, the monk said, "um...my name is...Poropo...what is your name?" Perhaps the monk would be able to understand what this powerful Immortal said, unlike the First and Second Immortal who spoke in metallic hums.

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Poropo Poproporp
In response to the tiny monk asking what the angel's name was, the angel said, "I am the First Arch Immortal...what do you need of me?" The monk was astonished by the smooth voice coming from the gigantic angel, but all the monk could understand was a metallic chime, "Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam." The sounds made by the First Arch Immortal were similar but more bearable than the First and Second Immortal.

"You sound more refined than the other angels I have summoned...but I still cannot understand what you are saying. I apologize, First Arch Immortal-!?" The monk said the name of the Immortal, but could not fathom how! The monk simply named the Immortals by their summoning position up to this point - the First Immortal was summoned first, the Second Immortal was summoned second, and so on. For the Arch Immortal to be named the First Arch Immortal felt natural, as if the monk had been correctly guessing the names of the Immortals this entire time!

"Thank you for sharing your name...you may go now," said the monk as respectfully as possible. In response, the First Arch Immortal looked at the monk, leaning down until his massive eye met Poropo's face - a low hum could be heard by the monk as the First Arch Immortal dispersed into light.

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First Arch Immortal Trained


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