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Basic Duties | Zaelith-Solo [Quest]

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Basic Duties | Zaelith-Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Sep 21, 2021 5:58 am

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"Oh man, that walk was ridiculous" the tired girl whimpered out as she tiredly stumbled through the entrance of Hargeon. Abruptly stopping in her wake, she turned her nose up towards the sky and sniffed the salty air, occasionally squinty at the tough scent. She was quite tired of smelling the ocean air, having grown bored of it as she walked along the edge of its gulf to make it to this docking city. For whatever reason, the scent of fish attacked her nose more definitely here, to which she felt a bit thrown off by. Deciding it would probably be best to stray away from its market for the moment, she decided to make her way into the inner parts of its city. She wasn't exactly sure what it was to do in this small town, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to try and discover it's secrets.

Humming softly, she swiftly looked around till her eyes landed on a small crowd surrounding a storefront. Curiosity getting the better of her, she gently squeezed her way through the crowd and got close to the front where a tired policeman stood profusely apologizing to the store's owners.

" I do humbly apologize for the delay of capturing these hooligans, but I will do my best to search for them. In the mean time, do you have any idea who may be the culprits behind these graffiti?" He asked as he held out a small notepad and a pencil. The two owners could only shake their heads in dismay but had offered the man too look at any nearby schools too see if there were missing any children during the day. With Zaelith, she herself grew curious as to what the markings they were drawing were and ironically, she noticed large pictures of teeth and scary looking eyes everywhere. It reminded her of her signature move, Shadow Demon's rude fire and chuckled to herself. Without a notice, she found a single finger closing in on her face before her very eyes and she couldn't help but watch it wiggle for a moment. It was more interesting to her than the person who've decided to make there way over to her.

"Speaking of kids being out of school... what are you doing out here missy?" Interrogated the officer. Glaring menacingly up at the man she stated, "Is that how you treat all your residents that seem to be younger than they are? I'm old enough to adventure out on my own good sir."

"Ah sorry Ms..."

"Zaelith." She responded fruitlessly.

"Listen," He said and leaned down towards her, "Would you mind taking care of this Zaelith? I have a meeting to get to here in a few minutes and I also have some other leads to follow up with tonight. If you can help me out, I'll make sure to reward you! Just please pick up the mission from the quest board will you?" Looking curiously at the man before her, she let out a simple nod of her head. Before she could respond, she watched the man get whisked away to another person who says they 'had information on the kids'. Only shaking her head in response, she pushed herself back through the crowd and made it back onto the road. She didn't exactly know what he meant by, 'rewarded'. She had heard that guilds were able to be formed to pick up quests but, since she was guidless, she wasn't too sure where this officer's offer was. Seeing as he mentioned it was on the board, she could only assume that he thought that she was a wizard. Puffing out in annoyance, she folded her arms over her chest and stared hard at the ground. First he thought she was a kid and then he assumes she'd clean up his mess? No way. Deciding to ignore his request, she moved only a few paces before her stomach roared to life. Her face turned bright red at the embarrassment of her stomach coming to life and quickly pulled out her makeshift bag to see if she had any more money. Turning it over, she literally watched a small leaf float ever so gently out of the bag and down onto the cobblestone floor.

"Well.... maybe if I do that job for Mr. Slacker, he can give me some money so I can eat today." Placing her bag back on her hip, she quickly walked through the town till she spotted a small billboard up with few members from what she could only assume was "Blue Pegasus" and other sprinkled members from other guilds. Seeing the Blue Pegasus guild mark more dominantly, she figured that the guild must be someone near here for the members to be out and about. Being tied down brought ideas to her sharp mind and the idea of settling down with a singular guild brought uneasiness to her bones. She couldn't see herself doing any of that sort of thing since it looked like a lot of work to keep up with. Shaking her head of those thoughts, she managed to walk right up to the board where a pretty woman with red hair and kind eyes stood.

"Are you here to pick up a quest?"  Zaelith only nodded her head in response as her eyes glided across each of the papers posted. She gently placed a finger onto one of the paper that said, "Basic Duities" and noted that the officer's name was written on it. "I spoke to uh... Officer Kenji a few moments ago and he requested for me to take a look at this." The woman beamed down at Zaelith as she pulled down the flyer and marked it with the active symbol.

" I would like to wish you good luck, those kids have been raising some hell these last few weeks." This wasn't the first time she has now heard how difficult these children have been running a muck and now she was growing a little concerned. How bad can a few kids really be? There was always beings that were far scarier than children, right?

"Well thank you, I'll be off then." Zaelith stated with a wave as she bounded off back over to the store that had the interesting graffiti mark. It was best to start that adventure there before looking there and figure out why it may have occurred in the first place.


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Zaelith found herself back at the place that the officer was at that morning and looked at its horrible design. Though it was large for it's size, there was one problem that the officer didn't take into notion. The leaks from the purple colored lines were still sort of dripping down the walls of the building. Humming softly, she placed her finger gently against the wet paint and dragged it back to her, noticing how the paint easily it caked onto it. Frowning, she began to rub the painted finger onto her shorts as her eyes raced along the wall and into the little alleyway behind the store. An idea formed and she causally walked down the alley just to spot a small black bag with cans tossed near a trash bin. She picked it up and rummaged through the bag just in time to see purple, white, and black cans laughing back at her. Well, there was part of the quest. Confiscating the evidence, but where were the children?

"Hey, weird lady!" She all but heard from a younger, yet rougher voice. She turned her attention towards a snot nose runt with baggy shirt that had the number five on it and kaki pants. It wasn't just he who was there, but a few others had followed gracefully behind him as well. Each of these kids bore the symbol of their graffiti marks on their pants, shirt, or had colored in the symbol on their arms or legs. Eyes scowling, she placed the bag back at her feet and asked, "So you are the little trouble makers?"

"What of it? Give us back our stuff and we won't hurt ya!" They taunted. Zaelith's eyes widened in shock before her hand hung back with a boisterous laugh fell from her lips. The childern all looked to her in confusion before one made a small step towards her. Zaelith shot her head up with a crazed look and back of her hand pressed against her lips as her raven colored rune symbol appeared on her hands. The kids looked in horror as a large, purple flamed mouth had appeared with razor sharp teeth   and soon, they didn't hear the woman's voice anymore. It was much deeper and almost masculine.

"Do you kids want to see something REALLY scary?!" It taunted as two large blocks formed from thin air and landed onto the ground near the children. She wouldn't dare hit the little ones... but she was going to show them what a real demon face looked like. "Promise me you'll stop terrorizing your cities residents. You kids better promise me that you'll go apologize to those residents and paint up the buildings you vandalized!" It growled out. The kids could only nod their heads in fear till they watched the magic disappeared and Zaelith smiled brightly at them.

"Don't mind me, I'm going to go ahead and take this from you all then and be on my marry way. Don't you dare continue to vandalize your people's buildings again or Mr. Demon will be back!" She teased as she bounded away from them. She could only hope that scaring the kids that way would suffice for the moment, but for now, all she knew was that she had to bring back those cans of paint to the officer.


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