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FDeS S-Rank

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Name: Final Flare

Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Demon Slayer Magic: Fire
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire + Light
Range: 25 meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Blessed with the power of Sol, Seika has been graced with the power to call down the actual essence of the Sun itself, to immolate and cleanse the world around him. To destroy all and remake the world in his image.

To activate the spell, Seika must raise his hands to the sky as if beckoning a miracle. From his feet, an intricate golden orange magic seal made of interlocked golden diamonds surrounded by growing geocentric glowing white circles with blazing regalia, will form together in full detail. The magic seal itself will be 8 meters in diameter. From there, another magic seal will manifest itself after a short period of travel to a set location. This seal will be an exact replica of the first seal but will be 16 meters in diameter instead and will be where Sol's majesty will touch down on Earthland.

Upon the second magic seal appearing, a great beam of light will pierce the heavens, striking down upon the land with great ferocity and dealing a total of 1 S-rank of Fire damage and 1 S-rank of Light damage to anyone caught within the beams width.

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Poropo Poproporp
Main concern is to make sure you know Seika will be hit by this spell because you cannot be immune to your own AoE without help from outside the spell (enhancement, equipment, Limited Magic, etc). If you understand and wish to continue;

Please remove the line "At first there will be no indication of the actual spell itself existing in the world around the user" because an offensive spell cannot be invisible.

This spell also cannot make Seika half-invisible - please remove or alter the line "will obscure the user's total image due to ambient heat in the area". Of course, a wall of fire will obscure or block vision, but the wording assumes Seika can see just fine while everyone else cannot - it needs to go both ways for an offensive spell.

Also remove "Upon entering the 16 diameter zone around the user" - as an Instant offensive spell, once the spell reaches the AoE range and activates it will stop functioning and go on cooldown. It can only be a burst of damage.

Smaller note;

You can remove the mention of having to cross one or both arms over his chest - you just need one arm for this spell to work anyway so mentioning both methods is redundant. Of course, within a thread, you can cross both arms for flavor.


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Spell has been rewritten.

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Spells have been approved and purchased for 125,000 jewels.

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