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FT Event (WIP)

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

FT Event (WIP) Empty Sat Sep 18, 2021 10:14 pm

Jin Tatsumi

With the Fairy Tail guild in a weakened state and the now public loss of the long-time guild master Adriana, pockets of resistance have arisen in the area. Dark cults and organizations seek to claim more dominion over the land and further push the Fairy Tail guild out, or at least test the bounds of the guild.

A mafia begins to launch attacks around the city in increasing intensity to test how far they can go. This is all in the distraction of the cult that is emerging to face the guild. The mafia has rounded up innocents and caused discord enough for the cult to awaken long slumbered beasts to reign havoc on Magnolia. Beasts that were once kept in line by Adriana.

Now the guild must band together anew and face these threats as the new faces of the guild emerge.


members must take on the task of rescuing the innocent civilians around town or healing the injured from the mafia. In order to do so, the member must save three people. the member rolls and through consecutive posts must get a total of 100 to have saved three people. The participant can't fail but a roll of 20 or lower means they face a setback in some way.


  • Create a topic in Magnolia
  • Save at least three innocent people on a total roll of 100 Word count minimum is still required.


With the mafia being pushed back, the cult acts as fast as they can and summon the first wave of beasts, by sacrificing the remaining mafia members as tribute. The beast emerges and the members must defeat it, either solo or with a group.

Each round a participant rolls a 100, and the result goes toward defeating the beast. A total of 250 is needed, from all cumulative posts and rolls from all participants. I.E. participant A rolls a 20 and participant B rolls a 50. That is 70 points toward getting 250. (there is no chance of failure, but any roll under 50 is the boss taking advantage of that round.


  • Create a topic in Magnolia.
  • Encounter the beast and roll every post to gain points towards beating it.


The sovereign beasts arise from the center of the city. each of a specific element and bring havoc to the city. The participants must face this threat and get total rolls of 300.


  • The sovereign beasts emerge and bring havoc over the city.
  • Roll a total of 300 to defeat it.
  • Rebuild the trust in the people and push back the cultist and mafia to make magnolia a little safer once more.

Sowing Chaos

Dark Guilds may enter and assist the mafia in the kidnapping and chaos with the cultist.  In order to do so, each participant must take three people. the member's roll and through consecutive posts must get a total of 100 to have taken three people. The participant can't fail but a roll of 20 or lower means they face a setback in some way.

  • Create a topic in Magnolia.
  • Cause chaos or kidnap people for the mafia/cult

Guild Battles

Rival Guilds may clash with one another, in their support of different goals. Battles are determined by rolling the 100. Each post has a roll and the higher number wins that round. In the next post the participants RP out what happened and roll again. 3/5 rolls win. Because of the nature of the combat, this is treated as a social and requires a 2,000-word minimum. See the bottom for additional details.


  • Create a topic in Magnolia.
  • battle against a rival guild using the 100 roll system. See below for more details.

Showdown/Fate/battle Topic details and buffs

There are bonuses applied to the rolls for the "Showdown," "Fate," and "Guild Battle Topics." The table below details the bonuses. The bonuses are relative to stats/weapons/ and magic use.

Stat bonuses by tier:

  • tier 1 +5
  • tier 2 +10
  • tier 3 +15
  • tier 4 +20
  • tier 5 +25
  • tier 6 +30
  • tier 7 +35
  • tier 8 +40
  • tier 9 +45

Weapon and Shields:

  • Common      +5
  • Uncommon  +10
  • Rare         +15
  • Unique      +20
  • Legendary   +25
  • Mythic         +30

Spells(only two cast per turn):

  • D-rank       +5
  • C-rank       +10
  • B-rank       +15
  • A-rank       +20
  • S-rank       +25        

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