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Something Smells Fishy....AGAIN? [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Something Smells Fishy....AGAIN? [Quest: Lee] Empty Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:40 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn held her ring on her finger. It had a shine to it that made it more special. It wasn't abiut how expensive it was, but the meaning behind it. She was literally in heaven. Finally, something good was happening to her. Thebwhple world should celebrate in her head. Though, she was more silent about her joy than most people. Happily, she hummed a song that she could swing to. The kitsune gave a skip in her step that Lector had been seeing a lot. The cat watch her skip and hop and everything under the sun. Her tails were even unwrapped for once. A small hum came from her as she twirled a little.

"I have neve seen you this happy before, Lee '' mentioned Lector. The kitsune laughed a little and looked down at him. "I know. I...feel like things are finally falling into place for me. My life is cutting me a break. I gave a great fiancé, a daughter, a guild, and my family is recovering. Seems like nothing has happened" she smiled. The exceed were happy to see her smiling with glee. They reached the port where the squid was last time. A sailor bit his lip, staring worried about his boat. Lee turned a little serious putting on her game face. "Is something the matter?" When she asked the man jumped out of his skin then grabbed his chest without a sigh of relief. "Sorry, yiu scared me. Yes, you can. You see, I think that squid from last time was here last night. He wrecked my ship, it’s my only form of transportation to do my job. How will I support my family now” he begged. LeeAnn saw what was left of the dinky ship then at the man. “Infinity Wolves will help you buy a new one. We can provide you with work to help maintain your financial support plus more” she replied.

Ragtime knew the drill already. He took over her body making her eyes go red. The kitsune turned to the man. “Tell me everything you know about what happened last night” she asked. The man stammered a little, fiddling with his hands. She waited for him to form proper sentences. He seemed to be a naturally nervous man that even out paranoid her fiance, which was a little hard to do in her opinion. Alex was always a little nervous around her growing up, but grew worse when they got older. Then she was very dense to other’s behaviors since she was so engulfed in her trauma and furthering her mage career in honor of her family. He made this quite obvious. Though, when Hans came into the picture, everything changed. She had grown to become really observant of others. Then she realized what Alex was trying to tell her then. Ever since then, she had been beating herself up a little bit because she felt horrible for leading him on without even knowing it. Now, it wasn’t an issue since they were going to get married through an arranged marriage. “Well, last night there was a loud crashing noise coming from the docks. My home is literally nearby, close enough to hear the ruckus. I woke up and immediately, rushed over to see a large beast with a tentacle wrapped around the boat. His eyes glowed red like fire and smelled like rotten fish. It… it was horrible” he explained. Ragtime laughed a lot at his story. The man was clearly either making up a lot of the details or he made it worse than it was. The other thought came to her that he might of been drunk when everything happened. This only furthered her anger a little.


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