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Poropo Ingredient Picker [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was tasked with finding three important ingredients for a special potion being concocted by a clever alchemist - the three ingredients were a curly fern, a blue lichen, and a red-leafed vine. The first ingredient was simple, thought Poropo.

"Ah, I see the first ingredient right there - I will pick it carefully so I do not damage it," mumbled Poropo as he went to pick the red fern within the East Forest near Magnolia. The first of three ingredients had been successfully found and picked.

"Now I just need to find two more - the alchemist said the blue lichen would be trickier...oh Iron Deity..." Poropo began praying he would find the ingredients swiftly in order to earn a swift reward - this job was cheap but peaceful. As long as the monk did not encounter any rabid animals he would be happy.

Poropo wandered around in search of any fallen and rotting logs - not just any tree or log would do. The log would have to be old enough for lichen to start growing at the bottom - an undisturbed, old log. Fortunately, the second ingredient was quickly found as well with the upturning of a few logs. However, Poropo did feel a bit sad picking such a rare fungus, "Oh Iron Deity, please bless with beautiful forest with a healthy abundance of blue lichen to replace this fallen lichen."

The devote monk prayed for the rest of the rare lichen in this forest and moved on to try and find the third ingredient - the most difficult of the three ingredients to find would be a red-leafed vine. Red leaves on a vine are the result of an illness so instead of being rare for any specific location or growing behavior these red-leafed vines were rare for being sick, "I will likely not feel bad for picking these vines, hah hah hah!"

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was having a much harder time finding a red-leafed vine - the sickness was rare while also only showing up on the biggest trees. The monk would need to be extra diligent and perceptive in order to find these special plants. The monk tried to think of a way to speed up the seeking process and decided to ask for help from the First Immortal, "First Immortal!"

The impatient monk summoned the First Immortal, a metallic agent of the Iron Deity in the shape of a donut. The donut-shaped angel did not like being summoned, but the more tasks he completed the more likely he was to get promoted within the ranks of the Iron Deity. Regardless of wants, the First Immortal started looking for red-leafed vines with Poropo nearby - they both searched diligently for a vine with a special sickness to turn the leaves red.

The First Immortal found the on the largest tree within the general area and handed them to Poropo who remarked, "Ah, thank you very much for your help...you may go now." The First Immortal rolled his eyes as he dissolved into light and left. The monk went back to the alchemist and helped brew the potion - a little of the potion was given to Poropo to test as part of the job and the monk felt more energized after the drink.

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