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Poropo Contract Payment [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The well-known monk was finally in a position where finding good work was not an issue - violence within a job was something Poropo could avoid with the proper methods while also getting paid well. The happy monk's current job involved Manager Yua of the Hinoki Theater in Hosenka City - a nice woman for whom Poropo has already completed many jobs. Granted, Manager Yua's jobs sometimes lead to lite violence such as being the antagonist for a play - the role was supposed to have been peaceful, but the actor for the protagonist lobbed actual spells at the defensive monk.

"Quite a time, but this job is almost guaranteed to be peaceful, hah hah ha-...Oh Iron Deity, please bless this job with peace," prayed Poropo as he waddled down the streets of Hosenka in order to get a contract signed. The job seemed extremely simple, especially compared to previous jobs from Manager Yua, but the pay was extraordinarily high, too. The monk was skeptical of what may happen so he kept the contract sealed inside the letter which was then kept deep inside his silken robes underneath his plate armor. As long as Poropo did not sweat profusely, the contract would be perfectly able to be signed by a person called "Neru".

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Poropo Poproporp
The contents of the contract were unknown to Poropo and he felt ignorance was for the better this time - Poropo was just a well-paid deliverer who did not need to know the ins and outs of the Hinoki Theater. Manager Yua worked hard to make sure things ran smoothly for her various teams including the props team, the acting team, and even the marketing team. Being the owner of a large theater which hosts amazing spectacles regularly is likely stressful and Poropo did not want to be nosy or accidentally ruin Manager Yua's hard work.

After a long waddle across Hosenka City, Poropo finally arrived at a small shop which supposedly housed the person known as "Neru" who need to sign a contract for the props team. Poropo prayed once more to the Iron Deity, "Oh Iron Deity, please let this Neru individual be reasonable - bless this contract with a signature." The monk stepped into the small shop and saw a vast web of threads and fabrics from one wall of the shop to the opposite - this Neru individual was quite the busy tailor or seamstress. The monk gawked in awe of the intricate thread-work and stitching which was partially obscured by web-like, loose threads and needs.

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Poropo Poproporp
"Hello, monk...how may I be of service?" said a voice in a dark recess of the small shop. Poropo's gawking ended as he was startled by the unfamiliar voice which he could not give a proper face. The monk began walking to the end of the shop, carefully ducking under loose threads and hung fabrics - the fabrics were beautiful but Neru could learn to organize her work, thought Poropo.

Upon reaching where the voice originated, Poropo could see a shop counter behind which sat a young woman with deathly pale skin - she was staring directly into the unnerved monk's eyes as she effortlessly sewed an intricate pattern into a piece of cloth. Poropo gulped and shakily took out the letter from within his heavy armor - the monk was oddly nervous as he spoke, "Um...Manager Yua needs you to read this contract...and also sign the contract."

The young woman let go of her needle in order to delicately receive the letter from the shaking monk, but the needle kept moving, as if possessed by a ghost! While the person Poropo assumed to be Neru opened the letter and read the contract, the fear-stricken monk could not take his eyes off of the ghostly needle still sewing a beautiful pattern.

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Poropo Poproporp
Eventually Poropo could look away from the spectacle which was the ghostly needle, but looking over to Neru was even more unnerving - her calm, gentle face had turned to a vicious snarl he longer she read the contract. She slowly put the contract down and suddenly jerked her sneering visage towards the anxious monk - she hissed a litany of harsh words at the frightened messenger, "Is this a joke to you!? Are you playing a game, you rotund joke!? Your piercings are an insult to me and my delicate needle-work! Did you do that mess of metal bits to yourself you uncultured swine!?"

Poropo just looked wide-eyed and stunned at the hissing Neru, the ghostly needle seeming to work more aggressively, too. The monk thought this job would be more peaceful than violent, but the poor monk was being proven wrong with every insult thrown his way - eventually those insults would turn into a flurry of physical blows instead of an emotional volley, believed the scared Poropo.

Unfortunately, Poropo did not have time to response as Neru began turning this verbal altercation into a magical one - the ghost needle shoot next to Poropo and began looping around the defenseless monk an innumerable number of times at speeds Poropo thought impossible for magic.

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Poropo Poproporp
Neru angrily slammed the contract onto her shop's counter and began hovering in the air before Poropo - Poropo could only move his eyes which were clocking countless threads zipping from one side of the shop to the other, probably responsible for Neru's floating. The monk was out of his element in this escalating situation - he was tied up, but the main problem was his lack of fighting prowess to begin with. However, one skill Poropo had while being tied up was playing the victim for the purpose of negotiations - this specific situation has only happened on other time, with pirates being chased, but if Poropo could just apply his skill creatively then perhaps he could keep this job closer to peaceful than violent.

"Um...I am just the messenger..." Poropo did not want to say anymore - the patient monk just waited to hear a response from the infuriated Neru who kept glaring at the sweat-glistening monk. The pale seamstress said nothing for a long time, eventually just looking away from Poropo as if thinking to herself. A couple moments passed and Neru seemed to have compiled more to say to the fear-stricken monk - Neru's sneer had not gone away, perhaps getting more frightening as she darted her eyes towards Poropo's again.

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Poropo Poproporp
"These idiots think they can make a fool out of me, Thread Mage Neru! I have worked tirelessly to build up wealth in order to lend out money to make even MORE wealth! They think they can just take advantage of me because I seem young and pretty, but I am a powerful sorcerer!" Poropo nodded in agreement to Neru's statement about her power - she was indeed very able to manipulate threads and needles to her whim while monologuing to a helpless monk. The monk wished to interject some of himself into the monologue before he perished from sweating too much.

"Yes, indeed...you are very capable of keeping me bound...I will make sure they know of your power...yes, indeed." Poropo would shiver from shock and horror but the thread binding him was too strong and tight to make any motions besides looking and speaking. Thread Mage Neru kept glaring at Poropo, then pacing around the shop, and then glaring at the monk again - this cycle repeated as if she was thinking about countless other things at the same time, perhaps other customers who borrowed and didn't return money. Poropo spoke up, "I do not know what happens to those who do not give back your money...but perhaps you can avoid lending them anymore from now on?"

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo hoped his works reach the irate Neru in a way which would solve this situation peacefully - the monk could not sweat much longer without dehydrating. The monk imagined the report of his death if the bad situation did not change - a rotund, old man covered in metal piercings found without water in his body due to nerves. Dehydration did not seem like a good way to go - no way seemed good for the old man who may want to live forever. However, this situation was not one Poropo wanted to die for - Manager Yua sent him into a possibly fatal job without warning him in a direct manner!

Manager Yua only indirectly warned Poropo of the danger of this delivery job by drastically increasing the price of the reward - if Poropo were to get out of this alive, the new price would be the default price from now on. While Poropo was contemplating his decisions, Neru was circling around the distressed monk - her thoughts were processing the monk's words, wondering if he was right or just stupid. After several more minutes of the monk sweating and feeling dizzy, Neru turned one last time to the nearly dehydrated monk, "you are right - I will no longer work with them after signing this contract...I see you have been sweating more than the average man. Have something to drink before you give Yua the bad news."

Poropo was released from the binding thread and handed a cup of tea - despite the tea being warm, Poropo felt more hydrated and also energized. The monk could finally think of something other than imminent death as he took the signed contract back to Manager Yua - at least Manager Yua would not take several minutes to abuse the monk. Manager Yua was much more efficient with her words, but this time she seemed unsurprised by the monk's results - Poropo was paid and sent on his way as she processed the news.

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