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A New Dawn[Lee][IW recruitment]

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
This was not a place that she was even remotely aware of the existence of. The crashing of the waves in the distance still led her to be standing quite still; trying to process just how far she had come. She’d look around; absolutely unsure and uncertain of what was even going on. She could hear the query of the gulls time and time in the distance.

She’d blink slowly and lower her arm as her eyes got used to the brightness of the sky; the sun was fairly high in the sky meaning it was somewhere around noon but that still didn’t answer the question of where she had ended up. Her hand found it’s way down to her blade’s hilt and she’d slowly start to inspect her surroundings.

Ruins of some kind; the sort that you would expect to see from older civilizations. There were some up in the north but not of this kind. Mostly worked into the ice and of forgotten villages; this place felt like it was home to hundreds if not thousands at some point. She’d set her jaw and grit her teeth, eventually taking a seat on a fallen support pillar.

Where was she? She couldn’t have gone that far; the ocean waves reminded her that the world was a lot larger and a lot stranger than she ever gave it credit for. Gritting her teeth she’d lift up her water bag to take a swig out of it. Mulling over her luck in the last few days. From whomever bandaged her to her arrival at this place…

She slowly started to stand back up and glanced back towards the rubble she had entered this area from. The cavern had already claimed back the wall and she couldn’t even see back into the system she had come from. Sighing softly she’d just shake her head. It’d be hard to prove where she arrived from if she ran into some caretaker but that was besides the point. Adjusting again she’d wince as some of her wounds throbbed from her activity. Sure it had been a little bit but they were still a bit tender…

Best get going then…

She had a general grasp of her surroundings and could at least figure that whatever building was off in the distance probably had monks or something. Maybe she could ask them for directions or at least get some shelter till she figured that out. Silent monks were a thing right…?

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#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn never knew how big the back of the guildhall was. It was vast and overgrown. She was basically in a miniature jungle. Luckily, they were right next to the ocean which was nice. The flying exceed,Lector flew high into the air carrying branches and litter. She was clearing this area for training and a small enclosure for the tortoise that called this place its home. Afterall, she knew Hikari would of thrown a fit if she didn't do this.she was very persistent on taking animals home, but Lee would secretly remove them or give to a shelter. LeeAnn had her grip on a large rotting log. Lector and her managed to move it to make a barrier for the tortoise. She had no name just yet we t. They were hoping for one here soon. The whole guild had to decide on that.

"I am taking a break" sighed Lectir. The slayer turned around to her friend. Giving a shrug, she dismissed his excuse to not work. She continued with her work of clearing the area. Ragtime sat in his physical form, visible to everyone, watching her sipping on some lemonade he stole from Hikari. "Ya miss a spot, fire breath" he would tease. Lee rolled her eyes and pulled a vine clear from its hold.

LeeAnn paused and wipe her brow free of sweat. A breath of relief that I was slowly coming together. She had her thick gardening gloves on and her jacket around her waist. Pauaing, she sniffed the air. It smelled like earth...and human? Lee sniffed again. It smelled like Lucretia or something like that. It was familiar for sure. She left without a word causing Ragtime to become puzzled and follow her. "Lee, what are you doing" he would asked. She didn't respond. Pushing through the brush, she noticed Lucretia looking a little lost, wounded, then tired. "Lucretia? What are you doing here? Wait...how did you get here she bombarded her friend with questions. Ragtime thought of some funny ways she might of shown up. His favorite was a squid throwing her here.

"Sorry, I need to give you space to breathe. Lucretia, follow me. Let's get you inside and get you something tk eat. You look like you've been attacked by a pack of hungry wolves" she spoke. She dragged her friend carefully through her mini jungle and inside thr big guildhall.

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#3Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Maybe lucretia should have been a little more thorough in examining her surroundings. That being said the appearance of her friend lee brought Lucretia’s expression from that of wariness to that of absolute surprise. She had found that her hand had drawn her sword of it’s own accord and she’d look down at it with a small frown. It had been a rough couple of days… at least she presumed that it was days? It couldn’t of been weeks right? Then again being in those caverns also meant she had no bloody clue. Sighing she’d sheath her faintly glowing blade.

I just arrived here. There was a cave system that led to these ruins. The how is … very complicated. Short of it werewolves. Long of it? Werewolf bandit group. Kinda. Hard to explain in short I guess.

Lucretia sighed a bit and winced a bit as she could feel some of her wounds throb to remind her that she wasn’t at her best yet. Whomever had bandaged her had done a good damn job at least. She’d laugh a bit and would follow after her friend.

Well it’s not so much a pack of hungry wolves as one big damn one.

She’d shake her head a little bit and rubbed at the back of her head; some food did sound nice. She had been subsisting off of the fauna from inside the cave which probably wasn’t the healthiest thing. It took her a few moments and she’d slowly turn her head to stare at the creature that was just… well it had followed lee here and it took a few moments for her to just sort of stop and point them out.

Okay. Hol’ up. What the hell is that.

Lucretia might have seen ragtime control Lee’s friend and technically bodyguard but she didn’t actually see ragtime as an actual spirit. Or in a present physical space; maybe just seeing her friend like this was… sudden. Just sudden enough to where she had glossed over ragtime for the first few moments!

#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lucretia was just in much shock at LeeAnn was. Both didn't expect to see each other again yet on her guild grounds. She didn't realize that the grounds of the guildhall had a vast system of intertwining tunnels and caverns. Her hunter friend explained she was chased by werewolves, that's all she needed to explain for the kitsune to understand. LeeAnn extended her offer to the hunter to help heal those old wounds up. "You need someone to help heal those wounds up for ya? My little cousin is a healer...kinda weird about it, but a healer nonetheless" she offered.

Though, she wasn't going to force her to do so. Ragtime just simple watched in amusement. He didn't know that Lucretia could see him. The chaotic enitity just simply watched from a distance. Just as they were about to leave into the guildhall to prepare something for Lucretia, LeeAnn stopped. Everyone stared at Lucretia pointing at Ragtime. The spirit was nonchantly just dazing in and out of his thoughts. He heard the hunter exclaiming something then stared up at her. "What is she yapping about, Lee" he asked. LeeAnn stared at Lucretia then at Ragtime. This was extemely odd. She now saw Lector stare at him too. LeeAnn was the only one that was capable of seeing him. How in the world was everyone else able to see him. "Ragtime, buddy, everyone can see you and not just me" she pointed out. the spirit gave a puzzled expression. Never in his entrie career were others able to see him except the contractors and somehow young children. He pointed his griffen foot at Lucretia then at himself, trying to let it sink in. "So...you...can see me? You...can see me. That's not right, only I can decide that. This is a ripoff, I want my money back man" he complained. He raised his wolf paw up at Lee. He was a red dragonic creature with rusty dark red fur. He had mixmatched eyes with a wolf ear on his left and a dragon horn on the right. He had a dragon tail and a gryphon paw. "Must be something in the air, then" spoke Lee. Lector was flying and ran into something hard. He rubbed his face and saw some old runes like the ones back in the fight with Solomon. "Think this might be it" he spoke. LeeAnn held up a finger was Ragtime was explaining to Lucretia what he was.

He snapped his fingers as a table and chari showed up for him to sit down in with a cup of tea in his grasp and glasses on the bridge of hsi nose. "You see, my dear girl. I am what you call a spirit of the chaotic nature. My job is to guide people on the path I see fit by force or by will of the host. Here, I guide your friend, LeeAnn, on the path of whatever she sees fit since SHE NEVER LISTENS TO ME" he started to throw a fit. The kitsune rolled her eyes. "Grow up, Ragtime. This was once I didn't listen to you and I am happy as shit. Okay, leave Alex out of this conversation. We are focusing on Lucretia" she replied. It turned into a bickering debate between the two before Lector inrupted them. "GUYS! I think I know why Lucretia and I can see him. Take a look" he pointed.

There was a shrine covered in foliage and vines. It had the same runes or similar to those at the Woodsworth Sea. She walked closer with Lucretia in hand. "I've seen this before, but I forgot where. Not the family masscare, but..before I met you. Interesting, anyways, about you seeing me. Don't be alarmed...Ragtimes the name and chaos is the game" he smiled. Lee was already pinching the bridge of her nose.

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#5Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia winced a little bit as she felt her wounds twinge as she examined herself for a moment. The wounds she had were probably a bit more extensive than she’d like to admit and with a sigh she’d nod her head slowly. Weird or not she wasn’t wanting to run around with this sort of claw or bite marks.

Yeah and probably should check for infection and… Well if I contracted lycanthropy I guess. Been lucky so far but.

Lucretia had her hand on her hilt, squinting a bit as she could see ragtime for real. After hearing that name… The woman relaxed a bit; letting her hand fall away and couldn’t help but shake her head slowly.

See and hear you. If I had better senses I wonder if I could smell you too.

The woman stepped forward and examined ragtime for a few long moments; unsure of what she was seeing. If he didn’t resist she’d reach a hand forward to gently test if she could touch him. If she couldn’t no biggie but if she could… that would be some kind of crazy effect.

Your introduction the first time did sum up that much. Even if you were cut off by Lee here. A force of chaos huh?

She’d look between lee, ragtime, Lector and… the weird shrine covered in vines and foliage. The woman had a lot of information to take in and eventually just sighed. This was a lot even for her at the moment. She’d motion at lee with either hand.

Okay lets just… get some food, some treatment and...

She’d look Ragtime up and down before sighing again. She had fought werewolves for the last few weeks and now she was dealing with a very… interesting spirit. Her dragonslayer of a friend and…

I don’t think I’ve been introduced to your cat friend here. What’s your name bud?

Lucretia wasn’t one to let manners slip by her and she was earnestly wondering how Lee kept on finding interesting folks that stuck around her. The woman bite the inside of her cheek and had to wonder what other sort of things lay within the guild hall...

#6Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn laughed a little nervously. She felt bad with the overwhelming "everything hitting the woman at once. The kitsune grew even more stressed fearing how she might feel by the end of their interaction. There was a lot going on in her opinion. Lucretia had a twinge of pain that LeeAnn noticed. She paused in mid-step and turned to her friend. "Are you okay? Do you need any first-aid" she asked. Alice was a healer, her future mother-in-law. If she refused, Lee would continue onward. She would guide her inside, but was stopped by her questioning about Lector. It seemed the debate between her and Ragtime was very much for the women. Lee wouldn't blame her.

"I'm an exceed, a species of magical flying and talking cats. I am Lee's personal helper, even before the guild was created" he smiled. The proud feline puffed his little chest out making her laugh a little. He gave Lee a dirty look as she waved her hand to dismissing everything. Lee would lead them inside the guildhall. It was a huge building with three stories. The first floor held several fish tanks, most of them empty, many tables and a huge bar. It seemed to be under construction for the most part. LeeAnn went to the bar and stared back at Lucretia. "What would you like? I have steak, pasta, stew, anything you can think of I can make from scratch" she smiled.

She took out a pan and placed a fish on it fresh for Lector. The kitsune pinched her nose with a nose clamp to prevent the smell from making her sick. For some reason, cooking seafood made her nautious. In the guildhall, a large tortoise made its way to LeeAnn being very slow. It went behind the kitchen and nudged her for some food. The gentle creature gave a smile and squinted it's little eyes. "Okay, I have your food right here" she spoke. The kitsune opened a huge container full of carrots, greens, and red cabbage. The turtle smiled even wider, whatever the tortoise looked like. LeeAnn placed the food outside of the bar so she didn't try to trip over her again. "When I was given this building, it came with a tortoise. Apprently, my grandfather was planning on a surprise for me when I got this" she smiled.

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#7Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
I should be fine for the moment. The lycan I ended up fighting went at it for what felt like bloody days. Whoever patched me up after falling down that mineshaft did a good job… though the bandages are a bit tight.

Lucretia chuckled a little bit and waved her off for the moment, Lucretia just needed time. Nothing would heal instantly and if the other already had a healer she could see later well… The woman sighed softly and glanced at Ragtime; there were a lot of questions she could ask about them but really the focal point for the moment was the Exceed.

I’ve heard about your folk before; though this is my first time seeing one. I for some reason… thought you all would be a lot taller.

This wasn’t an insult so much as a confused tone working its way into her voice; maybe they were more magically orientated? It was hard to really lock down what creatures were supposed to look like. Then again she had only really dealt with larger creatures so her view was a little skewed.

With them entering the guildhall the woman looked around; several fish tanks with most of them empty. A vast amount of tables and a huge bar… Something distinctly reminded her of the varied mead halls or the like that her folks had when they tried to set up for longer periods.

Some steak and potatoes would do some wonders. Easy to make too. I’m not terribly picky.

Lucretia leaned against a wall and exhaled slowly; she could feel the aches all over her body much more acutely now that she finally got to ‘sit’. Though she’d take a few more moments and just sit down; letting out a small chuckle.

That was kind of him. What’s their name?

There was a long pause after the question and Lucretia rested her hands on her legs, giving a small shake of her head. There was a lot that had happened since they last met. Even the outfit and equipment Lucretia was carrying differed so greatly from her regular clothing she had come down from the north in.

It feels like ages since we last spoke but it’s what? Only been a few weeks?

#8Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lycanthropy. She knew a few werewolves who were born into the natural process, but a bite? That was news to her. Though, she assumed the hunter knew a bit more than she did on the subject matter. She remained silent letting her talk to Ragtime and Lector. Quietly, she started the grill with a setting the coals on fire. The flames burned brightly as she placed some steak on a skillet with some olive oils. The steak sizzled when she plopped it onto the pan. In the pantry that sat underneath the cabinet, she opend it up to grab two medium sized potatoes. "Taller? Man, I wish. Though, we can fly and I can carry at least one other person" he boasted. Lector wished he was taller, but he did like the size he was.

LeeAnn started to peel the potatoes with a peeler. She kept the skins for the tortoise for food since seh seemed to like them. Lucretia mentioned it was nice of her grandfather to leave her the building and the turtle. Asking the name, LeeAnn shrugged. "Honestly, we just call her the tortoise or turtle. She has no name yet" she replied. Silence lied between the two of them. It really had been a long time since they last talked. Since then, LeeAnn had become the guildmaster of a brand new guild and officially became engaged with Alex. A expensive silver ring with a purple and pink stone set lied on her ring finger. The exact hand the indicated whether one was married of not. Lucretia mentioned it had been a hot minute since they last talked. A lot had happened. She placed both potatoes into a bowl and started to mash them.

"It has. It's been what? A month at most? A lot has happened since then for sure. You really have changed just by your armor alone and they way you dropped by" she teased. Lee continued to mash and ground up the potatoes as she talked and paid attention to Lucretia. Her thoughts went to her beloved for a few minutes with the starry gaze into her eyes. It was a rare sight for anyone to experience with her. A outlandish look of wonder was embarked on her face with a sweet smile. "A lot has for sure happened. Somethings have finally turned for the better in my life. Who knew a few weeks would lead to all of this" she smiled. LeeAnn gestured to the guild. Lee gave a bottle of mead to the woman as she cracked it open for her.

"Cannot believe it, Lucretia. I finally made this guild and getting married" she grinned. The thought of Alex was one of the major reasons why she become so happy. It was a dream come true. Her childhood crush was now going to be her lovely husband. Lee knew Alex had felt the same way for years, but they never had the chance or courage to tell each other how they felt. "I'm glad you're here, Luc" she smiled.

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#9Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Impressive. I wonder if you could carry me then.

Lucretia chuckled a bit and grinned at Lector, with the exceed boasting that she had to wonder what his limit on carrying was. Most humans even with equipment wouldn’t weigh more than a couple hundred pounds. She’d rub at her chin as the other started to work on the potatoes. Hearing that the turtle didn’t have a name made her glance at the suggested tortoise.

Some don’t need them but I bet you’ll come up with one eventually.

Lucretia nodded to herself and folded her arms; considering for a few long moments just how long it had been… A month sounded about right and she’d sigh at the mention of her armor and the way she had dropped by.

Wish it would have been better in the latter case Lee. But the armor and my sword come from working for the people of Dahila… Tending to their woes in the best way a hunter can.

She seemed proud of that fact and after tilting her head…. Lee was getting married? She was a leader of a guild? Last the other had talked to her she was still a member of blue pegasus from what she could recall! She’d accept the bottle of mead and take a sip; mulling over just how rapid changes could be!

I bet you’re proud on both accounts! And happy too! I’m glad that I was able to stop by. Even if it was a bit… odd in the way it happened hah.

She could feel the mead helping ease her pain just a bit and with the other getting married the woman had to wonder… Would she find someone similar? Or maybe hunter life was the best life she could lead. She had to consider something for a moment…

Why don’t you tell me about them? Your guild and to be?

Lucretia felt like she should have asked about that sooner; a guildhall like this was certain to have great memories if you let it!

#10Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
"Lector could carry you no doubt" she smiled. She placed the metal bowl with the mashed potatoes on the stove with the burning coals. It had to sit there for a little to let the food warm up. Metal was a great conductor for heat. She listened to Lucretia. She commented on the name saying some don't need it, but Lee shrugged. Seemed to be everyone's pet including Atani's. She became the guild mascot. There was much love to be given here in her guild. Atani was for one, a beautiful wood elf that supported her. Raymus's fighting spirit was how he spread his support. Kon, the person who knew her best, he showed his support in a certain way. Hikari and Alex...they were her world now. This whole place was.

It was the best gift anyone else could give. He knew exactly what he was doing. LeeAnn had her back to her friend. The kitsune gripped the pan firmly. Her mind really faded out of what Lucretia was saying. Her ears picked up on how proud she was of her. Everything she had accomplished. Tears fell from her eyes. The coals sizzled from her sorrowful tears. LeeAnn dropped to her knees, silently sobbing. "I rather still have him here. If it were for my grandfather's sacrifices, I would be dead. I wouldn't have this. I wish it were me Lucretia. I wish it was me" she wished. LeeAnn felt sadness that was all new to her. It wasn't sorrow nor grief. This was...joyful, but not at the same time.

Ragtime had never seen her like this before. Lector flew down and landed beside the slayer. "All of this, the guildhall, the turtle, the money, everything...was because of him. He left me everything that was in his name for the sake of my dreams" she spoke. The Nakamura manor was her father's. Though, this was her grandfather's. Now, the torch had been passed to her. His wishes were to see her change the world, his exact words in the letter. After a while, she got up and wiped her tears. "He gave me this because he believed I could make a change. Provide those of a non-human race a place to call their own. They won't be judged for being who they are, giving a sanctuary, helping others get back on their feet. This whole guild is meant to give people and non-humans a second chance at life in a loving enviroment" she spoke.

"There's a lot of love here to give and to take. That's what it is going to be like. I have a loving husband who shares my dreams, a daughter who loves all creatures, a werewolf with a fighting spirit, a cousin who's power knows protection, and a wood elf who is my rock" she grinned. That's what the true meaning was behind this place, much like how her grandfather loved her and the family.

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#11Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia chuckled at the idea of lector carrying her, she had no doubt of her friend’s information and given the boastfulness of the little cat… Well she’d simply rest while sitting there and having that mead. She was glad that she had managed to find this place even though it had been through odd means. She had to wonder what sort of guildmates lee kept and what sort of place this was going to become.

Survivor’s guilt is some of the worst I know. But if he gave his life for yours he saw a future in you worth giving.

Lucretia had dealt with being the center of it before and had this talk with one other before. A young hunter years ago that an elder one gave their life for; sure they were related but the young outweighed that of the old. He had a higher skill ceiling after all! Though lucretia knew that that hunter likely hung up his mantle later down the line…. Hearing that the other had been left everything by their grandfather made the woman sigh softly.

Then he knew what he was doing.

The woman stood up and seeing those tears she’d reach out and gently pat the other on the top of the head. It was apparent just how much of a height difference the two shared now that they were closer and that lucretia wasn’t leaning against something or that the other wasn’t sit down. She’d tilt her head to one side hearing about the guild. A second chance for those that could take it; non-humans mostly. Hearing the few that were a part of it made the woman wonder what exactly brought them here.

Sounds like something worth fighting for then.

It sounded matter a factly, sipping at that mead and raising a brow. Noting that the exceed had joined them again. A loving husband, a daughter, a werewolf… that one made her wonder just a bit but if lee trusted them than she could too. A cousin of some kind… and a wood elf.

Wait an elf?

Lucretia raised her brows slowly and lowered her drink; she had never met an elf before and would shake her head. She knew that they were legendary archers and that they often lived for far longer than most. She also knew they were recluse as hell and finding one was a treat! Or was she getting them mixed up? Hard to know.

Quite an assortment of people you have then already. I trust your judgement well enough so I don’t think I have to tell you to be careful or watch your back or anything stupid like that hah.

Lucretia chuckled and grunted as her chest ached along with it. Yeah maybe she shouldn’t be laughing right now...

#12Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Her friend's kind words grew inside of her. There was a strange feeling of comfort that came to her in a different form. One she did not know at all. Lucretia patted her head assuring her his sacrifice was for the sake of her vision and future. LeeAnn sat there, staring at the floor then at Lucretia. She realized how tall the woman actually was. Much taller than any woman she had seen before. LeeAnn thought of herself as tall, but this took the cake. It helped distracted her from her own thoughts. "He had his own ways of reason. I mean none of my family knew about this nor the will. The only who could of known was Astrid, but she was out cold at the time of his death. Later she explained everything, everyone in the family supported the idea" she spoke.

She gotten herself off the floor and dusted her clothes. The dried up tear trails were appaerent on her cheeks signaling her crying. Lucreita seemed amazed as she continued to describe those in her guild already. She had four members excluding herself. They needed more to attack or defend against Eternal Nightmare. It would help with defenses and Lucretia was growing to be a value person in her life. "Say, Lucretia. Would you like to...say...join the guild? We're still small in numbers, but I think you'd be a great addition. Given your protective nature, you could help provide some good aid to our cause. This whole place is a sanctuary for those who seek it and even going as far to help them find jobs and skills. You'd get a free place to stay and food" she mentioned. The kitsune's offer was a little out of the blue, she knew that. Lee couldn't get those words out of her head.

Back in her days as a Rune Knight, she had that same feeling from Judina. Someone who had accepted her for who she was. This was a different situation, but the same feeling was still felt. Her blue eyes stared at the woman before her, awaiting an answer. "You know, I lost a extremely dear friend of mine. The one that passed away not too long ago, I might of mentioned her. What you said earlier, about my grandfather, gave me a rare feeling I have only felt before. When
I was a Rune Knight, I didn't think people would accept me for who I was. Lost of people were suspicious of me or so I had thought, I told her the truth one day and she accepted me for who I was. When she said that, I felt...accepted. I feel the same feeling right now"
she spoke.

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#13Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia was rather quiet as her friend spoke about her grandfather some more. If this was the life that he saw for his granddaughter well… He had a good head between his shoulders and the woman could only nod after what the other said.

It’s good to have a family that supports your endeavours then. I’m glad that they could at least support you even if they don’t know about him or his choices..

But then came something that lucretia wasn’t expecting; an offer to join the guild that Lee was building. She’d blink slowly; small in numbers but she’d be a great addition. What with her protective nature and what not. The free food and free place to stay would be enough for most people and she’d rub at the back of her head; biting the inside of her cheek. She worried just a little bit about this.

Before I say yes, you know I… well I hunt the denizens of the dark. The bad ones you know. The ones that lost themselves to the beast or the ones that feed on blood far more than they need to. I wasn’t privy to giving them a chance before because it didn’t call for it due to them already being consumed by their hunger or the hunt. Some folks might take issue with that.

Lucretia was making sure her friend understood what Lucretia did; she wasn’t sure how to approach liches quite yet but she felt like they would be a case by case basis. She didn’t personally have a problem with any kind of species as a whole; but her focus on them would likely cause concern. She wasn’t the sort that wanted what message lee wanted to send would be corrupted by the action of another. Even if that person was a friend.

Then came the talk about her friend; Lucretia sat there and let out a small breath escape her. Lee didn’t want to lose another friend and she didn’t want to watch them leave. The woman rubbed at the back of her head and managed to give a small grin.

But if you’ll have me all the same I don’t see why not. Having some direction might be a good change for me for once haha. I believe you mentioned her when we first met, barring that you can always tell me more about them.

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Lee Nakamura
Lucretia was honest about everything. Her worries were very valid, something Lee could see all together. The purpose of this guild was to provide safety was well. Lucretia knew there was a werewolf in the guildhall, but he was never consumed by the hunt. Raymus was the only werewolf known to her. He was very ripe about fighting, which she never understood for one. Though, that was just her. LeeAnn was never much of a fighter unless pushed into that position because sometimes it was too much effort. It wasn't hard to push her there with her temper, though.

Lucretia explained everything in detail. She could see people having a problem with giving that image of a racial-free guild with a "killer" on the loose. Though, LeeAnn could understand why she had to do it though. If Lucretia wanted to, she would of killed her on-sight for her tails. Though, she didn't. LeeAnn had a feeling to take a risk with this like she did with Gunter and finding information about Solomon. It was a gut feeling. "I can under your worries, but I think you'd be the least of our issues. My cousin, Kon, is a previous dark guildmaster of a disbanded dark guild, but redeemed himself. I used to work with him back in my days a Rune Knight. So people are worried about his reputation more so than yours" she spoke to her. It was no rocket science that Kon was well-known for his deeds. Lee knew when she sent the invitation.

She crossed her arms a little nervous about the thought of backlash a little. It was a risk she was taking with doing something as controversal as this with some people. "The threat of backlash is present in this day in age. Though, I will assure you that most people here will understand, guild-wise, but I wouldn't go parading it around. My lips are sealed, but Ragtime I dont have control of that aspect" she spoke. Her blue eyes stared down at the spirit. He rubbed the back of his neck a bit nervous. Being put on the spot, he caved in to the peer pressure from LeeAnn. "With how serious this is, I would never put you a risk. My lips are sealed as well" he assured. LeeAnn gave a small nod.

She pulled out a magic stamp with the emblem of the guild. LeeAnn would stamp on it if Lucreita was ready. For now, it just lied there as a way for her to hint to take her offer. Quickly, the subject of Judian was brought up. The internal tone shifted pretty quickly. "Judina was her name. She was a woman of few words, but spoke more with actions when no around people. She never really was the social butterfly, but was very nice to everyebody. I know her mother, actually. You have the same vibe as her. It's just on a different scale" she spoke.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia felt the need to be blunt or at least forward with her thoughts, with the things she felt like could be a problem. Preaching safety but having what amounted to a slayer of the very things that they offered safety to… might have been seen like a backwards way of culling numbers. Lucretia didn’t want that to present an issue. She’d slowly nod as the other brought to light that one of the other members was… well had been a leader of a dark guild. That was pretty heavy in terms of things and likely would generate more concern. But still…

Hmm. I see. I can’t really say that people wouldn’t take one or the other. But… If you think I’ll be a good fit…

The woman hesitated after a moment, the other’s lips were sealed and with ragtime also saying how he wouldn’t put them at risk? Well Lucretia couldn’t help but chuckle.

All right let's go with the shoulder here then.

Lucretia would present her left shoulder; once the seal was applied she’d eye it for a few moments and then nod her head. Lee continued and would speak about their friend named Judina. A woman of few words and spoke mostly with actions. Lucretia reminded Lee of her… but just on a different scale. Lucretia grinned a bit and patted the other’s shoulder supportively.

Well I can already see a few differences. I’m a little more chatty hah. But… with that being said I’m not all talk either. I’ve got some supplies and whatnot I’ll have to pick up later. But why don’t you show me around the guildhall after we eat?

Lucretia glanced at ragtime; wondering if she could talk with him a little more one on one later. She had questions for the spirit; more regarding his role in things… along with if she could actively trust him not to create too much of a mess around here. She could recall the spirit that lee had been looking to purify and wondered how that had gone...

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn knew for sure that Lucretia was probably the best fit she has seen that she hand-picked, that weren't founders. LeeAnn heard what the woman had said to her. With her explanation about Kon being a previous dark guild master, that probably explained a lot about how to open Lee was. Though, Kon was her cousin and had redeemed herself/himself. Lucretia seemed to hesitate about her offer at first but caved in. Lee wouldn't stop her if she wanted to leave, it was her life. She had no control over it. Silently, she gave a nod. Luckily, for her, she always had the guild stamp on her in case. You never know these days.

Lucretia showed her shoulder to her in a place where the guild stamp with being. Gently, she pressed onto the bare skin for several moments then let go. The guild emblem is shown on her shoulder shiny and bright. It looked rather smashing on her. "Not bad, at all. I think it compliments your eyes" she smiled. She framed her hands to picture Lucretia as if she were going to be in a painting. Leeann had naturally done this to get a better image of her friend with a new tattoo. An image of Judina appeared itself in front of her, where Lucretia was. Slowly, her hands lowered themselves staring at Lucretia with a surprised look. Quickly, she shook her head to snap out of it then adjusted her eyes to the light. The memories of Judina were vibrant in her mind. It was still quite painful for her. Gently, she lowered her gaze to her feet then took in a long and deep breath. Letting out slowly, she lifted her gaze to her friend. "My apologies, I saw a flash of Judina for a moment right there. It's still quite painful for me at the moment. Many things are going on and I never really had time to grieve for both my grandfather and Judina. All of this is still a shock to me like they are still there just on vacation or something" she spoke.

Lucretia needed to see the guild. The building was still rather bare in updates. A lot of work was currently being done with builders, biologists, construction, and many other workers. Things were a lot easier now that were taken off her hands. Money was depleting, but her grandfather did make sure she had enough money for everything. She got up and motioned for her to follow. They headed to the large building that many could call a castle easily.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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