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East Fiore to West Fiore

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

East Fiore to West Fiore Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:02 am

Lucretia Wolfenstein
Her battle with shepherd had left her exhausted, lost and confused. In this vast cave system she was left to wander of her own accords. Subsisting off of the land as best she could, exploring and wondering where exactly she was heading. There was very little in terms of direction she could go. Climbing back up the mine shaft she had entered this cave system was a no go so she had to continue forward if she wanted to get out of it.

Suffice to say it felt like an eternity down here that she spent walking; one cavern leading to the next. For her the underground wasn’t exactly home but it was safe. The lack of wildlife and the sheer amount of fauna that was around meant that she wasn’t exactly going hungry even if she wasn’t sure if she should be eating stuff like it.

When she started arriving at various ruined buildings is when Lucretia started to question how far she went. The make of the buildings was unlike anything that she had ever run into before; seemingly human by design based around the height she immediately scoffed at the idea of people wanting to actively live down here. This must have been a shelter or storage…

At least until she got to the edge of the buildings, where a sheer facing wall that was worked into the cavern blocked her path. A collapsed portion of it also provided a small breeze. Was this the way out that people from the past couldn’t make it around? She’d bite the inside of her lip and test the wall’s durability with a soft push. It wasn’t that set anymore. She figured that if she tackled it maybe she’d manage to knock it over.

Giving it several tries the woman eventually found herself breaking through it, the fresh air and sunlight immediately hitting her face. Blinding her briefly and forcing her to bring her hand up to guard her face as her eyes adjusted. In the distance she could hear crashing waves and seagulls…

Just how far did she go?!


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