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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:05 am

Isn't it funny? Those who focused a lot more on the crime aspect of things believed that the only thing that they had to do was cause destruction and chaos in their wake. That much is true, but in the sense of organized crime and things that are circled around the wounded warriors of such nefarious guilds and organizations, even those people need something akin to doctors in order to nurse the wounded or dying back to health. In this particular case, it was exactly what  Hassan was doing, working together with the mob doctor of the Martello family.  It was an obvious choice for Hassan, the Martello family was the biggest game in town that accepted newcomers and their crusade in making it all the way to the top.

"First time? It's a nice gig and I could use an extra pair of hands. Once we get to the wine cellar that I'm currently using as a makeshift triage, there is no backing out of this. If you are having any second thoughts about anything at all, you should get out of this truck."

One of the mob doctors that was giving the small talk on the way to the cellar was addressing the rest of the group while the truck rattled.

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:44 am

With nothing but silence being met to the question that was posed by a mob doctor that was usually on call for the Martello family, it became clear that everyone knew what they were getting themselves into.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya. We are almost there. "

A couple of minutes passed before the van stopped and the group was led to a wine cellar that was on the edge of oak street. With some walking, the wails of human suffering and the smell of blood became more apparent.

"Great, we have visitors. Alright, listen to my instructions and the rest of the regulars there. What you need to understand is that this is war, casualties are a part of it. You might see a lot worse when it comes to the Martello family, but our number one job is to make sure we can get these people standing up again, no matter how bad the wound is. "

Everyone started to split up and Hassan was met with his first patient, being an extra pair of hands with the mob doctor that was available.

"Grab some Gauze and start applying pressure to the open wound, we need to stop the bleeding."

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:53 am

For that particular patient, Hassan was helping to care for, their bodies were wounded everywhere.

"Car accident? I think it's one of the guys who was in the shooting yesterday and fled in one of the spare cars. It passed over the last time I checked, but I didn't expect there would be survivors ready to crawl out of the wreckage."

As for the injured mafia member, their legs injured, their arms injured, the elastic of their underwear injured, and even the gang of their watch injured. But nothing hurts like their chest. The pain subsided at times, only to inflame again and with apparently higher intensity. With what they had in the cellar, it was 600 milligrams of analgesics or the high alcoholic content of the wine that was available for use. Regardless of whether it was good for them or not, a combination of both was always something that a member opted out to do in order to get a handle on the pain as they are being worked on. After all, as it turned out, going to the hospital was out of the question.

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:53 pm

This continued for quite some time. Every day was a different case when it came to the people that needed emergency care due to either the crimes that were being committed or the retaliation that was set in place by rival families that were taking their chances. Like all things, Hassan started to get used to each and every job, and seeing the dying members of the family didn't affect him too much emotionally. Instead of panicking or offering empty notions of hope, he focused on what he could do. The only thing that Hassan could do was focus on the abilities to be an assistant to the main doctors while doubling as an extra point of the muscle.

However, on this particular day, Hassan was given an assignment that was unlike no other. He had to go out of his way and make sure that one of the enemy mobsters that were in a separate altercation for the people he worked for didn't pass away due to their wounds. To Hassan, it was something that he took as hilarious that they wanted him to see to the treatment of their enemies. Was it for the purpose of forgiveness?

"Heh, I sincerely doubt it."

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:01 pm

This particular injury was serious and there were some indications that he had been worked on before. However, the reason why they weren't releasing the adversary mob member was due to the fact that they had some crucial information a few days ago from one of the lieutenant's family members. The torture session got a little too extensive and the man passed out due to the aggravation of the wounds and being worked out by the interrogator of the Martello family.

"Try to keep him alive for a little while longer. I know it looks bad, but Piero Delgatta's 7-year-old daughter's life hangs in the balance. As you can see, we are going this far due to the Martello family owing that man a favor. "

That was all that needs to be said, the lifeline of this stranger was connected to the life of a person that the family absolutely needed to be alive. In a sense, it opened his eyes as to why individuals would want to keep their enemies alive instead of getting rid of them while they were weak. It was a little underhanded in a rather manipulative way, but people had to do the jobs that they need to in order to get a favorable result.

"Consider it done.."

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:39 am

The first 34 hours were the toughest. A burning sensation radiated from their chest. A fist clamped onto their skin, nails digging deep into the flesh in search of relief from this agony. It was apparent to the main doctor that the wounds became infected and that the man burning up with a fever as a result of the infection. With such a problem, they actually had to go old school and start a concoction of their own available supplies to make a medicine that was strong enough in order to keep this man off of deaths door. After they succeed in doing so, they could just toss him out in front of th e hospital and move on from there.

" I'll need two handfuls of Ember Anise, reach into the cupboard for me."

Hassan had no expectations of entering a medical career, but this one-off was going to get him a plethura of experiences that he wouldn't forget.

"Alright, give me a moment. "

After getting it, the mob doctor would continue to give out instructions as to what Hassan needed to do next.

"Crunch the Ember Anise in a suitable container by using your hands. Add some ice, let it melt to turn it into a jelly-like salve. "

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:15 am

As Hassan continued to listen to the mob doctor's words as the patient was being stabilized in the meantime, he spent most of his time going around the cupboards of the cellar. Each one was labeled, much to his delight, it would have been a pain to figure out which exact thing he needed to take from each side to progress.

"Five teaspoons of Golden Mace..."

Taking a pan of water and mixing it into the salve that Hassan made a little earlier, he started to mix it around with a turner while adding a teaspoon of golden mace with every fifth turn.

"Six bits of Thorn Mallow and  1 Sprinkle of Cliff Rue. After you bring it to a boil, I need you to sit and watch it. Once t starts to whistle, we can let it cool and it'll be ready to drink. "

With Hassan being rather curious this time around, he wondered what exactly was being made.

"So Doctor, it seems like you are into some crazy stuff. Do you have any indication that any of this would start to work if you dedicate enough time to it? "

Shrugging, the doctor turned back to Hassan.

"We can't go to hospitals most of the time, so we have to resort to alchemy."

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:38 am

After waiting about an hour for the potion to cool down, it was now ready for consumption. However, it wasn't something that was immediately given to the patient. The mob boss, starting to show where his true alignment started to fit, spoke to the captured enemy in a rather cold voice.

"What I have in my hands right now is a minor potion of healing. I stablized you for now, but if I move you, you might reopen your wounds and die from the blood loss. We can bring you to a hospital, but you'll have to tell us what you know. Now, it looks like we managed to pick up another one of your buddies. He doesn't look as brave as you but if we bring him to the same state of damage, I'm pretty sure that he would take the deal immediately. So what's it going to be? Are you going to die here while holding on to your loyalty to your organization? Or are you going to tell us where you took the kid?"

It was a different kind of interrogation, or in other words, a different kind of hostage negotiation while holding the man's own life in the balance.

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:35 pm

Needless to say, the guy talked. As soon as he did, the doctor kept his promise and started to blindfold the guy. "We should get this one out for transport, dump his body at the oak street hospital, the downtown one. " Being down at the wine cellar, anyone could guess that their sense of time might be a little messed up without any sort of clock or watch not being nearby for someone to take a look at. It was currently the middle of the night, and if they used the safe routes to do the transport for the individual, they could safely dump the body off where they needed them to be and head back. Hassan came along for the ride to watch the patient ensure that there wasn't any sort of bad reactions that they experienced in regards to the potion.

As a matter of fact, no one was more surprised than him at the fact that the mobsters decided to keep their promise in regards to making certain deals, which made Hassan wonder if there was any sort of honor among the men that was notable.

"Get ready to throw him out, we are almost in front of the hospital."

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The Hierophant Tarot: Hassan Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:46 pm

With some time passing, Hassan has learned quite a bit about the medical field in the terms of the mob doctors that are used for people who can't go to actual hospitals. Besides the basic first aid, he was also informed of the make-shift potions that are made in emergencies in order to get individuals that are needed alive out of the red. There was plenty of ways in order to treat someone, keep someone alive, and figure out who was worth keeping alive. Even though some of the actions seemed cruel from the mindset of other people, everyone had their own ways and methods in regards to survival, this was no different.

Outside, people were getting their pay for the night before going off to their own permanent stays and a rotation happening for the mob doctors who were supposed to be on call. Since Hassan was being treated as an assistant and extra muscle, the pay wasn't as much as he expected it to be. However, in terms of knowledge, what he managed to gain in a business like this was unlike no other. In the business of being sable to take the lives of his enemies, he also now knew how to save them.

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