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And Now Something Normal.(Alex)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sat Sep 11, 2021 6:20 am

Judith Karlinius
Oh how magical each day could be, Well you thought it was magical if you were Judith, For everyday was special and new when you were at peace with your life.

Judith was carrying a basket of flowers, which to anyone who already knew Judith was her normal, She often collected flowers because you could never have enough flowers. For a garden that always changed flowers often and she gave away some of the flower she changed around to other people.

On this day, Judith seemed to be pondering what flowers she would be changing out, what too and well what to do with some of the old ones."Maybe I need to give them to some one." Just who was an interesting question. This might be one of the days she finds a stranger and just hands a few off to them.

So she would do that, she just needed to find the right person, So now Judith's search was people to pass off flowers too. At least whatever person would be a person who got some well taken flowers. So now Judith was looking who would be getting flowers.

So far passing off a few to some small children, some ladies walking about, All was going according to the plan.

#2Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:07 am

Alex Overby
Alex was too busy writing down ideas to get for his fiancé. She needed a gift, but didn't know what. Lee wasn't a materialistic person and loved hand made thing or something that would remind her of her family. The former knight sighed heavily, placing his hands into his face. His wore his long cape and armor like usual with gloved hands to hide infamous details of his recent tragedy. The wolf tail was carefully hidden in the large fake fur trimmed cape. Sadly, the only thing he was proud of was his ring. It was on a silver chain. The ring itself was expensive as well. The one he gave LeeAnn was just was beautiful with purple gems. This one was blue, it was a turquoise blue with a green gem. What made it stand out was the engraving into it, "To my dearest, Alexander." LeeAnn had went out to have this ring personalized just for him like he did with her. She had told him that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her in a long time.

His blue eye lifted to see a older woman with a basket full of flowers. Magnolia was definitely a lively place despite the inactive guild he had heard about. She was passing it out to small children and ladies passing by. It brought joy to the young man's heart seeing this. He was too shy to ask for one, so he just watched her. Of course, he stood out like a sore thumb because of his outfit of black and blue armor. Not to mention the cape, too. Really went through his mind of what kind of flowers those were. He couldn't tell from afar, but he had to ask her, maybe they would help him find the perfect gift for Lee.

#3Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sun Sep 12, 2021 4:39 am

Judith Karlinius
If there was anything that Judith was, She was a stickler for anyone who seemed, unsure and if anything shy or nervous. So when you seemed in such a manner Judith would most likely head to their path quickly. It was just in her nature. It was just a matter of time, For passing out flowers so casually Judith seemed to be conversing with the people she was giving them too, Learning what their day was like, Giving a to a few of the children when they seemed over joyed. It was just these moments of many Judith lived for.

Looking around at other people she was not fixated upon Alex sitting there with out dark and out place she was, So naturally Alex would not deal with Judith walking over to him when close enough Judith just looked at him."Lost or in search of something?"She had to ask to be sure, Not like she was expecting anything to go horrible wrong with this, he might look bleak and out there but it did not make him some one of worry right away.

She just wanted to know, It would lead into her offering him some flowers, before she either walked around and headed out more form her basket or found some one else to talk too.

#4Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:34 pm

Alex Overby
The far off look in his eyes gave it away that he was lost in thought. As he stared off into space, a voice broke the trance he was in. He blinked a few times to see the woman from afar a few minutes ago giving out flowers. The joy the little ones got from such a free item made him believe there was still good in this world for him to give. This woman was proof. The stare he gave her was pure shock and loss for words a little. He was still trying to gather his response when all he could form were vowels. The social anxiety the man grew became visible. His lips pursed for a little bit before forcing himself to reply to her.

He didn't want to see rude. "Oh, just...trying to find something for my fiancé. She's not exactly a easy woman to buy for that is" he laughed, nervously. He rubbed the back of his neck out of habit. Quickly, he realized what he was doing and snapped back into action. Perhaps, he should be more clear on what exactly he was looking for. "You see...my fiancé is not materialistic and is easily the strongest woman I know. She's a dragon slayer and a new guild master so I have no idea what to exactly get her. From what I know from her family, she loves small things that remind of family and friends or thoughtful gifts. Buying her jewelry without any thought behind it seems empty to me, hell...the ring I got her is just a quick buy and hte proposal was in a library of all things. I plan to make this better for her, of course, she said yes, but she deserves so much more. Oh of the love of Illumin, I don't know what I am doing" he spoke. Judith could tell he was clearly nervous by explanation of his delima.

#5Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:25 am

Judith Karlinius
It was something, Judith had been able to pick up on slowly. But it was easy for Judith to be able to manage these things, since who better to know how to deal then a lady who just knew how to managed people well."Oh? Well that is interesting to state. Not many could boast such a thing about their partners."This already had Judith extremely interested, She needed to no know more since in some manner even if he was nervous, She was kind of now sadly injecting herself into this situation. If Judith actually knew who he was speaking about right away, If anything most likely have Judith go beyond her normal means.

A dragon slayer and new guild master, Judith had yet to hear of this."You have a very busy wife to be."she was also taking her time since Judith could tell this would most likely take a bit of time to maybe get him comfortable and maybe get a him okay enough to suggest things. So she would actually ask about it first."But if you allow me to help you, I would have no problem trying to help you."

Then also Judith would do one thing she normally would do."I am Judith Karlinus of Fairy Tail. It is wonderful to meet you."Now it was just a slow set up to see how this progressed, After all just all he needed was Judith's tiny push forward, even if she did not know right away who this was all for.

#6Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:40 pm

Alex Overby
The woman before him could tell that he was in dire need of a gift for his beloved. She only deserved the best. A long time ago he was going to ask her out on a date, but she was consumed with sickness and trauma. He knew it wasn't the best of times. Though, she was taken by another who had saved her before he could. That was a sign that it wasn't meant to be. Sernia was the one other love he had besides Lee. Though, Sernia just used him that turned him off for dating for about five to six years. Girls were fond of him for his looks and nothing else. He disliked shallow women. When his father told him about the arrangement, Alex grew extremely nervous and excited.

"She sure is. Though, she's very capable. I grew up with her, I should know. Her name is LeeAnn Nakamura. I don't know if you ever knew of her, but she is known nowadays a the Fire-Breathing Dragon. I've had my eye on her for many years" he smiled. There was a lively spark in his eye when he spoke of her. It was like he felt reborn as a new person. Judith offered her services to help. If she knew his fiance, that would make things even better. He had not really gotten to know Lee for such a long time since they have been apart for a long time. She had for sure changed. She introduced herself as Judith. Alex smiled and bowed very polite. "It's a honor to meet you. My name is Alexander Overby of Infinity Wolves" he smiled.

#7Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Thu Sep 16, 2021 5:40 am

Judith Karlinius
in some manner Judith almost considered to be a but crass about the fact of how well she knew of the lady he was talking about, Give how this man currently seemed to stand socially, it was not exactly the greatest idea, She also was not that cruel since everything in her manner was understood his general behaviour.

So Judith would not hide her knowing of Lee."I see how she has been busy now, Here I thought I would have gotten a visit from her sooner, After all she wanted me to maybe babysit eventually for her."Now she knew she was being far less casual about it. But it was more to his benefit anyway since Judith would know what she was doing for him now.

"Myself and family member of mine have known Lee for a good amount of time Alex, So I think your in good hands."Judith just gave Alex her typical happy delightful warm smile, just what you expect of Judith once you got to know of her.

So she would start her plan, asking right away for her wonder."How much time to do have Alex?"Because depending on this, Judith's help might be different but already having in mind a few things she could suggest to actually give him for Lee to have."I have a few ideas that could work, But it matters on how much time you have currently."It could be some of the flowers she already had, could be other things. Judith would want to make this special after all.

#8Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sat Sep 18, 2021 12:29 am

Alex Overby
It took him by surprise when the woman mentioned she knew LeeAnn. The thought how busy Lee had been behind his back all these years never ceased to amaze. It was something new with the woman everyday. She tried her best to remain as transparent as possible, but with a five year-old and a guild to run, it was hard to remember everything. A wave of relief washed over him very well. Leeann was a private person about her personal business, but with him, he knew some aspects of it. He would know more, but he was sent here to take some jobs. "You know, Lee? Wow, guess her and I do have a lot to catch up on" he smiled.

He rubbed the back of his neck out of habit. This was a sign he was nervous. He adjusted his hair a little regretting how he worded everything. "Thank you, Judith. I have known LeeAnn since we were kids. Our parents requested up to get married. We both agreed upon it which funny enough...we both have had a massive crush on each other for YEARS. Usually I a m not this talkative with strangers, but since you know my fiance. This makes things a little better" he spoke. She had asked how much time he had on his plate. Alex laughed a little. "I've got nothing but time on my side. Take as much time as you need, I want t get her something nice. After all she's been through, she needs someone to treat her like a princess" he smiled. The thoughts of what he had heard from his parents about what she had recently go through only ensured him he had to do this. He had to treat her with kindness and spoil her like his life depended on it. Her grandfather, Vincent Nakamura, was a great man. He had the biggest heart anyone had ever seen. "Money is not an issue here nor is time. Please, I want all the help I can get" he spoke.

#9Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:08 pm

Judith Karlinius
At least it would all be far more casual at this point even with Judith would do into detail. Laughing slightly about it."I would assume, I would be out of mind for a bit, But nonetheless Lee will most likely remember eventually, Or I need to show up to your guild hall with gifts as well."So it was now maybe that Judith knew, She needed to figure out a few things to give them as well, She just would have to be sneaky about it.

But at least, now Alex had some help for this person."I could suggest various flowers, I could bake some bread for the prepared day, I could bake a cake."Judith was suggesting so many things for him to start with.

Judith went for the simple things because well, It was all she could manage right away were homely things because that was her normal things."I would suggest things from my husband, keeping in mind he is a black smith, it is not right up her ally either."But she was giving him some ideas.

But there was still all more ideas to come."Maybe a picture, a stuff animal."She had that list mentioned out which was fairly good to start, But she wanted Alex to choose because it would mean more that way, Time and money are easily spared but the meaning was not. So that is why Judith wanted to be sure he choose and not exactly her guiding him some way to a choice.

Then well she wanted for his answer to any of them, Then they would go from there, having a plan for each one upon her mind, All she needed is that one thing was to know what he chose, which Judith was magical with how long she could wait.

#10Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sun Sep 19, 2021 12:13 am

Alex Overby
Alex sat there for a minute kinda unsure what Judith was doing, talking to herself. He was a tad bit confused as to what she was talking about. Nonetheless, he eventually he thought of a small list. She was a person who liked something with a bit of meaning behind it. She always wore her brother's cape because she loved her brother, he wore that cape when they were in the Rune Knights. It's age was starting to show with frayed edges and a few tears at the ends. He thought about a new cape for her, but that wasn't the answer. The man was capable of thinking up new ideas, but nothing came to his mind. The gears in his head were clogged up and cobwebbed.

"I think something with meaning behind it. That's the key, but what..." he spoke. He tapped his chin a little while trying to brainstorm. There was so many options, but none of them screamed his fiance. Judith mentioned baked goods that did catch his ears. He was a sucker for baked bread. Homemade bread was some of his favorites. "Homemade bread? Oh boy, I LOVE homemade bread. The smell, the taste, and the joy I get from eating it is very peculiar" he spoke. He listened carefully to her as she mentioned a few things. Though, it hit him. When she spoke of her husband being a blacksmith, he thought of the ring. The ring he gave her wasn't much, it was very expensive, but was't personalized like. The ring he thought of could be pure silver or platinum with several small jewel pieces to shape her personality. Her favorite color was blue and purple.

"Wait, wait, wait...did you say your husband was a blacksmith? That might be perfect. Though, I dont know if he does jewelry. You see the ring I gave her was expensive, but had not...meaning behind it. It was thinking of a personalized ring for her. Something with a thought behind it insteasd of empty. Besides, I proposed to her in the guild library and it was pathetic...I knew I could of done better. This will be a good opportunity to redo it" he claimed. His eye lit up with excitment. This really seemed to speak to him. The thoughts he had were going in and out a mile a minute. He needed to slow down, but anything for Lee he wanted to do for her. Not for himself, but to make sure she would be okay.

#11Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Sun Sep 19, 2021 4:14 am

Judith Karlinius
With that conversation of bread, it would be a nice side track from what they were trying to do for a moment."Do keep in mind, I am sure Lee forgot she was always more then welcome to visit me if it mean she wants loaves of bread, Then again I always can manage more then just a few if need be."So that now also in Alex's mind too, Just think about visiting magnolia just to get free bread? Well in Lee's case there could always be more when it comes to dealing with Judith, it was just how these things worked sometimes.

But they had some ground to work off of."I do think he had dabbled into goldsmithing as well, just might not be his exact mastery, But if anything there would not be a harm in asking him anything about it."So Judith would hop off where she was sitting."Come now, We will go visit him."After all Judith was out here on her own anyway, it was easily guess that the person he was now curious what he would do, would not be around here right now.

Handing out free flowers can wait until later, There was more important things to deal with, For Alex now has some one just as determine to help with this. They just needed to go to Judith's house, which where Alex might not know much about this small lady. There was a house with an easily seem massive garden in the back, Well kept much like the various flowers up front.

Their walk lead them to Judith's house, Just opening the door and walking in, The house just seemed like a quiet living area with a lot of books, With a strong smell of various breads, Tea, flowers and well kept and cleaned weekly. Putting her basket down.

"His shop is in the backyard, just beyond the sunflowers."Which was where they were going anyway. The it did not take long to get there since walking through this massive with so many flowers that Judith could most likely sell these flowers and be in business for a long time, There was a slightly rigid looking workshop just beyond it. With the sound of some thing working away on a piece of iron. Judith did not seem to be there after guiding Alex there, she might have walked back into the house for something, or just out of sight.

#12Alex Overby 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:01 am

Alex Overby
The very mention of bread made his mouth water. Judith could see his eyes shine like stars at the mention of any bakery goods. Homemade items and food were always a way to win his heart. It was anyone's secret weapon to get him to do things. "B-Bread? Homemade bread?! God, I am a sucker for things like that. If you have any, I am sure I... I mean LeeAnn and I would enjoy it" she spoke. He corrected himself from just saying himself to not look selfish, but he really was wanting the bread for himself. Judith guided him to her home. Instantly, he was blown away from the massive garden in her yard. No wonder she was giving away flowers? She had way too many for a single woman and her husband.

Though, it was something nice for her to do and spread some kindness into this cruel world. He should know. As they entered the house, Alex felt like he could die happy here. Books everywhere, teas, flowers, and BREAD! Some drool dripped from his mouth as he stared at everything. Quickly, he realized how stupid and rude he must of looked. Wiping his mouth and clearing his throat, he adjusted his posture. "I must say, this is my dream home. Books everywhere, the aroma of a cafe and a bakery going on. Judith your home is lovely" he smiled. His eye wander for the bread then at Judith, he was begged for her to let him have a slice of freshly baked bread.

If she did, he would grab a slice of bread and head out to back where the shop was. The sound of metal being hammered was a dead giveaway. Quietly, he wandered and waited for Judith's husband to finish. Once he found a good time and finish his bread, he knocked on the door. "Excuse, Judith told me you could possibly help me" he asked, kindly.

#13Judith Karlinius 

And Now Something Normal.(Alex) Empty Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
With all of these things, Judith would leave Alex to talk to her husband for a moment, Since she seemingly just quietly slipped away to get a few things. The rather tall smith he was Judith's husband seemed to look in interest to what he just got into, But knowing his wife it might be pretty simple to deal with in the end."And what might that be?"Anders might look a bit opposite to the woman who brought Alex here but he did seem if anything delighted."I am sure it is something heartwarming and sweet If Judith brought you here."With that It gave Alex a chance to explain what his plan was.

And Judith seemed to have gathered, Various different kinds of bread she had just baked this day. Since most likely living with Judith she made these things normally, Thus her life was pretty easy to guess, Even getting a basket to carry the bread in. Keeping in mind there was still a lot of flowers for him to choose."So here, I have these that were made this week, This should be fitting for Lee Ann."Judith mentioned.

Then continuing on with the normal ways of being."Then if anything else go get some more healthier flowers to take home too, If you do have anything else in mind to mention it."In whatever else in the house might be easy Alex to suggest, After all she had books as he saw already, lots of flowers, a smith and well who knows, Judith seemed to be a bag of wonders.

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